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Are you Suffering from Emotional Punctuation?

The subject of emotional punctuation  isn’t normally what I would talk about on this blog, this is about martial arts. but when i get a good article published I always like to pass it on. So here is the skinny on emotional punctuation because, even if you’re a martial artist, you should know something about writing.
If you’re a writer, it is good that you’re suffering from emotional punctuation. If you’re not, you should at least understand it. And how do you go about understanding this bizarre term that sounds almost psychiatric in tone? You go to the latest article by Al Case.

how to become a writerhttp://www.bookdaily.com/authorresource/blog/post/1640833

And there it is.

Don’t dally now, don’t let emotional punctuation get the best of you.

Monster Martial Arts Releases 500 Martial Arts Articles!

500 Martial Arts Articles in One Volume!

Monster Martial Arts has announced the release of a single volume containing 500 martial arts articles.

The volume is a massive undertaking which took years to write. Consider that it has over 600 pages, and nearly 250,000 words, and one quickly realizes that it is one of the largest martial arts books ever written. It is even larger than many dictionaries.

The instant download is nearly 6 MB alone!

The 500 articles were written by Al Case over the last six years, and were intended to bring attention to his Monster Martial Arts website. That they succeeded is obvious, as that site has become extremely popular, as have the martial arts instructional courses on the site.

The courses cover a broad range of eastern disciplines, including karate, aikido, kung fu, pa kua chang, tai chi chuan, weapons, and more. The courses are designed to instruct one how to matrix the martial arts. Matrixing is a new form of logic which makes the martial arts easier and faster to learn.

The 500 articles also cover a broad range of interests. Consider the following list of titles.

4 Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li: Who‘s the Better Martial Artist?

60 How to Fight in the Dark

82 How to Tell if a Martial Art Instructor is Any Good!

124 Kung Fu Master…and the Secret of Light Kung Fu!

179 The Greatest Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t So Great!

209 The Fastest, Hardest Kick In The Martial Arts

250 I Beat Eight Ninjas in a Barfight Using Spetsnaz Karate Techniques!

276 Flux Theory and the Secret of Negative Tai Chi Chuan Chi

297 Martial Arts Breaking Techniques: Boards with a Single Finger

346 Five Martial Arts Exercises Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

369 Tony Jaa Threatens to Kill Himself, then Becomes a Monk!

402 Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips

418 Take a Punch and Walk Away Smiling with One Simple Exercise

447 Karate Freestyle and the First Few Seconds of a Street Fight

488 Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

The release of the 500 articles coincides with the upcoming ‘Great Matrixing Tour.’ The purpose of the tour is to bring Matrixing to the Martial Artists across the United States.

People who buy the book will be contributing directly to the tour.

Again, the book is an instant download on the net, and a complete viewpoint of the martial arts, including history, techniques, personalities, and even the new sciences of Matrixing and Neutronics. People interested in purchasing the 500 Martial Arts articles should go to: