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Martial Arts EffortlessEnergy Through Neutronics

How to Attain Effortless Martial Arts Technique through Neutronics

How to strike with no effort, how to throw without using muscles, these are hallmarks of the highest level of art, but how does one do them?

Back about 1974, when I was undergoing some rather profound realizations, one of the things I realized was that the universe is backwards.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

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I was involved in building power. Raw, crackling, tan tien exploding, face smacking power. With a capital P.

Then I watched my instructor, who was the most powerful person I have known.

No raw surge of energy from him.

No tan tien exposion.

No muscular exertion.

Yet his strikes would drop you with a touch.

Not a punch, but a mere touch.

So what was he doing?

He was creating silence, and here is the key.

The beginner, young and dumb and full of stuff, builds power.

But power is an illusion, it is temporary, it is something insecure people chase.

Real power depends on building space. Stillness within. Stillness without. A context that is the true power.

Which is there more of, suns or space?

The answer is that a candle in a coal mine is brighter than then sun at noon.

So I began going backwards, figuring out how not to make my punch stronger, but to make the silence around my punch greater.

This is a very interesting concept, and one that is TOTALLY ignored by today’s martial artists.

The obsession with tournaments, or belts, or money, and telling the student to punch harder, punch harder.

Where is the zen? Where is the ‘empty’ in Empty Hands?

So here is the point: the human body is a machine. On the beginning levels of the martial arts you overwhelm the machine by impacting upon it. On the advanced levels you merely unbalance the energy in it.

Unbalance, with a touch, to throw.

Or touch with a strike so soft that the idea of the strike, not the weight of the muscle bound arm, but the concept of being struck, goes between the two machines and ‘infects’ the target body.

This is how you get past the muscle theories currently infecting todays martial arts, and develop the true martial arts which require less and less effort, and accomplish more and more effect.

If you want to learn more about Matrixing go to Monster Martial Arts. If you want to learn about the Neutronic Theory behind such arts as Karate, Aikido, Gung Fu, and so on, go to Church of Martial Arts.

Chess…and the Perfect Martial Arts: A Case History

Is it Possible to have Perfect Martial Arts?

I recently wrote on article on ‘Beyond Western Muscles and the Martial Arts,’ and in that article I mentioned an idea I had come across many years ago: that in a perfect chess game white will win for the simple reason that it moved first.

This has obvious implications in the martial arts. Two combatants edging towards each other, the perfect gunfight, searching for that threshold of distance wherein they can strike first and without getting struck.

Some people didn’t agree with this. I thought it a simple matter of extrapolating Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the resulting corollaries in subatomic physics, but, alas, I guess I was not…the first to move.

Then I had an interesting email wherein the fellow said that if two tai chi masters fight, the one who moves first will always lose.

Lord! Now I didn’t know what to think!

Except (aha!), if one understands that the perfect state of consciousness (awareness) is to consider oneself the center of the universe, and that everything revolves around oneself, and that there is no proof that anything (or entity) exists, except as is created by the being at the center of the universe.

This theory holds up to the concept that at the center of all motion is motionlessness. This theory finally achieves the concept of perfection in the martial arts, and in the whole universe!

In this realm thought ceases to be motion, and becomes the ultimate no motion.

Which brings us to the grand conclusion.

If one doesn’t move first, then one will win. This fulfills the highest goals of the the martial arts, defines the highest attributes of an individual, and results in the cessation of all wars for an everlasting reign of peace on earth.

After, of course, one puts a big juicy, raw steak on his eyeball.

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If you like martial arts humor you should check out the Case Histories column at Monster Martial Arts.

How to Make Intuitive Thought with the Martial Arts

Making Intuition with Matrixing


Let me explain something about matrixing,
and let me head into this from an angle.

What was society like before people learned to count?
Answer: no pyramids.
you had to eyeball your trades
because you couldn’t compare apples to oranges
by any calculation.
how far to the next town.
Uh, how do you measure an hour?
By the crow flies…
dig about there…
hope you’re lucky…

Then numbers came along,
people started building structures,
boats (what’s a cubit, God?)
learning how to navigate the seas,
and man was on his way.

what is man like before intuitive thought?
Well, let’s see…
we have race riots,
we have wars for some belief or other,
we have accidents and crime and…and…
and if you believe the news all of the United States
is about to fall into a big, black hole.

That is a direct result of people not having intuitive thought.
they think slow,
recognize the problem
after the bridge has fallen,
the storm has come,
the towers have fallen.

you do some matrixing
and you will eventually get intuitive thought.
you might get it in twenty or thirty years of classical martial arts…
if you’re lucky,
if the system you chose was good,
if the instructor was honest,
and if you paid your dues for…twenty to thirty years.

So you get matrixing,
say matrix karate,
and you do it.
The martial arts suddenly make instant sense.
No more mystery.
You have a complete system of Karate.
you take your own system of gung fu,
or muay thai or Ninpo or whatever
and you simply ‘plug it in.’
You just take the moves and order them
along the liens of matrix karate,
and your system will make instant sense.
within the not too distant future,
usually a matter of months
(although it sometimes happens faster)
you have intuitive thought.

You just think differently.
You mind has undergone a metamorphoses.
You are transformed from a human with achingly slow thought processes,
victim to the headlines and crooks,
into somebody who sees right through the bushwah,
and has common sense.

I am not kidding.
Just read the testimonials at Monster Martial Arts.
Heck, go to that page and do a search for your art,
you might turn up something interesting.

here is the tragedy…

People with normal, slow thought,
don’t usual recognize that they are slow.
Here’s the trick.

Intuitive thought is when you know something is going to happen
before it happens.

Intuitive thought is when you and your friend have the exact same thought
at the exact same time.

Intuitive thought is when a little voice pops up inside your head
and tells you EXACTLY the right solution
no matter what problem you are in.

Intuitive thought is a space inside your mind
whereby the bushwah of the world is damped down out of sight,
and you observe life without the bushwah.

Intuitive thought is not hesitating.

Intuitive thought is…
the best example I can give you of intuitive thought
is probably a stupid one,

One of the things we used to do at the Kang Duk Won
was go over to a bar after class.
not to drink,
but to have dinner,
maybe have a beer,
and just sit and chat.
every once in a while
the hour would grow late,
and dice would appear.
Or cards.

the head of the school,
Bob Babich,
would sit in on the game.
I wasn’t a gambler,
but I was interested,
so I would sit and watch.

The dice woudl go around,
or the cards would flip,
and Bob would sit there
and you could feel the silence grow around him.
He would say inane little things,
laugh at the jokes,
but there was this intenseness of silence around him.

he would laugh,
throw the dice,
flip his hole card,
or whatever,
and…he was the winner.

He would play the game in silence,
and then,
he knew a winner.
He heard the voice,
and he played the card.

And the game would take on a mystical quality.
Everybody laughing,
the air golden,
and then…
And he was the winner.

He knew EXACTLY when the dice were going to roll for him.
He knew EXACTLY when the cards were going to turn for him.

Lady Luck?
It was that sixth sense,
it was chi power,
it was…intuition.

Intuition born form doing the martial arts right and for a long time.

I can’t guarantee you’re going to win a card game.
I can’t win a card game for the life of me.

And I can’t guarantee the lottery,
or anything like that.

But I can guarantee that you’re going to become a winner.
A ‘Chi’ winner.
A guy who knows what is going to happen before it happens.
A guy who can’t stop laughing because,
darn it,
life always seems to work out for you.

what the heck did you think the martial arts were all about?

And Matrixing,
that is about logic,
and logic become intuition.

I can guarantee that.

Here’s the URL…

Oinkly doke
got some great things coming up,
working like a fiend up here at Monkeyland,
so stay tuned…
and get ready to make your own journey
to Mt. Nipomo
and help build
the martial arts temple above the clouds.


Are You Obsessed with Fake Martial Arts Power?

Trying to Shut Down a Karate School..and Getting Shut Down Yourself!

George Zimmerman Too Fat to Beat Up Trayvon Martin!

Does Mixed Martial Arts Really Work?

In a most interesting testimony at the George Zimmerman trial, George’s Mixed Martial Arts instructor says that his student was physically soft, and didn’t really know how to punch.

This is a fascinating piece of information, and may impact upon the case.

mixed martial arts

His face is skinnier here, but did he know how to punch?

On television George Zimmerman looks chubby, certainly expanded from the pictures of him taken after he allegedly killed Trayvon Martin.

Could somebody overweight and soft taken on somebody young and (presumably) in shape? And do it without even bruising his knuckles?

On the contrary, Trayvon Martin had the bruised knuckles, and George Zimmerman, who had taken Martial Arts for a year, had the bruised face.

This must have been difficult testimony for the Mixed Martial Arts instructor, whose name is Adam Pollock.

He described George as a pleasant fellow who was overweight. Not much muscle or strength. And, after a year, he doesn’t know how to hit somebody.

This makes the instructor look bad. That he could teach somebody for a year and not enable him to defend himself, nor even know how to punch.

Still, whether the Mixed Martial Arts instructor is bona fide or not, whether the MMA is workable or not for real street defense, whether the mixed martial arts instructor was merely defending for a friend and ‘slighting’ the truth, all bypasses the main thing: the black eyes and the broken nose decorating the face of the defendant.

Perhaps it would have been better had George taken some courses from Monster Martial Arts.

Matrix Martial Arts…My Burp is Worse thanYour Bite!

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

You know, have I ever told anybody what this blog is really about? I mean it is Matrix Martial Arts, which describes my martial science, but it is also the doorway to Monster Martial Arts. But what does that really mean?

It’s an excuse for burps.

I write dozens of article, I write long sagas, I wite novels, I write…sometimes I have to burp.

I just have to write something short and sharp to get rid fo the excess energy that has built up.

Sometimes the burp is a push for Matrixing, because that is my love, and it fixes the martial arts, and it is just good stuff that is resurrecting the true power of the martial arts.

Sometimes it’s news, an anecdote, a joke, or whatever.

I burp.

Sounds crude, I know, but most blogs don’t mean web blog, they mean burp log. True.

So check out my Monster Martial Arts site, leave a message, subscribe, or, if you are one of the monkey see monkey do martial arts instructors who can’t change, then cry.

You see, after forty years martial arts, of learning the martial art kiyai (spirit shout), my burp is better than most peoples fully automatic machine guns.


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I’ve Got Monster Martial Arts Backed into a Corner!

Good Lard what a wonderful day! Dogs are chasing cats, cats are chasing mice, and I’m the top of the food chain! Yeehaw!

I received a nice email today, made me grin. Here is a piece of it.

“I visited your website, returned several times, and went from being a skeptic to ordering your material. Believing in “due diligence”, I ran several searches looking for any hints of scamocity, but every time I thought I found someone with the goods on you, it turned out to BE you, offering another interesting, amusing, and insightful little article. I finally realized that if I enjoyed reading your articles that much, then I had better get busy and start reading & learning your big stuff.”

I often wonder at how effective all the articles I write are, nice to know they work, and, as I said, it made me grin. I’ve cornered the market on me. Ha!

You know the place…


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Monster Newsletter #369~How to Not Fight

Good, great morning to ya!
It’s time for another work out,
it’s time for another opportunity to make life great.
You get stronger,
smarter, healthier…

did you know the secret to good health is to decompact?
You go to sleep six feet tall,
you wake up six foot two.
When the day is done,
you are six foot again.
tromping around on your feet,
even those low stances,
they all make you shorter.
night allows you to get longer,
which is healthier,
all the joints are more relaxed,
they have space within,
and the nerves all sigh in relief.

the conclusion,
stretching is good.

I have a favor to ask you.
It costs nothing,
doesn’t require any work,
and I will ask you at the bottom of this newsletter.

before we get there,
let‘s talk martial arts.

When I was in brand x martial arts,
I freestyled every day,
loved it.
Went to tournaments,
loved it.
Lived for it.

one day I went to a tournament,
and in the ring next to mine
I could see a couple of instructors
talking into the face of their fighter.
They kept looking over their shoulders,
at the other fighter,
and then talking really intently,
and smacking their fists into their hands.

The fight started,
and the fellow the instructors had been talking to
rushed across the ring
and started pounding on the other fighter.

this was a shock.
We were all following the rules,
and this guy was really fighting,
here is the funny thing,
he didn’t know any martial arts.
He had just been told to run across the ring
and start punching the other guy.
here is the really funny thing,
he wasn’t disqualified.

This was a different time.
Now everybody screams about reality,
and the training is getting all skewed around.
Got to hit the guy first,
take him down,
ground and pound.

forget about that for a second.
I left brand x
and I went to the Kang Duk Won.
Started all over again as a white belt.
Gave up being an instructor.
I was not allowed to freestyle for several years.
We just did drills.
Fighting with only one hand,
fighting with the right side of the body,
fighting with kicks only,
various other types of freestyle.
here is the odd thing,
I started to learn.

It’s easy to pump a guy up,
tell him to hit somebody,
but it’s harder to teach a guy to think.
And here is the really odd thing,
I actually learned how to fight.

In brand x,
I thought I was fighting.
But it was a game of tag,
in which,
the guy who broke the rules
could kick your fanny.

The things I learned at the Kang Duk Won
by not being allowed to freestyle,
but by being forced to examine parts of my body
and how they were used in combat,
taught me to think
until my thinking became intuitive
and taught me to fight.

By the time I finished at the Kang Duk Won
if somebody had rushed at me and tried to punch me,
they would have been dead meat.
Not because I was tough,
or hard core,
or any of that stuff,
but because I knew the martial arts.

when I teach
I don’t teach people how to fight.
I teach them how to keep drilling,
to trust the forms and exercises,
to open their eyes and look.
And when I fight…
I don’t fight.
I’ve been trained to well to allow myself to do that.
I look,
trust my intuition,
and enjoy myself.

Here’s a link
Got some of the best
training drills
you will ever find.

Now, that said,
I am going to ask you that favor.
I’m going to do one of those stupid scroll down things,
and ask you to read something.
Then I’ll tell you why.
Here we go…

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

almost there

read the next thing

Al Case is published.

I’ve got a novel at the publisher,
they’re going to make a decision on it
by the end of this month.

When you read
Al Case is published
that became your supporting thought.
No mental chatter
no gee whiz stuff,
just the thought,
pure and simple
and the thought becomes reality.

I get stuff published,
it widens my base of readers
jump starts the motor
and matrixing is going to benefit,
as will all martial arts.

That’s what it’s all about,
The martial arts,
having a planet of sane people
practicing all the various martial arts
enjoying life.

no quotes today,
no distractions,
just the thought…

Al Case is published.

Thanks again,
talk to you later,
and have the greatest day of your life.
Make money,
your family be happy and healthy,
and you just smiling.

Have a great work out!


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