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The Dreaded Peacock Kung Fu

A New Style of Kung Fu Fighting!

All right, there is no Peacock Kung Fu, but there should be! I live on a ranch on a mountaintop in Southern California, and I have observed the Peacock’s Kung Fu first hand. It really has some stuff that would make up a good system of Kung Fu.

First off, the male is the warrior. That’s easy to understand, what’s not so easy to understand is the bright plumage. Why bright? So it will stand out and be first target, thus allowing the female to flee. Thus, a valuable tenet of this fighting martial art would be to protect the weak, even to the point of offering one’s life!

new style kung fu

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Second, when the attacker goes after this medium-sized, beautiful bird, it suddenly becomes bigger! The tale fans up, and it is brilliantly colored and spotted with dozens of eyes! Thus, an attacker suddenly finds itself confronted with a large and obvious foe with lots of eyes! Heck, is this one foe? Or a whole tribe that has arisen to do battle!

Third, let’s talk kung fu tactics. Yes, a large animal, a mountain lion or coyote, could take this beautiful creature, in spite of the natural defense mechanisms. But, when confronted by, say, a snake, the peacock can hold its own. What this bird does is circle the snake. And, it usually has friends, as the whole family ‘dojo’ crowds around and begins circling. And, as the snake turns upon itself to try and stay with the motion of the foe, it literally winds itself up, gets confused, and then the sharp beak of this animal goes to work. Pecking and pecking, so fast the snake can’t keep up with it, the reptile is quickly dispatched!

Could it be that fabled gung fu system of pa kua chang is based not upon the snake or the dragon, but upon a middle weight bird with long feathers?

Lastly, it should be pointed out that one of the first self defense mechanisms, before the self defense methods listed above are called upon, is one of the fiercest kiais ever heard. The sound of this ‘spirit shout’ is like that of a GIANT house cat! It is loud and piercing, and designed not just to warn fellow peacocks, and thus to gather them for the common defense, but to frighten predators away!

In closing, there should be a peacock kung fu, because the peacock is not just an animal whose sole defense is flight, but a hardy warrior willing to stand up and fight!

If you think that peacock kung fu is a nifty concept, then you should examine the Shaolin Butterfly, it is an art which brings forth fighting attributes and a calm spirit in a human being.

Create Your Own Martial Art

Creating Your Own Martial Art!

I want to talk about the progression of martial arts.

Whether you are studying karate or kung fu, aikido or kenpo,
the progression goes like this…

Learn the basics

Become a Black Belt (expert)

Learn to teach,

Become a master.

Create your own art.

That’s five simple steps

beginning to end

in the martial arts.


most people think it takes 3-4 years to get the basics down,

it takes 12-15 years to become a master,

and outside of myself,

nobody in the arts even talks about creating your own art.

Do you know how many emails I get from people who want to create their own art?

A lot.

In many cases,

these people have paid their dues,

put in the years,

learned lots of arts,

and then don’t know what to do.


as I said,

nobody in the arts

teaches you how to create your own art.

They teach you how to support their organization,

offer high ranks,

put out terms like hanshi and so on,

and if you do create your own art,

you are expected to go in front of a board of directors,

and prove the validity of your creation.

Holy blankety blank!

If that was the method in any other field of knowledge

nothing in the world

would have ever been invented!

And the thing I want to scream in your ear is this:

it is an Art!

Art is self expression!

When you do art you don’t prove it,

you express it

and the heck with what the world thinks.

I know,

it is a martial art

and one is expected to have a certain degree of workability.

I know that.

But you can’t convince me that a bunch of old guys

who have never created an art

can sit in judgment

on anybody who actually does create their own art.

The simple fact is that those who haven’t created an art,

can’t judge those who have.

So one of the last of the pure matrixing courses I have is

How to Create Your Own Art.

A warning here,

the video is blurry and the audio is bad.

I filmed it back in the last century,

and the technology was not good.

But it is the only course of its kind.

Go on,

do some googling,

you’ll find some opinions,

but you won’t find any books or courses,

outside of mine.

I’m the only person on the planet to ever write a book on how to create your own art.

This is a pretty sure guarantee

that you have never seen the material of the course,

in any form.

Google algebra,

you’ll find hundreds of books.

thousands of books.

Google how to create your own martial art…

there is only one.



I recommend you have some art before you consider my course.

It’s not that it is hard or mystical,

it is that you need a certain degree of discipline.

You don’t want to skip to the head of the class

and not have sufficient basics

before you create your own art.


that said,

there is no reason on earth

you can’t learn how to create art,

even as you learn a specific art or arts.

In fact,

it should help you.

It will help your mind

absorb concepts

a lot faster.

There are things in this course

that make other arts understandable

from a pure geometrical standpoint.



I warn you.

The video is blurry.

It is still understandable,

but you’re going to have to accept it

as an historical document.


the other caution I have is this:

be prepared to spot my mistakes.


I was young and full of myself,

I can be forgiven that,

after all,

I was doing something that nobody

in the entire history of martial arts

had ever done.

Nobody had ever written a book or course

on how to create martial arts.

Lots of people had created their own martial art,

but no one had ever described the exact procedure

for actually creating a martial art.


if I was into such things,

I would have to say

that this was my doctorial thesis,




Fun to think about,

but the point is this…

I recommend you do Matrix Karate

and the Master Instructor course,

and maybe a few others of the Matrixing courses,

but keep in mind the pot of gold.

This is the only course

to encompass the concepts

at the highest end

of the martial arts.

But you have to put up with blurry video,

and young fellow who was a little antsy,

and be able to spot a couple of mistakes.

Do that

and you’re going to have information

that nobody else in the world has.

All right

guys and gals,

paint a pair of apples

on the bottom of your kicking bag

and kick it till it pops.

It’s the only way to be sure,



Have yourselves some awesome workouts!

zen martial artsThis has been a page on how to create your own martial art.