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An Absolutely GREAT Karate win!

Winning from the Classical Masters of Karate

I feel so-o-o good!
And it is all because of a work out.
Have you done your work out today?
You have?
Then do another one!
And feel double great!

master yoga martial art

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I was going through my wins
came across this one.
I meant to print it a month ago,
but things happened,
and I lost it in the basket.
So here it is now,
an absolutely GREAT win!

I’ve trained on two continents officially hold 1 black belt, and unofficially am that level in 2 others. I am currently working through the purple belt level in your Kang Duk Won course. I have to say that the workout is as tough as anything I did in Hapkido. The KDW material is filling in all the holes I had in my training. It’s really amazing how much stuff the instructors leave out or don’t even know. About a year ago I was at the place where you started in developing matrixing. I was looking for ways to bridge all my training into a logical system apart from the individual styles. I am lucky I found your site. I saved myself about 40 years of headaches! Just keep up the good work. ~ Jason W.

Jason W.
I truly appreciate your win.

for everybody,
as Jason indicates,
after you get the basics of Matrixing down,
what do you do?
You look for places to fill out your training,
ways to put matrixing up against the classic.
Those old guys knew things,
they are not to be discounted.
the Kang Duk Won was my first real art,
and understanding it through Matrixing
really makes it work.

It’s true that a lot of people
just can’t get to black belt.
There are too many holes,
too much incorrect data,
things out of place,
all sorts of things that are gone wrong.
But if you’ve done some Matrixing,
and especially Matrix Karate
and the Master Instructor course,
then taking a look at classical karate
is more than just crucial,
it is the next breath of martial arts
demanding to be taken.

Now you can study Kang Duk Won
through Temple Karate.
It’s got several of the forms.
And you can find it in Evolution of an Art.
And I believe the book I wrote on KDW
might be available on those courses.
but you should check out the courses first.

the absolutely BEST way
to study Kang Duk Won
is through the mail order course,
which is at:

I included all the old drills,
all the theory and concepts,
absolutely everything I could remember
concerning the Kang Duk Won.

It’s inexpensive, too.

If you’re not interested in matrixing,
it is still an amazing poke in the eye.
But if you have some matrixing under your belt,
then you have the tools to REALLY understand
what those old guys were saying
when they taught this incredible art.

It is,
one of the purest,
if not the purest,
example of True Karate in existence.

check it out.




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Learning The Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System On The Planet!

Okay, I put this drill together a bunch of years ago, and it has proven to be the best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System ever. Oddly, I’ve seen bits and pieces of it in various arts, some esoteric Kung Fu styles, Capoeira, that sort of thing, but nobody has ever put the whole thing together. Too bad, it really is quick to do with some long lasting effects.

First, draw the four corners of a box on the ground. Then place your hands and feet on the corners of the box. You should be in a rather wide push up position.

Now, trade the positions of your right foot and your left hand. Over or under, I don’t care which you do, I just want you to twist your body into a new position and new direction. You should end up looking skywards.

Now, continue the motion. Don’t go backwards, keep going in the direction you started, do a dozen moves before you reverse the motion. And, when you have worked that to a frothy pitch, return to the beginning position and change the left foot and the right hand.

Doing this is going to work your upper body like you wouldn’t believe, and it is going to strengthen your core muscles and make them like iron. Now, to really exploit the exercise, add some kicks. Front or back, or even to the side, somebody pushes you to the ground and you can do some low level kicking that’ll knock the seeds right out of their little saplings.

Now, to bring this home, and to avoid injury by trying to catch yourself if you are pushed to the ground, do shoulder rolls, forward and backward, into the box. That’s what I call this position, ‘The Box.’ And I call the whole exercise the ‘Monkey in the Box.’

So somebody attacks you from the rear, and you roll and are suddenly thrusting a kicking back towards his shortcomings. He is going to be one shaken up thug. He was pouncing, stuffing his wallet in his mind, and suddenly he is going to find himself grabbing what goes for his manhood and hurting.

There is more to this exercise than I have said here, of course, and the real fun comes when you start playing with it and ‘open the box’ to find all the goodies. Kicks, throws, some rolling takedowns that you wouldn’t believe, and so on. Mind you, I don’t always advocate going to the ground, but if you have to, or if you just want the Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System in the world, the Monkey in the Box is where you start.

I’ve written an article with some pics on this exercise. You can find it in the article section at Monster Martial Arts, or you can just click on Monkey in a Box.

I’m sorry to have to relate this one, but several army fellows were standing in a group, discussing the state of the world. The US is about to go broke, people are starting to hoard food, and what ya gonna do about it?

One fellow’s solution was stated simply…’I’m not going to store food. I’m just going to store an extra box of shells. Smaller, easier to carry, and I can take anything I want, including the food that people store.

Well, isn’t that interesting. What is more interesting is that the other soldiers said nothing. They just nodded their heads, grunted, or thought about it.

Well, the world ain’t going belly up. If the government goes broke, life goes on. It always has, and always will. After all, if the politicians can’t pay themselves, why should that mean the farmers can’t sell beef and veggies, and the clothes makers can’t make clothes, and so on.

Heck, the government going out of business would be good for business, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the point of this is that when times get tough, you need to get tougher. You should be cutting your bills, making your purchasing count, having a little extra food, or even a box of shells on the back shelf, and…get yourself physically fit and able to defend yourself.

The best thing I ever did, when it comes to learning fast self-defense, is probably the Monkey Boxing program. I used to call it Blinding Steel, and it is all about knife fighting (the weapon of choice when it comes to fit hit the shan situations), taking away knives, and learning how in the fastest possible time.

This program is so quick and efficient that a person can near double his speed in a week, beat anybody in a knife fight in two weeks, and take anybodys knife away in three weeks.
Of course you’d have to study like a maniac. But isn’t the martial arts really about being a maniac? Grin.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel program.

Got to go now. Love ya. See ya.

Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Fist in the World!

There was this movie called Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and it was a hoot. Ninjas trampolining out of trees, the hero gets his fists busted up and then conditions them so he can save the day, beats the villain, and the horse rides off into the sunset.

But, there was a training method in that movie that got to me. You strike a wall with your spear hand, then, without retracting the hand, just going forward, you strike it with your second set of knuckles, then, without retracting, just going forward, you strike the wall with your fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang! And the theory is that somebody might be able to toughen up for the first strike, maybe even the second strike, but by the third strike…his macrocosmic orbit is going to give way and you gots yourself a case of serious dead meat!


Now, I started practicing this stupid movie move. I hit the walls and started denting them, so I set up makiwara, or used a bag, and kept going. And, the odd thing…it worked!

No. I didn’t do the triple strike and kill a baddie, but my fists started getting tougher without all the knuckle juice that dim mak people try to sell you.

And, I used to tell my kids that they could go to the movies, or out with their friends, if they could ‘knuckle bust’ me. I extended a fist, and they would hit it with theirs, and if I didn’t want the kids to go out…grin. My fists just kept getting tougher and tougher. Man, it was fun.

So, try this little gem, have your ownself some fun, and if you like this Mad Monkey Kung Fu Training Tool, check out my Shaolin Kung Fu page.

Win #51