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Fantasy Martial Arts!

Newsletter 789
Fantasy Martial Arts!

Happy Sunday morning!
It is perfect,
is it not?
For a Sunday workout.
A time in which to make yourself stronger.
More enlightened.

Okay dokay…
I was thinking about fantasies and the real world.
A fantasy is when you think,
‘I’m going to do this!’
and it bears no reality to the real world.

You practice the martial arts,
you mock up defenses for everything
from rape to atomic wars
and you think you are prepared.

But that’s not what it is all about.

The average person will get in three fights in his life.
That’s the actual statistic.

some people have more than that.
A lot more.
A guy who trains in boxing might have a dozen fights,
A cop might have a dozen fights.
The guy who trains in a dojo
usually doesn’t have any fights.

It’s true!
People who train,
and especially in the classic martial arts,
almost never get in fights.
The fights happen around them,
but somehow they walk the walk…
right out of the confrontation.

You can’t believe how many people have verified this for me.

‘I started the martial arts
and now nobody bugs me.’

And the truth is that they have learned to face their fellow man,
and themselves,
and they don’t have that certain set of fears
that results in fighting


And it lasts their whole life.


And this is what happens when you go through
the fantasy of the martial arts.
Your fears fade
and you are left
with the reality of you.

let me change pace,
if you think about it,
what I have just said is the truth,
and there is nothing more to be said.

Let me bounce around a bit.

Hanakwanmass to you.
Whether you believe in Happy Hanukah,
Krazy Kwanza,
or Merry Christmas,
let everybody around you
feel the joy you have found in the martial arts.

Give yourself a present,
or give somebody else a present,
this year,
of martial arts.

Let everybody know,
just by your calm attitude
and peace of mind,
what you have
by giving it to them.

If we had a planet full of black belts
we wouldn’t have any wars.


That is such a totally inescapable conclusion.

get ready,
next newsletter will be
my yearly rendition of
The Night Before Xmas.

And here’s something I have never mentioned,
every time I recite that Xmas poem,
every year,
I get people jumping the newsletter.
It’s true.
I send out my rendition of
The Night Before Xmas
and people cancel subscriptions at a mad rate.

Makes me laugh.

See there are two responses to the thought
behind this Martial Arts Xmas poem.

You can laugh,
and embrace the insanity.

You can get mad,
and struggle against the insanity.

But the insanity will be there
until you do enough work outs.
Do enough work outs
and the fantasy leaves,
and you are left with the truth of the martial arts.
All I’m doing is showing the way.

The Way.

Have yourself an incredible HanakwanMass.

and a fantastic work out!


After 50 years in the martial arts,
these are the forms I study…


My gift to you.


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Martial Artist Goes Insane on TwitterEVERYBODY who doesn’t do martial arts.

Grrr. I’ve had it!

I’ve had all that I can stand…I can’t stand no more.

It’s not that I can’t say something cool in 140 characters…it’s that I have all these idiots following me.

I’m a martial artist, I like people to say things about Bruce Lee, or the nifty fighting sequence in a great chop sockie.

What I get is…

I want became a good person in my life

We all want to become good people in our lives. That’s why we, I and my friends, do martial arts. We chop and kick and practice our Karate/taekwondo/gung fu forms, and we become better.

Work hard,

don’t say stupid things and then expect them to magically happen

without good, hard work!

Then, in the middle of the trade of data concerning how to do a great kata…some idiot says something stupid.

Yes, it is stupid to say you want to become a better person.

It is intelligent to make that decision and practice your martial art to make it work.

It is stupid to say it and post it…as if the forums of the internet will make you a better person.

Oh, you’re just putting out the vibe. Like a prayer or something.

Good. go pray. That’s doing something. But cluttering up mytimeline with your pithy sayings wastes my time, and timeline, and makes you look like an idiot.

Don’t be a talker, be a doer, and do it somewhere else.

The real problem, of course, is that twitter appeals to the stupid.

Be cool, say it in 140 characters.  Yeah, baby, we all deliver one liners, and that makes us look smart?

No, it makes us look stupid. Real stupid. Like so stupid we can’t engage in intelligent conversation.

Go do a form, fer Heysoos sake!

Do something!

Like me.

I’m going through my twitter page now, unfollowing EVERYBODY WHO DOESN’T LIKE MARTIAL ARTS!

If you are a martial artist, come on over. If you are a stupid person, who walks around saying something things, AND THEN NOT BACKING THEM UP WITH A WORK OUT, WITH A FORM, WITH GOOD HARD WORK…stay away.

And, if you like what I said, then you can hit the like button or retweet or something intelligent, because you are part of a bunch of people that believe in hard work, and not living life like a license plate.

Talk to you…the martial artists…later.

Al Case

Extreme Martial Arts Workout!

The Boulder in Your Backyard

Good weekend to you!
You know what I’m going to say…
work out!
It’s the best way
to make yourself better.

Oinkly donkey,
let’s talk about hard core.
One of my favorite stories is Mas Oyama.
Mas was a Korean
who went to Japan after WW2.
He wanted to study Karate,
and the Japanese,
(Shotokan, I believe)
wouldn’t let him.
Word is…
they actually peed on him.
this didn’t sit well with Mas,
so he went up into the mountains,
spent a year in seclusion.
Doing his forms.
Practicing breaking techniques
on boulders.
Take a frozen boulder,
chop with the hand,
and it breaks.
Anybody up for that?

a year passes,
and Mas figures
he hasn’t been in the mountains long enough.
Hasn’t run barefoot through the snow long enough.
he spends another year
in the freezing snow,
doing his forms,
breaking boulders with a chop.

Then he comes down,
goes back to the Japanese
somebody gimme a towel…
there seems to be blood on the floor!

Mopped up those suckers.

I read this story,
several places,
and it was in a movie,
and there seems to be enough truth to it.

What is interesting
is that instructor knew Mas.

My instructor was a skinny, little guy.
But he studied with Don Buck,
and Don was Mas Oyama’s favorite American.
so Bob had to have met and known
this Karate legend.

what I am more interested in
is the work outs Mas must have done.

I live on a mountain,
and I have to chop wood or I freeze.
I have to plant crops,
or food gets scarce.
There work to be done around here.
Sometimes it seems like
there isn’t much time for a work out.

but there is.
There is always time.
You just decide what you want to do
and then you make your life work.
Sometimes it’s tough.
Life says you got to do something else.
you don’t.

Want to hear a neutronic truth?

If you don’t do,
what you want to do,
then you are wasting your life.

you have to live,
you have to work,
you have to contribute
to the society around you.
you still have a higher duty to yourself.

if you want to work out,
and life starts getting in the way,
you just bully life
into doing what you want.

I can’t tell you how important this is.

Sometimes it is tough,
sometimes it is easy,
you still have to make life do what you want it to.

it is YOUR life.
Not some politician’s,
not your daddy’s,
not your child’s,
not your boss’s,
not anybody but yours.

here comes the question…
do you have a boulder in your backyard?
you don’t have to live in the mountains.
Mas had to be crazy, right?
Anybody who feels he has to go live in the wilderness
to be a better person…
that guy has to be nuts.

do you have a boulder in your backyard?
It’s a simple thing.
Or a stack of bricks?
Or a 100 foot tall redwood for a maki wara?
Or some other way to practice your basics
every single day.

You see,
when you get down and dirty,
when you reach the state of mind
that requires breaking snow covered boulders
in the high, high mountains,
you realize something…
it is not that fancy form that is so important,
it is not that complex move
that you wouldn’t have time to do in a fight.
It is your basics.
It is breathing into your movement,
sinking your weight
and aligning,
figuring out how to let go
so that energy comes out of you
with no effort.

do you have a boulder in your backyard?

Have a great work out!


Here’s the link for…THE PUNCH


That’ll help you make little rocks out of big rocks.

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The Premium Martial Arts Work Out

Martial Arts Work Outs to Put You in the Best Shape!

I always chuckle when I see people spending big bucks for a martial arts work out. As if spending money is going to change the texture of your sweat. Well, perhaps it will, but not in the way one thinks.

martial arts work out

This guy worked out at home!

I bought my first kicking bag for $2. It was a duffle bag from the war surplus store packed with free sawdust. I kicked it until it fell apart, then had the cobbler sew it back together for a buck and a half, and repacked it.

What is it? $50 or $60 bucks for a monthly membership at your local gym?

Instead of riding on an exercise bike, I had a real bike, put ten or twenty miles a day on it. You can pick up a bike cheap these days, and do without the monthly dues, or the payments for  an exerbike.

Instead of running on a treadmill, I just go out and run. On the rolling belt thing I use the same muscles, on the street, I use a variety of muscles, and I have to stay alert and watch where I am going.

I guess the message here is that the martial arts should be as natural as possible. I have nothing against looking good, or getting a bag, but I think it’s silly to pay money so you can go hang out in a place with people in leotards, obsessed with their bodies, instead of being obsessed with the martial arts.

Heck, save that money and use it for DVD Martial Arts Courses, or karate books, or kung fu books, or something like that.

My first punching board was a pair of rug samples tacked to a tree. I beat the holy heck out of that thing, and it was free. The samples were free, the tacks were free, the tree was free…and my sweat was freely given.

My first home made martial arts dojo was a rug I picked up for free on the street, the martial arts equipment I have described here, and I filled it amazing amounts of sweat and fun.

You don’t need to pay big amounts of money to get in shape, or to learn the martial arts. All you need is the desire. And maybe a few martial arts DVDs from, ahem, me. They are inexpensive, just like a martial arts work out should be.martial arts exercise

That Martial Arts Moment in Which You Cure the World

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

We’re gonna cure the world with Martial Arts. Most people would say, ‘yeah, right, in a pig’s eye!’ But the truth of the matter is that there is a moment in which you can solve the world’s ills, fix your friends, and generally just right all the wrongs you can think of. That moment happens in Martial Arts at various times. It usually happens at the end of the work out.
Now, let me go somewhere else for a moment, and then come back to this. I guarantee, it’ll be more understandable if I do it this way.
In Yoga, at the end of the work out, you just lie there, maybe listen to some soft music, and you find your mind drifting, and you’re not even there. Sometimes it’s like you’re not even in your body. That is the moment you want to cure things.
You see, in the discipline, be it yoga or martial arts, you exhaust things, you purify, and when everything is done, when the poisons are on the way out, you are granted a moment of clarity, and in that moment your thoughts can change the world.
This is the secret of all religions, all disciplines, because it is the secret of the human being: good thoughts cure things.
If I want to fix my body, say I’ve got a bad shoulder, at the end of work out I look inside my bad shoulder, then look inside my good shoulder, and go back and forth, and share the good condition of my good shoulder with the bad shoulder. The bad shoulder wants to be good, is searching for a way to be good, and with your thoughts, it is shown the right structure, and so it adheres. You would be shocked at how many body problems I fix with this simple method.
And, it works outside your body, too.
You see, at the end of a work out, you think about the problems of the world, that’s all, lose yourself in them, and you will find that they right. Your thought, cleansed of poison, is always right, and the world wants to adhere to the correct structure that you offer. And your thoughts are that powerful.
Your thoughts go around the world, into the universe, touch all men, and fix everything, if you can get rid of the poison within and just let yourself spiritually roam.
Now, martial arts is especially good for this, because martial arts deals with conflict. If you have learned how to resolve conflict in the base of your thoughts, and then you let those thought wander, the world gets fixed.
The problem of course, is that in the present state of the world, with so many raging type thoughts, it is sometimes difficult. A guy who really knows the martial arts, (or some other discipline) and who is doing this, is still fighting against literally millions of people with mad thoughts.
But, it can be done. Simply get more people to do the martial arts, make sure that the martial arts they do are spiritually resolving, that they create peace, and don’t jack you up.
And do tham to the point wherein you lose yourself, as if reading a good book, in the action and violence.
Purge yourself by work out. That is the way.
Check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, if you want to find the true art that will do what I have described here.

Finding the Real and Ultimate Truth of the Martial Arts through Working Out!

Karate Side Kick

Martial Arts Work Out!

Here’s some things about working out.
Where do you work out?
I’ve worked out (taught)
in alleys filled with debris,
basements littered with broken furniture,
rooftops with pipes and wires running everywhere,
rooms with only the space to stand in,
warehouses with dark rows of boxes,
on a fence,
on a tire,
in a tree,
in a cage (old LA zoo),
and on and on and on.
I’ve worked out in the ocean,
in rivers,
in the desert,
in snow,
on hillsides,
and on and on.

Every time I worked out
I learned something unique about my environment
and how to fight in it.
How do I set the feet so I don’t slip,
how do I turn the stance for best launch,
what types of stances work best for what situation,
how do I lift my feet so as not to trip.
And on and on.

I remember reading Carlos Castaneda
and he spoke of how to run in the desert at night.
Lift the knees high,
and I could feel my radar working
as I gave myself up
to trust my world.
how could I apply this to martial arts?

When you think about it,
it makes sense
to try all these places,
because you don’t know what kind of terrain
you will be attacked on.

I was in the army,
sitting on a bunk naked,
and some guy wanted to fight,
and fight me right then,
before I could get dressed.
What a unique learning experience.
I didn’t let it happen,
but to this day,
I think about it,
and what would I do…
home invaders while I’m in the shower,
I jump out,
dripping wet,
slipping on the tiles,
searching for a weapon.

Martial means war,
and so many techniques come from war,
rolling in the mud,
the freezing snow,
in the darkness,
trying to stab
before you are stabbed.

So many techniques are altered by armor,
what techniques do we do that are useless now
but were worth something
when men wore armor?
And what techniques would be good for a fellow in kevlar?

You can see the potentials here.

Can you fight
in any terrain
any clothing
any weather…
of course you can,
if you have to.
But it’s best to seek out those odd environments
when you don’t have to.
Do your learning
before the fit hits the shan.

My favorite years of training were in the dojo,
I simply loved the camaraderie.
I loved sampling the different shapes and sizes
of my opponents
and learning what worked when and for whom.

Those lessons learned,
I expanded on them as you see in this newsletter.
And here’s something to think about…
if all the martial arts came from one technique,
what would that technique be?

When you travel back
through the influences of war
and environment and living conditions
when you think through your martial art
and find the core concept that grew it,
what core concept is there,
what one single technique was there
that made it all work,
that grew the whole thing?

This is a fair question,
and an important question.
Answer it,
and you have plumbed to the depths of your art.

In Aikido,
what technique do you think
turned it all on
for Morihei Ueshiba?

In Karate,
what move tweaked Funakoshi’s mind
and opened it up so he could really learn.
And by learn
I mean create
and absorb and synthesize and….

In tai chi,
in Mantis,
in drunken…
what single technique unlocked those doors,
beckoned the student in,
changed the world.

It is a simplicity that lies beneath all arts,
and even beneath the combination of all arts.

If you come up with one,
let me know.

if you come up with one,
don’t let me be the devil here,
do you think it will be the same one
that your fellow student would have come up with?

That all said,
I want to thank all for the help you gave me
after last weeks newsletter.
If you didn’t take advantage of that offer
in last weeks newsletter,
find it,
use it.
If you can’t use it now,
save it,
use it when I least expect it,
just remind me of it when you do use it.

Help is always appreciated.
The Monster says thanks.

to continue what we were talking about,
to find the truth of your art,
you must matrix.
Matrixing explores the terrain of your mind.
Matrixing explores all the arts,
all the moves,
and puts them in order.
This puts order into your mind,
and the computer up there
really works.
Works better than you ever would have thought.

Here’s the world famous URL…


Go there,
find the art that inflames you,
get it,
and seek the peace of yourself.
It’s there
inside you,
if you just turn the key (work out)
open the door (work out some more)
and walk in (work out even more)

you guys have a day special beyond compare,
and I’ll talk to you later.


The weak can overcome the strong and the yielding can overcome the hard.
This all the world knows but does not practice.
~ Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Martial Art Work Out in the Snow

Would Chuck Norris Use Gloves?

Martial Art Work Outs in different environments is a kick.
I used to read the accounts of Karate classes held in the snow, martial arts meditation under waterfalls, and all that sort of thing.
Now there wasn’t a waterfall near where I lived, and it snowed once every twenty years, so I figured I would have to wait to experience those things. Then, one year, it snowed!
Man, I was like shot. I was in the car and up in the hills in ten minutes. Unfortunately, so was the rest of California.
Oh, well.
So I was wearing gi bottoms, and I took off my shoes and socks, and began doing my karate forms in the snow.
Man, it was a kick.
But I figured I was going to have to figure out some esoteric, weird thing to do with my mind.
In actuality, all I had to do was get the blood pumping and keep it pumping. So I pumped and sweated, and all these mothers bundled their children up and took them away from my area.
And, the worst thing was I had broken a toe a few years previous, and I felt the break. Man, it was an irritant. Made my foot feet fragile, when it wasn’t.
Other than that, the main thing was to keep the enthusiasm up.
You see, it is easy to sweat, but after you see that there really isn’t much of a challenge, you run into the challenge, how do you keep your excitement high enough to keep working out. You have to maintain a level of excitement, you see, and that’s where the exercise becomes more than body, and a mind thing.
In the end, it was valuable, showed me some things about myself, and I recommend it. In fact, I recommend doing this type of martial arts training often. It’s different, it pumps you up, it’s invigorating, and it’s fun.
Of course all martial art work outs are fun, but this is just a little extra fun, and good for you.
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Winners from Martial Arts Contest!

Dietrich M. and Derek S. have both won free Yogata downloads! Contest will go to Feb 7. (I think I said Jan 7 somewhere, but I meant Feb.)

The question is where did this line come from…

“I want a big gun that shoots lots of bullets.”

Name the movie or the actor who said it and win a free Yogata download.

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Achieving The Perfect Martial Arts Work Out

Man oh Wowzer! This really is the Perfect Martial Arts Work Out. Easy to do, no fees or unreasonable equipment, and it can be shaped to fit any person, any needs.

First, you eat something light but sticky. Oatmeal is good. Maybe with apple juice. The reason is you don’t want to weigh down, but you want the energy to just stay and stay and stay.

Then, before I get down to business, I chase the dog.He loves it, I love it, a game of tag for warm up.

Now, I go through Yoga (The Yoga Kata). If it’s a beautiful day I just do a fifteen minute version. If it’s raining then I’ll spend an hour or more doing it. Kills me the next day, but it is so-o-o good.

Then, bicycle six miles. Not fast, just jaunting.

Now the fun starts. I usually start off with standing, doing the old pa kua stroking the beard drill, or maybe the yogata prayer.

From their I slide  my hands through a ying yang and hit a stance. Usually, though not always, I do house from Matrix Karate.

I do the house forms, and then I start to really work. If I’m feeling young, I go through my karate forms. Takes an hour.

If I’m feeling old, I do Tai Chi, and end up feeling young.

If I’m feeling quirky, I do Pa Kua. nothing like being a dragon for a while. So odd, so alone, so much energy twisting up through the body.

And, somewhere in there, I quit. Peter out. Done. Time to go to work.

The joy of course is that work is no longer work. I am connected, part of the universe, willing to be here and do what I have to do.

I hope you guys understand what I mean when I say the martial arts are a blessing, every form is a prayer, and life can get no better.

Old? Hah! That’s for farts with little minds.

See ya.

(Feel free to drop by http://www.monstermartialarts.com and check out Yogata, Matrix Karate, or any o the ‘quirky ‘ arts. I got lots of them. And, if you’re one of these guys who likes free stuff, grab the free ebook at the top left of the home page.

You know, it’s never too late to start crafting your own Perfect Martial Arts Work Out.

Karate Work Out Enlightens Workers!

When I was a kid I hated work. I didn’t want to mow the lawn, I didn’t want to do the dishes, I was just a lazy bum.

When did I change? When I started Karate.

Karate, and the martial arts, just gives you a sense of self worth.

You start working out, and the next thing you know you’re carryingin the groceries, doing a little vaccuuming for your mom, even asking your pop if he wants help digging that fencepost.

Truth, I got fired from the first job I ever tried. Guy came out, looked at what I had done, and paid me off on the spot. I decided that would never happen again, and it hasn’t.

I work out, I help people, and when it comes time to leave a job, the boss is always asking me to come back, even offering a little extra money to stay.

That’s the value of a work out.

Sure, Martial Arts are for fighting, but that’s just the icing on the cake.

You got to scratch the skin if you’re going to draw blood.

Monster Martial Arts is the site if you’re a worker type.

See ya.