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A Few Fixes for the Martial Arts this Year

Newsletter 791
Martial Arts Mastery the Right Way

Great morning to you!
A great work out to you.
A year full of great work outs to you!

Here’s a few martial arts thoughts to start off 2016

I asked this question last year, and I’m going to ask it again.
Where do you want to be at the end of 2016?
What martial arts do you want to be expert in?
How far do you want to go?

Mastery comes from two factors,
hard hard you work,
and how scientifically correct is your art.

To make yourself work hard,
put notes up around the house.
Make yourself do fifty punches before you open the frig.
Do two forms before you go outside.
And inside.
Practice your applications as you walk
to the bathroom.
And so on.

do your forms before you eat,
before you sleep,
and upon waking.

If you want to make it this year,
if you want mastery,
you need to be dedicated.

here’s something to think about.
I was talking to somebody about the difference between
fighting and the martial arts.

You can be a fighter but not a martial artist.
You can’t be a martial artist without being a fighter.
You can’t be a good martial artist without giving up fighting.
It’s true.

It’s also true that
in a sport you attempt to defeat the other person.
In a martial art you attempt to control yourself.

You should know a minimum of two martial arts.
One with lots of force,
one with lots of flow.
Do that and your mind won’t be trapped by
being compelled to move in only one direction.

To win a fight the first thing you must do is control the distance.
While there is an art to fighting,
the true art is in control.

When it comes to augmenting your studies…
Some people learn best from a video.
Some people learn best from a book.
The best people learn from both.

One thing you should do,
if you really want to make it to mastery this year,
is sit down and make a list of polite things you can do.
Fighting is easy,
being polite,
especially when somebody wants to fight,
is not always so easy.
But it is the way to the true martial art.

Okey dogley.
That’s enough for now,
but think about spending a whole year doing nothing
but accumulating wisdom.
That’s going to give your martial art real legs.

Have a great work out,
and don’t forget to check out
the video on this page


Happy New Year!


The Man Who Threw Pebbles At The Moon

A man saw the reflection of the moon in a small pond. He began to throw rocks in the pond, and he smiled at how the image of the moon rippled and distorted and even winked out. A martial arts sensei from Monkeyland walked by and saw what the man was doing, and said, “Look up.”

Pebble in hand, the man looked upwards. The glory of Earth’s celestial neighbor washed over him, and his eyes opened. Stunned at the truth of what he saw, he dropped the pebble and stared at the heavens.

Many of us journey through life, throwing pebbles at what we see. Maybe the pebble is in the form of a harsh word or an unjust rebuke. Maybe it is just a lack of kindness and consideration in a word blurted too fast.

The result of our thoughtless word stirs emotions, and suddenly we have caused ripples of unhappiness, and our friendship with our fellow man is distorted, perhaps even winks out for a second.

How do you take back the pebble? How do you undo the ripples that confound and obfuscate our perception of our fellow man? How do you make the waters return to the stillness that allows for an accurate reflection of life, and of our fellow man?

And, how do you know when to look upward, as opposed to being fixated on the reverse image of the moon? Reverse image? You didn’t know?

You see life and it is backwards, for it journeys through perception to that which perceives. Realizing that life is backwards is the clue. Realizing that we are the perceivers, and all reality is merely a reflection of what we have created is the key.

This is the secret that the martial arts sensei from Monkeyland knew, and that he gave to the man throwing rocks. When you cast stones they might hit something, so be careful where you throw them. They might hit the moon, and then you would have nothing to see.

If you wish for the moon go to Monkeyland. If you desire the reflection head to Monster Martial Arts.