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How to Take a Shotgun Away Using Martial Arts!

Take it and shove it where the sun don’t…

Let’s talk about shotguns.

Worse sound you can hear is a
the slide of a shotgun
being cocked.
if you’re burglarizing a house,
that’s about the time
when you wet your pants.
if you’re a martial artist
walking down the street
minding your own business,
that’s the sound that tells you
your technique is about to be tested.

What I am talking about is the video
that is presently going viral

Or type in the following phrase
in your youtube searchbox

‘Man turns tables on shotgun-wielding attacker’

I wrote an article on this a couple of days ago,
and it went into a forum,
and the comments went crazy.

Aside from the usual joking,
people said one of two things.

They either said the fellow taking the shotgun
studied XXX art,
or they dissected his technique.
His elbow was bent
or his stance was wrong
and so on.

the second comment,
that his technique needs improving,
that’s a laugher.
The guy walked away alive.

If he walked away dead,
you know what I mean,
then it would have been bad technique.

it’s a good thing to analyze technique,
nothing wrong with analyzing technique,
especially one from ‘the battlefield,’
but only after complimenting the guy
on keeping his cool.

And that leads us to the first comment people were offering,
which art the guy studied.

Some people said jujitsu,
other Aikido,
I offered the comment myself
that it looked a bit like the Systema
or even Krav Maga
that I had seen on the tube.
I made that remark because the fellow looked like
he was doing a sweeping high block,
and because he reversed the gun.
here’s something to think about.

In the end,
there is no technique.

You practice the martial arts to make them intuitive.
When they are intuitive
you can grab the ground without having to go into stance.

in the beginning you need to work on stances.
One of the purposes of stances
is to train yourself
how to sink the weight.
Once you learn how to sink the weight,
you don’t need to do the stances,
depending on the situation,
you might not even want to do a stance.

Consider the video.
If that fellow had struck a stance
he might have gotten shot.

The point here is not to decry stances,
but to public praise them.
Stance work teaches people all sorts of things,
and you need to do a lot of stancework,
there may well come a time
when you should put stances aside.
Even if only in a situation
like the one in the video.

The real point here,
the place where we are going to with this
is this:
at the end of technique,
there is no technique.

This is a very zen thing,
and it simply means…

You practice until your moves are natural and intuitive.
Until you don’t have to think about them.

So consider the video below,

or right here if it doesn’t load on your computer.

To tell you the truth,
I have never really seriously practiced any knife disarms.
I haven’t spent hours
dissecting techniques,
practicing until I was blue in the face.
I just figured out the concepts.

I had done so much work
in other arts
that I developed intuition.

Mushin no shin

Mind of no mind.

A very zen sort of thing.

First technique,
I don’t know what that was.
A sidestep and slap,
and a karate kick.
I was a little surprised to find myself there,
so I just kicked.
More of an,
‘oh, what am I supposed to do now?
Guess I’ll kick him.’

Second technique is classical karate,
right out of matrix karate,
but translated into monkey boxing.
I have practiced that technique until blue in the face,
but usually with a punch.
Love the durned thing.

Third technique is right out of Matrix Kung Fu.
Pure Monkey Boxing.
I have practiced that one till blue in the face,
but not usually with a weapon,
just a punch.

The fourth technique is the interesting one.
I have never done that in my life,
I almost NEVER work with a staff,
don’t know where the technique came from.
It looks like my partner dives out of the move,
but he said he was ejected,
felt the energy just spin him out.
I don’t know.

So the point is this,
the video is totally unrehearsed.
We had just shot a segment of Blinding Steel,
I believe,
and Forrest,
my attacker in the video,
asked if he could just attack me,
no plan or rhythm,
no hint nor clue,
just attack me
in any way he felt like.
And I said yes.

to be honest,
my form sucks.
Go on,
look at it.
I set,
but you don’t see any real stancing.
My elbow is probably bent wrong,
my feet are wrong,
but it was the endless practice of techniques,
with good form,
that allowed me to step outside of form,
and just do what worked,
even if I had never ever done the technique before.

I wasn’t worried about my form,
you see,
I was more concerned with
analyzing his motion in the moment,
handling his body,
not mine.

technique becomes no technique.
Time and surface thoughts disappear,
and the endless practice of techniques
has put me in a moment
where there are no techniques.

Oinky donkey,
here’s the deal…

Blinding Steel.

It is the complete analysis of weapons.
It is incredibly simple
because it deals with the concepts.
It is incredibly logical,
because it is matrixed.
And this makes it EASY to learn,
and quick to make work.

It is a complete art,
with a variety of the EXACT takedowns and disarms
that will develop
as you practice this art.

it is designed to be learned
to a point of intuition
within a couple of weeks.

Two weeks.
You do exactly what I tell you in the video,
and you will know how to deal with weapons,
how to use them,
how to take them away,
and in a completely intuitive manner.

Two weeks.
That’s all.

All right,
time to get back to the work out.
So you guys have a great weekend,
I mean,
have a really great time of it.
You deserve nothing but the best.


zen martial arts

Building and Using an Ancient Chinese Spear (part one)

Construction of the Chinese Spear!

One of the most potent Martial Arts Weapons from olden times was the Chinese spear which is called the ‘Qiang,’ which is frequently referred to as the King of Weapons. It was held in high esteem because in the hands of a Shaolin Master, or other Gung Fu Expert, the long length would give one a decisive advantage in combat. In this bit of writing we will go over the basic structure of the Qiang, in a second article we will detail a couple of Martial Arts training methods for this incredible weapon.

qiang imageThe Qiang has been around as long as people have found straight branches. It is predominately a pre-modern martial arts weapon, and it is popular in many schools of Gung Fu, notably Shaolin and Tai Chi Chuan. Several schools, such as Hsing i and Bagua Zhang, claim that the weapon was crucial to the founding of and the main concepts of their particular schools.

The shaft of the weapon is made out of wax wood, which is very resilient and springy, and it normally ranges in length from 6 to 12 feet. One can make a small circle at the wrists, and because the wood bends so easily, the tip will make a big circle. This also gives a tremendous amount of back and forth ‘snap,’ should the practitioner so choose.

The blade is normally, but not always, shaped in the pattern of a leaf. This makes it perfect for either small knife-like cuts when you snap the wrists and slash the tip back and forth, And, of course, the thrusting power of the tool is incredibly potent.

The blade is usually butted by a tubular section, which will be affixed to the end of the shaft. This tube is hollow, and it has a hole in it, and a small ball bearing. This particular arrangement is brilliant, and shows the Chinese ingenuity in crafting the blade.

The hole, when the spear is swung at high speed, will create a whistling sound. This can distract the enemy and fool him long enough for the spear to have…impact. The bearing contained in the hollow of the tube pushes any blood that has seeped into the tube right back out.

Lastly, we have the tassel, a hunk of horsehair tied to the base of the blade. This is incredibly useful, as it tends to blur the vision of the person being ‘poked’ (smile), so that they cannot create a defense, or even grab the spear, A second purpose of the tassel is to stop any flow of blood from coming down the shaft of the Qiang and making it difficult to use.

To finish up, a Qiang is a powerful and far reaching weapon. A favorite of pre-modern armies, it could be used to keep an enemy at bay, and even kill a horse. Please look for part two, in which we will deal with the training methods for the ancient Chinese spear.

If you want more information on weapons, check out the ‘Sixth Sense Swordfighting’ book. It is part of the Master Books package at MonsterMartialArts.com.

If you want to learn how to make ANYTHING a weapon, (people do frown when they see you strolling along with your Chinese spear, don’t they? Grin.) then check out the Blinding Steel course at Monster Martial Arts.

Making A Martial Arts Monkey Fist

Make a Martial Arts Weapon!

I want to tell you about the Martial Arts Monkey’s Fist,

a unique thing I just found out about,

so cool it’ll refrigerate your head.


 before I do that,

I have to offer my twice-yearly apology.

If I have offended you

done something wrong,

written your address or name wrong,

said something about your art you didn’t like,

anything at all…

I apologize.

I am sincere in this.

I do this apology thing two times,

new years and my birthday.


whatever mistakes I have made,

I don’t want them dragging me down.

I don’t want my own mind tugging at me,

and I don’t want ill will pulling at me.

So I apologize.

And if you need more than an apology,

write me and let me know.



fresh start at hand,

let me tell you about the Monkey’s Fist.

Tom H wrote me about weapons

and mentioned the Monkey’s Fist Knot.


I had never heard of it,

and had to do a quick research,

and what I found was cooler than an Eskimo’s outhouse!


In the raging seas,

two ships pull up next to each other.

They want to tie a line between the ships.

Maybe to pass food over,

or a passenger in skirts,

or something else.

So a sailor steps up to the rail

and throws a rope.

But a rope is light,

it falls into the sea,

the sailor is pulling it out

and he falls into the sea,

and the whole durn ships in the night thing

laughs at ya!



the solution…

a Monkey’s Fist Knot.


You simply grab a lead ball,

a large bullet,

if you’re feeling kindly,

or a small cannon ball

if you want to laugh at the guy who tries to catch it,

and you tie a knot around it.

That’s right,

you tie a tight knot,

and in the center is a heavy weight.


with the extra weight

you can swing that rope and throw it,

and it’ll get to that other ship and

maybe even knock a few of the crew over.


Har har har!

Ain’t we havin’ fun,




while it can be used to get a rope across seas,

to tie ships ogether,

think about the other uses.


A missile that you can throw,

and then pull back to you,

so you can throw it again.



a missile you can throw 

which might (heh heh)

wrap around a swabbie’s neck,

and then you can pull him back to you,

or overboard,

or whatever.



you can throw it through the rigging,

and then swing over to the other ship

boots first.



you shorten up your hold on the line,

and you have an instant

weird sort of nunchuck.

A whip with a weight,

a fist load that is a foot long.



what an advantage in a fight,




I shouldn’t tell you this,

I shouldn’t encourage you martial slobbies…



to make weapons.

Especially weapons that aren’t weapons,

and would be considered illegal

if any fool second amendment hating judge

found out what you were doing.

I shouldn’t encourage you to make a weapon

that you could wear for a belt,

but which you could whip out and crack a skull

at a moment’s notice.


(heh heh)

just google monkey knot on youtube.

Or monkey fist knot.

Or something like that,

and you will get video instructions.



can you see it?

Some school shooter

pulls out his uzi,

and you,

standing next to him,

whip out a rope belt

with a weighted end,

maybe even a weighted end with spikes in it

(A mace! Can you dig it!)

and you save 10 school kid’s lives,

the the idjit malcontent with the uzi,

doesn’t get a chance to kill himself.

All he can do is go to court

and explain what an idjit he is,

and his face is all tore up

for the rest of his stupid life,

with the marks of

a spiked and wicked

Monkey Fist Knot.


And society actually thanks you!


I know,

I know.

I’m getting excited.

But can you blame me?

So thanks, Tom H.

Because of your violent propensities

the world will be a safer place!



by the way,

if you don’t happen to have weapons in your curriculum,

or even if you do,

and you want a better weapons course,

a matrixed weapons course,

whereby you can master weapons in a few months…

here’s the URL



Talk to you later…



Urban Weapons Needed for When Economy Crashes

Urban Weapons When The Mobs Rule!

Urban weapons are going to be a necessity for survival.
With the economy going south,
with idiots rampaging in ‘mob robs,’
urban weapons, bolstered a good hard course in martial arts
make may the difference
between life and death.
a lot of people think
that an urban weapon is an assault rifle.
But try walking down the street with that.
some people think baseball bat,
a garbage can lid for a shield,
holy middle ages!
When I think of an urban weapon,
I think of something sneaky,
that I can carry easily
use quickly,
and nobody suspects a thing.
Middle class ninja weapons,
you know?
I have a kubotan.
It is a keyring,
they mass produce them.
when times are tough,
I make sure the kubotan is
slightly bigger and thicker.
The keys can be used to slash and rake,
the butt can be used to pound,
and if you know your weapons,
there are all sorts of quick grab arts.
Not that I would want to use a grab art
in a mob situation.
But it is an extra
for the pure martial artist in me.
I tried making a few of these ‘fistloaders’
with spikes coming out the sides
so they would project between my fingers.
Simple nails or screws,
through a hunk of dowel.
You slash,
they bleed.
They grab,
you twist and stab
and their wrists are sliced.
Get it?
I want to disclaim right here.
Some of this stuff might not be legal,
or is on the edge of illegal,
and I don’t carry them on the street.
if the times get tough,
and I have to fight for food,
I carry
and I use.
A little longer range
is a cane
or cane sized stick
with a nail in the bottom.
You drill a hole in the bottom of the cane,
insert the nail pointy end out
and fasten a hose clamp around the tip.
put a cork on it,
and walk like you’re helpless.
If a mugger wants you,
don’t slash and flail,
and don’t try to stick him.
You risk it getting grabbed,
then it is no longer secret.
toe the cork off
and stab at the feet
or the shin if he is kicking.
Keep it low so he can’t grab.
Takes a little practice,
but you will leave an owie
and hopefully somebody sitting on the ground
holding his foot
and wondering about why his foot is bleeding
and where will he get a tetanus shot.
I have a few doubts about this one.
How big a nail will it take,
will it stop or just irritate,
but it is something to think about.
The third weapon would be the belt,
with a sharpened buckle.
Wear tight pants,
whip it off,
flail madly,
snap effectively,
and a heavy buckle with sharp points
can do some excruciating damage.
Of course,
my best defense for something like this
is to learn weapons.
So let me segue shamelessly
into a Blinding Steel advertisement.
I ransacked a lot of arts to come up with this.
I took heavy looks at several systems of Arnis,
a couple of systems of Silat,
and I took some important glances at JKD.
Bruce didn’t do much on weapons,
though I love his switch,
I think it was Game of Death?
his students got heavily involved in weapons.
Danny inosanto,
 and Paul Vunak
come to mind.
Then there are the Dog Brothers.
Some of the early tapes
of their full contact matches
were real eye openers.
Mind you,
I didn’t take much from these guys,
rather sorted through them.
I was interested in a system,
and while what they did worked for them,
I needed to matrix the thing.
And I wanted to matrix it outside of regular systems,
because I wanted to get rid of the extra bushwah,
I wanted it to be fast and easy to learn.
So Blinding Steel is a quick section on hands,
including the Speed Drill.
Then you get into weapons.
There are eight specific drills
which can be used for
absolutely ANY weapon.
samurai sword,
buggy whip,
The eight drills are so logical and easy to learn,
can be done with anything,
that I know
for a fact
that just about anybody can learn this entire weapons system
within ten or twenty hours.
And I mean be a total expert.
And I know,
because I have taught it to people this quickly.
Mind you,
I usually take a little more time,
I like to put grab arts in there,
specifically from Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing)
make sure that the students get fully rounded,
and it usually takes me about three months
for the Blinding Steel.
Which at two hours a week
is 24 hours.
But if you were to just get the videos
do them exactly as I say,
I’m pretty sure you could do the thing in as little as ten hours.
I’m serious.
when it comes to life and death
teaching people how to survive
I don’t mess around.
I don’t want them standing
with their thumb up their nose
when some elephant sized bully
is swinging down on them.
I want the keyring across the eyes,
 the kick in the nuts,
the butt of the keyring
at the base of the skull,
and my student walking quickly away.
I shouldn’t have made the ad that long,
but I get excited.
I really love weapons,
and they are fun,
and if you run a school,
you know that a lot of people
will walk in the door
if you advertise weapons training.
that all said,
I want you guys to have
a great and phenomenal week,
enjoy the Hunger Games
(next week,I think)
and I’ll talk to you later.
Help support the Great Matrixing Tour!
Order a course now!
your help is appreciated.
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)
 urban martial arts

Martial Arts Weapons and Buying a Gun

Martial Arts Weapons are interesting. They cut, they slice, they dismember…and they insert holes in the body through which blood can flow, organs can be splattered, and all sorts of other good stuff.

Yes, a gun is a martial arts weapon.

Oddly, though I have studied martial arts for 45 years, I have almost no experience with guns.

So now I’m planning to tour the country with a trailer, and I wonder about guns.

I think I need one. I’m stopped in some lonely truck stop with no trucks, and Beavis and Butthead decide to steal my generator, sure would be nice if I could shoot them in parts of their bodies that would be uncomfortable.

I don’t want to, you know…I just think it would be easier than putting my 63 year old body to work beating up some 20 year olds.

I thought about getting an action for a shotgun. Just the action, because when somebody is about to open your front door that ka-ching sound will act as a very efficient deterrent. Of course, one would argue, if you get the thunder, why not get the lightening? So, would a shotgun be the thing to get? Of course, where would I keep it in my rolling home? Somebody comes to play cards I hate to have to kick the shotgun aside so they can sit down.

I thought about a handgun, very seriously, but what are the laws on a handgun? I mean, it is in my home, I should have a right, but the constitution is sort of a myth in America these days, and I have seen enough corrupt cops to know that I could be asking for trouble. And, even if they are not corrupt, what are the laws for taking weapons from state to state? I’d hate to wake up some morning with Obama on my doorstep, full cowboy regalia, with a shiny star on his chest, telling me that I have broken city code 1934bc and must now spend 80 years in prison…or make a political contribution.

One thing I will be carrying, however, is a machete. Probably a couple of them. I mean, if I can’t put big holes in little people, shouldn’t I at least be able to start a collection of dismembered limbs?

So, I don’t know about the bang bangs, I’ll look into that more, but I will be slicing and dicing my way through whatever Beavis and Butthead the US has to offer.

I call it the ‘help hand’ weapon,’ you know? I helps myself to their hands. He he he. Sniffle. Snorf. HAHAHAHA!

Get it? Helping hands? I help myself to their hands!

Here beavis, beavis, beavis.


This has been an article on martial arts weapons.

martial arts weapons


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The Birth of Matrix Martial Arts!

create martial artI was going over various things
having to do with matrixing,
and I realized something,
many people are coming in late,
I’m talking about the latest things,
and they don’t know anything about
the beginnings of matrixing.
I need to fix that.

One of the first wins I ever got
was from a fellow name of John Champion.
Most people never heard of him,
but he produced the old TV series
McHale’s Navy.
the old television series
Before that he produced movies
worked with people like Audi Murphy,
Linda Darnell, Joel McCrea,
Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond,
and a slew of other big time names
from the fifties.
Before that,
he wrote screenplays,
and all sorts of other stuff.

When I met him he had had a heart attack.
Actually had something like a quarter of his heart removed,

Here’s his win.

March 6, 1985

Dear Al:

Having suffered two severe coronaries, resulting in an inoperable condition, I am forced to take eighteen pills a day to stay alive. As a result, at 62, your training methods seemed to have nothing to offer me. In fact there appeared to be genuine risks in my getting involved in any rigorous physical discipline.

I’m pleased to report I was wrong on all counts.

After only ten work outs with you, my condition has improved greatly. Something else amazes me even more. I’m able to grapple with and frequently solve mental problems that were completely defeating me six weeks ago.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

John Champion.

I taught John The Infinite Fist
from the Create Your Own Art Course.
Honestly, he was so weak and fuzzy brained
it was a work out
just to get him to move.
the logic pulled him through,
and by the time 20 lessons had passed he had done
pretty much everything on the Create Your Own Art course.
We didn’t get into big takedowns,
but we did go into weapons a bit.
This because he walked late at night with his wife
and wanted self protection.
One day he held out a golf club,
asked me if that was a good weapon.
I said something like,
‘not for blocking.’
He held it over his head with two hands,
told me to hit him with one of my wooden swords.
I laughed,
took the club out of his hands
and snapped it in my hands.
We laughed as he realized that
if I had swung my heavy bokken at him
he would have massive head injuries.

he looked at one of my scripts,
offered to buy it,
and then he told me that he would make me a producer.
I wasn’t interested at all,
I wanted to do martial arts,
not produce movies,
which actually seemed to upset him.
He couldn’t understand how I could turn down
the chance at riches and power and gorgeous movie stars.

I couldn’t understand
how anybody could be waylaid
by such superficial things.

he was a tremendous fellow.

the Create Your Own Art course
has the original research I did.

In the beginning
I wrote long lists,
I filled hundreds of notebooks with lists of techniques from various arts
and combinations of arts,
just trying to make sense out of it all.
I stumbled across the actual formula,
the matrixing table
which made all lists obsolete.
a couple of matrix tables
created all the techniques I had been tried to sort through,
and I ended up throwing away a couple of hundred spiral ring notebooks
filled with lists of techniques, forms, drills,
and everything I knew,
but couldn’t make sense out of.
Matrixing provided me with the logic
to see everything…
everything in the martial arts
could be fitted into a little matrixing.

So Create Your Own Art has the three arts I used,
it has a couple of the old lists I used,
and which had proved particularly helpful
in making the first matrix tables.

The problem with it is the grainy, ancient video technology.
You can understand what I am saying and doing,
but it is blurry.

The other problem,
if you consider it a problem,
is my youth.
I was not polished
as a writer or public speaker,
and I tend to judge myself for that.
the thing to remember is that
my lack of personal polish is not what we are looking at,
what we are looking at is my enthusiasm,
an enthusiasm that was so overwhelming
that I turned down Hollywood offers
just to do the martial arts.

to be truthful,
I usually recommend Matrix Karate
as the first course,
because it has the matrix tables in it.
there is incredible value
in seeing the source material,
getting a look at what I was doing
and what led to me figuring out
the matrixing tables
and how they worked.

That’s the story,
and I’ll probably write a lot more on these early days.
I like thinking about the fun I had,
I like sharing it,
and I know it helps people,
gives them some reality on what I went through
to figure this stuff all out.

as I said earlier,
turkey day is past,
time to work out,
get rid of the fat
before Xmas comes
and we get fat all over again.

and I’ll talk to you later.



All who think cannot but see there is a sanction like that of religion which binds us in partnership in the serious work of the world.
Benjamin Franklin

Martial Arts Weapons and Elected Officials!

Okay, I tend to steer away from politics, but when it comes to martial arts weapons, I just have to say something.

I haven’t said much about Obama care and high taxes. I haven’t said much about our elected officials pensions and how they won’t stop borrowing money. I haven’t even called them traitors…too much.

But, there is a bill about to be passed which will enable all elected officials to carry concealed weapons.

Hey! For the past couple of hundred years they have done nothing but pass laws against weapons!

And now they want their own exemption?

Oh, cry and moan for the poor wounded congresswoman. Everybody is in danger, we’re going to save you…let’s stop everybody from having guns…but the guys who pass the laws.


Now, I don’t have a gun, nor do I want one. But I want the ability to carry one if I so wish. It’s in the constitution, and I want that right. Period.

And I don’t want an elected elite that can carry guns and take potshots at any voter who they perceive as a threat!

Oh, Oh, that guy is going to vote against global warming…he’s a threat to me…where’s my sidearm…I’ll fix the varmint right now!

Just one more in a long list of grievances against a corrupt power elite that seek to take away my right to free air. They can pry my martial arts weapons from my cold, dead hands! Check my site out…Monster Martial Arts. Get a free book  while you’re there.

A Neutronic Viewpoint of Martial Arts Weapons and How to Use Them

People are always asking me about Martial Arts Weapons. Why are they funny shaped and how do they work? What’s the best Weapon in Tai Chi Chuan Karate, or Pa Kua Chang, or whatever. My answer to this is right below the video…

The truth of how to master weapons is contained in a thought so simple that most people never figure it out. There is, you see, an easy way to understanding the truth of weapons. That simple thought is…geometry.

Self defense weapons, no matter what the shape, are based on a straight line. The simplest and most basic is a pole. The pole is used for two things, bashing and poking.

Put a knife on the end of the pole and you have a spear. This is a pole with a sharp end. It is used for poking, and more delicate bashing.

Shorten that pole and sharpen it all the way, and you have a sword. A Jian, or Chinese Tai Chi Chuan sword is a rather lengthy knitting needle. It is used for poking, and for extremely delicate one inch bashing using only the tip.

Curve the Jian and you have a samurai sword. Or a cutlass or some other big sounding name. Good for poking, but especially bashing.

Shorten the samurai sword and you have a knife. Good for poking and short range bashing, of a sort. Easily concealed, used to open boxes, and swell for quick surgery on that mugger who tries to take your wallet, grab your wife, invade your home, and so on.

So, knife to sword to pole to even gun…there is a line, usually straight, that is used. The line can be hinged not at all or many times (nunchucks or nine section staffs), or handled with little hand grips (a tonfa) poking out the side, and so on. And the geometry, the ultimate geometry of all martial arts weapons, is deciding whether the shape of the tool best supports poking or bashing.

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