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New Pan Gai Noon Black Belt!

The Value of Pan Gai Noon

Good morning!
Hmm, afternoon.
Well, good whatever.
It’s easy to lose track of time,
you just sink yourself into a work out and
zingo bingo,
where did the time go.

sanchin kata pan gai noonBefore we talk, I want to announce
Will Stockinger!

Will completed studies on Pan Gai Noon.
I think he might be the first
Pan Gai Noon black belt
I’ve awarded.
He’s been sending me videos for a while now,
and he made it look good on the videos.
So well done Will!

A word about the PGN.
Karate is my base art,
I collected a lot of systems over the years.
As I went through these systems
I began to understand certain things
about how Karate evolved.
I understood these things
not from people writing about them,
but from doing the forms myself,
and feeling the changes.
Mind you,
there were a lot of holes,
but Matrixing enables one to find
and fill up the holes in a martial art.
long ago I came across the saying,
that if you don’t know sanchin
you don’t know karate.
And it’s true.

Once I realized this I began to research sanchin.
I collected the various forms of it,
and I realized something:
Uechi Ryu sanchin is for dynamic tension.
Goju sanchin is for breathing.
Shotokan sanchin is for technique.
As you can see,
this represents how sanchin developed from China.
And I began to wonder,
what sanchin looked like in Pan Gai Noon.
But I couldn’t find much on it.
So I relied on matrixing principles,
and set the thing to concepts
which are in buddhist belief systems,
and I wasn’t doing sanchin as a karate form any longer.
Yes, there was still the pop and power,
but there was also flow and emptiness,
and this made the form different in a lot of ways,
opened my eyes to a lot of different concepts.

One of the things I realized
is that you don’t need people to pound on you
to make your form work.
You need gentle pressure
that will make the chi in your body respond.
Pounding doesn’t make the chi work,
it makes the muscles work.
But if you do body testing
the way I describe in
The Master’s Handbook,
then it is different,
and the form is different,
here’s something interesting,
the techniques become different,
and you start to see a logic of technique
that I haven’t see in any other art.
The techniques flow,
and there is a progression of technique
that is startlingly matrix-like.

So these old guys,
back in China,
had designed a system over the decades
and centuries,
that described a closed combat system
that had an inherently matrix-like
progression of techniques.

Mind you,
the student wouldn’t see it,
it’s hidden in the form.
But if you do it long enough,
then it sort of pops at you,
and you start doing the principles of the martial arts,
and not just the techniques.

So that is how I structured
my Pan Gai Noon.
to represent the principles,
to establish the more matrix-like
progression of techniques.

And I wrote about this
in a variety of places.
The Matrixing Chi book
uses Sanchin as the starting point
for developing chi.

I’ve also done a video course,
which is available as part of
‘Evolution of an Art,’
at Monster.
I think this is the only place
where I’ve recorded Sanseirui.

Then there is the book
‘Pan Gai Noon.’
I think it is based on the course book,
with a few things added.

there are lots of places
where I’ve touched upon the art,
written articles about it,
and so on.
Here is one of the best…


So there is a lot of things you can do
to examine my work,
and make up your own mind.

At any rate,
I do consider Sanchin,
and the other two forms,
seisan and sanseirui,
as extremely important.

if you’re interested,
I recommend the Evolution of an Art course,
it’s got three arts in it,
Pan Gai Noon, Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup.
That’s three books,
and three sets of video tapes,
for the price of one course.
And the books on those courses,
are also in the books I’ve
put upon Amazon.

Here’s the link

that all said,
oinkly donkey
time to move on.

congrats to Will,
thanks for your hard work.
Yours is an amazing journey.

to everyone…


Have a great Superbowl sunday!
And don’t forget to work out
after you pig out!

New Matrix Karate Black Belt!

What a great week!

I’ve had nothing but new master instructors,
New Shaolin Gung Fu black sashes,
and now here is a new matrix karate black belt!
Congrats to Justin Harris!


I decided to submit my forms for your scrutiny….I’m making use of these concepts in my Tai Chi classes. I have everyone learn House One now to instill the correct body mechanics before I start taking them through the Matrix Tai Chi forms. (They learn Right and Left Styles you will be happy to know) The matrixing work has made this crop of Tai Chi students much more competent in two person practice.
Many thanks!

Justin Harris

Thanks to you, Justin,
and well done!

And I find it interesting
that he is adapting a karate form to Tai Chi.
Real knowledge holds true from art to art.

Justin has been working on this material hard,
and I believe this was his second submission,
which he passed easily.

guys and gals,
first two videos free,
and I think I’ve had
only one person who had to pay for a third.
Everybody else is doing it in two.
And this is because you get failed or passed
according to the exact data on
the master instructor course
or the course you are testing in.
You give me a video,
and I give you the exact reasons.
You fix,
you pass.

No mystery,
no sudden spring of ‘what I think.’
The data is the data,
and if I can’t offer a correction
based directly on the material in those two courses…
you pass.

Easy squeezy.

here is something juicy,
Justin doesn’t get just one certificate,
he gets two!

I don’t grade you on learning the same old same old,
new forms of just the same thing,
I promote based on the number of arts you know.
So congrats again,
you get a second cert,
promoting to second black belt!

Justin earned promotion earlier,
he earned it as Master Instructor.

Do you understand?
It’s about knowledge!

having said that,
let me say something unpleasant.

The major problem with martial artists
is that they think they know something.
They spend time in the dojo,
they learn how to punch and kick,
and most of them can DO something.
but that doesn’t mean they know
what they are doing,
or why what they are doing works,
or why something might not work.

Do you understand?

They have a limited knowledge,
and it is a good knowledge,
but their minds are mostly closed.

The old ‘My style is best’ kind of thing.

I used to do work for an architect,
I saw him working
night after night
after everybody went home.
So I asked him,
‘You’re the boss,
why are you working?
Why don’t you hire some guy out of college to do this stuff?’

He laughed,
and he said,
‘They don’t know what they are doing.
They’re smart,
and they know all the theory,
but they have never gone out to a football field
looked around
and observed where the soft spots are,
where the drainage won’t work,
where the field needs more work.

They know everything from the classroom,
but nothing about real life.

you get some of this from martial artists,
you get more of the reverse.
They have fought,
and they understand so much,
but they can only teach monkey see monkey do.
They don’t know the real reasons
as to why the martial arts work.

That’s why the Matrixing courses are so important.

Haven’t you ever wondered
why some guy doesn’t write in and say,
‘Yeah, yeah…seen that stuff before.’

Because they haven’t!
Because the matrixing theory
and data and graphs and all…
it isn’t out there!

Nobody has seen this stuff!

The martial arts are heavy on doing,
and that gives a lot of knowledge,
but it is slow going.

Matrixing gives the right knowledge,
the real knowledge behind the martial arts,
and then the going is fast!

when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing,
it is easier to do.

And only in Matrixing do you get the real knowledge behind the martial arts.

Oinkey donkey,
here’s the facts, Max…


It’s the only course in the world
that has the basic matrixing data on it.
You can take these forms
plug them into any art,
and immediately know the truth of that art.

And you won’t see this data anywhere else.

And did I mention that it is inexpensive?

I priced it so anybody could afford it
for one simple reason…

I want the world to be a smarter place,
and I think it all starts with the martial arts.
Learn to matrix in the martial arts,
and soon you will be matrixing things outside the martial arts,
and life is going to get easier and easier,
more fun.

thanks again, Justin,
and all of you,
have a great weekend,
and don’t forget…