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How to Lose a Fight with Martial Arts!

How to Lose a Fight No Matter Though You Know Martial Arts

What an interesting idea,
how to lose a fight
though you know martial arts.

Yet it is done,
and big time.

know martial arts

Is this really the way to solve problems?

Oh, but before we get going let me say
Good morning
and happy work out!
One more day in work out paradise, eh?

Sorry, it’s impolite to start right in
without the greeting,
and the hint to work out.

Robert E. Lee lost the civil war for the south,
on the military front,
because of one,

Lee was fighting the north to a standstill,
his lines of soldiers were brave and happy to be fighting the yanks.
His horse back raiders were some of the fiercest EVER seen.
he made one mistake.

He invaded the north.

You see,
as long as he was fighting on home turf
he was winning.

He knew the land,
more important,
the men were fighting for their homes.
They weren’t invading,
they weren’t trying to take what was somebody else’s away,
and they were winning.

When you look at the statistics of the war,
they really shouldn’t have been winning.
But they were.
Because they were fighting for their homes.

When Lee decided to try to take Washington,
even though it was to end the war,
he became an invader,
and it changed the whole mindset of his army.

the lesson we learn here is simple,
fight from your home ground.
Don’t go looking for trouble.
Fight for what is yours,
and not for what is somebody elses.

I was with somebody the other day,
and they got in an argument,
and they didn’t do too well.
They turned to me for help,
but I raised my hands and refused to enter into the argument.
Because my friend was wrong.
The whole premise of his argument made him an invader.
He started it.
The other person was defending his ‘home ground.’

Wouldn’t it be an interesting world if people refused to be invaders?

We were invaders during Viet Nam.
That, though we had the bravest soldiers in the world,
was a debacle.

On the other hand,
during the white man’s settling of America
we ran into the Indians.
The Indians actually kicked out butt much,
but they had one problem,
they didn’t believe they owned the land.
How can somebody own what is God’s?

But without this sense of ownership,
coupled with the fact that because of modern technology
the whites were able to breed like rabbits,
and the Indians lost.

Mind you,
we are paying for their loss to this day!
Guilt is thrown at us by all our victims.
Indians, blacks,
whoever we have conquered and abused,
throws guilt at us.
Interesting memory building up in our race, eh?

So leaving your home turf to beat somebody is to be an invader
and it has consequences.
And even beating somebody on your home turf has consequences.
Interesting, eh?

History is so full of examples of this phenomena,
and all its rich variables…makes history worth reading.

But what is more important is the relationship to the martial artist.

Your home ground is your soul.
It is your integrity.
And the integrity of your soul
is complemented and bolstered
by the integrity of your art.

Aikido has much integrity.
It holds to a central concept,
spreads love instead of the invader mentality.

Do Karate right,
and there is no first strike…
there is no invader mentality.

Do any martial art right
and you become a whole,
more complete person.

end of history lesson,
hopefully I have made it personal,
and encouraged you to look at Matrix Aikido,
Matrix Aikido holds to a central concept,
more important,
it does this with a logic
that makes the art easier to understand.
Easier to use in combat.
Easier to plug into ANY other martial art.

Think about it,
you know Karate,
just because you took the Matrix Aikido course,
you are able to translate ANY karate technique
into a flowing grab art.

Now go to this URL and check out the price.


Have a great work out!

there is a new win in the sidebar at the Monster,
really powerful,

How Core Package Works, and a Matrix Kung Fu Win!

Newsletter 592

About the Core Package and a Win from Matrix Kung Fu

What a great day, eh?
Perfect for the work out.
I never get tired of saying
every work out is a prayer.
That’s because you learn to control yourself with a workout,
and you learn to focus your awareness.
And the secret to living life
with guts and efficiency,
is in cultivating your awareness.

martial arts discipline

We are all monkeys until…martial arts discipline

I want to explain something about the Core Package today.
The core package is four courses,
Matrix Karate
Matrix Kung Fu
Matrix Aikido
The Master Instructor Course.

The theory behind it is simple.
Matrix Karate begins the matrixing process on any martial art.
You do the course, learn karate,
more important,
you have the basics of matrixing.
You then apply matrixing to any art you know.
You take,
Wing Chun,
and you put it to the Matrix Karate Template.
You isolate the proper blocks,
and actually do the karate forms
with Wing Chun.
Or Shaolin,
Or Kenpo,
or whatever.
Doesn’t matter what art it is,
you can take it and insert it into the matrix karate template,
do the exact same forms with a different art,
Your other art is matrixed.

So that’s the first course.
Matrix Aikido is a look at how to make a grab art
out of ANY technique.
You throw a punch,
somebody blocks,
and you do a simple concept,
and suddenly you have a whole new world
opening up for you.
it is is a wild and wooley world,
but it is open,
and once you step through those doors
you are going to need Matrix Kung Fu.

Matrix Kung Fu applies that concept to every joint,
breaks down every joint in the body
so that you have the proper education
and can understand exactly what you are doing
even when you are doing
something you have never done before!
I should say,
it doesn’t matter which course you do first,
Matrix Kung Fu or Matrix Aikido.
The effects,
in the end,
will be the same.
You will be able to take ANY technique
out of ANY martial art
and make a grab art out of it
all the way to lock or takedown.

I should say more at this point,
I have a win to offer,
but let me tell you something about the Master Instructor Course,
before I give you the Matrix Kung Fu win.

The Master Instructor Course matrixes the body.
It doesn’t get all mystical,
it is merely a scientific breakdown
of how energy works in the body,
and you can use this to make your form perfect,
and your techniques perfect.
And I do mean perfect.
After you see the right reason for doing something,
you will give up your wrong ways
and focus on the right ways,
and you will be in an entirely different realm of martial arts.
The data on the Master Instructor Course is instantly usable,
and nobody,
and I mean NOBODY,
can argue with what I tell you on that course.
And the truth is this…
if a fellow doesn’t know the material on the master instructor course,
he isn’t really an instructor.
And I tell you this,
if you’re an instructor,
order the course,
if I’m wrong,
get your money back.

some future newsletter
I’ll talk more about the Master Instructor Course,
what it does to a person,
and all of that.
This newsletter,
I promised you a Matrix Kung Fu win.

Hello Master Case,

…I wanted to say that this Matrix Kung Fu is the best I have seen from everything that I have of yours so far! Furthermore, this course is the best course on throws and locks that I have ever seen due to its simplicity yet comprehensive nature. If a student learns these forty techniques then that student can learn any similar type throws or locks based on the foundation that Matrix Kung Fu provides. The only comment I would make as far as changing anything is that this is really Matrix Chin Na (which in my opinion is an excellent system).

The video is very well done, the techniques are excellent, the material is very original, and the step by step explanation is great! I practiced these with my black belt son first and then started to teach them to my Monday night martial arts students. The techniques worked great!

Thank you for the fantastic work you do!


John M. Landry, Ph.D.

Thank you, John.
Your kind words inspire me.

for everybody out there.
I’m not getting rich on this,
check out the price of the course,
But the data is priceless.

The thing is this,
everybody out there wants to make money,
I want to get better,
and the ONLY way to get better in this life
is to make other people better.
To be a helping personality,
instead of a greedy or desperate personality.
That’s why I do what I do.
That’s why I keep the prices low
so ANYBODY can afford my courses.

I want you to consider something.
John did the course,
grabbed his son and said,
let’s go!
he is now teaching others what he learned.

His teachings have improved,
and my real pay is…
his students are getting better.

And their students will get better.

And maybe I will have done something
in my short life
that is of worth,
that has value,
that actually helped people.

As I said,
that’s why I do what I do.

So check out the Matrix Kung Fu course here…

a word…
It looks like Monkeyland is coming true.

120 acres on top of a mountain.
Absolutely idyllic.

We’re working hard on it,
and I hope to have an announcement,
complete with pics and plans
in the near future.

at this point,
you can contribute merely by sending me
your kind thoughts and mental pictures
of what Monkeyland looks like.

Very exciting.

The most significant thing to happen in the martial arts
since the establishment of the Shaolin Temple.

stay tuned,
and I’ll tell you more about it when I can.

time for you to do a work out!
Me, too!

Talk to you later.


Don’t forget to go to…


What Life Is and How to Make It Work with Matrix Martial Arts

Does the universe work for you? Or do you just sort of bounce around and fall whim to the breaks of the universe? Interesting question, eh?

The universe, you see, is like a big pool table, and most people just bounce around, bounce off the sides, bounce off other people, and, eventually just fall in that big hole in the corner. This is what we call being a victim, as one never gets to have much choice, never gets to choose the good job, never becomes a star, and so on. The odd thing is that this type of life is incredibly easy to change…if one could only figure it out.

The first step in figuring it out is to go out and deal with life, to do something, and to make that something that you do related enough to life that it all makes sense. The best thing, in this first step, is the martial arts. The reason for this is that objects fly at you, and you have to deal with them, and isn’t that what life is about?

Really, the universe is nothing but a bunch of objects floating around, and sometimes they hit you, and sometimes they miss you. So, when you do martial arts you are learning to handle the universe on a smaller level. Unfortunately, there are problems with this method.

One problem is that people have screwed up the martial arts so much they don’t always work well; they take years to learn, and the connection with life is somewhat tenuous. This is because martial artists have, for millennium, altered the martial arts for their own ends. They change them for god and country and tournaments and just to make a buck…and for a thousand other reasons besides.

So, to make the martial arts work fast, and by that I mean fast enough so that you can use them to manipulate life, you need to arrange them, put order in them, figure them out as a logical science. So you matrix them, and they suddenly become easy to learn, and they work ten times better, intuition kicks in, and, zingo bingo, you are the master of the universe.

Now, just reading these words, and understanding such a thing as Matrixing exists, tends to lighten the load. People grin, and they start thinking about matrixing their own art, but then a problem arises. It’s like knowing that water exists instead of jumping in the water.

So, if you want to be a billiard ball on the pool table of life, bouncing around, victim to whatever happens to collide with you, never being in charge, then keep doing what you are doing. If you want to learn how to handle incoming objects as you wish, to take charge of life and use the universe as you wish, then learn the martial arts. If you wish to own the pool table today, instead of paying on the installment plan…you need to matrix martial arts, and then you can be the Master of the Universe today, and not by the end of your life!

You can find out about Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

Monster Newsletter #317–The Right Way to Work Out!

Howdie to all!
I hope you availed yourself of all the party you could yesterday,
cause it’s time to put that freedom to work!

Freedom to do what?
I believe was the question.
And the answer:
to work out!
what is the correct way to work out?
The answer is simple,
so simple it is hard.

a work out is intimate time with yourself.
And there is no second.

By intimate,
I mean that you concentrate in such a singular fashion,
that there is only you.

You put aside the world and worries.
You become conscious only of the procedure
of the block or the kick or the throw…
in whatever fashion you wish to explore.

how fast can you move from one position to the next?
And this turns out to be a procedure of not using the muscles.

Kung Fu:
whirl through a vortex of energy
and into the posture.

Pa Kua:
the process of taking out the corners,
all the corners,
until you achieve circular perfection.

Tai Chi:
suspended energy,
learning how not to use muscles,
but to relax no matter how rigorous the posture.

And every art has its specific concept.
When somebody has the concept down
good art is easy to see.
But if the artist doesn’t have the concept down,
or if his art conflicted with multiple concepts
good art is hard to see.

Get them all,
get all the concepts
and solve them individually
and no matter how complex
the Art is easy to see.

People can see the art because
you are aglow,
you are pure.
You are you.

That’s your freedom.
Screw the politicos,
F the rules and regulations.
There are no rules and regulations within you
love your fellow man.
Do unto others,
that sort of thing,
and that is something that you will never ever ever learn from any politician.

But you learn it in the martial arts,
you learn it from yourself
when you make yourself pure
through the martial arts.

Of course,
it certainly helps
if your martial art is pure.

I should pitch you here,
so here is the URL,

Monster Martial Arts

Go there,
and start making yourself pure.
Fix your art by matrixing it.
Make your techniques work every time
by finding the truth behind them.
A better task has no man.

a couple of quickies.
I’m going to reload the Monster this week,
might be some down time,
but not much,
Then I can work on Monkeyland.
Got some great stuff happening there.
since I shut down the Blinding Steel Site,
not sure what to do with the courses.
Maybe I should take those Blinding Steel courses
and rename them ‘Matrix Weapons.’
Let me know what you think.

that’s about it,
it’s time to work out!
Here’s the URL again…

Don’t forget to visit the monster and have some fun!

Have a great week,
and I’ll talk to you later.



Hope all is going great. Just want to say love the matrix Tai Chi. I have had it for like 2 months and still haven’t seen the last disc. Just so much info there. I have looked at many forms online compared forms applications and so forth. Learned part of the form and applications seem endless.–Louis B.

Thanks Louise, appreciate the kind words, have a great work out!

There are over a dozen courses at Monster Martial Arts, and you can learn how to matrix your art from the ground up!