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Bak Mei Will Kill You, Dog!

Five Volume Technical History of Karate!

Funny thing, I was putting Martial Arts books up on Kindle, and I realized that I had a history going on. Here is the way the history works.

  1. Vol one Pan Gai Noon
  2. Vol two Kang Duk Won
  3. Vol three Kwon Bup
  4. Vol four Outlaw Karate
  5. Vol five Buddha Crane Karate
ruin karate

Do you know this Okinawan Karate Master?

Now, the first volume deals with martial arts in China that went to Okinawa. This is where the Bak Mei of the title of this blog comes in. He was supposed to be a renegade priest from the Shaolin Temple. Started his own style, and even killed a bunch of Shaolin priests. Supposedly. Anyway, he is big in fiction, go look at Kill Bill part two and Gordon Lui plays the nefarious Bak Mei. Or White Eyebrow, as the name translates. Anyway, this volume is not about Bak Mei, but about Pan Gai Noon, which may have come from Bak Mei.

The second volume deals with the Kang Duk Won. This is Karate as it was taught before it left for Japan. This is the style as it was taught to Funakoshi before he took it too Japan. Very interesting to see the differences, and, i have to say, this is where the internal power comes in. If I had studied Shotokan, or one of the Japanese styles that have been altered for tournaments and such I would not be able to put out a candle from a foot or so away with a punch.

The third volume deals with Kwon Bup. Kwon Bup is Karate after it came from Japan to the US. Specifically, it is the art developed by the only man in America to have ever mastered the one finger trick. The one finger trick is when you thrust your finger into a board and don’t break it, but, rather, leave a hole. True.

karate pic

Did he help Karate? Or hurt it?

The fourth volume, Outlaw Karate, is my attempt to separate the two arts of Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup, which were taught to me at the same time, and to recombine them into a more powerful and smoother art. It is the first time I ever taught a black belt in one year, and it led me to a tremendous bunch of realizations, all of which brought me to Matrixing.

The fifth volume is called Buddha Crane Karate. It was actually bundled in with my Create Your Own Art course, as it is a perfect example of how to create your own martial art.

Now, that is the history, and a sampling of the arts it took to come up with Matrixing. I say sampling because before I came up with Matrixing I learned every form and technique from Shotokan, Isshin Ryu, Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, and Uechi Ryu. And, I learned a lot of other forms from other styles of Karate. And I studied Aikido and Wing Chun. And  northern and southern shaolin. And many styles of tai chi chuan and pa kua chang. And I studied weapons, usually from Japan or Indonesia. And so on.

So, I did my homework, for those who think I am a dabbler, a get rich quick schemer, or some other nefarious sludge.

And, I left written records so that people could understand things about what I studied, how I studied, how I was effected, and how I actually managed to come up with some of the martial arts courses I offer.

Look, to be honest, mine is probably the largest and most comprehensive study of martial arts in history. And I say this because I was able to avail myself of things the ancients didn’t have. Magazines, books, VHS and other video formats, and, of course, computers.

Now, I have no doubt that others will be able to study more, the internet is growing after all, but I lived in unique times, when the information blossomed, but was still caught in something called ‘Closed Combat Systems,’ which means that the information of the martial arts systems hadn’t been muddied and confused by other systems, but was still in a relatively pure state.

And that’s the story behind my five volume technical (the books show forms and techniques, not a bunch of yak) History of Matrix Karate.

After one has done Matrix Karate, they should look into the history, examine the classical influences, and expand themselves.

Or, if one has no interest in matrixing, but is just eager and anxious to explore as many martial arts as possible, the five volume History of Matrix Karate is on Amazon on Kindle. don’t know where, exactly, but a little googling and you’ll find them.

Have a great day.

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How Karate was Ruined 60 Years Ago!

Martial Arts Horror Story!

Hello and Good morning!
A wonderful work out to you!
That’s what it is all about…
working out
day after day
letting the results build up
until you become unstoppable!

It’s true.

ruin karate

Do you know this Okinawan Karate Master?

Okey donkey,
want to talk to you about what karate is.
as you read this,
that you could well be asking
what kung fu is,
or what taekwondo is,
or any other martial art.
All martial arts have their own horror stories.
This happens to be the Karate version.
one of the karate versions.

Karate was invented in Okinawa.
Came to Japan in the 20s – 40s,
caught on with the rest of the world,
and everybody started assuming that Karate was Japanese.

Karate is Okinawan,
and it has roots in China,
but techniques were taken from everywhere
put together in Okinawa,
and became one of the most powerful
closed combat systems ever.

People could shatter bricks with a punch,
twist green bamboo until it splintered,
and sorts of other things.

the most powerful political Japanese Karate association
is the JKF
Japanese Karate Federation.
They decided that Karate should
be done in gis,
should adhere to a belt rank system,
systematized terminology
set up a competitive format
and so on.

Some of these things are good,
some are bad,
some are mixed.
so let’s talk about the Shitei kata.

Shitei means ‘specified’ form,
and these kata are required
before anybody is allowed to be in any tournament.
You must do them in a certain way,
with specified technique, rhythm, stances, timing, and so on.
There is NO room for personal interpretation.
The shitei kata are

Seienchin & Bassai Dai (Shito-ryu)
Jion & Kanku Dai (Shotokan)
Saifa & Seipai (Goju-ryu)
Seishan & Chinto (Wado-ryu)

So these kata have shaped and formed Karate
for quite some time.
Not just the kata,
but doing them EXACTLY as you are told to.

Here’s the interesting thing…
in 1981
20 Okinawan masters complained about the forms.
These were the best Karate masters in the world,
and they wrote a letter to the JKF
and said such things as
‘the forms were in miserable condition’
‘weren’t pure and traditional’
‘were done for sport and competition’
‘took too long to master’
‘no Okinawan master had ever been consulted on the forms’
‘were incorrectly named’
and so on.

The letter was politely stated,
and ignored.
there was a response,
but it was basically
‘we know better,’
f u very much.

the buzz is up
because the forms were finally discarded.
After some 60 years somebody realized
that these forms were nothing but
some wannabe Japanese masters favorites.

And for some 60 years
Karate has been shaped along these lines,
and stupid people bowed and went along with it all.
Here it is 2012,
I am so glad I studied the Kang Duk Won
and never studied the bastard versions
of that incredible art.

you heard me.
Bastard versions.
Versions without parents.
Versions that ignored
the hard work of hundreds of years
of collecting and perfecting
a closed combat system
of incredible power.

here we are now,
and I ask you…
what is true Karate?

Matrix Karate is the truth.
It is based upon logic that cannot be argued with.
It is simple and easy to remember,
it is easy to learn and apply.

How many of you have studied systems
with dozens of forms
hundreds of techniques,
and no logic.
Just put together whimsical stuff.

you can still feel the power,
20 years to learn?
Where’s the joy?

not just karate.
The People’s Republic of China
from the ground up
Kung Fu.
All Kung Fu.
You would be hard pressed to find
real Kung Fu these days.

you can still feel the power,
but unless you have roots
to systems outside the PRC,
from people who fled the communists,
you aren’t doing real Kung Fu.

And every system is like that.

What’s the solution?
Study Matrix Karate,
or Shaolin Butterfly or whatever Matrix course interests you
from the basis of logic,
you can see what has been done to your system,
and you can rewrite it
so that it is true to the original.
Sometimes better than the original.

If you want to know the real martial arts,
if you want to know what the masters were doing
back when they first came up with this stuff,
you have to matrix.
You just have to.

I had to write this stuff,
sorry for the heavy handed ad,
but the news that JKF is
at last
admitting that they might have gotten it wrong…
that is powerful news
and deserves to be passed along.

If you want a good article
on one technical fix
for Karate,

‘the back stance mistake that ruins karate’

You’ll get an idea of what I am talking about in this article
and how you can fix karate.

the URL for Matrix Karate is…


You guys and gals
have a great work out
and don’t forget to party hearty this weekend!

Happy Labor Day!

Talk to you later.


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