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Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Reality

Is there a Disconnect in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts?

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts? A disconnect? Something tells me I should stop right now, before people get mad at me.

Click on the cover to find the source of the martial arts...

Click on the cover to find the source of the martial arts…

Except, there might actually be something in the question.

When you box, or perform Mixed Martial Arts, you wear gloves. You don’t wear such gloves on the street.

When you do the ‘Sweet Science,’ or battle in the Octagon, there are ‘fences,’ which means a cage, or ropes, to enclose the fight. There are no such barriers in real life.

When you are down, there is a referred to save you. No ref on the streets, bro.

When you fight in a public venue, such as i have mentioned here, the rounds end and you have a chance to recoup in your corner. No end of round, no corner, no recoup on the street.

I know, this is all unfair, I’m picking on your favorite gladiatorial sports.

Except, I’m not.

Look, I’m not saying these things are bad, I’m just saying they are.

The real disconnect is when you train for things that are, and they might not be. If that makes sense.

The real disconnect, when you study boxing or the Mixed Martial Arts, is merely the ability to break away from your training when you have to.

Training is to enhance the martial artist, it is not to imprison him.

So don’t object to what I say, just consider it, and come up with plans for times when you have to defend yourself and you are not in the ring, in the Octagon, doing Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing.

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Al Case has been studying martial arts for 50 years.

Would You Rather Be a Martial Arts Predator or Prey?

A Martial Arts Hunter or…?

Martial Arts Predator or Prey is an odd question, but it has some far reaching ramifications.

The original thought came from a study of nature, where there is one distinct difference between predators and preys.

tekki one

Does Martial Arts Meditation make a predator or a prey?

Predators have eyes on the front of their face, making it easier to fix their gaze and track the illusive runner.

Prey have their eyes on the sides of their faces, so they can better see the two-eyed fellows coming after them.

Now, a predator zooms along, nose the ground, sniffer to the bush, eyes searchign for a fix.

A prey, just to name a few instances, sails through the air, above the fray, enjoying the peace and calm of uplifing air currents.

Yes, I know the oddities and inconsistencies with such an argument, but i just wanted to make you think.

You see, man has his eyes on the front of his face. But is being a predator really all that great? There’s adrenaline in feeling the trigger getting pulled, but one is slave to the trigger, has to hunt, has to fight.

On the other hand, once one realizes that he is not just a pair of eyes and a set of teeth, the world widens, becomes larger, and there is so much to be seen. Not just in front of his face, waiting for the plate to be set down, but in a world that encircles and enlivens and brings a vast wealth of different experiences and new sensations.

Man is not just the fact of being encased in a flesh suit in which he can only peer through the eyeball apparatus, or hear through the auditory equipment, or smell through the big thing separating the eyeballs.

Man is an Awareness, a creature of no flesh that exists outside the flesh, and that is what is looking through the perceptic tools.

Not a meat craving werewolf, like one will see in the octagon, or encounter on the raging streets, but a compassionate and caring…individual.

Not a pack, but a person.

I know I have slanted this article, and the point isn’t to make little of the hunters in this society, but to open the door, to guide the thought processes towards the true potential that is a man.

So, would you rather be a martial arts predator or prey? Either one, the martial arts are the method that will help you realize that choice.

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Which Is Better, Classical Martial Arts Or MMA?

Classical Martial Arts versus MMA, this is an intriguing question. On one hand, we have the classical practitioner, as in taekwondo or Kenpo and that sort of art. On the other hand we have the people who praise the UFC and regimens such as one would see on the Ultimate Fighter.

Now, obviously, we are going to have a difference of opinion, the main thing is can we come up with some facts, or at least opinions so well grounded, that belief in one system is superior to another? I believe it is possible.

First, there is sport v art. In a sport one fights an opponent. In an art, one is in conflict, and thus attempting to resolve conflict, with oneself.

Second, there is always the consideration of control. In a classical art one is attempting to control not only ones opponent, but ones own spirit. In MMA one is all too often just attempting to knock somebody into next week.

Thus far, the edge seems to be going to the classical school of thought. In attempting to control ones own self there is an indisputable high ground. This is not to say, however, that the MMA does not have a voice in this election.

The main factor, UFC stylists would claim, is whether an art works in the dark alley, and in this they would appear to claim an edge. After all, the face smashing, body twisting, arm breaks that one sees in the octagon is definitely useful for self defense. This writer, however, is not completely convinced.

In the ring, no matter what is said, there are rules. No pokes to the eyes, kicks to groin, small joint manipulation, punching the back of the head, and so on. These are the techniques that a classical stylist might prefer in a street encounter.

Thus, in the final vote, while experience with violence, such as one might find in the UFC ring, provides a definite edge, this writer is still going to stick with the classical. After all, in traditional martial arts one learns how to fight without getting mugged, and there are lessons to be learned of a more gentle nature, and which can actually de-escalate conflicts. Choose which you art you wish, however, for both classical martial arts and MMA have much to offer.

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