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How to Make Intuitive Thought with the Martial Arts

Making Intuition with Matrixing


Let me explain something about matrixing,
and let me head into this from an angle.

What was society like before people learned to count?
Answer: no pyramids.
you had to eyeball your trades
because you couldn’t compare apples to oranges
by any calculation.
how far to the next town.
Uh, how do you measure an hour?
By the crow flies…
dig about there…
hope you’re lucky…

Then numbers came along,
people started building structures,
boats (what’s a cubit, God?)
learning how to navigate the seas,
and man was on his way.

what is man like before intuitive thought?
Well, let’s see…
we have race riots,
we have wars for some belief or other,
we have accidents and crime and…and…
and if you believe the news all of the United States
is about to fall into a big, black hole.

That is a direct result of people not having intuitive thought.
they think slow,
recognize the problem
after the bridge has fallen,
the storm has come,
the towers have fallen.

you do some matrixing
and you will eventually get intuitive thought.
you might get it in twenty or thirty years of classical martial arts…
if you’re lucky,
if the system you chose was good,
if the instructor was honest,
and if you paid your dues for…twenty to thirty years.

So you get matrixing,
say matrix karate,
and you do it.
The martial arts suddenly make instant sense.
No more mystery.
You have a complete system of Karate.
you take your own system of gung fu,
or muay thai or Ninpo or whatever
and you simply ‘plug it in.’
You just take the moves and order them
along the liens of matrix karate,
and your system will make instant sense.
within the not too distant future,
usually a matter of months
(although it sometimes happens faster)
you have intuitive thought.

You just think differently.
You mind has undergone a metamorphoses.
You are transformed from a human with achingly slow thought processes,
victim to the headlines and crooks,
into somebody who sees right through the bushwah,
and has common sense.

I am not kidding.
Just read the testimonials at Monster Martial Arts.
Heck, go to that page and do a search for your art,
you might turn up something interesting.

here is the tragedy…

People with normal, slow thought,
don’t usual recognize that they are slow.
Here’s the trick.

Intuitive thought is when you know something is going to happen
before it happens.

Intuitive thought is when you and your friend have the exact same thought
at the exact same time.

Intuitive thought is when a little voice pops up inside your head
and tells you EXACTLY the right solution
no matter what problem you are in.

Intuitive thought is a space inside your mind
whereby the bushwah of the world is damped down out of sight,
and you observe life without the bushwah.

Intuitive thought is not hesitating.

Intuitive thought is…
the best example I can give you of intuitive thought
is probably a stupid one,

One of the things we used to do at the Kang Duk Won
was go over to a bar after class.
not to drink,
but to have dinner,
maybe have a beer,
and just sit and chat.
every once in a while
the hour would grow late,
and dice would appear.
Or cards.

the head of the school,
Bob Babich,
would sit in on the game.
I wasn’t a gambler,
but I was interested,
so I would sit and watch.

The dice woudl go around,
or the cards would flip,
and Bob would sit there
and you could feel the silence grow around him.
He would say inane little things,
laugh at the jokes,
but there was this intenseness of silence around him.

he would laugh,
throw the dice,
flip his hole card,
or whatever,
and…he was the winner.

He would play the game in silence,
and then,
he knew a winner.
He heard the voice,
and he played the card.

And the game would take on a mystical quality.
Everybody laughing,
the air golden,
and then…
And he was the winner.

He knew EXACTLY when the dice were going to roll for him.
He knew EXACTLY when the cards were going to turn for him.

Lady Luck?
It was that sixth sense,
it was chi power,
it was…intuition.

Intuition born form doing the martial arts right and for a long time.

I can’t guarantee you’re going to win a card game.
I can’t win a card game for the life of me.

And I can’t guarantee the lottery,
or anything like that.

But I can guarantee that you’re going to become a winner.
A ‘Chi’ winner.
A guy who knows what is going to happen before it happens.
A guy who can’t stop laughing because,
darn it,
life always seems to work out for you.

what the heck did you think the martial arts were all about?

And Matrixing,
that is about logic,
and logic become intuition.

I can guarantee that.

Here’s the URL…

Oinkly doke
got some great things coming up,
working like a fiend up here at Monkeyland,
so stay tuned…
and get ready to make your own journey
to Mt. Nipomo
and help build
the martial arts temple above the clouds.


Are You Obsessed with Fake Martial Arts Power?

Trying to Shut Down a Karate School..and Getting Shut Down Yourself!

Mushin No Shin in the Martial Arts…the Final Word

Mushin No Shin, or, Mind of No Mind

I want to talk about nothing.

I mean that quite literally.

mushin no shinWhen you are learning martial arts

there is this thing called Reaction Time.

Let’s say a fellow comes in with an attack,

and you move back,

when the correct move should have been

to move forward.

But you can’t seem to move forward,

your instinct is to move back,

and that is your immediate reaction.

The reason you are training in the martial arts is not to reinforce reaction,

but to reach the stage

where you have choice.

Where you can assess the situation

and do the right thing.

In other words,

to get rid of reaction time.


reaction time,

to react,

means you are moving

because something else made you move.

You have to reach the stage

where you move

when and where

you want to move.

In other words,

instead of reacting,

you are moving

‘in the now.’


how do you move

‘in the now.’

This is where the concept known as

mushin no shin

comes in.

Mushin no shin


‘mind of no mind.’

In other words,

you don’t waste time having thoughts,

or reacting to survival patterns,



move ‘in the now’

and in the right manner

as dictated by your choice.

Not a reaction,

but a choice,

based on now.

Making decisions in the now,

and not…


or some other time,

based on some pattern made into ‘instinct,’

but which is really automatic reaction.

Let’s say you are with a friend

and you are watching

somebody do something,

and they do something stupid,

which is actually sort of funny.

You look at your friend

and he looks at you

at the some moment,

and you see it in each others eyes,

and you laugh.

That was a spontaneous ‘in the now’ moment.

Not the thing with the fellow made you laugh,

but the thing with your friend.

That moment needed no verbal communication,

no explanation,

you both got it,

at the same moment.


make your friend into an enemy with a sword,

and have that same moment,

where you look at him,

see everything that is happening,

and you do the exact right thing

when he swings that sword.

Not a step back in reaction,

not a flinch,

not a yell or attempt to move,

but the exact right and correct

and complete motion

that solves that moment.

When you say mushin no shin,

mind of no mind,

you are talking about that moment,

when you put aside thinking about something,

or having reaction,

and just do everything that is exactly appropriate

for that moment and situation.

You are talking about putting aside the mind.

Putting aside the thing that is cluttered with appointments and facebook and the need to go shopping and what your girl said to you this morning when she burnt the eggs and..

Put all that aside,


Just do,

and have that doing exactly right and appropriate,

based on now,

and not training patterns

or extraneous emotions,

or whatever.


you could also call this thing of

mind of no mind

by several other terms.

You could say

time of no time,

because it is based on a single thought

(as opposed to mental cogitations)

and it feels like you are in a place where there is no time.

You could call it

the emotion of no emotion


the motion of no emotion.

Or the place of thinking without thinking.

You could call it,

and here we stretch

without leaving the truth

motion of no motion


a notion of no motion


something else.

But what it is,

is when you don’t think,

even to rely on trained patterns

and just do

and that in the correct manner.

The really terrible thing is…

you have to train

to reach the place where you don’t rely on training.

You have to practice until you reach intuition.

I hope this explains mushin no shin

and why I am a classical martial artist,

and the benefit of the classical method.

Anybody who knows me

knows I don’t disparage the classical method,



merely wish to improve it.

Remember that URL I gave you.



have yourself a great and intuitive work out!


zen martial arts

This has been a page about Mushin no shin in the Martial Arts.

Karate Mind…or the Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Karate Mind refers to mushin no shin, which is an old Japanese term meaning ‘Mind of no Mind.’

I’ve got a student, he’s been studying with me for some three or four months, and he came in the other day and described the most unusual experience.

mushin no shinHe was doing something, and something fell on him, and he suddenly moved, circled his arms, and deflected the object. The odd thing was the way he described his state of mind.

“Everything slowed down! My arms just moved. It was so clean and uncluttered and I wasn’t thinking about anything!”

He entered Mushin no shin, you see. He put aside his mind, and dealt with his problem directly. The human being. Without mind.

I know it is ‘Mind of no mind,’ but I often call it ‘Time of no time.’ Or, he entered No Time.

He wasn’t prone to the rules of the universe. He didn’t have reaction time. His muscles didn’t fight each other to do something. He just moved.

Now, that it would me some three or four months to get a person to this point is sort of a miracle. In Japan they talk about decades of study, seven years to enlightenment, and some people never making it.

But I do it in three or four months. Regularly.

So what is my secret?


The martial arts are taught in a big lump, all the tricks are taught randomly, with no regard for order, let alone logic.

And this is compounded by the fact that they are all cross bred, entwined, mixed up.

But, when you teach them in a logical format, such as I have devised in Matrixing, then the logic becomes easy to absorb, actually sweeps the student up and moves him along.

The mind, you see, likes to be put aside. That a person is constantly fighting with his mind is one of the great tragedies of the martial arts, and of mankind. The mind should be a simple tool that one picks up, puts aside, uses as he wishes.

When a fist is flying at your face, you don’t want to use your mind. You want to put it aside and get to work. No distractions.

The mind likes what is logical and simple. It puts the mind to rest. The Karate mind heaves a great sigh of relief and goes to sleep.

Karate Mind

How to Reach Mushin No Shin through Matrix Karate!

Master instructor

Zen Karate!

Issue number 400!
Wowzer dowzer!
Let me tell you about Mushin No Shin, which is the highest pinnacle of the martial arts, and how you can get there in a few months using Matrix Karate. But first, let me give you a win, and then we’ll get into it.

I received a really sweet communication from Master Instructor John Duggan,
thought I’d share…

One of the major accusations of the naysayers ( I have encountered a few ) seems to be the accusation that our style is ” watered down”. This is quite amusing when you think of the origins of that term (catering) in which water would be added to a product to make it go further without adding anything of substance. If you look at it that way it is everybody else who is doing the watered down form & the matrixed arts are the only ones that are not diluted and are pure 100% meat.
Keep up the good work, I will be ordering more courses next month.
Best Wishes

that really says it,
and thanks to John,
for putting those words down.

here’s the trick,
every style of Karate out there is a variation.
There was no true Karate.
There was no
‘Karate from which all other Karate came from.’
Karate was,
to be blunt,
a put together of random techniques.

there were (are) central concepts,
and there is genius philosophy behind it all,
and this is a testament to those who have gone before.
the fact remains,
there was no True Karate.

not to rub noses in it,
when was the last time you used
the fourth move of the third form
in combat?
Or the sixth move of the second form?
Or the…
you get the idea.
This does not mean those moves are worthless.
Quite the contrary,
they are a history,
an evolution,
a study of the body,
an analysis of weapons and combat and…
I believe in the classical forms.

with no true karate to define it all,
there is a skipped step.
There is a huge gap between
start and the second step.
There is no first step.
Only a couple of basics
to give you an idea of it all,
and then…
make a huge leap into advanced stuff,
stuff that is not tied together
except through almost rabid imagination.

That’s why people drop out.
That’s why one in a thousand makes it to Black Belt,
and that’s why only one of the thousand that make it
are a real black belt.
There is simply a monstrous gap of data right at the start.
It’s like teaching somebody algebra
when they don’t even know how to add.
Things get downright mysterious,
and at an awful fast rate.

to clean this up,
to make the leap to ‘advanced’ studies
you need a system that has been missing.
You need Matrix Karate.

Matrix Karate is a system of basics.
That does not make it light.
In fact,
it makes it so fng heavy
you can’t believe it
and so fng heavy
that something absolutely miraculous has occurred.
Let me explain.

When you learn something,
in school
you read about it,
and then you’re supposed to know about it.
there is a gap between knowing about and knowing.
That gap is crossed by doing.
So read about something,
do it,
and then you know it.
Everybody knows that.

In Matrix Karate we have something called a Matrix.
The matrix is logical.
You do it.
And the student suddenly bridges the gap,
turns on intuition,
and knows the martial arts.

he is not pretty,
because pretty is a function of experience.
But he can do.
And he can do those basics so well
that he can make the jump
from beginner to advanced
in a few months,
and he loses his reaction time,
and becomes intuitive as to what he should do and when.

In knowing those basics that well
he is now able to understand the ‘advanced’ techniques.
There is no missing data to stop him from understanding.

Let me explain just a little bit further…

You don’t sit around and think about things
in Matrixing.
The logic is there,
you can’t argue with it,
it makes sense so well,
it needs almost no explanation.
Then you do…

Do the Matrix Course and you see the logic
and it makes sense.
Do the Three Month Course
and the student is blown out of the water.
you keep feeding him data,
don’t allow him to think,
and he suddenly realizes something…
he likes the state of mind
wherein he simply does
without thought.

He doesn’t like thinking,
he just wants to do,
and that is a state of mind with no distractions.
Do you know what Mushin No Shin is?
It is the mind of no mind.
It is a state wherein the person does purely,
without engaging the mind.
No surface thoughts,
no chatter,
no distraction.
So the Matrix Course shows you the matrix
and enables you to reach mushin no shin
within a few months.
And if you don’t fully get something about this…
simply watch me do the Matrix
in the Three Month course,
and see exactly how it is done.

Mushin no shin is the state of mind
that is the pinnacle of the martial arts.
Check out Mushin no shin in wiki,
if you want more data on what I just said.

That all said,
when you do the Matrix
you must not read about,
you must do,
and to the same extend that I do it.

Think about it this way,
practicing random moves takes three or four years,
and if the system is full of additives (techniques from other arts)
it can take you twenty or thirty years.
I am not kidding.
So the fact that I have just used western technology
to achieve something that can take decades to achieve,
and to do this within months,
is miraculous.

Simply and purely miraculous.

here are the actual figures.
If you have a black belt in some system
you can do the matrix in a week or two.
You have all the data,
you just need to put it in order.
If you have a little experience,
say six months,
it will probably take you around three months
to get to Matrix Black Belt.
I was able to take EW through
though he had no experience,
for the simple reason
that I have all the data.
As the guy who put this stuff together
there are things that I see in it
and know about it,
that others don’t know,
but can learn
by putting a half dozen guys through the system.
When you’ve put a half dozen guys through the system
you’ll have my viewpoint,
and you’ll be able to take somebody to black belt within three months.
If you have no experience
at all,
and you are working on your own,
it can take longer.
Not a lot longer
if you follow what I am doing
on the Three Month Course.
Somebody to help you
and you can go faster.
Nobody to help you,
maybe four or five months.
Maybe six at the outside,
but that should be it.

you’ve got a school,
you have the Matrix course,
you’ve done the course,
you’ve taken a hard look at the Three Month course,
so you put up a sign in the window,
advertising special accelerated program to Black Belt.
I wouldn’t advise saying three month course to black belt,
because until it gets accepted,
you’re going to have idiots
coming in to challenge the master.
Of course,
if you like challenges…grin!
you get somebody in front of you
you talk,
and if he seems right,
you offer to take him to Black Belt
in a few months.
Charge him private rates,
take him through the matrix.
Suddenly you have an assistant instructor
who is swallowing the ‘advanced material’
of the regular art you are teaching.
So he does Matrix Karate for a few months,
moves into the larger class,
and you’ve been getting fewer drop outs
while charging higher rates.
And…the Martial Arts get better.
A lot better.

Do understand?
These are times when everybody is yelling
that the sky is falling!
Money is being stolen by the bankers!
Nobody can get a job!
The world is against us!
Oh whine and moan!


A time of tragedy is a time of opportunity.
While everybody is whining and moaning,
you simply go to work.
You go to work doing something you love.

The only thing that stands in the way of art and money
is the individual belief
that somebody else is in charge of you.


You are in charge of you.
Get a group of friends together.
Teach a couple of people for free if you have to,
and when people hear about you,
and the miraculous way you tea,
and how you are getting people to Black Belt in a few months,
more people will come to learn.

All right.
I think I’ve said it all.
Thanks to John for setting me off.
And thanks to you for reading.
Any wins…send ‘em in.
If you need any advice…email me.

And in closing,
I want you to think about something.
Imagine a world
where nobody stops to think about,
nobody listens to the chatter in their mind,
where everybody just grabs the reins
kicks the mule,
and does.

This would be a phenomenal world.
This would be a world without mugging
or stealing or corruption in the

It’s up to you.
And all I’m asking you to do
is put aside whining and moaning,
start teaching and making money,
and have a heck of a good time.

Here’s the URL for the monster…


The Three Month Course is in the menu,
and I will probably be giving it its own site
in the near future.

You guys and gals have a fantastic work out!