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The Greatest Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t So Great!

I’m going to tell you something that you have never considered. The old guys, a hundred years ago, they didn’t know what they looked like. They had no means of self inspecting their forms to make they were right.

Odd, eh? But it’s true. Back a hundred years ago, especially in some of the third world countries that the martial arts flourished in, they didn’t have mirrors.

Nowadays we walk into training halls with mirrors covering the walls. We do our forms, and we inspect our movements, and we know what we look like. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad, but at least we can see ourselves.

The good is that we can adjust our forms. We can see our postural mistakes. The bad…well, let me explain.

There is this thing called narcissism. Falling in love with yourself…and the image of yourself. But image often doesn’t have anything to do with workability.

The martial arts rely on energy that is not always visible to the eye, and in using mirrors we start looking at our glorious form, and neglect to create the energy that the form, without obsessing on one’s self image, can create. We are not always able to perceive the depth to which we should sink our weight into the ground. We are not always able to perceive whether the tan tien is glowing and growing, and being used the way it should.

A punch should not be a polite line of turning fist, it should be a belly busting explosion of weight and emotion and the hell with the world! A block should not be a wave of flesh and bone, it should be a staunch stance with world shaking focus! A kick should not be the ability to do the splits vertical, it should be a sinking of the weight, a balance while tremendous energies are coursed through the leg and into the foot and…beyond.

A mirror is a great thing, it can impart a myriad of detail, and make us look incredibly pretty, but it doesn’t always generate the energy it takes to win a fight. Looking good might be great for evolution into video and hollywood, but it has limited value when it comes to the true martial arts. In the martial arts one must give up the image of self to find The True Art.

Where Matrix Martial Arts came From

I was living in a house in Mt. View at the time. It was shaped like a horse shoe and in the center of the horseshoe was a patio.
At the time I had spent seven years studying the martial arts. Kenpo for a couple of years, Kang Duk Won for about five, Sticky Hands from Wing Chun, and I believe a smattering of Aikido.
Anyway, I was sitting on a cinder block on the patio. and tapping a piece of rebar on the cement. I wasn’t drunk, hadn’t taken any drugs, was just sitting there tapping the rebar and listening to music. I believe it was The Horse with No Name, although it could have been anything from the album that contained that song.
So I’m tapping the rebar, not in time with anything, dunk…dunk…dunk. Bob my head in time with the music. Dunk…dunk…dunk. Feel pretty good. Dunk…dunk…DONG-G-G-G-g-g-g…
Everything was golden. The sky, the air, the trees, everything, and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. The music wasn’t coming the speakers, it existed everywhere, was omnidirectional, was…omnipresent.
I was forever, and I knew one thought.
‘For something to be true the opposite must also be true.’
That was the beginning of Matrixing.
That was where Monster Martial Arts had its beginnings.

The Value of a Martial Arts Certificate

“There’s my name.”
Teddy was a new instructor, who had known the head instructor for years. He was a Green Belt.
He was pointing at the head instructor’s bBlack Belt certificate.
A Green Belt had signed a Black Belt’s certificate?
There was more to the story of course, and that more was purely political in nature.
My instructor did deserve his Black Belt, and he had had to leave his school, and organization, and promote himself to get it.
But, though I knew the value of my instructor, I had just learned the value of paper.
Paper doesn’t matter, ornate certificates don’t matter. What matters is the competence of the instructor.
I always chuckle inside when people relay their lineage…as if it matters.
And I make sure that my signature means something when I put it to a piece of paper.
Competence, honesty, ability…those are the things that matter at Monster Martial Arts.

The Craziest Self Defense Technique in the World!

I taught my son Karate. Taught him well, and he knew what good karate was. One day he came home laughing. I asked him what was up.
“I just learned the craziest self defense technique in the world!”
I asked him what it was.
“You jump high in the air, and come down and punch the other guy on the foot.”
Now, he was laughing, I was laughing, and you’ve probably got a chuckle ready to go as you read this.
Jump high to punch low? The foot?
What was wrong with the guy who told my son this technique?
Interestingly, I heard a coach on the Ultimate Fighting Championship recommend this technique.
Fortunately, I avoid those techniques. Jumping high in the air just to get low enough to hit a foot is not one of the techniques you’ll learn in the Shaolin Butterfly.

Ambushing the Monkey Kung Fu!

Suddenly, I felt a presence at the door. I turned to see a monkey kung fu instructor from across town. He wore his uniform and it was obvious that he had come to challenge me.
“Hey, come on in and have a seat,” I invited him cheerfully.
Suspiciously, he took a seat. He opened his mouth to speak, perhaps to deliver his challenge, when he was interrupted by one of his own students.
“Sensei! The halls are clear!” She stood at the door, ready to fight, ready to defend her sensei to the death.
I always wondered why they thought I would have an ambush ready when I didn’t even know they were coming.
Anyway, no ambush happened, and no war occurred. I was simply too polite and cheerful.
And, quite honestly, I was too busy to get involved in petty fights. I was formulating this method for making the martial arts easy to understand and quick to learn. I was putting together Matrix Karate.

The Strange Case of the Eyes in Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

I studied many different arts, every art made me better, every art contributed to the whole that was me.
Once a kid through a rubber knife at me. Time slowed down and I caught it by the handle and threw it back in one motion.
Once a fellow asked me to throw shuriken (ninja type throwing stars) which I had rarely touched before. I tossed six into a heart on a dummy without hesitation or thought. Home runs of the martial kind.
But the main thing was the eyes.
You see somebody passing by on a bus and you meet eyes. There is a connection that can’t be denied. It is like you can read thoughts, but you are deeper than the need to read thoughts.
Except I was seeing eyes like that all the time. in the store, on the street, in the park. Whoever looked at me, and I at them, we saw each other.
I knew I had become different, I knew I had evolved, and this was the type of ability I wanted people to get when I taught them things like Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

Barack Obama Becomes Shaolin Kung Fu Master!

Okay, he hasn’t become one yet, but he should! Look, the mess our country is in, all of our elected officials, and even the unelected ones, should take lessons in the martial arts. And it is this writer’s recommendation that Barack Obama become a Master of the Shaolin Butterfly so he can adequately defend himself against people like Rush Limbaugh!

When I was undergoing the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, I learned a neat trick. When my sons wanted to borrow money, go out to parties, and that sort of thing, I made them freestyle me. If they won, they went, if I won, they did the dishes! Though they had the speed and quickness of youth on their side, I had decades of martial arts, and in this sneaky way I reigned supreme as a father should!

Compare raising recalcitrant, stubborn headed children to telling recalcitrant, stubborn headed politicians what to do, and you will see the logic of my method. Simply, when that politician wants to raise your taxes, tell him he must freestyle you first. When he gets caught with that slinky babe snorting…stuff, make him freestyle you.

Politicians won’t want to do this, of course, but they must be made to come to heel. I mean, the alternative would be to rise up in revolt, and we don’t want that! So my method is a wonderful method.

Now, as to Barack Obama, I believe he should learn the Shaolin Butterfly. Number one, no offense to the Prez, but he’s a skinny dude. When some elephant like Rush Limbaugh goes after him, Barak will have a means to defend himself.

The Shaolin Butterfly specializes in quick sidesteps, it uses the Matrixing Technology of the Martial Arts to get out of the way. Then, rolling the hands like a buzzsaw, Obama could slide in with a blistering series of dim mak death strikes. Man, Rush wouldn’t stand a chance!

Of course, if Rush was smart, he could learn Butterfly Kung Fu and then he would know what Barak has in store for him. Then he would stand a chance, and the battle for health care, or immigration, or whatever, would become a fair battle. Let me tell you, what I am advocating here is brilliant, for a punch in the face is harder to lie about than the economy!

Okey doke, I think we’ve about said it all here. Stop voting, and start studying the Martial Arts, if not the butterfly, then Aikido or Pa Kua, or just good old fashioned Karate! Know this, if Barak Obama was a real Shaolin Kung Fu Master…this country wouldn’t be in half the trouble it is in!

Kung Fu Masters and Entering the Cosmic Mind!

There is an old martial arts saying, when the student is ready the master will appear. Sounds neat, eh? You get so good that some ancient master pops out of the woodwork and gives you the sacred teaching!

The truth of the matter, however is a wee bit different. In fact, the truth of the matter is downright bizarre. Let me tell you how it really works.

In 1974 I was sitting on a cinder block in my backyard, tapping a piece of rebar on the patio and listening to music. Ding, ding…and the world turned golden and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. Everything I knew suddenly turned upside down, and I realized that I had had a moment of enlightenment.

And, about that time, my instructor retired. So, here I was, an enlightened being, and I didn’t know where to go to get my lesson. Hey, the student was ready, so where was the master?

Then an odd thing happened. People started telling me what to do. Whenever I was in a quandary, some fellow, not necessarily a martial artist, would come up out of the blue and tell me the exact thing I needed to know to understand my next step.

I was teaching a karate class one day, and I looked out the window, and there was a guy doing kung fu. I went out, introduced myself, and he turned out to be a kung fu master, and he taught me his system. And, in a bizarre oddity, it turned out that what he taught me was the exact thing that had been next to learn in my original system before my instructor retired.

And this thing, of people telling me what to do entered all aspects of my life, giving me a life that was entirely different, bizarre but golden, from the rest of humanity. I would go to a buy a car, know that the salesman was full of dung sticks, and suddenly some other customer would draw my attention to another car, or tell me about another dealer, and, suddenly, everything in the universe seemed balanced and right. The master had appeared, and he was people, and he never led me wrong.

So this thing of when the student is ready the master will appear works, but not the way you expect it. People, as a race, are a more pure and magnitudious rendition of consciousness, and, when taken together, and a person who has been enlightened will tend to take them, they are the master. All of us, we are connected by a consciousness that we do not usually understand, and even reject outright, and yet this is the secret of where we are going, We are part of a Cosmic Mind, a Godlike consciousness, and when the martial arts are done right, and this can be ascertained by whether they lead to enlightenment, humanity knows what you need, and when, and it delivers.

Combining Wing Chun and Aikido

Most times arts don’t fit together. You take the circular hands of kenpo and try to put them atop the linear stances of shotokan, and you are going to get an uncoordinated mish mash. Or, the jabs of boxing might fit with wing chun, but the round house power punches don’t fit at all.

And, of course, there are arts that do fit together. You can put aikido together with pa kua chang, but it is going to take discipline and logic to categorize individual techniques. And, this leaves the creator with a problem of how do you teach the beast without confusing.

That all said, one day I was in an Aikido class, I was a beginner in Aikido, though I had seven years of kenpo and karate and a dabble of wing chun. So they asked me to partake in randori. which is the multiman freestyle specific to aikido. And, it was a tragedy.

I didn’t want to give them my punches, karate had taught me to lock down and become immoveable, and the result was that nobody could throw me, and the give and take of the randori exercise broke down. I blame no one, it was mixing apples and peaches, and one could argue they should have been able to make their art work, but I should have been able to work with them. Interestingly, it was what happened after that that became interesting.

Paul, one of the advanced black belts came up to me and wondered where the breakdown had been. Other black belts, lower ones, stayed away from me like a pariah, but he wanted to learn, and that was the mark of an advanced belt.

So I explained about locking down the stance, and we looked at that in conjunction with aikido techniques, and how things could have been different. Nothing was working though, until I asked him if he had ever heard of sticky hands. He hadn’t, and when I showed it to him the lights began to go on.

Wing Chun, you see, doesn’t lock the stances down, and we spent hours figuring out how to get the feet to go fast enough to keep up with the aikido centrifugal action. Slowly, we figured out how the feet were supposed to cross or circle with the slip of the hand. We began to go into advanced techniques, Paul excited because of the lights going on, myself grinning, because I was getting a lesson in Aikido that the other fellows in the school, the lower black belts, would have died for.

It takes logic to put arts together, and very few people succeed. I succeeded wildly, and this because I always seem to run into people that are willing to look a little deeper, and open up a little more. If you think you know it all, if you’re proud, if you look down on somebody, then you will never open your mind and be able to ingest all the wonderful truth flowing around you.