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The Mad Monkey Punch

Hitting Softer to Hit Harder

Good evening!
Or morning,
or whatever.
whatever time it is
it is perfect for a work out.

Just think about it.
Think about the way you feel after you work out,
and you can do that any time you want!

Did you know that most fights happen in about an inch.
If you’re good,
then they happen in about an eighth of an inch.
Real inside the phone booth stuff.

the fight starts out with a bunch of talk,
or some undesired collapsation of space.
The sucker is getting closer,
treading on your ground,
invading your space.
here’s the funny thing,
the closer the space,
the further you can see it coming.
And it translates like this.

If you can knock somebody down
with a punch that takes three feet to deliver,
then you’re probably not a very good martial artist.

Two feet,
you’re getting better,

One foot,
and we’re finally starting to get close.

When you can hit somebody
from one inch away,
then you are good.

The way I test this is to place my fingers on the target,
and punch.
I only push the fist forward,
closing the fingers before impact.
I do not withdraw the punch
and then push it forward.

I call this finger punching,
or one inch punching.
If I can hit with authority,
really get my body behind it,
in the space it takes to close my fingers,
then I figure I’m doing all right.

my instructor was probably a 64th of an inch man.
He was that good.
there isn’t really a way to measure this.
I mean,
it’s not distance now,
but how lightly you hit
and create greater impact.

So we have gone from measuring distance
to throw a punch,
to measuring the less and less effort
you use when you strike.

One of the things I did,
and do,
is practice not closing my fist.
I just stick the bones of fist
into the other person,
or the bag.
It’s interesting.
it is only for certain types of strikes.

here’s the neat thing,
when you get down to that level,
your grabs start to REALLY work.

In Tai Chi you just angle it right,
and blow the guy away.
In Karate,
you hit without force,
and don’t even close the fist,
and the guy just crumples.

you have to have the discipline.
you have to practice.
you have to do it right,
which means you have to understand what it is
you are trying to do.

It’s not force,
it’s flow,
and almost a negative flow,
when you strike.

You can get a lot of valuable data about this,
from the book
Tai Chi Touchstones,
by Wile.
the data is written weird.
It has been translated into mystical language,
and not the hard core physics
that the martial arts are.

I say physics,
but remember,
there are two types of physics.
There are the physics where the apple falls on your head.

Then there is the physics of thought
and intention,
and flow,
and decisions,
and all that sort of stuff.

let’s say you’ve spent a few years
pounding on makiwara,
or something like that,
here’s what you do
to practice the effortless punch.

Point your hand at a wall,
preferably one with a pad of some sort,
from an inch away.
Going forward,
only forward,
never back,
strike first the fingers,
then the first set of knuckles,
then the fist knuckles.

I call it the ‘Mad Monkey’ punch.
Saw it in a movie of the same name.

movie or not,
you don’t hit hard,
you just touch,
and your fingers get stronger.

Another one I used to do
had six strikes,
with five different knuckles.

From an inch away,
Middle finger,
Index finger,
middle first knuckle,
index first knuckle,
and then I would do a fist again.
I would create a rhythm
like a congo rythm,
or something.
Bump, bump, bump, bump (pause) bump.
that would be something like
C, C, B, B, C (pause) D.
Nifty, eh?

I practiced it,
and I soon found that I couldn’t do it to sheet rock walls,
they would just dent.
And hard wood hurt too much.
So I looked around for pads.
Maybe three or four rug samples,
and OI tried to find a midway point
of not too soft and not too hard.

Do that type of thing long enough,
not with force,
but just thinking about
your bone alignment and your timing,
and your punch is going to get harder,
while getting ‘easier.’

Or softer.

The idea is to do it so your intention engages,
so that your awareness focuses,
and not your muscle,
or some kind of brute force.

Awareness is ALWAYS more powerful than force.
I sometimes say flow is more powerful than force,
same thing.


I republished the books I have been putting out,
renamed them
‘The Ultimate Karate Encyclopedia.
So they might have been off the shelves for a day or two,
but they should be back up pretty quick
if they aren’t already.

Five steps,
Kung Fu to Karate,
Korean Contribution
American Power
One Year Black Belt
Birth of Matrixing.

Pan Gai Noon
Kang Duk Won
Kwon Bup
Outlaw Karate
Buddha Crane Karate

The thing is,
I was doing these arts,
over about a forty year period.

I was doing a lot more,
but these happened to be the ones
that I put down on paper.

So there is a tremendous amount of work here,
tons of forms and techniques,
and you can,
if you do them,
experience the differences.
You can evolve yourself
exactly as Karate evolved.

I don’t see how somebody
who has only studied one or two systems
can say that they know Karate.
You know?

it is a lifetime,
it’s on Amazon,
or should be pretty quick.
Just type in the name of the art and ‘Al Case’
should be able to find it.

got to go,
there’s going to be a whomper stomper of a storm up here,
I’ve got to nail stuff down,
weather proof everything,
and get prepared to spend long,
lonely hours
staring at the rain,
working out!

You guys and gals work out, too!

Here’s a link to ‘The Punch,’
if you want to explore some of the things I’ve said here
in depth.


Putting Out a Candle from Over a Foot Away!

Happy life to you!
Forever and ever.
Just work out every single day
multiple times,
and it will be so.
Strong body,
clear mind,
robust spirit…
work out.

got a great win from
the wonderful Lee B.

Hey Al, Hows it goin?

I ordered and read your candle manual. Good reading. I decided to try it and was successful most of the times I tried. I added a few tweaks and became more consistent with it. I finally heard in my head “EARTH EXTINGUISHES FIRE”. I applied a crossing form and the thought of earth. That fist extinguished the flame without fail every time. I was amazed at the simplicity. It is not due to wind. I tried over and over to make it go out with wind alone and was unsuccessful. But when coupled with earth intent, it never failed once. Just wanted to share my experiences with you. It was my first attempt. Worked every time.

Small clip. Check it out here:

Lee B

Isn’t that interesting?
I wouldn’t have thought of that.
I think in terms of empty full,
flowing energy,
and here Lee puts a simple tweak
that moves him right past me.
I mean,
it looks like he’s able to put it out more consistently that I.
I think that is great.
and that moves me into the thought
of why I don’t believe in masters.

Interesting statement,
And it’s half true.
Let me explain.

A master is somebody with power or authority over another.
I don’t like that.

A master is somebody
who has perfected abilities in a field of…whatever.
I like that.

I like competence,
but I don’t like people being over people.

a teacher has to have authority over the class,
but he should gain that authority by what he knows,
by what he can do,
and that authority doesn’t make him better than somebody else.

He might know more,
if he’s a good teacher,
some day he’ll know less.
His students will bypass him,
leave him in the dust.

When I hear tales of the immortals,
or legendary sword persons,
that kind of thing,
I always chuckle.

people could do great things back then.
to be honest,
mankind is at a sort of a low point.
We don’t have those kinds of magnitudious people these days.
We have people trying to make a buck,
trying to be a celluloid god,
that sort of thing,
but we don’t have many people
who can do the martial arts
and show the skill
of those old legends.

Is it possible?
Put aside the drugs,
fix the educational system,
get rid of a government that tramples people,
of course,
put in your matrixing,
and you will have people becoming larger.

And it is going to happen.
One person at a time.
One form at a time.
One kick at a time.

You know,
I really believe in people.
I mean,
they are just great.

I really just want them to hurry up.
These dark ages have to end,
because the real golden age of mankind
is on the threshold.

I mean,
it’s here!
We just have to open our eyes
and step into the light.
One person at a time,
One form at a…
you get the idea.

if you’re interested in the candle thing,
it’s a freebie on the Matrixing Chi book.

Matrixing Chi and The Candle

a freebie!
Can you believe it?

I’m going to be in Las Vegas
the next couple of days,
so orders I receive from about 6 in the morning tomorrow
will go out on Monday.

but even the worst of us need a day off.

stay tuned,
got another Master Instructor to announce,
next newsletter or so.

get out there and work out!

Happy forever,



Design is a revelation to me. It’s like taking something that is not alive and giving it form, shape, substance, and life.
Geoffrey Beene
Martial Arts are a revelation to me. It’s like taking something that is not alive and giving it form, shape, substance, and life.–Al Case

Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.
Oscar Wilde
Always forgive your enemies – it’s the best revenge. Heh!–Al Case

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Tammy Faye Bakker
I always say martial arts are cheaper than a psychiatrist.-Al Case

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