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Creating Your Martial Arts Every Day!

Newsletter 910

What Does the New Year Hold for the Real Martial Artist?

Happy New Year!
And…what ya gonna do about it?
Gonna get that next belt?
Gonna study a new art?

The truth is this:
we create ourselves anew each day.
So you have 365 chances to create a new you
in the coming year.

here’s the plan.

print out goals and tape them somewhere
you will see them every day.

Put them on the bath mirror,
the door you have to go through
to get to the world,
put them on the frig.
Put them somewhere…
Don’t let your goals fade.

back up your goals with actual action.
Set up a time and place,
set up a schedule for classes…AND MAKE ALL WORK OUTS
the most important thing
is to NOT get lazy.
Don’t let the action fade.
Wake up ten minutes early for the forms routine,
meet with the guys Tuesday and Thursday and Sat for working out.
Go to the gym,
especially your personal martial arts gym

realize that life doesn’t work unless you work.
In some ways this is the most important thing,
this simple realization.

Here’s what I did…and still do.

I set up my garage
or some area in the backyard,
as my dojo.
I set up a kicking bag,
I have a place where I can stretch.
I have enough room for forms.

Then I make a schedule and keep it.
For instance,
I would do martial arts Tuesday and Thursday,
Monday and Wednesday I would bike or run.
Friday I ate pizza.
I am not kidding.
Hard work needs a reward,
but if I missed one of my work outs…
I didn’t get pizza,
or whatever thing I had set up for my reward.
No ice cream,
no soda pop and popcorn and a movie.
I would use my wasted time,
for an extra work out.
That’d teach me!

the fun thing was setting up which martial art i wanted to study.
I liked to start with tai chi,
especially if I was feeling lazy.
Just standing in my dojo,
watching my body move,
and suddenly I started to feel more energy.

Another thing I do is change the art I study every month or two.
I liked doing karate one month,
kung fu (shaolin butterfly) the next month
Tai Chi the third month,
and then I would do it all again.
This type of rotational cross training
really helps me keep a fresh mind on it all.
It tends to get rid of plateaus
and keeps me on a steady rise
of mental acuity and physical ability.

So…what is this year going to hold for you?

Check out the courses here
and select the arts you wish to learn this year.

Don’t stop,
don’t drop,
just come out on top!

Have a great work out and…




Creating Martial Arts Systems and Styles

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A Buddha Crane Matrixing Win!

Got a great win from Timothy G this week!

martial arts training manual

Check it out ~ Click on the cover!

Hello sir.
It’s going well. Really well. Once I was able to connect Buddha crane with shuri ryu, the pieces began to fall into place all by themselves.
The Buddha crane is the foundation of the kihon waza, ippons waza and came into their own flow drills(taezus naru waza).
Making changes to the Kata isn’t as easy, but I have done the first few Kata. Even crazier, I found someone who has already blended shuri ryu with something. So, it came rather easy.
Upon showing him how I’ve made changes opened his eyes and he’s asking me to give him pointers on how to make his karate be more ‘alive’.
My shuri ryu master is dead and I never got the chance to get my black belt. So, I’ve gone thru these people I’ve run into and just from what I showed them they are willing to bring me to the black belt in shuri ryu.
I’m not sure if that’s even important now, being that I matrixed the whole art, but I do hope to bring this understanding of shuri ryu to the table. Thus, starting a new (sub) ryu to the family.
I couldn’t have done it without you. Osu

Thank you, Timothy,
and well done!

And for everyone,
please take note of a few things here.

The classical is not suffering,
drills and exercises have more flow,
which comes from increased understanding.

Making changes isn’t always easy.
Aside from the fact of understanding
the potentials of the martial arts
enough so that you can make intelligent changes,
you have to force yourself to change something
that you have come to believe in.

Changing a belief system is often the hardest thing
a man can do.

He shows his changes to another fellow engaged in changes,
and he becomes the authority.
he isn’t just changing,
he has the knowledge,
and this is something that people really respect
and will adhere to.

Upon showing his changes to others
he is recognized as expert,
or having the ability to be expert.
Osu to you, Timothy.

here is a very interesting question:
how important is the black belt at this point?
People going through these changes,
are gaining knowledge
and that is senior to black belt.

Maybe one out of a thousand people
that start karate
get to black belt.

But how many have the knowledge
to put together their own system or subsystem?

I encourage everybody to get to black belt,
but I encourage knowledge more.
Understanding is the most important thing you can ever get.

Thanks, Timothy,
your win is fantastic,
and I hope people understand
the trials and tribulations here,
and the incredible passion you have for the arts.

Here’s how I analyze forms. I do this for every move. Check out video courses at MonsterMartialArts.com. This particular technique is from Temple Karate.

I know Timothy has other courses and books on Matrixing,
but he mentions the ‘Buddha Crane’ book.
So let me explain something about that book.

That was the last book I wrote,
I believe,
before starting on Matrixing proper,
before doing all the matrixing courses.
As such,
I was using matrixing concepts hard and fast,
and I was developing a whole art
out of what I knew.
You can see me reworking techniques,
reworking forms,
trying to bring everything into a new slant,
to be proper,
a ‘de-slanting.’
A truth.

Here’s the funny thing,
the book was actually just a ‘toss in,’
a bonus,
on the ‘Create Your Own Art’ course.
I wanted to show how I was creating an art,
give an example
to back up the theories I was pushing.
The book is PDF on the Create Your Own Art Course.

You can,
I believe,
get it on Amazon,
if you look around you can find it.
You can also get it here…


That’s my publishing company,
so I get a bigger royalty
if you get it there.

That page I just gave you
has a complete write up
on what is in the book.
the Createspace version is paperback,
which most people prefer,
because it’s easier to walk around with the book,
than carrying a computer around
while you practice.

a final word,
the illustrations are most interesting,
I wrote it on an old mac,
and the software was something called Appleworks.
What this means is that I drew the illustrations,
hundreds of them,
one line at a time.
I drew figures,
with lines.
I remember,
at the time,
not being frustrated by the slowness of it all,
but being excited,
because I felt like I was,
by doing the illustrations in this slow and laborious way,
learning something about the human form,
writing what I was doing
in a new way in my mind.
By the time I was done
I felt VERY changed inside.

that’s it.

thanks Timothy,
I hope people appreciate your win,
and I hope they take the time to look at the book,
and get their own wins,
take a stab at understanding,
and even changing,
their own carefully crafted belief systems.

And everybody,
it’s summer,
have fantastic work outs!



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New Martial Arts Book Publications

Three New Martial Arts Books!

Good morning to you!
Did you know ‘good morning’
was originally
‘May God give you a good amorning.’
as I recall, it was sort of…
‘Have a God morning.’
Or something like that.
interesting, eh?

God being awareness,
May you have an exceptionally aware morning,
and that through dedicated martial arts practice.

that message being duly relayed,
let’s talk about THREE new martial arts publications.

I finished the Matrixing Kenpo series.
Third book is out there,
which includes a totally new take
on how to structure kenpo,
how to rearrange the techniques,
including a monstrous WHY you would want to.

took the lid off Kenpo with this series.
Check it out on Amazon.
It might be in Kindle,
but the paperback is best.
Kindle really screws up the formatting.
Can’t handle pictures.
So paperback is best.

the second and third publications
are Neutronics.

I put four neutronics books into paperback form.
Two in each book.

Volume one has
Prologue and Neutronics.

Volume two has
The Neutronic Viewpoint and 24 Neutronic Principles.
This is like the bible of Neutronics.

I really want all the Neutronic writings in one volume,
The complete science behind matrixing and the martial arts
all in one.
That would be cool!

let me tell you something about Neutronics,
so you understand what it is
and why it is important.

A Neutron doesn’t do anything.
In Neutronics,
the neutron stands for awareness.
When you do martial arts,
and I am talking about the real martial arts now,
you try to achieve more by doing less.

in terms of motion,
you practice motion
until you find the neutron,
the awareness of you behind it all,
which is motionless.

Weird, eh?

Consider this line from The Tao,
‘Do nothing
until nothing is left undone.’
until you understand Neutronics.
Then it becomes an amazingly powerful datum
that rocks your martial arts world,
and enables you to change the universe
quickly and easily.

Consider this:
God is that which can’t be pronounced,
smelled, touched, tasted, etc.
God is not anything in the universe.
So what is the oNLY thing in the universe
that can’t be touched,
tasted, seen, heard, and so on?


the neutronic being
which has a body…
so that it CAN touch, taste, etc.

Consider this one datum,
and ALL other philosophies align and finally make sense.
the various philosophies
become merely one piece of the larger pie,
which is the astounding existence of you.

if you’ve been doing your matrixing,
then you may recall me saying the same thing about Matrixing.
It makes the individual arts
pieces of the larger and whole art.

So you practice matrixing
to understand the whole martial arts,
and you study neutronics
to understand everything.

The discipline of the martial arts
focuses awareness,
the neutron,
so that it becomes more powerful as an awareness,
and so that it can understand everything.

Why you live.
Why you die.
Why governments slaughter their citizens.
Why people kill for belief systems.
Why the universe exists.
Why life goes on.

if you don’t have the discipline of the martial arts,
then the words of neutronics are just meaningless gibberish.
You must have discipline to understand
and therefore to increase awareness.

You must have discipline,
and you must matrix that discipline,
you must focus yourself as an awareness,
lest you spend your life in a stupor,
dreaming that you are awake.

Now you know what neutronics is.
you know why it is important.

three books.

Mtrixing Kenpo Part Three,
which will really revitalize the whole art of Kenpo.

And four Neutronics books in two volumes.

They should be on Amazon,
probably late today,
maybe tomorrow,
but you might have to do some searching.

keep in tune with the Monster
and i’ll have ads and announcements as time goes on.

So let’s finish off with win today…

Just a thanks for helping me figure out karate. Ive been studying for years now and a lot of stuff in the different styles never made sense. Once I accepted that I was taught the wrong reasons for the part of the technique I was doing, it opened my eyes. … Your writings have helped me to think outside the box. Please keep it up.

Damian M

Thanks Damian,
and thanks to EVERYBODY
Without you,
without the dedicated martial artist,
this planet would be a boring old FEMA camp.
So take care,
and have a great work out!


Here’s a link to my Karate site…


See you there!

Create Your Own Martial Art

Creating Your Own Martial Art!

I want to talk about the progression of martial arts.

Whether you are studying karate or kung fu, aikido or kenpo,
the progression goes like this…

Learn the basics

Become a Black Belt (expert)

Learn to teach,

Become a master.

Create your own art.

That’s five simple steps

beginning to end

in the martial arts.


most people think it takes 3-4 years to get the basics down,

it takes 12-15 years to become a master,

and outside of myself,

nobody in the arts even talks about creating your own art.

Do you know how many emails I get from people who want to create their own art?

A lot.

In many cases,

these people have paid their dues,

put in the years,

learned lots of arts,

and then don’t know what to do.


as I said,

nobody in the arts

teaches you how to create your own art.

They teach you how to support their organization,

offer high ranks,

put out terms like hanshi and so on,

and if you do create your own art,

you are expected to go in front of a board of directors,

and prove the validity of your creation.

Holy blankety blank!

If that was the method in any other field of knowledge

nothing in the world

would have ever been invented!

And the thing I want to scream in your ear is this:

it is an Art!

Art is self expression!

When you do art you don’t prove it,

you express it

and the heck with what the world thinks.

I know,

it is a martial art

and one is expected to have a certain degree of workability.

I know that.

But you can’t convince me that a bunch of old guys

who have never created an art

can sit in judgment

on anybody who actually does create their own art.

The simple fact is that those who haven’t created an art,

can’t judge those who have.

So one of the last of the pure matrixing courses I have is

How to Create Your Own Art.

A warning here,

the video is blurry and the audio is bad.

I filmed it back in the last century,

and the technology was not good.

But it is the only course of its kind.

Go on,

do some googling,

you’ll find some opinions,

but you won’t find any books or courses,

outside of mine.

I’m the only person on the planet to ever write a book on how to create your own art.

This is a pretty sure guarantee

that you have never seen the material of the course,

in any form.

Google algebra,

you’ll find hundreds of books.

thousands of books.

Google how to create your own martial art…

there is only one.



I recommend you have some art before you consider my course.

It’s not that it is hard or mystical,

it is that you need a certain degree of discipline.

You don’t want to skip to the head of the class

and not have sufficient basics

before you create your own art.


that said,

there is no reason on earth

you can’t learn how to create art,

even as you learn a specific art or arts.

In fact,

it should help you.

It will help your mind

absorb concepts

a lot faster.

There are things in this course

that make other arts understandable

from a pure geometrical standpoint.



I warn you.

The video is blurry.

It is still understandable,

but you’re going to have to accept it

as an historical document.


the other caution I have is this:

be prepared to spot my mistakes.


I was young and full of myself,

I can be forgiven that,

after all,

I was doing something that nobody

in the entire history of martial arts

had ever done.

Nobody had ever written a book or course

on how to create martial arts.

Lots of people had created their own martial art,

but no one had ever described the exact procedure

for actually creating a martial art.


if I was into such things,

I would have to say

that this was my doctorial thesis,




Fun to think about,

but the point is this…

I recommend you do Matrix Karate

and the Master Instructor course,

and maybe a few others of the Matrixing courses,

but keep in mind the pot of gold.

This is the only course

to encompass the concepts

at the highest end

of the martial arts.

But you have to put up with blurry video,

and young fellow who was a little antsy,

and be able to spot a couple of mistakes.

Do that

and you’re going to have information

that nobody else in the world has.

All right

guys and gals,

paint a pair of apples

on the bottom of your kicking bag

and kick it till it pops.

It’s the only way to be sure,



Have yourselves some awesome workouts!

zen martial artsThis has been a page on how to create your own martial art.

Inventing a New Martial Art Based on Grass

I have often thought of making a martial art based on grass.

No, no! Not that kind of grass! I’m talking about the kind of grass that grows through the cracks in the sidewalk.

This is sort of funny, because, in essence, I’ve already done that.

You see, when you push on the body in the right way energy is created in the body. Student has no choice, must create energy, it’s a survival thing, you see.

So, like grass finds its way through the cracks in the sidewalk…chi fins its way through the frame of the body. Through the constitution and the inner workings. Permeating and worming and making the body incredibly healthy, fast when needed, lazy and happy when not needed.

I say it’s funny to want to create new art, because if you take the one element of body testing it does  create energy, and for and through any art you wish to study.

And, not to say funny three times running, but it’s funny that people have been pushing on bodies for a zillion years and have never figured this thing out.

And, after showing people bits and pieces, and even going over it with them, I have yet to meet anybody who has extrapolated the main theory and used it.

I meet people who have done it–these are really few and far between–but even then they haven’t stated what they are doing in concrete terms, and thus I know the knowledge will be lost as soon as they pass.

Ah, well. Maybe the world isn’t ready for a new martial art based on grass.

Anyway, I show Body Testing in The Master Instructor Course.

You guys have a great day.