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Video Lessons Available in Monkey Boxing Martial Arts!

Newsletter 838



Got a special announcement.

So special I am issuing two newsletters on the same night!

So special…
there is NOTHING like what I am about to do.

monkey boxing martial art

Click here to go to: MonkeyBoxingNow.com!

don’t get me wrong,
people need Matrixing.
They need to understand the science of the martial arts.
It is the only way they will gain true understanding,
and true understanding is necessary
for true mastery.

I have provided many paths for people to master the martial arts.

You can do the classical route by going to:


You can do the Matrix Karate route by going to:


You can do a variety of martial arts
by doing any martial art I offer,
and The Master Instructor Course.


So what could be better than that?

What could be better than that is if I gave you personal lessons
for as little as $2.50 per week.

Go to:

The Truth of Monkey Boxing

Monkey Boxing is MY art.
It is not the scientific analysis of art,
as in Matrixing,
or matrixed courses,
but it does,
of course,
follow matrixing principles.

Monkey boxing includes the following courses,
which are offered on MonsterMartialArts.com.

Blinding Steel.
Matrix Kung Fu
Rolling Fists

tied together by The Master Instructor Course.
You thought I would teach you something without using
The Master Instructor Course?)

you will get snippets and tidbits
from ALL my courses,
because I have to give you all the drills,
and tell you where they came from,
and how they were developed.
And ALL my drills and exercises.
And Forms and Freestyle.
And everything else.

And you can ask me questions.
I will respond by email,
if necessary and appropriate,
on video.

I draw on everything in my 50 years experience,
to teach you my art.

the drawback is that there isn’t going to be
a specific order to all this stuff.

I am teaching people Monkey boxing,
as I teach the video course.
I draw on material I need,
as I need it.

So I don’t organize it,
I just teach it
in an intuitive sequence
based on what my students need.

don’t worry,
I will be releasing,
sometime in the next few weeks,
a study guide of some sort,
to help you order all the material,
so you will understand the order,
and be able to focus on that order.

Don’t get me wrong,
this course DOES NOT replace matrix ing.
Matrixing is the ultimate science,
it is the martial arts in order.

But this my art,
the art that has come out of me
because of all my experiences,
because I need to express myself.

here is the special announcement website…

The Truth of Monkey Boxing

Go there,
poke around,
and see if it is for you.
have a great work out!



go to and subscribe to this newsletter:

Google doesn’t like newsletters,
so this is the best way to ensure you get them.

You can find all my books here!


Church of Martial Arts About to be a Reality!

Monkeyland…Here We Come!

Great Day in Paradise!
Monkeyland may be as little as two weeks away.
that’s worth a dozen work outs!
So here is the URL so you can take a look at this gem in the wilderness.


Give the page time to load,
there’s a couple of large pictures.
And make sure you hit the FB LIKE button at the top of the page!

martial arts discipline

The Church of Martial Arts!

let’s talk about Monkeyland.
Let’s talk about how it got started,
how it developed,
and how it is going to progress.

First, I wrote a book,
and it is called Monkeyland,
and the tagline is…
‘Another word for Freedom!’

It is a story of war and corruption and disaster and man’s inhumanity to man.
after five books,
there is a sublime message,
one that forgives the thought of war
if we can only understand ourselves,
transform ourselves…
mankind has hope.

I kept working out,
developing matrixing,
nibbling into Neutronics,
and I started thinking about a real Monkeyland.

A place where people were free to be themselves,
without the regulations and intrusions of government,
without the interference and distractions of evil people.
A place where the martial arts could flourish,
and people could experience what the true martial art was like.
A place where people could be free.

And I used to sit and wonder,
How the heck was I supposed to pull this off?
How could I make this happen?
And I mentioned Monkeyland in the newsletter.

Frank was one of the first people I ever taught matrixing to.
Back about 1984 we locked ourselves in the dojo
and worked out until he was a black belt.
Frank read the newsletter,
and he had his own bad case of good dreams.
He wanted a place where, among other things,
he could escape the grind of a society going bad,
where GMO could be defeated,
where solid stock, animal and human both,
could be raised.
And our dreams were going in the same direction.

It took a couple of years, some very intense negotiating,
a bunch of hoops to jump through,
but within a couple of weeks we will be on the land.
A ranch free from the contaminations of society.
A Church where people can be encouraged to plumb their depths,
find the true art that is within themselves,
is their inherent nature,
just waiting to come to the surface.

Of course,
there is going to be an immense amount of work,
we are in the right time,
and the right place.

Did you know that people actually love to work?
The country only gets depressed when people aren’t working.

Did you know that people love to solve problems?
With a government telling them no,
with a society of political correctness,
where you have to ask permission to pee in ocean,
people are miserable.

But set them free,
tell them to build something,
tell them that nobody is going to stop them,
and you have paradise each and every single day.

Did you know that some people love the martial arts?
Yes, it’s true,
the brighter and more industrious members of mankind all LOVE the martial arts.

What better gift to the best on earth
than to give them a place where they can let loose their talents,
change the path of mankind,
elevate ALL martial arts!

more to come,
I’ll probably have to set aside a separate section of the newsletter
just to deal with the happenings at Monkeyland.

remember this…
if you are a true martial artist,
if you want to find the truth of yourself,
and if you are willing to work your fingers to the bone,
then you have a bed up here.

Within the month I should have some sort of plans started
to enable visits and instruction and even some possible live in arrangements.

let me say this right now,
study your matrixing.
When you come to visit,
the first thing we’ll do is check out your matrixing.

If you can do your Matrix Karate,
right out of the box,
then we won’t have to spend time teaching you things you should already know,
and we can get right into the deeper teachings.

So here’s the URL for Matrix Karate…

And in a future newsletter
I’ll lay out the complete sequence of study.
But for now,
it all starts with Matrixing.
Matrixing led me to Monkeyland,
and it’s going to bring you here, too.

thanks to all,
and special thanks to Frank,
and I’ll be talking to you later.
Have a great work out!



Congrats to Latest Student to Become a Tai Chi Chuan Expert!

Newsletter 616

New Tai Chi Expert!

Sigh of relief…
I get to work out!
How about you?
Every day this week,
a work out,
all right?

got a great win from Kurt Nelle’
on the Five Army Tai Chi Chuan course.

tai chi chuan expertI have been practicing Yang style Tai chi, both 88 form and 24 form for many years. So when I started your Five Army Program I skipped right to the Push Hands and applications, thinking I knew it all. Boy was I wrong. When I went back to Five Army, with my new found understanding and appreciation of Matrixing it was very easy to learn. The postures are as in Yang with the exception of the Butterfly Palm and Phoenix type fist you use in Butterfly Pakua. The difference is that Five Army translates better and easier to combat. …I treated every section as if it was it’s own short form and within two weeks the whole sequence (was) committed to memory. The applications are easy as they are prevalent in all your other programs including the Monkey Boxing which I call the Chi Na of your Five Army and Pakua Programs. The Push Hands section of the program is consistent with all my previous Taichi training.

…I do not have any credentials in Taichi but now, when I teach, or should I say share Taichi with my students and others, I do so with the authority that comes with greater knowledge of the subject. Again, thanks for all your hard work and practice as well as your willingness to share. Your programs have greatly enhanced my understanding of and ability in the martial arts.                                                                                                                 ~ Respectfully, Kurt

Thanks Kurt,
and well done!
And it looks like you’ve got credentials now.
Kurt is a Master Instructor,
has completed other programs,
so he is also getting certified as a higher ranking black belt.

While other systems give you more of the same old forms
to get higher ranked in a system,
I give you more arts.
This not only provides the polish,
but provides greater viewpoint,
larger perspective,
let’s you see how the arts work together.

So well done and thanks
to Master Instructor Fourth Degree Expert in Tai Chi Chuan Kurt Nelle’

let’s talk about matrixing.
Here are some numbers…
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…
please count to ten.

Huh? What?
But all the numbers aren’t there!
And some of them aren’t even numbers?
How do you expect me to count to ten?

let me get personal…
would you send your child to a school
that larnt ‘em how to count to ten with these numbers?

Heck, no!
That would be crazy!
I would NEVER send my kid to a school
that teaches how to count like that!

So why are you teaching yourself the martial arts
in the same manner?

You have been learning,
it’s fun,
it makes sense,
but when you start to REALLY learn
then you suddenly realize,
those first three moves make sense,
but the fourth one is on the wrong side,
and that move in the form,
it’s a throw,
what’s a throw doing in this art for?
And at that place?

wait a minute!
Those are simultaneous moves,
there was no lead in!
How did we get to simultaneous moves?
let’s do stick hands.
With what?

This exercise isn’t in any of the forms!
Freestyle is totally disassociated from the forms!
What am I studying here?

You’re studying how to count with
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…

here’s the cruel trick.
There is enough logic in what you are doing,
and it is so much fun doing it,
that you don’t see the illogic.
believe me,
you will.
One day you’re going to get tired of doing the martial arts.
Go on,
read through some of the wins on my websites,
there’s a lot of people who thank me
and say that it is like starting all over again,
that it finally makes sense.

People who quit.
Not because they were weak or stupid,
or even old!
But because the accumulation of what didn’t make sense
finally buried them.

you don’t even have to buy anything.
Read the newsletter.
See if it makes sense.
just pop over to the blog,
do a search on your martial art
see what turns up.
See if it makes sense.
See if I’ve dealt with your art fairly.

Oinkey doinkey.
I’ve said enough,
some will believe,
some will look,
and some won’t.
Way of the world.

But either way,
remember to have a GREAT work out,
and a lot of fun!



A Sergeant in Iraq Is Sure Glad He Knows Monkey Boxing!

Karate Black Belt

Monkey Boxing is the best Way to Learn Weapons!

Sergeant Nathan Robertson knew he was going to catch heck. He was supposed to be back with the convoy at the checkpoint, but the Lieutenant had insisted on keeping him late to translate. Now he had a two hundred yard walk through the darkest of Bagdad’s alleys.
He moved swiftly, keeping to the growing shadows, hoping not to be noticed by any hostile.
Funny, when they first arrived they had been treated like heroes. Now they were hated. Money from Washington was drying up, the bought Arabs didn’t want to stay bought, and every extra day spent in this sandbox was fraught with more tension, more confrontations, more danger.
Well, so be it. His was not to whine and cry, he had a job to do and if the ragheads (he knew he wasn’t supposed to call them that, but darn it!) wanted them gone he was more than willing to hop on a transport and–
Two shadows appeared in the mouth of the alley.
Nathan started to backtrack, then stopped.
An Arab was closing up behind him.
The three men wore robes over camos, were unshaven, and eyed him like a jackal eyes discarded dogmeat.
Damn! he thought, I didn’t want any trouble!
He estimated the situation. It was further to go backwards than forwards. Two in front, one in rear. And then he saw the long curved blade the one in the rear was carrying. A scimitar. One of those old cutting tools the Bedouins loved.
Nathan made up his mind and started to move forward.
Once in motion, Nathan Robertson was a tank. He wasn’t built like one, but his mindset made him pretty formidable.
The two Arabs in front tensed and got ready, and the one in the rear ran to get in on the action.
The only thing going through Nathan’s mind at the moment was I hope that Monkey Boxing Stuff works!
Nathan’s kid brother had gotten a hold of a Monkey Boxing Course, and they had had a ball while on leave. They had gone through the locks and holds, and practiced the weird freestyle drill for hours. It was great fun, a chance to hang with his bro, and now the proof was in the pudding. Outside of the Monkey Boxing, Nathan only had the normal military hand to hand stuff, and he didn’t think that was going to be enough for this situation.
At the point of impact Nathan drew back slightly, the Al Qaeda on the left dove in with two hands in an attempt to grapple.
Sure, as if Nathan would survive a three on one grapple.
Nathan smacked the man’s hands down and brought a knee up. The Arab’s nose exploded in red and he fell on the ground. Fortunately he fell in front of the other Arab, because the knee shot had hurt Nathan’s knee.
Darn, reality could hurt!
But, hurt or not, Nathan had no time, nor inclination, to whine about it. The second raghead–damn political correctness, there are honorable Arabs, and then there are raghead terrorists like these idiots–swung a club at him.
Nathan locked the arm, and just like it had shown on his brother’s Monkey Boxing DVD, he two stepped and whirled the terrorist into the man rushing from the rear.
The two men collided like uncoordinated lovers. The smack of their faces smashing into each other was like somebody popping a paper bag, and the one in the rear dropped his scimitar.
Nathan couldn’t help but grin. Two Monkey Boxing techniques and three bloody noses. And Sore heads when the saps woke up.
Well, that Monkey Boxing stuff had worked fine, and he was glad he knew it. And, so thinking, he exited the alley and ran for the checkpoint.

If you liked the story, you should look into Monkey Boxing. I recommend the page on Blinding Steel at Monster Martial Arts. That’s where you start. And don’t forget to pick up a free martial arts book on the home page.

Killing Knife Attackers with Triple Flip Martial Art Techniques!

Ya gotta love it. A guy with a Knife does an overhead stab at you, so you fall to the side and kick him in the groin. This is the Martial Arts technique I saw in a martial arts book the other day, and a surer route to getting yourself killed has never been.
Well, perhaps it has been. Lotta bonehead people out there. You know they are bonehead because they buy this guys book, right?
Which book is that, you ask?
Not gonna say.
You can go get your chuckles somewhere else.
Look, if somebody is coming at you with a knife it makes sense to jump, dodge, get out of the way. But if you fall down so you can kick somebody you are losing all your mobility. And, if your kick isn’t perfect, and you haven’t practiced that technique a thousand times a month for ten years, then that knife weilding maniac is just going to fall on you, and…end of game. You’re gonna get your guts stabbed out!
So, yes, move to the side. Look for something to block or wrap his knife arm with. Keep moving. Try some quick kicks to his knees and groin, but don’t fall down, don’t try to wrestle with him, stay away from the blade, and make up your mind to take some real martial arts lessons so stuff like this won’t happen to you, and so that you will have some real self defense techniques to defend yourself with.
You know, I sometimes call self defense moves like this by a variety of names, somersaulting tricks, triple flip defenses, or just stupid.
Anyway, if you want to learn some real martial arts techniques, head on over to Monster Martial Arts. Basic Karate will give you a plan and a foundation, and you can advance from there. Knife fighting techniques in particular I teach in Blinding Steel, which is the Monkey Boxing course. Check it out, and get the free ebook offered on the front page. Here’s a short clip of some Monkey Boxing (Blinding Steel) knife fighting techniques that work.

If You Can’t Take a Gun to a Knife Fight, Monkey Boxing Will Work Just Fine!

The mugger is two hundred pounds, and he moves like a cat. He has a knife, and you wish you had a gun, but you don’t. It’s survival time, but fortunately, you just brought some Monkey boxing to a Knife Fight.
Answer these questions…
What’s the weapon you’re most likely to encounter on the street?
What’s the weapon you can legally carry without getting hassled?
What’s the weapon that is in your kitchen and you can grab real quick.
And…do you really know how to use that weapon?
Now, take a gander at this video, and then I’ll tell you a couple of interesting things.

Okey dokey, I’m old, I ain’t the quickest fellow any more, but I can handle those young tigers no prob. I simply know more than they do. And, here comes the meat of this here meal…I know knives, I know how to fight with a knife, and, most important, I can get you to fight with a knife in a week or two.
Now, let’s be honest, a few months if you want to be polished.
But, for hard core data quick, for no nonsense, save your life and the lives of your loved ones…Monkey Boxing is the course.
If you’re a hard core martial artist, I usually recommend other courses. They are designed for martial artists, they take you somewhere, they enlighten you, and so on.
But, for urban survival in these tough times, the fastest, most efficient method I’ve got is Monkey boxing.
Monkey Boxing deals with speed, it trains in all ranges (kick, punch, knive, fist, pole, whatever), and it is incredibly simple to do.
Let me ask you a question: if somebody comes at you, do want to choose a single technique from three or four hundred techniques? And hope it fits the situation? No. That’s only if you’re a gung ho pro martial artist, and then only if you understand Matrixing.
What you want is a simple et of drills that fit into any situation intuitively.
Whatever motion you instinctively start to protect yourself, it will develop intuitively and naturally into one of the Monkey Boxing drills.
So, if you can’t bring a gun to a knife fight, make sure you bring Monkey Boxing. It’s the best, most efficient, most economical (grin) way to learn how to knife fight in the world. The Monkey Boxing program is at Monster Martial Arts, and it is called Blinding Steel.

Here’s to the Martial Arts Monkey Perched on Your Back

There are several reasons why people start studying the martial arts.

Here’s a snip before we get into it…it’s from my Monkey Boxing course. I need to take out the print, but here it is.

One, your mommy brought you to the dojo so you could get a little discipline.’  Make you well behaved. ohm you bad boy (grin).

Two, you got together with some friends. Had a good time, and now you’re studying more seriously.

Three, some free, or nearly so, class got you going. YMCA, college, whatever, but you’re on the way now.

Four, you just gravitated to it. Watched movies,found yourself wondering, saw some moves on youtube, and you walked into a school somewhere.

Doesn’t matter how you started, the monkey is now on your back.

It’s a good monkey. Weighs a lot, takes a lot of feeding, but it’s a fun feed.

Carrying a monkey that big (more like a gorilla , heh!) tires you out, but in a good way, makes you sleep at night.

Carrying a monkey that big makes you strong and tough, so you can get the job done.

Calms you down, and you meet some mighty interesting people. It’s fun looking at the monkey on their back. Different kinds of monkeys.

And some of these monkeys carry weapons, some of them can do wild things.

But, that’s okay.

You can to.

Here’s to the Monkey on your back.

Learn about Monkey Boxing and Weapons.

Learning The Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System On The Planet!

Okay, I put this drill together a bunch of years ago, and it has proven to be the best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System ever. Oddly, I’ve seen bits and pieces of it in various arts, some esoteric Kung Fu styles, Capoeira, that sort of thing, but nobody has ever put the whole thing together. Too bad, it really is quick to do with some long lasting effects.

First, draw the four corners of a box on the ground. Then place your hands and feet on the corners of the box. You should be in a rather wide push up position.

Now, trade the positions of your right foot and your left hand. Over or under, I don’t care which you do, I just want you to twist your body into a new position and new direction. You should end up looking skywards.

Now, continue the motion. Don’t go backwards, keep going in the direction you started, do a dozen moves before you reverse the motion. And, when you have worked that to a frothy pitch, return to the beginning position and change the left foot and the right hand.

Doing this is going to work your upper body like you wouldn’t believe, and it is going to strengthen your core muscles and make them like iron. Now, to really exploit the exercise, add some kicks. Front or back, or even to the side, somebody pushes you to the ground and you can do some low level kicking that’ll knock the seeds right out of their little saplings.

Now, to bring this home, and to avoid injury by trying to catch yourself if you are pushed to the ground, do shoulder rolls, forward and backward, into the box. That’s what I call this position, ‘The Box.’ And I call the whole exercise the ‘Monkey in the Box.’

So somebody attacks you from the rear, and you roll and are suddenly thrusting a kicking back towards his shortcomings. He is going to be one shaken up thug. He was pouncing, stuffing his wallet in his mind, and suddenly he is going to find himself grabbing what goes for his manhood and hurting.

There is more to this exercise than I have said here, of course, and the real fun comes when you start playing with it and ‘open the box’ to find all the goodies. Kicks, throws, some rolling takedowns that you wouldn’t believe, and so on. Mind you, I don’t always advocate going to the ground, but if you have to, or if you just want the Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System in the world, the Monkey in the Box is where you start.

I’ve written an article with some pics on this exercise. You can find it in the article section at Monster Martial Arts, or you can just click on Monkey in a Box.

I’m sorry to have to relate this one, but several army fellows were standing in a group, discussing the state of the world. The US is about to go broke, people are starting to hoard food, and what ya gonna do about it?

One fellow’s solution was stated simply…’I’m not going to store food. I’m just going to store an extra box of shells. Smaller, easier to carry, and I can take anything I want, including the food that people store.

Well, isn’t that interesting. What is more interesting is that the other soldiers said nothing. They just nodded their heads, grunted, or thought about it.

Well, the world ain’t going belly up. If the government goes broke, life goes on. It always has, and always will. After all, if the politicians can’t pay themselves, why should that mean the farmers can’t sell beef and veggies, and the clothes makers can’t make clothes, and so on.

Heck, the government going out of business would be good for business, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the point of this is that when times get tough, you need to get tougher. You should be cutting your bills, making your purchasing count, having a little extra food, or even a box of shells on the back shelf, and…get yourself physically fit and able to defend yourself.

The best thing I ever did, when it comes to learning fast self-defense, is probably the Monkey Boxing program. I used to call it Blinding Steel, and it is all about knife fighting (the weapon of choice when it comes to fit hit the shan situations), taking away knives, and learning how in the fastest possible time.

This program is so quick and efficient that a person can near double his speed in a week, beat anybody in a knife fight in two weeks, and take anybodys knife away in three weeks.
Of course you’d have to study like a maniac. But isn’t the martial arts really about being a maniac? Grin.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel program.

Got to go now. Love ya. See ya.

Monster Newsletter #313–Going Through the Funnel!

Happy Summer To Ya All!
90 days of work outs.
Of course,
summer in LA is a wee bit longer,
more like 270 days of summer
and work outs.

I used to practice
setting myself in a back stance
getting ready for the attack.
I would turn the foot for best traction,
bend the leg for most muscle,
scrunch the frame for maximum spring,
and focus time
so I could cover distance.

I gave it all up when I realized
I couldn’t cover distance
faster than my opponent’s reaction time.

Simply, while I was in launch,
he would see me coming,
and undo my plan.

Then I spent years
exploring all the theories,
trying to understand the gameboard
that was right in front of my face.

the funny thing is that
after some 20 years
I found that I could cover distance
faster than an opponent could react.

Now this tweaked me.
I thought I couldn’t do it through my training methods
so I changed my methods.
But if I had just persisted,
I would have made it.

The secret was in developing concentration,
and I had been close,
so close.
Then I jumped off the trail for 20 years,
until nature stripped me of a bunch of distractions.

as you get older,
if you keep practicing the martial arts,
you get less distracted,
and are better able to concentrate.

you don’t have to wait to get old to do this.
All you have to do is stay true to your art.

pick a good art.
Pick an art where not only the teacher is good,
but his students are good.
If they are elevated,
then you will get elevated.

while not letting yourself change training methods,
educate yourself as to all the methods out there.
Become a complete martial artist,
without any blank spots in your education.

Not just kicks,
but throws.
Not just wing chun,
but jujitsu.
Not just boxing,
but savate.

There’s a couple articles on the Monster site that go into this,
but separate the fight into distances.
Learn a kicking/striking art for long distance.
Learn short distance drills as you close in.
Learn grappling/throwing techniques for the takedown,
and so on.

Be a complete martial artist.

Take a look at the core package,
Matrix Karate (includes Power Kicks) is a striking distance
Matrix Kung Fu closes the distance,
Matrix Aikido works throws
(although I do tend to increase the distance
in Matrix Aikido,
as I don’t wish to wrestle)

I break it down like this:
striking–through the funnel–takedown
It’s a complete strategy,
needs only a little matrixing to open it up,
and make it work for all potentials.

So think about it.

That’s about it for this newsletter.
Here’s the obligatory link
to make you think.

Matrix Kung Fu!

This is a good link
because it is the original forty techniques
that finally defined matrixing as an art.
I made entries for these
so they would be workable at striking distance,
you have to go ‘through the funnel’
and you end up with a juicy,
bone breaking,

You guys have a great work out.


BTW–Working on Monkeyland

And-If any mail wasn’t answered the last couple of days,
let me know, I was out of town.