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Publication of New Novel…’How to Kill!’

This is not a  martial arts book or martial arts novel. Just a nasty, little surprise to the medical community that people who see doctors are going to want to read.

How to Kill

A not so gentle tale of one man who decides to fight back.

Did that school teacher give you a less than passing grade?

medical thriller with nasty consequencesHere’s how you fight back.

Did that cop give you a ticket?

Here’s a way to deal with him.

You know who hit and ran you?

You know who threw a dead cat on your porch?

You know the name of the guy you voted for and who then was arrested for pedaphilia?

Here are some simple and ‘novel’ solutions.

Take the case of Joe Landry…

No, don’t take the case of Joe, because anybody who has undergone medical treatment may recognize their symptoms, and they might decide to do what Joe did…FIGHT BACK!

How to Kill: Ex-wives and cops and doctors and politicians and everything else in the world that crawls out from under a rock, is the amazing novel that finally confronts the medical establishment, and a few other bozos, and holds them accountable.

If you have ever had an operation, had medicine prescribed, had a doctor thump your chest and look into your eye, you might want to steer clear of this book, because it tells the truth about what they are doing!

That’s ‘How to Kill,’ available on Amazon by Al Case.