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Monster Newsletter #348–O-M-G! Another Master Instructor!

Wowzer Da Dowzer!
This has been the greatest month ever
for new Master Instructors!
Some of these guys are new,
some have been matrixing for a while,
they are happening!
And I’ve still got one more to go…

Congrats to Master Instructor Frank Cole!

     I wanted to e-mail you and let you know how greatly helpful the Master Instructor course was for me.  I am a new Sensei and the teaching tools you gave me will go a long way in teaching my students.
     My background includes a  lifetime of studying Martial Arts and self-defense, including Tae Kwan do, Jujitsu, and self defense courses.  Thanks again for the wonderful course, I can not wait to check out your Aikido program.
Sensei Frank Cole

Master Instructor Cole,
and well done.

I want to say something.
The Master Instructor certificate program is free.
I don’t charge for the certs.
I don’t charge extra for the Master Instructor program.
I just want to validate people who have the knowledge.
It costs me ink, paper, postage and time,
but it establishes a standard.

The idea here
is that the knowledge necessary
to truly be an instructor
is exact.
You either know it or you don’t
If you were an engineer,
what you need to be an engineer
is set in stone,
arguable by no one.

a fellow who has taken the Master Instructor course,
is an engineer of the body when it comes to Martial arts.
Set in stone.
You can’t argue with it.

Here’s the not so funny truth about this.
There are some people who actually know the data,
I’ve actually encountered a couple
in the over three years I have been doing Monster.
But that leaves about a thousand
that didn’t know the physics involved.
Some were high ranking,
some were multi art,
an awful lot of them had trained
under people who could be considered legends.

So 999 out of a 1000
don’t know what’s in the Master Instructor Course,
and that is just the state of the martial arts.

But I don’t point fingers,
I don’t tell people they are idiots and my art is the only one,
I just give them the data,
congratulate them,
and am glad that the level of art
is being elevated.

They had enough brains and courage to look,
didn’t they?
And all that is really important is that they get the right data.

You see,
I am not here to make people wrong,
I am here to make the art right.
I am not the grand mucky muck
who wants everybody to bow to him.
I am an old guy
who likes to make friends.

When I come back to this planet,
I want the state of art
to be out of the stratosphere.
I want every teacher to be the best,
and I think the Master instructor course
can make this happen.

And it can happen as fast as you can read,
watch a DVD,
and run out on the mat
to see if what I just told you
is the truth.

Not years and decades,
but a few hours,
because this is knowledge,
and knowledge can be shared.

if you haven’t worked out enough
maybe you’re a lower belt,
then you will have to continue working out,
sufficient to train your mind and body
to do the things that you know.

But the training will be easier and faster,
and you will be assured of a much higher chance
of reaching your goals.

Isn’t that what it’s about?

I remember the old saying,
‘The Truth will set you free.’
my old saying is,
‘Know the truth
and work becomes play,
night becomes day,
and you are on your way.’

Okey doke,
I’ve ranted enough,
got a couple of announcements.

Keep an eye on the Monster homepage,
down at the bottom,
there is going to be something
in the next few days
that’ll blow your socks off.
of course,
that you are wearing socks.

if you received a copy of Matrixing Chi
without the following four items on it
Matrixing Chi (book)
The Candle (book)
Motoring Tai Chi (article)
Matrixing Dictionary (book)
then let me know.
Email me,
and I will make sure you get all four items.
My fault they weren’t there on all disks,
my apologies,
and my responsibility to do something about it.

Here’s the Matrixing Chi page
if you don’t have Matrixing Chi
then go there.

Matrixing Chi Book!

if you were walking along and found a twenty dollar bill,
it’s mine,
please mail it to me.

enough blather,
it’s time to start the new week
with a fantastic work out.
You guys and gals go sweat up a storm
and I’ll talk to you later.


A film is a petrified fountain of thought.
Jean Cocteau
A form is a flow of ideas–Al Case

Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top.
Timothy Leary
Life is unbearable if you don’t study martial arts.–Al Case

Faith is a passionate intuition.
William Wordsworth
Faith is evident in a passionate performance of art–Al Case

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