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Unique Training Method is the Key to Learning Immaculate Sword Fighting!

Happy Impending Hanakwanmass!
Like a blanket of cheer,
it hangs over our head.
The Hanakwanmass burrito stuck to the wall
to remind us,
Underneath the skin,
behind the shape of eyes,
beneath the color of hair
we know…
I am.

This ‘I am’
is in everybody.
It is us.
We are not one,
that wouldn’t be any fun,
but we are one in the sense
that we are all possessed of…
‘I am.’
That’s the point of the martial arts,
you know.
To realize our uniqueness.

let’s talk about martial arts.

Immaculate swordfighting.
Nice phrase, eh?
Just BTW
I was watching a documentary on Musashi the other night.
Now that guy was immaculate.
he had to kill 60 people
to get there.

we can get there
without killing people.
All we have to do is
put the key in the lock.

to put in the key is easy.
You can start when you get in your car.
close your eyes,
and insert the key in the ignition.

open one eye and peek,
that wasn’t so hard.

in the beginning,
it might be.
Even though you know where you are sitting,
and you know where the ignition is,
you keep missing the sucker.
The key,
you see,
is to make your knowingness work.
You know the key,
you know the ignition,
to close your eyes,
don’t use your senses,
use what you know.
That is pure martial arts.

With practice,
you stop fumbling.
are you ready for the sequence of training?

Hit a garage sale
find a lock and key and buy it.
Take the lock home and mount it on the wall.
Place the key between your knuckles,
Punch slowly,
and place the key in the lock.
Oh criminey,
oh jeepers,
a while later,
you have it.
Now close your eyes and do it.
Oh S***!

eventually you have it.
This knowingness stuff is weird.
You’re starting to feel the form of it,
but it is a form operated by what you know,
and not what you see, hear, smell,
and so on.
it gets very interesting walking down dark alleys,
late at night,
no lights.

You know,
I work out almost every single day in my house
late at night.
All the lights out,
eyes closed,
I do my forms,
feeling the walls and the doors and the furniture
without using my senses.
I just use what I know.

you ready to jump the exercise up a notch?
Get a foot long hunk of closet pole.
Cut a slot in the end,
and attach the key.
insert the key
into the lock.
I won’t even bother swearing for this one.
We’re far beyond that.
Time passes.
We reach the point where we close our eyes.
More time passes,
and we cut a longer pole.

So how long a pole can you use
to turn the key?
Measure your progress by feet.
Set up a ranking system.
Six thrusts in lock at one foot in sixty seconds…black belt
Six thrusts in lock at six feet in sixty seconds…master
Fill in the blanks for colored belts and gradations of black belt.
What a game, eh?

you should do other stuff to accompany this type of thing.
Sword fighting consists basically of…
striking up, down, from the sides
in four directions,
with the four basic footworks.

I discovered this matrix back in about ’75.
I was laid off,
and I had a year to myself.
Father had died so I had a house,
and I decided to teach myself swordfighting.
Got the books,
saw people,
collected data,
figured it all out,
and did it.

while I got an immense value from my little program,
it is is terribly outmoded.
If you want to see state of the art,
you should check out
The Blinding Steel Program.
Now THAT is a mofo
of unprecedented proportion!
That’s the stuff I use on the vid here…

it’s called Blinding Steel,
and it’s on the home page of the monster,
you just have to look for it.

there has been some interest in hanakwanmass,
and I should probably explain some of the rigamarole
surrounding this International Monkeyland Holiday.
It’s actually the first holiday
respected by Monkeyland.
the second.
My birthday is first.
Hanakwanmass combines three holidays,
so you have to buy three times the amount of gifts,
and send them to Monkeyland,
care of Al.
As trees are an endangered species,
it is considered tradition
to hang a burrito on your wall.
Ornamentation consists of drawing arms and legs
for the burrito
on the wall.
Maybe giving it a happy face.
when the burrito turns a proper shade of green,
it is considered appropriate to eat it.
there is a segment of the population
that insists on not eating
until the burrito is served,
which can mean starvation for a couple of weeks,
which means
there is usually some fighting
over the scraps.

Seriously though,
I have noticed that people in my neighborhood
have started shouting hanakwanmass at me.
I saw where Sam,
out in Arkansass
wished all a hanakwanmass
in his own newsletter.
This heartens me,
as the real purpose of hanakwanmass
is to celebrate not just individual religious holidays,
but the joy of the individual spirit
which lives in all of us.

If everybody realized the ‘I am’
that motivates their particular
color of skin,
shade of eye,
tint of hair,
speech pattern,
eating preferences,
or whatever…
we actually would have world peace.
Total and utter world peace.
We just have to have enough people
who realize that they are unique,
and that each and every person
in this whole world is unique,
and that we can enjoy each other.

So practice your martial arts,
make them uniquely you,
and share them with the world.
‘I am’ to us all.

And don’t forget to check out
Blinding Steel.

Hanakwanmass to all,
and have a great work out.

A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg. ~Samuel Butler

A kata is only a martial artists way of making war…without making war.. ~Al Case

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia. ~Charles Lindbergh

In martial arts I sense the miracle of life, and using matrixing the miracle happens faster. ~Al Case

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Look deep into your nature with the martial arts, and then you will understand everything better. ~Al Case

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