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Monster Newsletter #308–Third Level Thoguht…Neutronics!

Yo yo!
How you doing?
Not doing good?
Do a work out,
it will change your attitude
and improve your life.
And that’s the truth.

You know,
I love the first paragraph work out call,
It always cheers me up,
just talking about a work out
cheers me up.

let’s get serious
for just a wee moment.

The first rule of the universe is
‘For something to be true
the opposite must also be true.’
This is where it all starts.
The whole universe is just a big push/pul machine.
Understand this,
and you got the buggy whipped.

how do you understand this?
Without context,
it makes no sense.
Admit it,
first time I ever told you this,
you blinked
you’re probably still trying to grok it.
and for those who don’t know what grok means,
it means to understand something by being it.
So matrix provides the context,
the background,
for grokking to start occurring.
the martial arts provide the background,
but without matrixing
they are so-o-o slow,
and they even take too long.

But here’s the crux.
When you matrix
you are assimilating all the potential motions
so you can select one,
the one you select,
you go neutronic on.

Find the incoming missile with matrixing,
deal with it with neutronics.
But we are not just dealing with it in the martial sense.
You see
there are two physics…
One is Newtonian…
‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

The second physics
one could consider this the third physics,
but I never talk about the real second physics),
is Neutronic.
And Neutornics is how you manipulate the universe
without the need for Newtonian physics.

The prime rule of Neutronic physics would be…
‘for every action there is a source.’

That’s it,
instead of being part of the whim and collision of the workaday universe,
you cause things to happen.

this is just words,
until you consider internal energy.
You see,
there are three levels to consider in exploring this concept.
if you wish to make it more than words.

The first level is to be bouncing around,
a ball on the pool table of life.
Newtonian victim.

The second level is to see what is happening.
To perceive without the eyes.
You can do this through matrixing.
You can stand facing one direction,
and by thinking only in that direction,
sense what is coming up behind you.
But simple,
if you have ordered your martial arts
so that neutronics can occur.
At this point,
the subject opens up into so many potentials,
but let’s stick with what we are doing…
The third level is to actually do something.
Not just to perceive,
but to do.

The first hints of this
are most obvious in tai chi
or internal energy stuff
where you uproot somebody,
or touch them and have them fall.
Things are happening,
you see,
that are out of proportion to newtonian physics.
Force in (gentle) doesn’t equate to force out (woo! There he goes!)

So martial arts are out of order/arrangement/sequence and you need to matrix them.
Matrix martial arts enables you to see things without the five senses.
Neutronics enables you to do things…

I know you’ve all seen the youtube of me putting out the candle from more than a foot away.
Some people think I’m just using the body
and doing a trick.

Of course I am.
The thing is…
others can’t do it.
They can make bodies move through space,
but bodies are machines
and can be hooked together,
the point that people miss is
I am not doing this trick to a body.
I am doing it to an inanimate object.
A candle.
A flame.
A bit of energy.

there you go,
you can continue doing your martial arts
and take a lifetime.
You cans speed up the process by matrixing.
and start the perception beyond five senses process,
And you can actually do something
when you have matrixed sufficient
and understand the science behind matrixing,
the physics beyond Newton…
when you understand Neutronics.

you can not.
what a bitch,

Here’s a link to make you think

How to Matrix!

Have a great work out!
And a great life!
may the whole darn universe lay on its back and purr-r-r-r
for you.



I always liked this guy, and I always appreciated his connection with my instructor.
The Toughest Karate Master In The World!

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Hey, I don’t feel like going for a quote today, so let me give you another joke…

How many Zen Masters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: Two…one to screw in the light bulb, and the other to not-screw in the light bulb.
Take that, Rocket!

Monster Newsletter #306–Happy Memory Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
It’s gonna be a good one,
you know?
A day off means more chances to work out…
and that means
more chances to makes the world right.

speaking of making the world right…
this last week
Inside Kung Fu did a photo shoot with me.
That’s right,
gonna get an article on me.

they wanted to do it on Five Army Tai Chi.
Isn’t that interesting?
All the arts I’ve studied,
the matrixing I’ve done,
the Neutronics I’ve developed,
and they wanted to specialize on one art.

that’s okay.
Fame happens one step at a time,
and even if the article only looks at one area,
a lot of people will be exposed to Matrixing.
Enlightenment happens one step at a time.

that all said,
I thought it would be interesting to turn back the pages a bit.
I’m always pushing Matrixing,
and I talk about the whole picture,
but I don’t usually go into the whole picture.
So let me do that.

One of my first matrixing realizations
had to do with the potentials of four different arts.
A block from karate could be slanted
to become a block in kung.
And the block in kung fu,
if worked a bit with footwork,
could become an aikido move,
and that cold become a tai chi move.

you’ve all seen the commonality.
Many people write to me about that concept
and how matrixing takes it and finally explores it
and shows the truth of it.
But the original concept for me,
came from aligning the following four arts,
wing chun
tai chi.

Weird mix,
I did pretty good with it.
Lot of mistakes,
but a lot of doors opened,
doors of perception,
and I explored an amazing variety of potentials.
Mixing this art with that,
that art with this,
and nothing seemed to work,
I laid out thousands of cards on my living room floor,
all the techniques I knew,
I made the F’er work.

That weekend,
that headache,
enough techniques from enough arts,
and it all resolved.
I finally saw the whole picture.
And I immediately went to bed.
My head hurt that much.
Figuring it out had blown so many brain cells,
had blown out so many mental circuits,
there wasn’t much I could do
but pass out.

And I think I fell into a slot of time.
I don’t think anybody else will figure Matrixing out.
The changes in communications,
from reading to movies to VHS to computers…
but I might be wrong.
In a way,
I actually hope I would be wrong.
I mean,
some enterprising fellow,
who actually stumbled across the exact right question,
and all the data available on the internet,
youtube examples of forms and techniques..
maybe the next guy will far surpass me.
I would hope so.

the martial arts are a geometry.
Karate tries for a straight line.
Kung Fu tries for an arc.
Aikido tries for a full circle.
Tai Chi tries for a full circle, but compresses it.

though I have described the geometry adequately,
it is so inadequate.
My words are so inadequate.
There is just so much to the martial arts…

the reason I offer the core package
is because it represents matrixing
for the whole martial arts.
Hard (karate)
to soft (Aikido)
with the in between arcs of Kung Fu
and the overview of the exact and accurate physics of the martial arts
(the master instructor course)

if you don’t like those arts,
the kung fu package
does the same thing,
but from an entirely different viewpoint.

the funny thing is,
I’ve done the same exact things
for the weapons package.

There’s lots of ways to teach matrixing,
to lay out the geometry and physics
of the entire martial arts.
though you become matrixed from the get go,
you really need all the courses.
You need the whole picture.

I don’t usually push it,
or explain it,
because I don’t want to scare people off.

some people look at the whole thing
and get freaked.
There’s too much.

I always have a few people
who simply get one course a month.
Go right through the whole thing,
and that is a great way to do it.

The money doesn’t become too much,
you have time to work on the material
of each course,
works out pretty good.

I was just thinking…
does anybody remember my first selling gimmick?
I actually advertised the courses for a dollar a disk,
and then,
when people came to the website,
I explained that there would be ten dollars S & H,
Funny thing is,
nobody ever got upset.
They just grinned,
thought it was pretty funny,
even got a lot of orders.

I mean,
a dollar a disk,
that was just too good to be true,
and they didn’t mind the joke.

ten bucks a disk
ain’t too bad.
But that old selling gimmick I came up with,
it makes me laugh.
All my mistakes aren’t criers,
some of them are laughers.

Here’s the link,
get you started,
two DVDs
164 page book on CD,
and you can take any art you study,
and plug it into the template
that I offer.

Monster Martial Arts

Even if you study kung fu,
or wudan,
or that esoteric and rare almost forgotten but not quite lost version
of the Shaolin Golden Duck…
it will make a different and totally logical sense
once you plug it into the Matrixing.

You guys and gals have a great weekend,
and don’t forget to hoist an adult beverage to me and mine,
and I will do the same for you.
if you’re kid…make it a soft drink.

Have a great work out!


This is one of my favorite techniques, took it rom Pinan Five.
The Deadly Power Punch Technique From Korean Karate!
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A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
Mohandas Gandhi

I Used Martial Arts To Cut Open His Chest…And Found The Real Me.

I had been studying the martial arts for over twenty years when this incident happened. I had studied Parker’s Chinese Kenpo and Kwon Bop Korean Karate, Wing Chun and Aikido, and lots of other combat disciplines. I was working in a door factory at the time, and some of the fellows I worked with knew that I was a martial arts fanatic.

One lunchtime, one of my coworkers asked me to teach him something about the martial arts. We went into a room located at the rear of the factory. It was hard to see in the room, and quite noisy, and we had to really concentrate to hear each other speak.

I was showing him basic suburito sword exercises, which are Aikido sword fighting drills. I was showing him how to stand the right way, and how to hold the sword straight up in a ready position. Suddenly, I felt a huge force take hold of my body; it was like I had been grabbed by the hand of a 100 foot tall giant.

I couldn’t stop the motion of the sword, and it sliced down behind me. A guy named Eddie had been sneaking up on me, and the sword cut through his plaid shirt and into the flesh of his chest. It was a ragged wound, blood poured out, and he staggered back against a stack of pallets and clutched at his chest.

It was time for first aid, and we were going to have to take Eddie to the hospital and get his chest sewn back together. While we were waiting for a car, trying to stop the blood, I queried Eddie, “What were you doing?” He shook his head and said, “I was going to get you, man.

I was going to bearhug you from behind. I was just having fun, I thought it would be funny.” Sensing something else beneath his simple sentences, I asked him, “What were you thinking about, right when it happened?”

He frowned, “I thought I was going to get you. Right when I was starting to leap on you I thought, ‘Aha…got him!’ And then your sword cut me open!”

The flesh is nothing but a fence, and the eyes and ears are like searchlights that observe what goes on outside the fence. With the martial arts you start moving energy inside the fence, and you start to become more aware as to what is going on around you. Eventually you see outside the fence of your flesh. You learn how to see without even using the eyes and ears.

And, you learn that you are more than just a body, you are a spiritual being more than 100 feet tall. What I am saying here is that whether you study tae kwon do or Aikido, Gung Fu like Wing Chun, or something else, the answers are there, The Martial Arts an help you find the real you. You just need to dedicate yourself to working out, and in an art that is logical and efficient.

I use Matrixing  Technology to make my art really work. You can find out about it at Monster Martial Arts.

Monster Newsletter #303–The Fence of My Skin and the True Spiritual You!

Hey! Hey! Good morning!
It’s drizzly and misty here in LA,
and that leads to the obvious conclusion…
the sun won’t come out
until I work out.

It’s true.
I control the sun,
and the moon and the stars
merely by the strength of my work out.

Don’t believe it?
Take my attitude
and clean up your own weather.
You’ll find out.

Let me tell you something loopy about this,
and then offer an example of proof
about this work out thing.

Consider your body,
your skin is the fence.
Your awareness sits inside the fence,
And your eyes and ears are like searchlights
watching beyond the fence.

the real key is awareness.

You watch outside the fence of your skin
to feed your awareness.
Do you know how little awareness you are using?

one day you take up martial arts
and you realize that there is more to this awareness thing.
So you work out,
run some energy around the area
inside the fence,
through the arms and legs,
around the organs, and so on.
You punch and kick and throw,
and energy moves around inside your fence
more efficiently
the odd thing,
you become more aware.
Pushing that energy,
you watch the energy,
and you become more aware.
Anybody who has done martial arts
knows this is true.

And you reach the point where
you start to realize
that there is more than
eyes and ears and blood and bone.

There is this awareness coursing through your body,
and you start to ‘sense’ things,
which means you are aware of things
without using the eyes and ears.

you work out long enough
you suddenly are aware of something outside the fence,
beyond your skin,
without using the ears and eyes.
you are breaking the fence of your skin,
opening the doors of perception
realizing that there is more to life
than just a body.
There is you.
And you are awareness.
The big ’I am.’

one day I was working,
I haven’t spoken of this for probably a hundred or so newsletters,
so most of you haven’t heard it,
but I was working,
big door factory,
and during the lunch hour
one of the guys asked me about the martial arts.
So we went into the back room.
The light was very dim,
there was a lot of noise,
and we had to really concentrate on each other
to hear and be heard.

I was showing him suburito,
which is a basic sword strike exercise
from Aikido.
And I was showing him how to hold the sword upright,
preparatory to the strike,
and suddenly,
this huge force,
like the hand of a 100 foot giant
grabbed my body
and made the sword slash downwards behind me.
I was virtually helpless,
couldn’t stop the force,
but I had just enough awareness
to know that I had to do something,
and I pushed,
with every single ounce of my fiber,
to make the sword leave its path.
I pushed,
and it felt like I was lifting a thousand pounds.
My very bones made cracking noises.
The ‘sword’ did leaves its path
made a slight little blip
in an otherwise perfect
downward arc.

There was a guy behind me,
name of Eddie,
who had seen us working out
and decided to jump me.
He was only going to grab me,
but he was one of these fellows
with a little extra bit of nasty in his soul.

The sword
it was a actually a piece of track
used for closet doors,
cut down and slashed open his chest.
It was a mean,
nasty cut,
blood all over the place.
He staggers back
against a stack of pallets,
and he’s messed up.

So we got the first aid going,
he was going to have to go to the hospital
and get his chest sewed back together,
here’s the odd thing,
he wasn’t mad at me.
He was too messed up to be mad,
he was looking at his own mortal blood,
he was beyond anger and into surviving.
And I took advantage of the moment
and asked him what he had been doing.

He told me he was going to get me,
grab me for a joke,
have some fun with me.
Picking up on his words,
and some of the underlying meanings,
I asked him what he had been thinking
right before I cut him open.
I remember his exact words.
He looked up at me,
one hand clamped over the wound,
blood seeping through the fingers,
and he said,
“It’s funny,
I was right behind you,
just starting to jump,
and I thought,
‘Aha, got him!’
Then you cut me!”

the skin is a fence,
and there is a world outside the fence
that the martial arts illuminate,
and it doesn’t always use the eyes and the ears,
and it builds up the senses
of more than the eyes and ears.
it can take a lifetime,
if you matrix your martial art
then it becomes efficient
and you get those abilities a lot faster.
Get me,
it’s not matrixing that gives you the abilities,
it is your art that gives you those abilities,
matrixing just makes the process faster,
more efficient,
gets you there faster.
Without matrixing you go slow,
maybe don’t even get there.
With matrixing,
zingo bingo,
you’re there.

one last thing,
you remember how I said
I felt a huge force controlling my body?
Pulling my sword?
That was the real me,
and there is a similar force controlling you,
the real you.
Your body is a mere sliver of the real you.
Martial arts,
good martial arts,
especially if matrixed,
makes you aware of the real you.
The monstrous, huge, gigantic essence
that is the spiritual you
that controls that little thing
you call a body.

And when I pushed against my true spiritual force,
made the sword change its arc ever so slightly,
I saved Eddie’s face.
The cut would have gone right through his right temple,
taken out the eye,
and laid his skin to the bone.
Would have cut through the actual bone.

I had enough martial arts
that the true me could act,
because of the martial arts
I had enough presence of mind
to effect the true me,
and save somebody’s life.

I don’t know how good a guy I am,
I make a lot of mistakes,
I don’t always say or do the right thing,
no matter how hard I try.
But I’ve got a method that makes sense,
and it works,
and it works for everybody
and is even logical.
But it is going to take some sweat,
it’s going to take some work,
and it’s going to take a dedication of work outs,
even fully matrixed work outs,
but it is there,
and the proof is in you.
Can you work out hard enough,
efficiently enough
to bring out the truth of you?

I think so.
Here’s the link to help.

Monster Martial Arts

If you don’t feel like Karate,
look around for the art
that is closest to what you really want,
what will really help you find
the true spiritual giant
that you are.

Have a great work out.



Here’s something about the beginnings of my base art, the Kang Duk Won.
How A One Armed Student Studies Martial Arts
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It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
Mary Daly

Monster Newsletter #299–Under the Surface!

Good, good, good
A work out a day
keeps the insanity away.
And that’s the truth.
Thanks for being sane.

You know,
sanity is merely a halfway point.
The human race evolves in the following manner,

Insanity is the jungle like struggle for survival.
Dog eat dog,
We all go through it,
at some point.
you either die,
hang yourself,
jump off a building,
or you go sane.

getting along,
turns into the same old same old.
It’s true.

I mean,
after you go sane,
what do you do?
How do you get that extra ability?
Do you keep struggling?
But against what?
For what?

people have been seeking their true abilities all along,
the martial arts have provided
these extra abilities
that are our true nature,
our real birthright.

The problem has been
everybody has a different viewpoint.
Aikido says universal love,
Jujitsu says ground and pound,
Tai Chi says inner calmness,
and so on.

Of course,
I believe
why not have them all?
Why not have all the abilities of all the arts?
I mean,
with matrixing…
you can!

interestingly enough,
I’m not going to push matrixing on you.
I’ve been doing that all along,
you know what’s going on,
so let me kick it into high gear,
break out of the same old same old,
and tell you something new.

Let me tell you something neutronic.

The way to achieve higher ability
in any and all arts
is to do all the arts.
it’s not just doing them,
it’s how you do them.
To tell you how to do them,
let me point something out.

Google something.
Doesn’t matter what
and you have just accessed the surface thoughts of humanity.
the study of bugs,
you have just skimmed
the surface knowledge of mankind.
You have looked across the things of the universe,
you know about the measurements of the universe,
and the abstract thoughts concerning,
do you get it?
But you only know…about.
You don’t know.

to know,
as opposed to know about,
you have to actually do,
you have to make the knowledge your own,
by experiencing it.

This is like saying,
you have swum across the surface.
So how do you take a breath
and dive beneath the surface?

diving beneath the surface
is something we  have been doing
through the martial arts
all along.
Through the martial arts
we have been measuring our souls
by the depth of our experience.
We have been delving into ourselves.
Finding ourselves,
the truth of ourselves,
and it starts with the form of you
and digs into the worth of you.

The problem has been
we fight each other
over whose experience best illustrates the depths.

Who’s art is best?

They are all the best,
because they do reflect
Our depths.
The real who of us.
The ‘I am.’
Who we are
and why we are.

organizes the data,
and lays it out
so we can understand
exactly where we are
who we are
why we are.

here is the point of it all
here is how you get those extra abilities
from each art
and every art,
here is the exact thing you must do
when you do the martial arts
if you are going to
dive beneath the surface
and find yourself.

Do your form without surface thought.
Do not have sentences occurring
while you are working out.
Do not have thoughts and considerations.
Do only what you are doing
and exclude all else.

When you get rid of the surface thoughts
when you crack through the shell of the surface thoughts
you will find great space.

What you perceive,
the universe,
it is all nothing more than
great space.
And there is where you are going to find your abilities.

something to understand.
People have been doing this forever,
but they do it apart,
and they don’t upload the data
for the whole race
except through arcane script.
Esoteric mumblings.
Secret scrolls
that get destroyed
by those who didn’t make it
and don’t want anybody
to make it.
Their credo is
‘No enlightenment for man!’
And it is a mean credo,
an enslaving credo,
and should be held up to light
so that it will stop being effective.

with matrixing
you organize the data,
and you understand that anybody can do it
and everybody should do it
and that the extra abilities available to mankind
can be had.

You just have to work.
But now you know the direction
your work must take,
you know how simple it is,
and how difficult.

To put side the world
and be only you
you must have
purpose with no surface thought.

No you know why people meditate before class,
so they can dedicate themselves to
getting rid of surface thought.

Now you know why people meditate.

the martial arts
as a discipline which actually handles
the force and flow of the universe
works so much better.

But you have to do more than google the surface thoughts.
You have do the art.
Not talk,
not surf the net,
but take an hour or two a day
and dedicate it to the martial arts,
to you,
to finding out who you are.

some people believe in prayer,
nothing wrong with that,
as a martial artist,
your form is your prayer.
Not your reaction time,
because that is something you are trying to lose.
Not the ability to beat people up,
because you are trying to give that up.
the belief in yourself,
that under the howdie do exterior
under the work a day world
and the clothes and the cars,
under the day to day
how are you doing communications
in which you pass by your fellow man,
there is a great space,
a you,
a depth of perception people have only dreamt of.

So do your forms,
dedicate yourself to not having thought,
but rather seeking a goal,
and achieving a goal
through the purity of the fist,
the kick,
the throw,
the now.

Okey doke,
This has been a set up,
I’m going to tell you the truth about reading minds
in issue 300.
Until then,
practice your forms…
do your moves,
hone your techniques,
and stop thinking.

Here’s a link


Just to let you know,
I let the Blinding Steel website go.
It will disappear in a few days,
so take your last look,
your last order.
I will be changing Monkeyland
pretty quick.
Got to make some updates.
So take a last gander at that site,
time to upgrade

That all said,
next issue,
we read minds.
Talk to you then.



Google this…
Three Reasons Tai Chi Works Better Than Any Other Martial Art
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To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.
Stephen Hawking

Monster Newsletter #298–A New Master Instructor!

When it rains it pours!
Another new Master Instructor,
talk about making my day!
So here are the words of the latest…

Dear Al,
I have purchased your courses on Matrix Karate, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, Matrix Tai Chi Chuan, The Master Books, The Punch and the Master Instructor Course. I do not know why I waited so long to purchase the Master instructor course because it should have been the second course I purchased. Either way I have learned from each course. I am surprised at how much information and detail I have been able to absorb. I now can look at Pa kua forms for example and without being shown any application can already see the applications. My brain starts to process applications faster than I can say them.
Studying your Master Instructor coarse has taught me so much that I almost do not know where to begin. It has helped me to realize any shortcomings in my teaching methods. The coarse has given me a greater appreciation for my instructors and Masters. There were things in the Master Instructor course that I remember having been taught. As a result there are specific instructors I feel compelled to go back to and just say thank you!
Being taught by many different instructors has allowed me to first hand learn the importance of showing proper application of technique to a student. There were times I would learn a form but not know how to apply it. Another instructor would show application and I would look at the movements in the form with a newfound understanding and appreciation. They now had purpose. I like that your forms have application upon application. There is nothing mystical, just pure science.
The four powers were enlightening to me. After I purchased your book on The Punch I began to explore the powers. Seeing it in the Master Instructor coarse made me examine how the four powers work in all my techniques.
Looking at my Tan Tui forms I now understand and recognize them clearly.  I can now honestly say that I can take any move from my forms and apply it directly to my sparring. I’ve used techniques as simple as springing Leg form 2 to move guys across the floor. I was the guy you spoke about who would CBM by accident. I had a lot of lucky accidents. Now there is no accident. I have been able to move guys twice my size with ease.
The six (secrets) are amazing concepts and ways to analyze my techniques. Chin Na Fa techniques and any joint locking techniques are now easier to breakdown. There is so much technique to analyze that I can give myself a headache. Yet I cannot think of anything else worth getting a headache over. Thank You Al for your knowledge and experience!
Luis Bonnet

You’re welcome, Luis,
and I thank you.

there are a couple of points here
that we should take note of.

One, applications as the key to understanding the art.
We can understand this from several viewpoints,
and Luis has summed them up beautifully.

After the Master Instructor Course
you should be able to make a technique out of anything.

the speed of absorbing the information.
Matrixing is not a system,
it is a method for absorbing systems.
Done properly,
and it is hard not to do properly,
you don’t learn with it,
it enables you to absorb,
which is not just an advanced method of learning,
but the way human beings are supposed to input knowledge.

children are taught to read
a time.
And hardly anybody
actually considers
how a grown up should learn.
that’s where matrixing comes in.

and I think this is incredibly important,
Luis has increased respect
for his instructors.

You know,
I get hate mail every once in a while.
It’s always from people
who have never taken a course,
and have judged me without knowing what I am doing,
and they miss the point…
I love and am in awe
of the instructors,
the masters,
the guys who started systems
who went before…
they were giants.
They ignored the gaps of knowledge in their own minds,
created their masterpieces,
and passed on the data.
Do you know how much strength of character it takes
to do something like this?

So they should be respected.

people often overlook one other thing,
I am not out to destroy the art,
I merely want to enhance the arts.
Make them not a mystery,
make them so anybody can achieve
the incredible abilities
the martial arts have to offer.

compared to Joe Normal,
you are stronger and longer lasting,
you have patience and an ability to see
to the heart of things.
When bullies arise,
so do you.

Wouldn’t you want
everybody in the world
to be like you?

You should.

get the rest of the world to do the martial arts.
Confidence and competence
leads away from fighting.
Being calm and patient
makes human beings.

The concepts of the martial arts
leads one to solutions in real life.
Wouldn’t you like people to solve problems
and stop the whining and fighting?

I could go for hours on this,
I need do only one thing,
get somebody out there
to do the Master Instructor Course.
One person.
One more idea in the world
that people are good
and we deserve better
and we CAN get along.

One person.
Which one of you is going to step up to the plate?
Which one of you has read the Master Instructor Wins
and wants some of those wins for yourself?
Which one of you wants the abilities,
like being able to make an application out of anything,
the ability to absorb whole fields of knowledge,
the gratitude for those who have gone before,
the ability to take students
and even entire arts,
and transform them
into something the planet needs,
that mankind needs?

Which one of you?

The MasterInstructor Course

Master Instructor Luis Bonnet,
and thank you for showing the way.



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A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle

The Ultimate Secret Of The Martial Arts

I have to chuckle when people offer to sell Secret Martial Arts, for it is a selling gimmick. Heck, I even use it a bit, though, I prefer to sell my material as ‘how to,’ and the ‘truth.’ Well, here is a real secret, and it should be the very first thing you learn in the martial arts.

I was walking down an alley, and a very tough individual stepped into view and walked towards me. I knew the guy, and he was a bully, even though he was actually taking lessons at my training hall, and I knew that he was tougher than me, and I knew that he didn’t like me, and I knew that he was going to beat me up. So I did the one thing, the only thing, that I could, I told him how great he was.

Man, I was watching you at the dojo the other day, you really know how to move! When you took Tom down, that was the slickest thing I have ever seen! How did you do it?

Did you take him down with a trip or a sweep, it was so fast that I couldn’t tell. All the tension went out of him and a sheepish grin started creeping across his face. And he started to tell me what he did, the set up he used, and I actually started learning stuff that only a bully could figure out and use, and…he was no longer a bully.

Now, I used this trick often during my wild and wooley school years. I wouldn’t know anyone at a party, so I’d pick somebody out and ask him about himself. I didn’t act defensive, I just put on some sincere curiosity, and before you know it I would be having a grand time, people would gather around and want to be part of the conversation, and they would be having a grand time, too! And, guys, this works for the ladies (and ladies, it works for getting the guys), because people love it when others are interested in and admire them.

And, I used this trick all through my adult life. I held jobs where I had to sell things, and I never tried to sell things, I would just walk up and tell a joke, make people laugh, and be my friends. And I would ask them about themselves, and though it seemed like I was wasting time (having fun and laughing) I always made sales.

Now, to be truthful, I don’t think this would have worked as well if I didn’t know the martial arts. Studying the martial arts gave me a calmness and confidence that nothing in my younger years ever did. Simply, because I was learning how to fight, I didn’t have the desire to fight, and I suddenly found that I could get along with people.

So, the Secret Martial Art is any martial art, if you use it to become calm and confident, and then share that calmness and confidence with a simple sincerity that I have come to believe is crucial to a successful life. When I write a newsletter, an email, talk to somebody on the cell, I admire them, and life always works for me. Remember, admiration, sincere interest in your fellow man, all pumped up by the discipline of the Martial Arts. this is the only real secret, and I think it is the True Martial Art.

Three Reasons Tai Chi Works Better Than Any Other Martial Art

I love writing articles like this, because artists from other arts blink and trifle with a bit of an inner snarl. Tai Chi ain’t so great! What’s wrong with my art!

And, of course, there is nothing wrong with any other art, it is just which art has more data, more information. Information, after all, is the heart of the soul, it is like a lever to manipulate the universe. Give me enough information and I’ll topple the universe, and that’s the first reason.

The second reason Tai Chi works better than just about anything else is that tai chi works backwards. Eh, maybe I should say it teaches people to learn backwards. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Ultimate Art enables people to see that the universe works backwards.

Look, when a fight starts, people shove, and people shove back, and…you have a fight. In tai chi, somebody shoves, and somebody gives way, and the shover is face to face with his face on the ground. Forgive my snicker, but that is just smarter.

The third and final reason Taiji is so grand an ultimate is that you can do it forever. I mean this in several senses, so let me elaborate. Let me tell you what forever means.

I met a boxer who had cauliflower ears, false teeth, a nose he had to shove sideways in the morning, and who had trouble putting together a coherent sentence. This guy had been hit way to many times, and it is fair to note that the less violent an art is the more long lasting it is. Now the art must remain workable, or it is no art at all, but the truth of the matter is that you can actually evaluate the depth of an art by how long its practitioners last.

And, beyond the basic short lived brutality of some arts, there is the fact that–and I love this quote–you never run out of nothing. When you do Tai Chi you are building energy, but not by building energy, rather by building space. The more space you have, the more energy can build and flow, and the further your senses can expand, and the more potential you have to build ability, and so on and so on forever.

So, three reasons why I am a Taji Quan believer: information, backwards, and emptiness. These three reasons can enlighten any art, but the artist must first consider that perhaps there is something wrong with his art. And the most difficult thing in the world, especially for people who don’t know how to empty information backwards into the universe, is to do these three things.

Making Aikido Into A Combat Art

One of the most astounding facts in all the martial arts is that Aikido does not work well in combat. The reason this is astounding is because it is derived, to large degree, from Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, which is one of the most combat ready arts in existence. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to make Aikido into a formidable combat ready art. To understand why the aiki art is not street ready one must understand the founder’s purpose. Morihei Uyeshiba, the founder of the art, designed the art around his enlightenment. This is to say that he designed it for brotherhood, world peace, and love thy neighbor. Of course Morihei had the ability to destroy that neighbor, so he was safe in loving him. The modern Aikidoka, however, studying an art distilled for ‘getting along,’ does not have that ability, and so the art becomes unworkable. Thus, one has to tailor the art, explore it specifically for techniques that do not enter and present themselves as ‘get along’ techniques. In traditional aiki classes the attack is exactly prescribed, and they are designed to feed the flow, and therefore the ‘spirituality’ of the defender. What one should do is, after delivering a flowing attack designed to fit the technique, is apply an attack in a more ragged manner, that is not designed to fit the flow. Thus, the defender must solve the problem of being attacked in more real terms. If an attack is presented, say a lapel grab, with the arms extended, one must explore that attack with the arms bent. Further, the attack must be explored with the motion of the attack to one side or the other, or in conjunction with the movement of feet in all directions. Thus, the defender learns to not just go with the flow, but to make the flow work no matter which way it is flowing. The procedure I am describing here is nothing more than exploring all the potentials of motion, and not just the politely described entry techniques of a zen shaped art. This is the procedure we used in rough and tumble karate schools, and we managed to stay polite, and yet became aware to anything and everything that could happen in a real fight. I have meant many Aikidokas over the years, and the better ones have always subscribed to some variation of this procedure. Many a night I stayed late, after class, after the polite ones had gone home, and explored the nuances and deviations necessary to survival in a real fight. And for any Aikido practitioners out there who object to my opinions on this matter, I suggest they research the Hell Dojo of Ushigome, and other practices of the founder. In reality, with the right attitude, Aikido can be one of the most combat ready arts in the world. It does take an enlightened mind, however, to embrace violence, as well as peace. These, however, are the principles we embrace when we embrace Matrix Aikido.

People Who Hate Matrix Aikido

The people who hate me the most, when it comes to Aikido, and especially Matrix Aikido, are people who study Pa Kua Chang. You can’t believe the things these people have said to me, always anonymously, always on the net, and always without ever having taken one of my courses.
Isn’t that interesting? What do they care? They aren’t even the same art!
Well, it is obvious that they consider themselves the keepers of the secrets.
And here I am, making everything so you can understand it, stripping away the mystery, making arts fast and simple to study.
Should an art take long to learn?
A Martial Art is simple data that must be transferred to the mind in a workable manner.
Yes, there will be time involved to make the body do what you want it to, but even that time will be shortened considerably when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing before you do it.
Well, I wish all Pa Kua chang students well, and Aikido students, and students everywhere. Monster Martial Arts awaits.