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Beat Feet, Retreat, and Win with Martial Arts!

Newsletter 918

The Danger of Reverse Martial Arts!

there are three dangers here,
and one exception,
but first let’s answer the question…
What the heck is ‘Reverse Martial Arts?’
The answer is simple.
Backing up.
Retreating…and usually in disarray and with little hope!

The simplicity,
as you’ve no doubt heard,
is that there are three levels to a man.

If the body backs up,
if you are running,
can’t cope with the attack,
then the opponent can see it,
exploit it,
and chase you down.
By not holding your ground you become weak.

the body backs up because the mind has failed.
The mind is a bunch of memory,
and the memories we are speaking of
are those techniques
you’ve tried so hard to make
But if the attack comes too fast,
is something you don’t understand,
you flinch…
which is to say back up.
So the mind has to back up first,
then the body.

the mind backs up because the spirit has failed.
The spirit is you.
You set yourself a task,
you decide to ‘go forward,’
but something confuses you,
makes you blink,
and you let go your task,
and the mind shuts down,
and the body backs up.

You are in retreat,
and in retreat is the danger of losing.

there is an exception.
If your retreat is a plan,
if you realize something about the other person,
that you can deflate his presence,
depower his weapons,
confuse his strategy,
by a momentary retreat,
by ‘suckering him in,’
then you are not running.
You are setting the other fellow up,
or ‘attacking in retreat.’

that all said,
there is a cure,
a way to make sure that you never fail on any level,
and not on all three levels.
This is to keep the eyes open,
to study your mistakes,
to go forward with thought,
with consideration,
with analysis.
But that’s hard to do.
it is the key to superlative martial arts.

here’s the obligatory link…


if you can do this course,
if you can keep your eyes forward and steady,
unblinking and ready,
while doing this drill…
you are da man!

Have a great work out!




Reading Minds in Karate Freestyle

Newsletter 804
Matrixing the Thought of Combat

Time for a BEEYOUTIFUL workout!

A quick word:
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but you can find this newsletter blogged at

Bruce Lee did a good job of analyzing the motion of combat.
He took apart when,
for instance,
during the opponent’s punch,
you should attack.
You can find out more about this if you dig around at

nobody’s ever really tried to figure out
what happens at the moment of combat.
Not the moment of launch,
but the thought that must occur
before the launch.

to be honest,
nobody’s ever had the neutronics data,
so it is no wonder that nobody has ever done this.


the one thing to remember is that you have a thought,
and energy, and body,
follow it.
The odd thing in all this
is that thoughts go in only two directions.

Thoughts go out.
Thoughts go in.

This can be made complex,
if you stick on analyzing emotion,
emotion disguises what you are doing,
and so on.

the exact moment of attack,
should be when the opponent is,
for whatever reason,
not thinking out,
towards you,
but inwards,
towards himself.

If you understand this,
you understand the purpose of meditation:
sitting (or moving) and never allowing thoughts to invert,
to come back towards yourself.
In other words,
to watch the world
without having internal thoughts.

Here are the ways you can take advantage
of this momentary lapse of awareness.
The most important is distraction.

Distraction is when you point the opponent’s attention elsewhere.

He blinks because of a fly.
He looks because of a motion to the side.
He thinks when you tell him there is someone behind him.
He thinks because you trash talk.
He gets mad,
or otherwise falls to emotion.
And so on.

You can attack when any of these,
or other,
distractions occur.

You can attack after the thought of attack,
but that is not a good idea,
unless you are immaculate in your strategy and tactics.
The reason is attacks will collide,
mistakes can be made once you let him go into motion,
and so on.

the best time to attack a person?
Before he has the thought.

Doesn’t matter when he makes a decision,
or for what reason,
you simply attack before his thought.
At that point he has become victim,
as he is going to be responding to your attack,
instead of creating an original one of his own.

Here’s the thing,
people think you can’t see a thought.
But you can.
It takes an immense amount of discipline in classical martial arts.
It takes less time in matrixed martial arts.
Logic just allows you to study,
and therefore learn,

you see people thinking all the time.
You see the look in their eyes,
you read their bodies,
you feel their energy.
If you are good you actually perceive the thought.
But that level of good
depends upon how effective and sincere your training has been.

The lesson here?
Train hard,
train long,
matrix (make logical)
everything you do.
Make yourself a perceptive person
by looking out at the world,
and not inward to your own thoughts,

Here’s my personal martial art…


I created it after doing most of the matrixing courses,
it was my own understanding codified.
It should help you read thoughts faster.

Have a great work out!



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The Truth About Muscle Memory in the Martial Arts

Muscle Memory Martial Arts

The definition for Muscle Memory in Wiki states: ‘a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition.’ This is a good definition, but totally inadequate when one considers what the martial arts are designed to do. This article is designed to complete that definition.

There are basically three parts to a human being on planet earth.

There is the body, which is pretty much a meat contrivance of bones and blood and hair and skin and all sorts of things. This is where we find muscle.

There is the mind, which is memory. Memory is not contained in the brain.

And there is the spirit. The great intangible, that awareness which can’t be measured by the physics of this universe.

So somebody figures out a great martial arts move, and he starts practicing it. He is basically telling his muscles to remember, and this is all fine and good.

Now, let’s step outside of muscle and memory-and modern definitions-and consider the ancient concept of mushin no shin, or ‘mind of no mind.’

Take mushin no shin literally, and it is saying that one does not use the mind, including the muscle pattern in the mind, when doing martial arts or other activities which have resulted in this state.

The point is that when one builds Muscle Memory, using muscle and mind, they are building a circuit. This is just like an electrical circuit, energy charges through synapses and the body lumbers about. Saying it is in the neurons of the mind, or the neural connections in the nerve system doesn’t matter. It is just a circuit, and Muscle Memory is the building of a circuit to enhance the operation of body.

But, if one relies only on the circuit one is now limited by the body, so we have to go beyond circuit, we have to figure out what to do with the circuit so that it disappears, and in its place is…intuition, imagination, and all the higher abilities of the human being.

Here we all agree. Practice, practice, practice. Eventually the circuit just goes…poof. It disappears, and the method of motion becomes not muscle and memory, but merely a light thought of the body being moved from one place to another.

We have used Muscle Memory to instill a pattern until we knew the pattern well enough that we didn’t need the the mind and the muscle. We could move the body directly, just by applying a thought, and this is the state of mushin no shin.

This is when the martial arts become a religion. This is when the human being itself, the ‘I am,’ the point of awareness behind eyes and ears and physical perception tools becomes isolate and in charge.

The problem here is not with Muscle Memory, for Muscle Memory is valid…it exists. The problem is how far does the instructor go with the concept. If the instructor uses the Muscle Memory concept to teach fighting to the exclusion of any spiritual reality, then Muscle Memory is not of use. It relegates the human being to the status of animal.

On the other hand, if Muscle Memory leads to mushin no shin, if it leads to a human being who can direct his body without the mind/memory, but just with a thought, then it is a valid martial arts tool.

If Muscle Memory leads to mushin no shin, the student will experience a realization of the self (I am!), and he will understand the true meaning of budo…’to lay down the spear.’

He will give up fighting for the sake of fighting, give up his animalistic nature, and ascend to the reality of art and intuition and imagination and all the things that are the true province of the human being, and which elevates him above all other life forms on this planet.

He will, in short, be using his true abilities, things like thoughts and whims and imagination, and this is the goal of concepts like Muscle Memory in the Martial Arts.

zen martial arts

This has been an article about how to use muscle memory in the martial arts.

How to Make Visualization Work in the Martial Arts

How to Make Visualization Work

This is the first in a series of articles on mental visualization using neutronic techniques in the martial arts, including such arts as karate, kung fu, etc.. The complete series is available at ChurchofMartialArts.com.

Visualization is the single most important factor in attaining your goals in life…and this visualization starts in the martial arts, and is brought to proper focus with neutronics.

Visualization is the process of creating a mental image (having a thought of what you want), and then using advanced procedures of mental visualization to attain that goal; to get that girl, happiness, perfect job, respect…whatever and anything that you want.

There is light visualization in day to day life. You imagine a sandwich for lunch, you make that happen. Or, you do your homework so you can attain the visualization of an A. Or you work for that dream home. And so on.

But these are very light aspects of visualization.

visualizing yourself picture

I can conquer the world, but it all starts with me!

True mental visualization, especially when it is kicked into gear by neutronics, is a powerhouse that will enable you to rule first your life, then the universe.

Now, to be truthful, there are many disciplines that will help you attain your goals, and will introduce you to Visualization. Joining the swimming team is good. Learning ballet is better. A course in Yoga is fantastic. But…the best method for learning and understanding the mental discipline necessary for mastering visualization techniques is learning martial arts. And if you matrix those martial arts you will get where you are going ten times faster.

There are a couple of reasons for this last statement.

One, there is discipline in these fields, and the discipline enables you to control first your body, then your mind. Thus, the point to be understood here is that you don’t need good grades, you need self discipline if you are going to control first yourself, then the world.

Two, the world consists of objects that fly through space. Living is nothing more than learning how to control and handle these flying objects. In the martial arts you have to confront flying objects in a very personal and survival oriented way. The fist, man, is going to hit your face, if you don’t learn to discipline!

So, the martial arts are a superior method for learning how to handle the universe, and that is why they are a superior discipline when it comes to handling the universe through visualization techniques.

Okay, if you haven’t studied the martial arts, then you might just as well bail now. You lack the discipline to make work what I’m going to tell you. Oh, okay, you can stay, but just be aware that after you read what I have written here you’re going to have to sign up for a course in the martial arts. Karate, kung fu, judo, whatever. Doesn’t matter as long as you start the journey to self discipline.

Continue this series of articles by clicking on 2 The Martial Arts are the Best Method for Achieving Visualization

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