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The True Path of the Martial Arts

In the next couple of months 

I’m going to be rewriting the website.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

I basically built Monster Martial Arts

as I progressed as a person.

This resulted in a specific path.

A True Way.

A method that works,

ties all the martial arts together,

and gets the student there FAST.


I was just plugging in stuff as I did it.

No rhyme or reason,

just putting it up 

and moving along

as fast as I could.

The result is that Monster,

while enlightening,

doesn’t present the path as I envision it.

So I’m going to fix that.

Following is a graphic that I will use

to restructure the website,

and present the art in the correct order.


the way this works is simple.

The boxes on the left side

are the arts in order.

The boxes in the middle are the courses 

specific to the arts.


you would simply do the arts

as I have listed them in the middle boxes.

The box on the right

are supplementary materials.

I will be drawing on those as I see fit,

as they fit into the line up of arts and courses.


there is much room for jiggling and joggling.

For instance,

just to name one specific,

which should come first?

Tai Chi or Monkey Boxing.


Monkey Boxing would be the first.

But culturally,

Tai Chi should come first.

So I chose my order of arts,

but that doesn’t mean you are bound by it.


what about weapons?


it is at the end,

but we all know that weapons

can be plugged in anywhere.

So you can do the arts in any order you wish.

Although I always recommend Matrixing first,

as that is the core of the logic,

of the science,

of the martial arts.


that is what I am working on,

and I will keep you posted,

and even set up a dummy site first,

and invite you to go through it

and offer comments and criticisms as you wish.


I know I’m not giving you

the secrets of the universe this time,

although one could say that offering 

a completely sane pathway for the martial arts

IS a secret of the universe,

but stay tuned.

The pearls are coming

so don’t be swine.


that said,

here’s a little fourth of July gift for you.


I wrote this back in 2002,

and I put it on almost every course,

and it has even been pirated

and put on the internet,

and I never bothered invoking copyright

because it is so valuable.

The definitions illustrate matrixing,

and highlight the real science of the martial arts.


obligatory ad…

Got an injury?

Want to get more flexible?

Try this…



have some great fire works and…


Have a great work out!


And don’t forget to check out the interview


Have you checked out my novel?


What is Neutronics in the Martial Arts

Matrixing, Neutronics, and the Martial Arts

Matrixing is a logic based on a table from Boolean Algebra. Knowing that table, applying that table, and all the vectors of motion in the martial arts opened up for me. To study that table through a variety of martial arts totally enlightens one to the potentials of motion in the martial arts.

It takes the random sequencing of techniques and breaks them down and recompiles them into one sweet method.

A method that can be understood at a glance, and which causes great intuition to begin to occur in the mind of the martial artist.

Neutronics is different. It is the physics behind the physics. It is the science behind the logic. It describes phenomena that are questioned by all, but understood by none.

For instance, did you know that there are only three motions in the universe? That’s all. Understand the three motions and you can make this universe do what you want.

Or, do you understand what the mind is? Go on, look in the dictionary, you will find a bunch of vapid definitions that don’t mean much, and you will come up with the conclusion that everyone talks about something that has never been accurately defined.

Or, one of my favorites, what is emotion? That’s a lulu! There is no exact definition for emotion, no explanation for where emotion comes from, in the entire world.

Outside of Neutronics.

So you are victim to something that everybody has, but is been undefined…has NEVER been accurately defined.

I used Matrixing to figure emotion out, and the three motions, and a LOT of other stuff.

Have you ever considered using a simple table from Boolean Algebra to figure out what God is?

I did, and I laugh all the time, and I have absolutely NO desire to talk to God.

Before, when I didn’t understand God, I wanted. Boy did I want!

But once you have matrixed, and gone Neutronic, everything changes.

And, that said, let me say something else.

I pushed Matrixing because I wanted people to reach the end of the martial arts, to see the next step, to need the next step.

I didn’t push Neutronics because people can’t understand it unless they have sufficient discipline of awareness.

Long enough martial arts and one has the discipline, but there is still a vast confusion of motion in the mind because of the random nature of their studies. This has mixed effects.

Do Matrixing, however, and the confusion of the martial arts resolves, becomes logical. Intuition can set in, and the person can now understand the second set of physics.

Thus, Matixing first, then Neutronics.

Here is the exact phenomena that will happen if one tries to understand Neutronics without the proper backdrop of matrixed logic.

Oh, we have that in our system. Yet they didn’t, and they have merely latched on to ONE item so as to stay asleep. It is easier, safer, to keep going, keep teaching, through the monkey see monkey do method.

Or, I understand what you’re saying. But they don’t. They understand about, but they don’t understand. Again, they are trying to keep a barrier between the system they have latched on to give themselves purpose in life, and purpose for existence, and the truth of existence.

An odd thing: there is truth to the saying: The truth shall set you free.

You can read about Matrixing at MonsterMartialArts.com

You can read about Neutronics at ChurchofMartialArts.com.

How and Why Matrixing Works in the Martial Arts!

The Secret of Matrix Martial Arts

A lot of people read my site, or articles on the web, and they raise their eyes and say, ‘Oh, right. A guy can learn Martial Arts in a few months? Ha!’

Lot of cynicism out there, and I understand it. Some fellow studies for years to learn Karate or Kung Fu or whatever, and I come along and say, ‘You could have learned it ten times faster.’

That guy is going to be upset! He’s going to think I’m full of it, just because if he doesn’t, then it invalidates all his years of training.

But, when somebody actually does matrix their martial art, and this works for Aikido and Kenpo and whatever, then they find that I am not invalidating all they have done…I am making it count! I am organizing their data, making it more accessible, and that means their martial arts are sharper, quicker, more intuitive…and so much more!

So how do I convince the doubter?

Try these facts on for size.

Take two pigeons and put them together for 6 weeks and they will mate for life.

6 weeks, and you cam MAKE a pea brain MAKE a life altering decision. Doesn’t even matter if Mrs. Pigeon is ugly.

Now this is a stupid fact, but it tends to open the door to facts more pertinent to you and the Martial Arts.

The US army takes a common, garden variety man or woman…and MAKES them into a soldier in three months. Another three months and we’re talking about a high tech soldier, able to use a computer, or some other complicated device, right in the middle of a firefight!

That’s a good fact. It speaks highly of dedicated, factual training.

Here’s another one: there are ads on TV that claim you can MAKE your body into a lean, mean muscle machine in three months. Three months and you no longer have a beer barrel, but, instead, have a six pack!

So the point here is this: if you are smarter than a pigeon, then you can change your mind and change your body in three months.

Or, in other words,

You don’t even have to believe! You just have to get a course and do it!

So now we come down to choice.

Do you want to sit around and tweet one liners…or do you want to join a brotherhood that has lasted for thousands of years…the brotherhood of the Martial Artist!

Do you want to be sweet meat for that home invader? That mugger? That guy who wants to take your girlfriend?

Do you want to watch Bruce Lee movies and think, ‘How cool!’ Or do you want to BE like Bruce Lee?

Okay. Nuff said. I hope I’ve changed your mind, gotten you to get up off the coach, inspired you to do something that will give your life value forever!

So take a look at Monster Martial Arts, check out the courses, and decide what you want to do.

Remember, the only person stopping you from being more than you…is you.

This has been a page about the martial arts, and how you can learn them in a matter of a few months.

Using Neutronics in the Martial Arts

Matrixing v Neutronics

Let me explain the difference between Matrixing and Neutronics.

Matrixing establishes an overall grid
by which you can ascertain the truth of motion…
in relation to the universe.
You’ve got to understand this,
in Matrixing you are still limited by the universe.
Do enough matrixing,
and you aren’t limited,
you get to Neutronics.

stay with me here,
I’m about to take a left turn.

If you matrix the human spirit enough
you end up with the truth of spirit.

I matrixed religion,
and that gave me virtue.
Virtue is the statement of human experience in this universe.
Stand with virtue,
and you grow larger.
Discard virtue,
and you grow smaller.
It’s an interesting truth.

But that is only religion,
and religion is not always right.
Religion is too often slanted
by personal interest,
by the quirks of the human soul,
sounds a bit like the write up on Matrix Karate,

I matrixed the human spirit,
and I found something interesting.
Matrix the human spirit enough
and you end up with the truth of spirit.
You can’t matrix any further at this point,
because the spirit has no motion,
and the universe is the illusion of motion
that one has created to give oneself experience.
Neutronics kicks in
that one might understand this state of ‘no motion.’

Get it?
Matrixing is for motion,
Neutronics is for no motion.

In essence,
Neutronics is matrixing at the spiritual level,
but the transformation of understanding that occurs here
makes the normal matrixing graphs invalid,
and demands a different but senior set of datums.

in my universe,
was backed up by my experience of enlightenment,
by doing sticky hands and getting out of my body,
seeing the universe as motion
from a motionless point.

So experience backed up theory.

here is the problem.
I wrote the books on Neutronics
removed from the martial arts.
I was interested in the datums,
and how they related to the universe,
and not through the slant of martial arts.
What this means is that if you get any books on Neutronics,
your mind gets blown,
but there isn’t a lot to connect it to the martial arts.
how do we relate Neutronics,
how do we USE Neutronics
when it comes to martial arts?

we seek that state of motionlessness
that is the truth of you.
We find the viewpoint that is apart from your body,
that exists forever,
and puts on bodies like suits of clothes,
and discards them when done.

We do this by finding perfection of motion through the forms.
We find perfection by having the right data..by applying Matrixing.

by doing the above
you increase your awareness.
This is crucial and even the point of it all.

before I give you my example
of how to use Matrixing in the Martial Arts,
I want to say that everything I say here
is also backed up in religions texts.
Specifically the Patanjali,
if you know enough Neutronics,
you can see what all the religious texts are talking about.

here is an example of neutronics,
bear in mind that if you use neutronics
no situation can become physical.
People on the Matrix level still need the physical,
People on the Neutronics level
can defeat attackers without moving the body.
Here goes.

I walk into a room,
there are a dozen people there,
I scan them,
make note of all positions,
then I say something in a loud, booming, commanding voice, like…

‘How are my slaves today?’


‘The reason I called you all together…’

I watch them.
There are three potential responses,
and only three.
Towards me,
away from me,
or with me.

One response is,
‘What you mean slave?’
Aggression is directed towards me.

Another response is,
‘Who’s the crazy guy?’
Pushing me away.

Third and last response,
the guy who smiles,
says something like,
‘We’re fine, massa.’

You see,
He didn’t go away or towards,
he maintained balance.

He is sure of himself,
he is in the moment,
instead of reacting to my borderline communication,
he stayed with it,
engaged it,
never lost himself,
and he is the one I will gravitate to.

let’s say I’m talking to the balanced one,
and the guy who got aggressive comes up to me,
I know he’s coming towards me,
and I have done enough matrixing
that I never have to resort (grin) to martial arts.
I have choices.
I can go towards him,
away from him,
I can just balance him.

To balance him all I need to do is pick a direction
that will establish a distance
and maintain it.
this is a circle.
He closes,
I sidestep,
circle circle.

I know somebody out there is going to think,
is he a blocker, a jammer, or a runner…
oh, Al is doing Aikido or Pa Kua or…?

That would be the kenpo slant on Neutronics.
Or the Aikido slant on Neutronics.
Or some other stylistic version of Neutronics.
But Neutronics,
real Neutronics,
has no slant.
It is the truth,
the pure.
The simple.

Blocker, jammer or runner comes from Neutronics.
Neutronics doesn’t come from kenpo.
Circling comes from Neutronics,
Neutronics doesn’t come from circling.
You have to assess which is the truth here,
and which is the version.

And you have to remember that I am doing this mentally,
with no physical motion.
I circle or sidestep or go towards or away in my mind,
and that handles the reality of him
with no need for motion.

This brings us to an interesting point,
everything becomes weird
when you fold emotions into the matter.
Ever see somebody who is running angrily away?
His body is going one way,
and his emotions are going the other,
and how the heck do you handle that?

do enough Neutronics,
and you can.
And you can handle it with a sudden glow of spirit,
that pulls the plug on the twist of emotions,
and the odd manifestation of motion and emotion.

The trick is this,
everybody thinks they know about this stuff,
oh yeah,
it’s simple,
I knew that.
But they don’t.

They are still locked in systems,
running the maze of tricks and confusion,
arguing over styles,
or having opinions on techniques,
or just generally holding the opinion that they,
that their art,
is best.
And they have never gotten out of the maze
and achieved the overall viewpoint.
They haven’t gotten out because they have never done Matrixing.
Read the wins,
the fellows with the most experience,
the ones deepest into the maze,
are the ones most grateful for Matrixing.

But the point is this,
Neutronics is not a slant,
it is a moment of pure you
that lasts forever,
and enables you to solve problems
as they happen.

Neutronics is not be bound by a system,
but to be unbound in the moment.

I could give you endless examples,
for all life is but an infinite manifestation of neutronic principles.
But what is important is that you do the martial arts,
find the logic in them by matrixing.
Don’t settle for…
this technique connects to this one connects to that one…forever,
but establish a grid by which every martial arts technique has it’s place,
and the interconnection of techniques obvious.

find the principles,
do the Matrix until everything becomes crystal clear,
and you will find yourself,
and then you will understand Neutronics
in a way most difficult to describe.

Neutronics is you,
it is the rules for operating this universe,
a universe that you didn’t even know you created.
Neutronics is the ‘you-niverse.’

Okley dokley…
here’s the URL


Have a Neutronic Work out!


How Core Package Works, and a Matrix Kung Fu Win!

Newsletter 592

About the Core Package and a Win from Matrix Kung Fu

What a great day, eh?
Perfect for the work out.
I never get tired of saying
every work out is a prayer.
That’s because you learn to control yourself with a workout,
and you learn to focus your awareness.
And the secret to living life
with guts and efficiency,
is in cultivating your awareness.

martial arts discipline

We are all monkeys until…martial arts discipline

I want to explain something about the Core Package today.
The core package is four courses,
Matrix Karate
Matrix Kung Fu
Matrix Aikido
The Master Instructor Course.

The theory behind it is simple.
Matrix Karate begins the matrixing process on any martial art.
You do the course, learn karate,
more important,
you have the basics of matrixing.
You then apply matrixing to any art you know.
You take,
Wing Chun,
and you put it to the Matrix Karate Template.
You isolate the proper blocks,
and actually do the karate forms
with Wing Chun.
Or Shaolin,
Or Kenpo,
or whatever.
Doesn’t matter what art it is,
you can take it and insert it into the matrix karate template,
do the exact same forms with a different art,
Your other art is matrixed.

So that’s the first course.
Matrix Aikido is a look at how to make a grab art
out of ANY technique.
You throw a punch,
somebody blocks,
and you do a simple concept,
and suddenly you have a whole new world
opening up for you.
it is is a wild and wooley world,
but it is open,
and once you step through those doors
you are going to need Matrix Kung Fu.

Matrix Kung Fu applies that concept to every joint,
breaks down every joint in the body
so that you have the proper education
and can understand exactly what you are doing
even when you are doing
something you have never done before!
I should say,
it doesn’t matter which course you do first,
Matrix Kung Fu or Matrix Aikido.
The effects,
in the end,
will be the same.
You will be able to take ANY technique
out of ANY martial art
and make a grab art out of it
all the way to lock or takedown.

I should say more at this point,
I have a win to offer,
but let me tell you something about the Master Instructor Course,
before I give you the Matrix Kung Fu win.

The Master Instructor Course matrixes the body.
It doesn’t get all mystical,
it is merely a scientific breakdown
of how energy works in the body,
and you can use this to make your form perfect,
and your techniques perfect.
And I do mean perfect.
After you see the right reason for doing something,
you will give up your wrong ways
and focus on the right ways,
and you will be in an entirely different realm of martial arts.
The data on the Master Instructor Course is instantly usable,
and nobody,
and I mean NOBODY,
can argue with what I tell you on that course.
And the truth is this…
if a fellow doesn’t know the material on the master instructor course,
he isn’t really an instructor.
And I tell you this,
if you’re an instructor,
order the course,
if I’m wrong,
get your money back.

some future newsletter
I’ll talk more about the Master Instructor Course,
what it does to a person,
and all of that.
This newsletter,
I promised you a Matrix Kung Fu win.

Hello Master Case,

…I wanted to say that this Matrix Kung Fu is the best I have seen from everything that I have of yours so far! Furthermore, this course is the best course on throws and locks that I have ever seen due to its simplicity yet comprehensive nature. If a student learns these forty techniques then that student can learn any similar type throws or locks based on the foundation that Matrix Kung Fu provides. The only comment I would make as far as changing anything is that this is really Matrix Chin Na (which in my opinion is an excellent system).

The video is very well done, the techniques are excellent, the material is very original, and the step by step explanation is great! I practiced these with my black belt son first and then started to teach them to my Monday night martial arts students. The techniques worked great!

Thank you for the fantastic work you do!


John M. Landry, Ph.D.

Thank you, John.
Your kind words inspire me.

for everybody out there.
I’m not getting rich on this,
check out the price of the course,
But the data is priceless.

The thing is this,
everybody out there wants to make money,
I want to get better,
and the ONLY way to get better in this life
is to make other people better.
To be a helping personality,
instead of a greedy or desperate personality.
That’s why I do what I do.
That’s why I keep the prices low
so ANYBODY can afford my courses.

I want you to consider something.
John did the course,
grabbed his son and said,
let’s go!
he is now teaching others what he learned.

His teachings have improved,
and my real pay is…
his students are getting better.

And their students will get better.

And maybe I will have done something
in my short life
that is of worth,
that has value,
that actually helped people.

As I said,
that’s why I do what I do.

So check out the Matrix Kung Fu course here…

a word…
It looks like Monkeyland is coming true.

120 acres on top of a mountain.
Absolutely idyllic.

We’re working hard on it,
and I hope to have an announcement,
complete with pics and plans
in the near future.

at this point,
you can contribute merely by sending me
your kind thoughts and mental pictures
of what Monkeyland looks like.

Very exciting.

The most significant thing to happen in the martial arts
since the establishment of the Shaolin Temple.

stay tuned,
and I’ll tell you more about it when I can.

time for you to do a work out!
Me, too!

Talk to you later.


Don’t forget to go to…


The Truth About the Mind, the Body, and What the Martial Arts Really Do

The Truth About Matrix Martial Arts

Truth, and in the martial arts. What an interesting idea. With everybody crowing about being able to beat up everybody else, where could one hope to find the truth of Kung Fu, or Karate, or Shaolin, or whatever?

Well, scroll down and I’ll tell you, and show you, how it all works.

matrix martial arts

The body is a motor that focuses awareness


// Your body is a motor. A motor needs two terminals. This could be the planet and the body. That’s a good motor. You can, just because gravity pushes you down, start the motor up. Takes work, but what’s the alternative? Be an eat and tweet guy or gal? Tweeting in bytes and never really accomplishing anything with your life?

Another motor would be the two legs. You push from one leg to the other, from stance to stance, and energy charges up your legs and starts up this thing called a Tan Tien.

The Tan Tien (literally: the one point) is an ‘energy generator.’ You use gravity to run energy up your legs, focus properly on the tan tien, and you start building up energy.

Do it right, and that means with a properly arranged martial arts, and you get this thing called ‘chi power.’ Most martial arts, especially in this day of greet and beat Mixed Martial Arts, are not properly arranged, so they don’t show this manifestation of energy.

But, you find a good art, one that is more or less scientifically correct in its instruction and forms and techniques and all that, and you get more and more chi power.

Now, the interesting thing here is that you use the body to create chi, but it is your mind that directs it.

Well, not actually the mind. The mind, you see, is a bunch of memories. That’s all, just a bunch of things you used to do.

This thing called ‘mental ability’ is actually not the mind. It is the persons ‘awareness.’

Awareness is an interesting thing. It is the only thing in the universe that cannot be seen…because it sees. It cannot be measured…because it measures. It is in charge.

Awareness at Work!

(This is actually one of the simple and easy things a person can do with the right Martial Arts Training!)

Most people go through life subduing their awareness. They get stupider through school. They lower their intelligence by falling into work ruts, and so on.

Then there are the martial arts. The martial arts actually raise intelligence. They do this by causing the awareness to work.

By training in martial arts forms you learn how to focus the awareness. By studying martial arts techniques you learn to measure the universe. By doing Martial Arts freestyle you learn to do it all now. In the moment.

There are martial arts systems, often mixed martial arts, that focus on reality, which includes impact, which is to say getting hit. This risks damage to the body, and it makes the mind remember things, which, in spite of any joy of combat, causes the awareness to get smaller.

In other words, you do MMA too much you get stupider.

In an oddly hilarious quirk, if you tell a person who is studying MMA that he is risking getting stupider, he is going to beat you up. Proof of stupidity if ever there was. SImply, it is stupid to beat up your fellow man; you are beating up other people, reducing their awareness, and thus reducing the awareness of all.

So the solution is to study classical, proven martial arts. You will still learn to beat people up, but you will learn other thins too. And, you will learn to not want to beat people up. Simply, it is more fun gaining in awareness, becoming smarter, than it is to make yourself, and the world, stupider.

But, to be honest, that is not enough of a solution.

You see, through the years and decades and millennium, the method of martial arts has become…stupider. Too many people wanting to study them just to beat people up, not enough people wanting to get smarter.

Well, heck. Somebody’s got to be a little stupid to start with if he wants to study something just to beat people up, right? Grin.

Now, that bit of humor aside, the cure to this martial arts problem, the way to get smarter faster, instead of the slow method, which takes years and doesn’t always work, especially if your system is screwed up, is matrixing.

Sure, you can beat people up, but playing with them is a lot more fun!

Matrixing is the simple procedure of applying western logic to the martial arts. Western logic is something that the martial arts have never had.

Now, some people can’t have this matrixing thing. They think that their martial art can’t be improved, they are loyal to the exclusion of all other ideas, and so on.

Which is like riding a horse down the freeway and saying, “there’s no such thing as cars…there’s no such things as cars…”

Sort of silly, eh? Especially when you read some of the testimonials about Matrixing. When you read the testimonials on Matrixing you are reading the words of people who (often) have studied the martial arts for years. They say things like, ‘I can’t believe how much I am learning!’ Or, ‘Everything is suddenly making sense!’ Things like that.

The testimonials are on MonsterMartialArts.com, if you wish to actually read them. Heck, do a search through them for the martial art that interests you, you might find somebody who was like you, but is suddenly finding a whole new world, discovering the so called ‘secret techniques,’ making sense out of all the accumulated data of decades of study in Kung Fu, or Aikido, or Taekwondo, or…?

Anyway, Matrixing, while there are complete arts on almost every course, is a science separate to itself. And here comes the interesting thing: when you improve the software (martial arts) programs in your mind, the mind, itself, starts to improve.

martial arts chi power

You can control the whole world!

People find their memory improving, they start communicating at a higher level, they begin to learn and understand things outside the martial arts, and this by intuition and permeation ~ by the real methods awareness uses, instead of a muscle mind in a meat body.

And that is the glory of the martial arts, especially the new and improved martial arts that matrixing creates.

Now, you have a choice, remain an eat and tweet fellow, munching twinkies on the sofa while you peck away at a keyboard, thinking that you are plugged in, and not realizing that you really are plugged in…a victim of mass media gimmicks.

Or, you can toss the twinkie, get off your rapidly expanding butt, and head for a dojo, get some books off the net (it IS good for something!), and…by going to Monster Martial Arts and finding out the truth of this thing called Matrixing.

Let’s see…rapidly degenerating intelligence, a chubbed out bod, wondering where youth and opportunity have gone…or…a quick intelligence that takes charge, a body that is young and strong, and a world where the lights always seem to be green.

Make the choice now…go to Monster Martial Arts and find out about Matrixing…find the spark plug that ignited in people like Bruce Le, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan…and others. A lot of others.

Go to MonsterMartialArts.com

Who Invented the First Martial Arts Matrix?

Matrixing as a Way of Life!

I was reading Black Belt Magazine, and I came across a letter to the editor in which a fellow, Jerry Beasely, claimed that he coined the term JKD Matrix back in 1988. Interestingly, I have him beat.

I came up with the first graphs for matrixing in the late seventies. I made ‘the’ matrix graph, about 1980. I used it to teach a karate class in San Francisco in probably that same year.

matrix martial arts graph

Does this describe the original Matrix?
Click on the man in the box to find out more.

I used the word Matrix because I was looking for a concept/method that would be the ‘mother’ of the martial arts. I decided upon the word Matrix because it was used to describe a cage used to hold a female wolf for breeding purposes in ancient Rome. Thus, it referred to the term ‘mother,’ and it described the actual table I was using to develop mymatrixing concepts.

Now, the matrix that Mr. Beasely is talking about probably has to do with selecting a sequence of weapons according to distances and preferences. The reason I surmise this is because he mentions that the matrix is different for every person. But if this is so, it is a guideline,and not a science.

In my Matrixing I used a table taken from Boolean Algebra. Boolean Algebra is used to describe three dimensions on two dimensional surfaces. Thus, you can describe space flight, or how objects contort three dimensionally, on TV or on a computer.

I used the table, however, to help people understand every single potential of motion in the martial arts.

This helped people organize their martial arts, discover things they didn’t know, learn faster, and become much, much better as martial arts.

And, because the table never changes, is the same for all people and all arts, it presents not just a guideline, but a complete science.

Interestingly, as time went on, I found that I was able to use the Matrix not just for Martial Arts, but for virtually every field of knowledge. And, most surprisingly of all, I found that when people used my graph for even a short length of time, the data of the field it was being applied to not only became more logical and easier to understand, but the people themselves began to think in more clear fashion.

That’s the exact story concerning the term itself. For more information about what a Matrix does, and how you use one, go to MonsterMartialArts.com.


The Real Truth About Matrixing in the Martial Arts

Matrixing in the Martial Arts

One of the things that amazes me is the lack of logic in the martial arts.

Now, in the beginning of my studies, I thought there was a logic. A fellow throws a punch, and you do a block, and that is logical. But, unfortunately, that was the end of logic.

My first system, a kenpo system, began a wild foray into the number of things you could do to maim a human body. There were punches and kicks and blocks and throws and…and they were done to every single part of the human body.

But it was all out of order. It was random listings of techniques, and no technique, in spite of the hype about ‘key techniques,’ led to another in any sort of logical sense.

So I went to a classical karate system, and things were different there. Yes, the techniques were still random, but there weren’t as many of them, and I was drilled in them until the power popped out of me like a Tokyo nuclear plant.

I was relatively happy, all that karate power, but the happiness left when I started teaching.

Simply, I saw people start and quit, and the few who made it were special before they began. So how does somebody get Joe Average to stick it out, and gain those special abilities that elevate him and make him somebody special?

This was the point that I began really cutting things up, reassembling, and searching for an answer…a logical method for teaching martial arts.

This first matrixing actually took place in Santa Rosa. I broke four martial arts down to a simple geometrical logic, and presented them.

Man, it worked like a charm. The guys and gals mastered this stuff within a couple of months! I think the slowest one was about four months. I mean, incredible!

Problem. They had the moves, but they didn’t have that power. But the power was what it was all about. Power, such as I am talking about in Karate, opens the door to the self.

So I gave up. Sort of quit, and just entertained myself by researching other martial arts.

But every once in a while something would happen that would keep me sort of revitalized.

Myself and a fellow locked ourselves in a room and did nothing but martial arts for one week. After he left me he went to a classical Japanese Karate school and was instantly promoted to 3rd degree black belt. True story.

Then there was the one week black belt course, where I took five guys and we spent forty hours in an attic.

I became a writer for the martial arts magazines, wrote dozens of articles, and had my own column in Inside Karate (Case Histories).

The one year course I taught for my son. Six students, five of which made it to black belt, and with the full and complete power of Karate.

And there were other things that happened. You see, I would research an art…then teach it. But my teachings were always to cement what I had learned, and figure out how to slant it towards matrixing.

And, eventually I had a student who said, ‘Let’s start a school!’

But I had had a school, a half dozen schools, and I didn’t really want another school.

But, I guess I did, because I let myself be talked into it. And this was the first time that I started really teaching all the stuff I had accumulated.

I taught Karate and Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Pa Kua, and I taught them with the Matrixing data I had discovered. I showed what they really were, and how they fit together into one art. And people began to experience not just the power of karate, but of the whole martial arts, and they began to get it quick!

Interestingly, I had people come in and challenge me.

I never let a fight develop, I just sat them down and explained matrixing to them, and they walked out, a little dazed, a lot brighter, and much happier.

And, if there was a shortage in any of my martial arts, people would come in and help me. I had a fellow with ten more years experience than I had come in and teach me systems of Shaolin and Tai Chi. Really rounded me out, helped me figure out better ways to apply matrixing. And things like this happened all the time, and they were out of the blue, gifts, blessings from some invisible martial arts god that grinned when he looked down and saw what I was doing.

One day my student came to me, the same one who had wanted to start a school, and he says, ‘Let’s start a website and sell martial arts!’

I tell you the truth, I didn’t want to. I didn’t understand computers too well, it sounded like a lot of work, and…and somehow I found myself in a studio, shooting video after video, teaching the arts just as I taught them in class, whole arts in a couple of hours.

But, the business failed, and after a couple of years my student came to me and said, ‘Time to split.’

I asked him what he wanted to do with all the videos we had shot.

‘Oh, they’re yours. That’s you. Do what you want with them.’

So I started Monster Martial Arts, and something interesting happened. I sold a few courses.

And something else happened, people started writing in and telling me how blown out they were, that they had learned so much, that, for the first time since they began studying martial arts…they finally understood them.

And Monster Martial Arts began to grow.

So read some of the testimonials (wins) listed at Monster Martial Arts. These are the words of people, people like you, people who want to know the real martial arts, and don’t want to spend three lifetimes doing so.

Have a great work out.

zen martial arts

Selective Blindness in the Martial Arts, and How to Shut It Off

create martial artWhen it comes to Martial Arts one of the things I find most interesting is blindness.
There is blindness on the mat, in which the guy doesn’t see what is coming. You can fix that with a little matrixing; you can open his eyes right up.
But since I can fix that blindness, it doesn’t hold much interest for me. I understand it, I can fix it, so what.
The type of blindness that does intrigue me is the kind of ‘select blindness.’ This is when people see only what they want to see.
The good side of this is that you can shut out advertisements, ignore the google boxes, that sort of thing.
The bad side of this is that this type of blindness kicks in and shuts a guy’s mind down.
Consider the fellow who tells his mind not to see things, and then the mind stops seeing all sorts of other things, too.
Consider the fellow who sees ‘splash pages’ on the internet, and he quickly gets out of Dodge.
A Splash Page is a one page website consisting of three steps.
One, build affinity, make the guy think your’e like him. Oh, I used to be poor, the girls didn’t like me, the guys on the football team used to bully me.
Two, give him a goal to identify with. He can get rich, get the girl, beat up the bully. Because he likes you (you’re just like him, right?) and because he wants to get rich, get the girl and beat up the bully, he is ready for step three.
Three, send money to PO Box 666 in Iwanalive, NY.
Do you see how cruel this is?
The guy who wrote the website is pandering to the victim in a person, and taking advantage of insecurities.
And, enough times bit, people start going blind on spash pages. I don’t want to go there. I spend money and get nothing. Been there, done that, got poor.
And then he comes across Monster Martial Arts, or one of my other sites, and because he has conditioned himself to shut things out of his mind, he shuts my site out of his mind.
But I am not one page asking for money. I am hundreds of pages, filled with articles and blogs and free offers and…an actual product that works.
The point here is that I write articles like this every once in a while, and for two reasons.
One, I don’t like Splash pages and what they do. They are pretty much scams. The few that do work are so few in number that I support blindness.
Two, so people will actually be able to perceive the vast different between one of my sites and a splash page. So that they will shut off the blindness long enough to actually see my sites, see the difference, realize that there is actually some meat to this Matrix Martial Arts thing; so that I am not a gimmick, but an actual contribution to mankind.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out how many actual pages of worth there are; how many articles, how many graphics, how many well thought out blogs which actually offer information that makes a better human being.

The Birth of Matrix Martial Arts!

create martial artI was going over various things
having to do with matrixing,
and I realized something,
many people are coming in late,
I’m talking about the latest things,
and they don’t know anything about
the beginnings of matrixing.
I need to fix that.

One of the first wins I ever got
was from a fellow name of John Champion.
Most people never heard of him,
but he produced the old TV series
McHale’s Navy.
the old television series
Before that he produced movies
worked with people like Audi Murphy,
Linda Darnell, Joel McCrea,
Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond,
and a slew of other big time names
from the fifties.
Before that,
he wrote screenplays,
and all sorts of other stuff.

When I met him he had had a heart attack.
Actually had something like a quarter of his heart removed,

Here’s his win.

March 6, 1985

Dear Al:

Having suffered two severe coronaries, resulting in an inoperable condition, I am forced to take eighteen pills a day to stay alive. As a result, at 62, your training methods seemed to have nothing to offer me. In fact there appeared to be genuine risks in my getting involved in any rigorous physical discipline.

I’m pleased to report I was wrong on all counts.

After only ten work outs with you, my condition has improved greatly. Something else amazes me even more. I’m able to grapple with and frequently solve mental problems that were completely defeating me six weeks ago.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

John Champion.

I taught John The Infinite Fist
from the Create Your Own Art Course.
Honestly, he was so weak and fuzzy brained
it was a work out
just to get him to move.
the logic pulled him through,
and by the time 20 lessons had passed he had done
pretty much everything on the Create Your Own Art course.
We didn’t get into big takedowns,
but we did go into weapons a bit.
This because he walked late at night with his wife
and wanted self protection.
One day he held out a golf club,
asked me if that was a good weapon.
I said something like,
‘not for blocking.’
He held it over his head with two hands,
told me to hit him with one of my wooden swords.
I laughed,
took the club out of his hands
and snapped it in my hands.
We laughed as he realized that
if I had swung my heavy bokken at him
he would have massive head injuries.

he looked at one of my scripts,
offered to buy it,
and then he told me that he would make me a producer.
I wasn’t interested at all,
I wanted to do martial arts,
not produce movies,
which actually seemed to upset him.
He couldn’t understand how I could turn down
the chance at riches and power and gorgeous movie stars.

I couldn’t understand
how anybody could be waylaid
by such superficial things.

he was a tremendous fellow.

the Create Your Own Art course
has the original research I did.

In the beginning
I wrote long lists,
I filled hundreds of notebooks with lists of techniques from various arts
and combinations of arts,
just trying to make sense out of it all.
I stumbled across the actual formula,
the matrixing table
which made all lists obsolete.
a couple of matrix tables
created all the techniques I had been tried to sort through,
and I ended up throwing away a couple of hundred spiral ring notebooks
filled with lists of techniques, forms, drills,
and everything I knew,
but couldn’t make sense out of.
Matrixing provided me with the logic
to see everything…
everything in the martial arts
could be fitted into a little matrixing.

So Create Your Own Art has the three arts I used,
it has a couple of the old lists I used,
and which had proved particularly helpful
in making the first matrix tables.

The problem with it is the grainy, ancient video technology.
You can understand what I am saying and doing,
but it is blurry.

The other problem,
if you consider it a problem,
is my youth.
I was not polished
as a writer or public speaker,
and I tend to judge myself for that.
the thing to remember is that
my lack of personal polish is not what we are looking at,
what we are looking at is my enthusiasm,
an enthusiasm that was so overwhelming
that I turned down Hollywood offers
just to do the martial arts.

to be truthful,
I usually recommend Matrix Karate
as the first course,
because it has the matrix tables in it.
there is incredible value
in seeing the source material,
getting a look at what I was doing
and what led to me figuring out
the matrixing tables
and how they worked.

That’s the story,
and I’ll probably write a lot more on these early days.
I like thinking about the fun I had,
I like sharing it,
and I know it helps people,
gives them some reality on what I went through
to figure this stuff all out.

as I said earlier,
turkey day is past,
time to work out,
get rid of the fat
before Xmas comes
and we get fat all over again.

and I’ll talk to you later.



All who think cannot but see there is a sanction like that of religion which binds us in partnership in the serious work of the world.
Benjamin Franklin