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How Core Package Works, and a Matrix Kung Fu Win!

Newsletter 592

About the Core Package and a Win from Matrix Kung Fu

What a great day, eh?
Perfect for the work out.
I never get tired of saying
every work out is a prayer.
That’s because you learn to control yourself with a workout,
and you learn to focus your awareness.
And the secret to living life
with guts and efficiency,
is in cultivating your awareness.

martial arts discipline

We are all monkeys until…martial arts discipline

I want to explain something about the Core Package today.
The core package is four courses,
Matrix Karate
Matrix Kung Fu
Matrix Aikido
The Master Instructor Course.

The theory behind it is simple.
Matrix Karate begins the matrixing process on any martial art.
You do the course, learn karate,
more important,
you have the basics of matrixing.
You then apply matrixing to any art you know.
You take,
Wing Chun,
and you put it to the Matrix Karate Template.
You isolate the proper blocks,
and actually do the karate forms
with Wing Chun.
Or Shaolin,
Or Kenpo,
or whatever.
Doesn’t matter what art it is,
you can take it and insert it into the matrix karate template,
do the exact same forms with a different art,
Your other art is matrixed.

So that’s the first course.
Matrix Aikido is a look at how to make a grab art
out of ANY technique.
You throw a punch,
somebody blocks,
and you do a simple concept,
and suddenly you have a whole new world
opening up for you.
it is is a wild and wooley world,
but it is open,
and once you step through those doors
you are going to need Matrix Kung Fu.

Matrix Kung Fu applies that concept to every joint,
breaks down every joint in the body
so that you have the proper education
and can understand exactly what you are doing
even when you are doing
something you have never done before!
I should say,
it doesn’t matter which course you do first,
Matrix Kung Fu or Matrix Aikido.
The effects,
in the end,
will be the same.
You will be able to take ANY technique
out of ANY martial art
and make a grab art out of it
all the way to lock or takedown.

I should say more at this point,
I have a win to offer,
but let me tell you something about the Master Instructor Course,
before I give you the Matrix Kung Fu win.

The Master Instructor Course matrixes the body.
It doesn’t get all mystical,
it is merely a scientific breakdown
of how energy works in the body,
and you can use this to make your form perfect,
and your techniques perfect.
And I do mean perfect.
After you see the right reason for doing something,
you will give up your wrong ways
and focus on the right ways,
and you will be in an entirely different realm of martial arts.
The data on the Master Instructor Course is instantly usable,
and nobody,
and I mean NOBODY,
can argue with what I tell you on that course.
And the truth is this…
if a fellow doesn’t know the material on the master instructor course,
he isn’t really an instructor.
And I tell you this,
if you’re an instructor,
order the course,
if I’m wrong,
get your money back.

some future newsletter
I’ll talk more about the Master Instructor Course,
what it does to a person,
and all of that.
This newsletter,
I promised you a Matrix Kung Fu win.

Hello Master Case,

…I wanted to say that this Matrix Kung Fu is the best I have seen from everything that I have of yours so far! Furthermore, this course is the best course on throws and locks that I have ever seen due to its simplicity yet comprehensive nature. If a student learns these forty techniques then that student can learn any similar type throws or locks based on the foundation that Matrix Kung Fu provides. The only comment I would make as far as changing anything is that this is really Matrix Chin Na (which in my opinion is an excellent system).

The video is very well done, the techniques are excellent, the material is very original, and the step by step explanation is great! I practiced these with my black belt son first and then started to teach them to my Monday night martial arts students. The techniques worked great!

Thank you for the fantastic work you do!


John M. Landry, Ph.D.

Thank you, John.
Your kind words inspire me.

for everybody out there.
I’m not getting rich on this,
check out the price of the course,
But the data is priceless.

The thing is this,
everybody out there wants to make money,
I want to get better,
and the ONLY way to get better in this life
is to make other people better.
To be a helping personality,
instead of a greedy or desperate personality.
That’s why I do what I do.
That’s why I keep the prices low
so ANYBODY can afford my courses.

I want you to consider something.
John did the course,
grabbed his son and said,
let’s go!
he is now teaching others what he learned.

His teachings have improved,
and my real pay is…
his students are getting better.

And their students will get better.

And maybe I will have done something
in my short life
that is of worth,
that has value,
that actually helped people.

As I said,
that’s why I do what I do.

So check out the Matrix Kung Fu course here…

a word…
It looks like Monkeyland is coming true.

120 acres on top of a mountain.
Absolutely idyllic.

We’re working hard on it,
and I hope to have an announcement,
complete with pics and plans
in the near future.

at this point,
you can contribute merely by sending me
your kind thoughts and mental pictures
of what Monkeyland looks like.

Very exciting.

The most significant thing to happen in the martial arts
since the establishment of the Shaolin Temple.

stay tuned,
and I’ll tell you more about it when I can.

time for you to do a work out!
Me, too!

Talk to you later.


Don’t forget to go to…


Who Invented the First Martial Arts Matrix?

Matrixing as a Way of Life!

I was reading Black Belt Magazine, and I came across a letter to the editor in which a fellow, Jerry Beasely, claimed that he coined the term JKD Matrix back in 1988. Interestingly, I have him beat.

I came up with the first graphs for matrixing in the late seventies. I made ‘the’ matrix graph, about 1980. I used it to teach a karate class in San Francisco in probably that same year.

matrix martial arts graph

Does this describe the original Matrix?
Click on the man in the box to find out more.

I used the word Matrix because I was looking for a concept/method that would be the ‘mother’ of the martial arts. I decided upon the word Matrix because it was used to describe a cage used to hold a female wolf for breeding purposes in ancient Rome. Thus, it referred to the term ‘mother,’ and it described the actual table I was using to develop mymatrixing concepts.

Now, the matrix that Mr. Beasely is talking about probably has to do with selecting a sequence of weapons according to distances and preferences. The reason I surmise this is because he mentions that the matrix is different for every person. But if this is so, it is a guideline,and not a science.

In my Matrixing I used a table taken from Boolean Algebra. Boolean Algebra is used to describe three dimensions on two dimensional surfaces. Thus, you can describe space flight, or how objects contort three dimensionally, on TV or on a computer.

I used the table, however, to help people understand every single potential of motion in the martial arts.

This helped people organize their martial arts, discover things they didn’t know, learn faster, and become much, much better as martial arts.

And, because the table never changes, is the same for all people and all arts, it presents not just a guideline, but a complete science.

Interestingly, as time went on, I found that I was able to use the Matrix not just for Martial Arts, but for virtually every field of knowledge. And, most surprisingly of all, I found that when people used my graph for even a short length of time, the data of the field it was being applied to not only became more logical and easier to understand, but the people themselves began to think in more clear fashion.

That’s the exact story concerning the term itself. For more information about what a Matrix does, and how you use one, go to MonsterMartialArts.com.


A New Martial Science for the New Year!

Monster Newsletter #365–A New Martial Science for the New Year!

Good morning
and almost happy new year!
Another couple of days
and we’ll be there!

Another year, another art to learn.

One more step closer to the truth of you.

Another year to enjoy all God’s critters.
Read books,
eat ice cream…
some joys are small,
some are large,
but they are all worth it.

in my training,
I usually concentrate on five arts.
I work out on everything,
try to remember everything,
try to stay young,
and it works pretty good.

I work on yogata for strength and balance and such stuff
Matrix Karate for that one on one freestyle edge
Shaolin Kung Fu for quick angulations
Butterfly Pa Kua for the legs and the manufacture of energy
Matrix Tai Chi so I can be deadly.

Isn’t that funny that I take the softest art
to be the deadliest one?

I try to work on everything,
make everything mesh perfectly.

here’s something interesting.
If you were studying computers
you would go get a thick book on writing code,
take courses and learn the rules.
If you were studying electronics
you would get into all the rules for energy flow.
Physics is Newton and all those guys,
specific rules of gravity and motion and everything.

The point is that
every science has a manual,
a distinct set of rules.
We have called the martial arts an art
because there has been no set of rules,
so it has not been a science.

Matrixing changes that.
Matrixing is a set of rules
that guides the martial arts.
Follow the rules
and you learn faster
get more now,
compile all arts into one,
have no blank spots in your education
develop intuition
and on and on and on.

matrixing is a table resulting from a rule of neutronics.
The prime rule of Neutronics,

For something to be true
the opposite must also be true.

This is a totally accurate and exact representation of the yin yang symbol.
The difference,
is that the symbol is mysticism,
and matrixing,
specifically the first rule of Neutronics,
is a science.

Most people try to learn the martial arts
by memorizing mythology.
Trying to figure out the yin yang,
and repeating the moves of forms
in ritual that is not understood
except in the barest of ways.

the myth falls,
and you realize certain things.
But it takes years.
And so many artists drop by the wayside.

when you know the rules,
when you know the science,
you know what the forms mean,
you know what the moves mean
before you do them.
And your progress is faster.

Do you want to rent a seat on a jet plane?
Or work in a buggy factory?
It is that simple.

I hope you try the jetplane this year.
There’s a thousand others
that have gone before you
and they have written over 300 pages of wins,
testimonials that what I say is so,
that this is not one of those silly internet gimmicks,
but an actually

that all said,
take a moment and have a thought.

What will you accomplish this year?
How will you help your family do better?
How will your business do better?

Helping others is how you help yourself.
Anybody who has taught martial arts
is convinced of that one.

Anything I can do to help you,
let me know.

It’s not all internet marketing,
you see,
it is how can I be of value to you?
How can i be of worth?
How can I help you
get closer to the truth of yourself?
that is what it is about.

let’s have a great year,
the best ever.
and let’s start it right now.

Have a great work out,
and i’ll talk to you later.


If you want the perfect martial arts body, try this URL
The Perfect Body

The less their ability, the more their conceit.~Ahad HaAm

The less their ability, the less they did the martial arts. ~Al Case

It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.~Jean Nidetch

It’s martial arts – not chance – that determines your destiny. ~Al Case

Order is not pressure which is imposed on society from without, but an equilibrium which is set up from within.~Jose Ortega y Gasset

Order is not pressure which is imposed on society from without, but an equilibrium which is set up by doing martial arts ~Al Case

Send me your wins!

How to Matrix Emptying your Cup in Karate

When it comes to giving a matrix karate lesson I am always mindful of the old zen parable. You’ve heard it in Bruce Lee movies, Avatar, and everywhere in between. It actually comes from the book ‘zen flesh, zen bones.’

The young priest is talking with the old priest, but is argumentative, has an opinion about everything, and it is all the old priest can do to get a word in edgewise.
Finally, the old priest pours the young priest a cup of tea, and keeps pouring until it overflows.

“Hey!” yells the young priest!

“This cup is like you,” said the old priest, “full of yourself. How can I show you zen if you won’t empty your cup?”

Now, the interesting thing is that you don’t have to empty your cup to learn matrixing. Learn matrixing and everything in your cup settles down to a nice, logical order. You will find that, once matrixed, you have an infinite amount of space in your cup, and you cane even keep your opinions and thoughts, if you wish.

Easy to find out about Matrixing. It’s at Monster Martial Arts. Get the free ebook and you can see if it makes sense.

Win #1 From When I First Taught Matrix Karate

When I first began teaching Matrix Karate I got some incredible wins. This was one of the first.
Third Lesson
Structure, form, mechanics, these are limitations of incomparable magnitude.
The trouble one can get in is trying to make form contain the spirit.
the real form, real martial arts, begins when one blows through form, body limitations, and pictures of ‘how to do,’ and just begins ‘doing.’ What fun–how nice to GLOW!
Rick Thatcher
The interesting thing is that the martial arts have to do with physics, the angles of the body, how to set up geomtery for techniques, things that you learn in school, but never put together with a study of the real martial arts.
Anyway, this Matrix Karate win was one of the first, and wins like these really got me going on Matrixing. If you want more data, just pop on over to MonsterMartialArts.com

What Life Is and How to Make It Work with Matrix Martial Arts

Does the universe work for you? Or do you just sort of bounce around and fall whim to the breaks of the universe? Interesting question, eh?

The universe, you see, is like a big pool table, and most people just bounce around, bounce off the sides, bounce off other people, and, eventually just fall in that big hole in the corner. This is what we call being a victim, as one never gets to have much choice, never gets to choose the good job, never becomes a star, and so on. The odd thing is that this type of life is incredibly easy to change…if one could only figure it out.

The first step in figuring it out is to go out and deal with life, to do something, and to make that something that you do related enough to life that it all makes sense. The best thing, in this first step, is the martial arts. The reason for this is that objects fly at you, and you have to deal with them, and isn’t that what life is about?

Really, the universe is nothing but a bunch of objects floating around, and sometimes they hit you, and sometimes they miss you. So, when you do martial arts you are learning to handle the universe on a smaller level. Unfortunately, there are problems with this method.

One problem is that people have screwed up the martial arts so much they don’t always work well; they take years to learn, and the connection with life is somewhat tenuous. This is because martial artists have, for millennium, altered the martial arts for their own ends. They change them for god and country and tournaments and just to make a buck…and for a thousand other reasons besides.

So, to make the martial arts work fast, and by that I mean fast enough so that you can use them to manipulate life, you need to arrange them, put order in them, figure them out as a logical science. So you matrix them, and they suddenly become easy to learn, and they work ten times better, intuition kicks in, and, zingo bingo, you are the master of the universe.

Now, just reading these words, and understanding such a thing as Matrixing exists, tends to lighten the load. People grin, and they start thinking about matrixing their own art, but then a problem arises. It’s like knowing that water exists instead of jumping in the water.

So, if you want to be a billiard ball on the pool table of life, bouncing around, victim to whatever happens to collide with you, never being in charge, then keep doing what you are doing. If you want to learn how to handle incoming objects as you wish, to take charge of life and use the universe as you wish, then learn the martial arts. If you wish to own the pool table today, instead of paying on the installment plan…you need to matrix martial arts, and then you can be the Master of the Universe today, and not by the end of your life!

You can find out about Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

The Three Evolutionary Methods of Matrix Martial Arts

You should understand, right from the start, even though there are entire martial arts on my DVDs, that this thing called Matrix Martial Arts is not a martial art, it is a system of teaching and debugging the fighting disciplines. When you look in your phone book at the yellow pages you will find all sorts of martial arts names combined. Signs that say the school teaches karate kickboxing, or karate jitsu, or some other combination, merely mean that the school doesn’t know the difference between karate and whatever the other art happens to be.

There is a way mixing arts together so they work, but it is a matrixing method, and unless the school owner has studied matrixing, he has not–and I say this with certainty–managed to put two arts together in the right manner. I have studied the arts for over four decades, read all the manuals and seen all the vids, lived through the golden age, and I have never seen anybody who has managed to combine two arts successfully. Sorry, that’s just the facts.

Having said that, whether you wish to put different arts together, make true your own art, or have some other notion, Matrixing is the method that will illuminate your journey and make your goals achievable. Matrixing is actually the first level, and leads to the other two levels. Taken as a whole, the three phases do provide a way whereby one can travel the whole journey of the martial arts.

Matrixing constructs personal radar. How do you know what is happening behind you, in the blind spot of your peripheral eyesight, in the shadows that envelope us? Using Matrixing you have a tool which helps you to search out these blind spots, shine light upon them, and find out what nasty thing is trying to sneak up on you, blind side you, bop you over the bean.

The second level is Neutronics. Interestingly, Neutronics is not a martial art, it is information, and that’s all it is. And, I grin as I say this, the data doesn’t do much–but if you don’t know Neutronics, then you can’t know the martial arts, no matter how much you have matrixed them, and you can’t step up to the third phase.

The third stage I have labeled Flux Martial Arts. Now, don’t get frizzy on me, Flux merely refers to the flow of energy which occurs around the body and through the universe, and it covers, in empirical and practical and workable and usable fashion–the flow of energy around the body through the doing of the martial arts. It replaces vapid and misunderstood and savaged notions regarding such things as chi, or ki, or whatever the catch basket a student uses to describe all the things that have come to confuse him.

Using Flux theory you aren’t going to ‘root like a tree,’ and shoot out ‘lightening bolts’ of chi from your palms. Yes, that might occur, but not as described in mysterious and outdated language. It occurs with simple, scientific terminology.

Now, I would like to tell you all about Flux theory in this bit of writing, but, to be honest, Neutronics is Flux Theory, and the third step is actually the doing of the Neutronics. Matrix establishes you and the universe, Neutronics describes themethod by which the universe functions, and Flux operates the universe. The three fields of Matrix Martial Arts–Matrixing, Neutronics and Flux–are actually three phases of a scientific method built to do one thing–make you make the universe work.

You find out about Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts. Neutronics is available at Monkeyland. Flux iscoming.

Win Every Fight With The Only Three Techniques of Kickboxing Karate

I know, kickboxing karate isn’t an art, but it is a translation. When you translate from karate to kickboxing, or from kickboxing to karate, you can win every single fight you are in by knowing the three things I am going to tell you here. We are dealing only with the hands, mind you, so you have to control your distance to make sure that you stay at punching distance.

If you are going to try to use this data with kicks we would have to set up an art called karate tae kwon do…grin. Or, if you were going to use it with fancy hand traps we might call it shaolin kickboxing. Call it what you will, the techniques will work, but you might have to make some changes.

Before we get started I should tell you about the set up for the three techniques. The set up is to have the hands extended, palms facing outward, elbows about 135 degrees, so that the hands are in front of the shoulders. This, incidentally, is a universal peace sign, an ‘I don’t want to fight,’ which is a good thing because it is better to avoid a fight in the first place.

The basic principle here is that two objects can’t occupy the same place in space. Go on, shove one chair through another chair. You’ll just end up with kindling.

First Technique, he is going to have to go around you, and you can do a hard block and punch. This isn’t even a counter, this is done at the same time with a slight body shift/sidestep. You will have immediately grabbed the initiative and can follow up with an inside attack.

Second technique, he is going to try shifting to the front and jabbing, and you can just pass him and pound on his body. With these two techniques he is trying to go around you, and this will set him up by shutting his weapons down, or opening his targets up. A little practice and you will be able to tell which way he is going.

Third technique, and this is the one we want, is when he tries to go between your hands. He can be blocked easily, and, the potential for trapping him, simply by closing your hands, is large. You trap his elbow and his wrist and work an arm bar, and when he tries to back out, or otherwise wiggle, you elbow roll him, and you can work elbow spikes and secondary punches, all while keeping him trapped and unable to fight back.

This freestyle technique can further be enhanced by shifting the body or changing the distance between the hands, thus encouraging your attacker to do exactly what you want. In other words, you will make him totally predictable, and nobody is easier to beat than a fighter who is totally and utterly predictable. So, there you go, that is how you actually matrix the initial entry into a fight, and when you win that fight just tell everybody you were doing kickboxing karate…heh.

Wantmore stuff on how to win a fight the easy way? Come on over to Monster Martial Arts.

Monster Newsletter #319–Your Fists Are Torpedo Alley!

Life just can’t get better.
Wake up…work out
Repeat daily.
That’s the key,
you know?

Let me talk about matrixing and fighting today.
I love fighting,
especially when I’m the one that wins,
and there is a specific matrix to it all.
Just remember,
when you try what I’m going to tell you here,
that it is just the icing on the cake.

in my usual odd fashion,
let me slide in on this.

You ever hear of torpedo alley?
There was an old movie,
nifty concept,
but what most people don’t know is that
torpedo alley referred to a 100 mile stretch of water
off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia.
that where the Germans sunk over 400 ships
in what some historians have called,
‘The Great American Turkey Shoot.’
The German u-boats would hide in between the islands out there
and pop out and shoot
and duck back and hide.
Very smart warfare.
I know it cost the US big time.

what does this mean to us?
we want to create a torpedo alley
of sorts,
to knock our attacker out of the water.
The question then is
how do we set up a martial arts ‘torpedo alley?’

This is the simplest thing in the universe,
and only the fact that people don’t keep it simple
is why it keeps getting discovered
and lost
discovered and lost
discovered and lost.
almost every new student comes across this,
they either start going complex and clever,
talking themselves out of what works,
or otherwise forget about this gem.

Assume a fighting stance,
set your hands about shoulder width apart,
elbows at about 135 degrees,
palms facing out.

Palms out,
is a universal peace sign.
‘I don’t want to fight.’
This is good,
because you are trying your last effort
to avoid what you are about to do to your opponent.

two objects can’t occupy the same space.
That’s basic physics.
Don’t need no stinkin’ slide rule for that one,
just try to push two chairs through each other.

your attacker’s fist
can’t go through your fist,
so it has to go around,
that means,
when you matrix the position,
only one of three things will happen.
Around one side,
or down the center,
or around the other side.

be careful,
we are not talking about feet,
and we are not talking about ‘trap and roll’
or some other clever strategy.
We are just talking about keeping it simple
and making yourself focus on just one thing.

he is going right,
down the tube.
Down torpedo alley.

there are only three things you need do.

If he comes around one side,
you hard block and counter.

If he tries the other side,
you simply pass him and pound his ribs and kidney,
or whatever comes up on your scope.

joy of joys,
if he goes down torpedo alley,
you simply arm bar him,
translate into an elbow roll when he tries to back out
or otherwise wiggles.
Take him down.

the first few times you get him in torpedo alley
the takedown might be difficult.
A little practice,
a little focus on the technique,
not letting yourself get distracted by clever stuff
when you practice,
and you will be able to take him down.

The trick is in knowing what he is going to do.
Making him totally and utterly predictable.
by adjusting torpedo alley
you can make him do whatever you want him to do.

Here’s where it gets fun.
Close the alley by bringing your hands closer together,
and he will go around.
Turn your body slightly,
and you can tell him which side you want him to go around.
Or open your hands slightly,
and invite him in to the party.

Do you see it?
You are making him punch into a block,
or punch into a manipulation,
or punch into a lock,
simply by opening a door
and letting him go through.

His own desire to take the easiest and fastest way
is going to cost him.
Big time.

This is matrixing at work in combat.
takes apart a certain piece of the freestyle process,
makes it totally understandable.
Get a few pieces,
and you’ve got the whole thing,
and then you are the one who is going to win.
you are going to have all sorts of different perceptions.

you force yourself to look at one thing
until you see it,
and can do it,
and you are no longer blind in that one thing,
befuddled by mystical bushwah,
or otherwise confused.

You will see all sorts of things you never saw before.
They were right in front of your face…

It is simple logic
tempered by simple dedication to application
without letting yourself get distracted.

when you try this
and it works,
come on back and order a real course.

as I said in the beginning of the newsletter,
this is just a tidbit,
a bit of icing
and you need the whole cake.
You need to matrix not just one simple little freestyle situation,
but everything!
You need to be able to matrix all the potentials of motion
on the spot
as it happens,
no matter what happens.

Here’s the first course,


This one starts it all,
good place to start,
as I have said,
you should start with what interests you.
I don’t care what piece of the pie you start with,
just that you get started.

Got to change the martial arts on this planet.

Okey dokey
take two workouts and order more in the morning.




Hey Al,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how things are going. The karate school I opened is doing well. So far I have a modest amount of students but they really enjoy the training and it is growing. Your Matrix Karate is a big hit I added it to my training curriculum and the students learn at an alarming rate, even the parents comment how fast they improve in such a short time. …thank you for your hard work in the field of Martial Science.
Michael Guthrie

Thanks, Michael. Your win makes my day.

Send me your wins!


Monster Newsletter #317–The Right Way to Work Out!

Howdie to all!
I hope you availed yourself of all the party you could yesterday,
cause it’s time to put that freedom to work!

Freedom to do what?
I believe was the question.
And the answer:
to work out!
what is the correct way to work out?
The answer is simple,
so simple it is hard.

a work out is intimate time with yourself.
And there is no second.

By intimate,
I mean that you concentrate in such a singular fashion,
that there is only you.

You put aside the world and worries.
You become conscious only of the procedure
of the block or the kick or the throw…
in whatever fashion you wish to explore.

how fast can you move from one position to the next?
And this turns out to be a procedure of not using the muscles.

Kung Fu:
whirl through a vortex of energy
and into the posture.

Pa Kua:
the process of taking out the corners,
all the corners,
until you achieve circular perfection.

Tai Chi:
suspended energy,
learning how not to use muscles,
but to relax no matter how rigorous the posture.

And every art has its specific concept.
When somebody has the concept down
good art is easy to see.
But if the artist doesn’t have the concept down,
or if his art conflicted with multiple concepts
good art is hard to see.

Get them all,
get all the concepts
and solve them individually
and no matter how complex
the Art is easy to see.

People can see the art because
you are aglow,
you are pure.
You are you.

That’s your freedom.
Screw the politicos,
F the rules and regulations.
There are no rules and regulations within you
love your fellow man.
Do unto others,
that sort of thing,
and that is something that you will never ever ever learn from any politician.

But you learn it in the martial arts,
you learn it from yourself
when you make yourself pure
through the martial arts.

Of course,
it certainly helps
if your martial art is pure.

I should pitch you here,
so here is the URL,

Monster Martial Arts

Go there,
and start making yourself pure.
Fix your art by matrixing it.
Make your techniques work every time
by finding the truth behind them.
A better task has no man.

a couple of quickies.
I’m going to reload the Monster this week,
might be some down time,
but not much,
Then I can work on Monkeyland.
Got some great stuff happening there.
since I shut down the Blinding Steel Site,
not sure what to do with the courses.
Maybe I should take those Blinding Steel courses
and rename them ‘Matrix Weapons.’
Let me know what you think.

that’s about it,
it’s time to work out!
Here’s the URL again…

Don’t forget to visit the monster and have some fun!

Have a great week,
and I’ll talk to you later.



Hope all is going great. Just want to say love the matrix Tai Chi. I have had it for like 2 months and still haven’t seen the last disc. Just so much info there. I have looked at many forms online compared forms applications and so forth. Learned part of the form and applications seem endless.–Louis B.

Thanks Louise, appreciate the kind words, have a great work out!

There are over a dozen courses at Monster Martial Arts, and you can learn how to matrix your art from the ground up!