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Al Case Martial Arts Books Hit Kindle!

Martial Arts Books Extravaganza!

Al Case, the most prolific Martial Arts writer in history, has begun loading his books and novels onto Amazon/Kindle.

Titles include:

martial arts books

Click on the cover!

Pan Gai Noon (Kung Fu system which resulted in Karate)
Kang Duk Won (unique version of Karate from before Funakoshi)
Perfect Karate
The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang (a neutronic look at how Pa Kua Chang really works)
The Bodyguard Training Manual (one of the few careers in which a martial artist can use his talents legitimately)
3rd Level 6th Sense Sword fighting (getting to the heart of real weapons training)
and more.

Some of the books are available through the author’s websites, some have been out of print, or bundled and not available separately.

Of particular interest are his novels, which show a wide range of interests.

The block buster ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’
A tale of race war in America, ‘Monkeyland.’
The secret history of planet Earth, ‘The Bomber’s Story.’
Probably the best novel ever written… ‘Machina.’

Many of these novels have not been available, or were previously only available in perfect bound copies.

Many of the novels have Martial Arts themes or sub themes.

Martial Artists would be especially interested in the Wudan Assassin series.

The Wudan Assassin series are three volumes: Hero, Assassin, and Avatar.

The Assassin is the army of the Wudan, the world’s oldest religion. He cannot get sick, he cannot die, and he is the sole protector of hope on planet earth. He did, however, have to pay a price for his unique abilities: he has no soul.

Readers wishing to avail themselves of this unique collection of Al Case Martial Arts Books and Novels can simply click on over to Kindle/Amazon.

Bruce Lee Website Reveals the Truth About the Little Dragon!

Free Bruce Lee Website Promises to be Significant!

Bruce Lee is the most famous martial artist of all time. He impacted upon America like a Kung Fu fist, shaking all our standards of Martial Arts style fighting and cinema alike.

Bruce’s Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do, would bring elegance to streetfighting, and a sureness of character.

bruce lee story

Bruce Lee (The Little Dragon)

His movies would replace the pale chop sockie kung fu flix in a heartbeat.

It is only fitting, then that the most prolific martial arts writer of all time, Al Case, would choose to put up a website dedicated to The Little Dragon. Still in composition, the website is called Free Bruce Lee! And you didn’t even know he was in prison! (He he, snuffle snort–sorry, couldn’t resist).

Anyway, the website already has a handful of articles on Bruce’s life and times, including handwritten letters, articles his martial arts and insane workouts, and even pieces on his actual fights.

That Bruce Lee got in fights is no secret. He grew up in a tough town, was a member of a street gang called the ‘Tigers of Junction Street,’ fought in the Hong Kong Boxing Championships, and, of course, had that famous battle with Wong Jack Man.

The fight with Kung Fu stylist Wong Jack Man is, of course, the most interesting of all Bruce Lee’s fights, as it may be the one that Bruce actually lost, or at least came out on the sad side of a draw. There is MUCH controversy regarding this fight, and of particular interest is the article entitled: ‘Bruce Lee Battle with Wong Jack Man!

As has been noted, this website is in the beginning stages, but it promises to be the most valuable Bruce Lee resource on the whole net. It is in depth, written by a writer who lived through those times, and offers the unique perspective of a martial artist who has studied the life of Bruce Lee since 1967 (when the author began martial arts, and when Bruce Lee hit the small screen as Kato in the Green Hornet television series).

Interested readers should click over to Free Bruce Lee.

Inside Kung Fu Closes Its Pages After 38 Years!

And the mighty have fallen. Victim to high production costs, low advertising revenues, and that durned economy, Inside Kung Fu has decided to close its pages.

IKF placed second in the martial arts magazine racks. After Kung Fu, but outlasting such worthies as Official Karate.

Over the years IKF spawned a range of great mags. Inside Karate, Masters andStyles, and so on. They produced a good range of DVDs and books, and educated martial artists for decades.

In the beginning, Inside Kung Fu was the brainchild of Curtis F. Wong. When Mr. Wong decided to relinquish controls the magazine was promoted by corporate bodies.

I wrote for them. Specifically for Inside Karate, and that was an education in itself. Write for tenth graders, got more pictures? Don’t laugh, it is  a model that worked, and was successful because that is what people understand. And betwixt those pics and short liners were gems of education, and even a column or two, like, (ahem) my own Case Histories.

And here we must mention  the real reason Mr. Wong’s baby will be sorely missed: it was written by martial artists. It is not glossy with one editor polishing (hyping) articles endlessly, it is a variety of die hard martial artists in their own rarely edited words. If you wanted to get the real goods on what a martial artist was all about…that, and her sisters publications, were the magazines.

Believe me, I know, because I had articles except by other mags, and I saw how they altered the copy for the bang, and deleted worthwhile information.

BTW, the issue whose image you see at the top of this article? I was in that one. That’s right. A piece on me. That’s the icing on some pretty serious cake.

To see old articles I wrote for the IKF mags, click on Monster Martial Arts Articles.

How to Get a Job Writing a Column for a Martial Arts Magazine

I get wins like the one you’re about to read regularly. It’s been years since I wrote for the mags, but having done so has provided me with friends, customers, and a certain degree of almost fame. Read the win, then I’ll tell you how to get a job writing for the mags.

Greetings Sir, I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I was a customer several years ago and I have most of your works. But at that time I was unable to purchase your videos and would like to know if you still have those available. I will be purchasing your latest books as well as I always believed you had the best work available and I would like those videos. Please let me know if any are still available. After thirty years of training your work is still refreshing. 
Thank You 

Now, it goes without saying that you’re going to have to know how to write. and it also goes without saying that you should know a bit about your subject. The fact that you’re reading this article already supports that, so let me get into the nuts and bolts of this thing.
I had written a dozen articles for CFW, which company put out Inside Karate, Masters and Styles, Inside Kung Fu, and so on. Out of the blue, I decided I wanted to be a columnist.
First step, I had all the issues of Inside Karate for a couple of years. So I went back and read every column written by the editor (John Soet). I then wrote a column, and tried to sound exactly like him. It turned out pretty good, so I wrote eleven more columns, and sent them to him.
That was it. I ended up writing the column Case Histories for four years for Inside Karate. I was read by millions of people (over time), and to this day I get wins like the one above.
Now, before I turn you loose, I want to share a bit of data that inspired me to this particular method, and abuse some wrong data concerning job seeking of any sort.
Back when I was in college, during a psych class, I came across an interesting datum: bosses hire people who are stupider than them.
Man, that is pretty hard core, eh? That’s a grim slice of inhumanity if there ever was one, and, if it was true, the human race would have died out some time ago.
The corrected datum is: people hire people who are similar to them.
Well, of course! To make a sale you have to make a friend, and that leads to the corrected datum. And that was the type of thought I followed when I was copycatting an editor to get a job.
Now, I don’t know if any of John Soet’s articles are still around, but you can find a healthy sampling of what I wrote for the Martial Arts magazines, inspect them to see how closely I followed the datum I have given you here, at Monster Martial Arts.
Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope to see you in the mags.

I’ve written nearly 2,000,000 martial arts related words, check out my books and courses at Monster Martial Arts.