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Making a world Class Fist Load, or How I chose the Munio

The Munio Fist Load Keychain Martial Arts Weapon

A Fist load is a Japanese term for a hand held martial arts weapon of the small variety. In this classification you would find brass knuckles, possibly saps, and definitely Kubotans.

munio self defense keychain

chinese hand karate martial art

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And, you would definitely find Phil Ventrello’s handy, little keychain called a Munio. You can read about the Munio, and of my test of it, here, (https://alcase.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/munio-self-defense-is-great-martial-arts-equipment/)

What you don’t know is that at one time, a few years ago, I decided to make one of these key chain killer devices myself.

First, I went to the lumber store and bought a six inch dowel.

Then, I went to the hardware store and bought a handful of nasty and sharp, little nails.

Then I measured the spread of my finger in a fist, and pounded the nails through the stick at the measured points.


I was holding a gnarly stick that fit perfectly into my hand and projected the points of some very, sharp nails between my fingers.

I had a device that could be adapted to carry keys, would fit in my hands, could be used to pound like a hammer, or flail like a small mace, and I pitied the fool mugger who wanted my skinny, little wallet!

And, here is the thing, I could make these suckers and sell them!

I could see it in my mind’s eye, mass produced by some third world country, recommended by police officers and Navy SEALs everywhere, and people would buy them like hot cakes!

Hot cakes with nails in them, but still hotcakes!

Conjecturing over this massive sales bonanza, adding up zeros in my head, I slid my home made fist load into my pocket and—OW!

The nails ripped apart my pants and scored my skin! And when I tried to take it out of my pocket it hurt even more!

I stared at the nasty, little martial arts tool. It bled at me. Darn. It was so perfect, but you couldn’t carry it. Heck, it would defeat any kind of holster, rip apart clothes, and…and if I was caught carrying one of these I would be guilty of intent to maim and all sorts of other stupid laws!

So I tossed it in the trash.

And, several years later, I carry a Munio. And now you can understand why I was so excited when I came across the Munio.

Munio means ’I defend.’ It can be carried into an airport, it won’t zap some poor fool into a heart attack, it won’t spray you in the face, and the darned thing is really cool looking!

Yet you can flail the keys and use the butt of the thing to pound sense into some poor mugger’s face!

Heck, I showed mine to my wife, and though she has NEVER showed an interest in martial arts weapons, she said, “Can I have one?”

So, check it out here…http://www.munioselfdefense.com/munio-workshops/.

Rufus T. Wishbone Karate

Rufus NEEDS Karate!

Had a letter from Rufus T. Wishbone today,
thought I’d share it with you.

Hi Al,
Rufus here,
got a question fer ya.
The other day I worked all day
drinkin’ with the boys, ya know,
and I get home
and there ain’t nothin on the table.
My wife is just settin’ thar
smokin’ a ceegar and jabbin’ in a jar of pickles with a fork.
So I places my hands on the table
and I lean forward
and I say,
“Woman, whar’s dinner?”

Well, quick as a hound dog drools,
she spiked my hand to the table with the pickle fork,
and then,
while i was howlin’ and tryin’ to get my hand free
she grabs a holt of that two by four I have leaning next to the door,
the one I use to bar the door when the wind blows hard
so’s the door won’t bang around like granny’s false teeth
And she smacks me up side the head with it.

i tells ya, Al
the only thing that stopped my butt from hittin’ the floor
was my hand being pegged to the table.

And then this woman of mine told me to fix dinner myself!

So my question is this:
How can I use Karate to help my wife see the light
and be the good sorta wife she oughta be?

Thanks, Rufus,
I appreciate your situation.
Before I can answer
and give you good advice
I have to ask a couple of questions.

Did your wife lift up the fork and stab down?
Or did she just reach and stab without wasted motion?
And, when she swung the two by door
did she have her elbows slightly bent?
Did she put her hips into the swing?

Excuse my having to ask these questions,
but I have to know before dispensing advice.
After all,
blinding steel will give the knowledge
how to use anything as a weapon,
even a pickle fork,
and the master instructor course
will tell how to make ANY technique perfect,
but I don’t know which one to recommend
until I have the answer to these questions.

and I wouldn’t recommend Karate for you
at this time.
I would suggest a little Yogata,
you need to rehabilitate and repair your body
before doing the martial arts.

Blinding Steel for weapons
Master Instructor course for perfect technique
Yogata to repair the body

And lay off that pickle juice if you are short tempered!

You guys and gals have a fantastic day,
make all the money you can,
and have a great work out.





Conceal and Carry an Instant Martial Arts Weapon!

It’s pretty hard to conceal and carry a Martial Arts Weapon, right?

It’s actually pretty darned easy, and that is important in this dawning age of violence.

We’ve got a government that is borrowing too much, the headlines are filled with, if not crimes by criminals, then crimes by police, and there is the constant push to send people over to welfare.

So, what kind of a martial arts weapon can you conceal and carry?

You’re going to like this…a nail.

Think about it, you can actually insert a long nail into your cell phone holster. It is quick and easy to get out, hold it in your fist, and you do damage.

First, if the end of the nail extends a half inch out the bottom of your fist, then you can slash at somebody with a hammerfist, and cut a half inch swatch in their skin. Good lard! The blood is going to flow! And, the skin will be separated, perhaps even flapping.

Nothing stops a fight like somebody seeing their blood flow!

And, it goes without saying, that the end of the nail should be sharpened.

Now, if the police stop you, you just say that you needed a nail. What for? to put up a picture, prop a door, hang a pot…there is no end to the use of nails! Heck, your house is held together by nails!

And, if trouble develops, you can get that nail out and hold it so that nobody sees it. No trouble develops, you put the nail away, no harm no foul.

Now, it is important that you practice, if you are going to use a nail as a weapon. There are several things you can do.

First, set up a board, nail one to a fence or a garage wall. Then practice slashing that nail across the face of the board. It won’t be long until you know how hard to hit, how deep, so that the nail leaves a long groove, and doesn’t catch or geet stuck.

Second, set out a few bricks and practice hammering them. It won’t be long before you know how hard you can hit that brick to penetrate, and that without hurting your hand, or having the nail slide ineffectually out the other end of the fist.

And, you can wrap half the nail in duc tape, creating a small handle, but you have to be careful.

One, the nail may become difficult to draw.

Two, the nail may start looking like a weapon, and then you’ll have trouble with the police.

Now, it is my fond hope that you will never have to use a nail as a conceal and cary martial arts weapon, but if you do, you’ve got the knowledge, and all you’re going to need now is a little practice.

zen martial arts

This has been a page about conceal and carry martial arts weapons.

Martial Arts Weapons: Hiding Them From the Police

Martial Arts Weapons Protection!

This article on Martial Arts Weapons walks a fine line. On one hand, I can’t recommend anything that smacks of breaking the law. On the other hand, what do you do when the police break the law?

martial art weapon

Monkey Boxing is the best Way to Learn Weapons!

That the police do break the law is plain and obvious. A small picture of this is the fact that one of my martial arts students had her engraved arnis sticks confiscated by the police, and they were somehow ‘lost’ when she tried to get them back. She was on her way to class, the sticks were in plain sight on the passenger seat, but her explanations were brushed aside by less than honorable cops.

A larger picture is presented by Hurricane Katrina, when the police went through neighborhoods and confiscated all weapons. This is breaking the law–the Constitution, to be exact–and when the police were done gangs of thugs followed along. Thus, the simple truth is that the police, when they feel like it, will ignore the law of the land and do what they feel like, or worse, what they have been ordered to.

A quick aside, before we get on with this article, one of the most stark examples of this is when cops refer to citizens in demeaning tones when the citizens start quoting the constitution. This sad fact points to an elite that has put themselves above the law. The problem is even more powerful and insidious when one considers that the police oath of honor charges them with protecting the constitution.

This all said, understanding that there are good cops, but there are also bad cops who do not respect the constitution, how do you go about getting past the bad cops, and without breaking the law? One answer is to ask to be arrested. The other is to hide and disguise your weaponry. 

To ask to be arrested is an interestingly dilemma for the cop. If he arrests you, after you have made known your concerns about him breaking the law by taking away your right to self protection, he is opening himself up to lawsuits of magnitude. You can expect, should you choose this avenue, that he will do everything in his power to bully you, to intimidate you, and you should have the cameras rolling because you can expect he’ll look for a way to trip you, shove you, or otherwise put you in a compromised position of having to fight back.

To hide your weapons is the best answer. This involves blending the weapon with the body line, covering it naturally, and yet leaving it accessible. This is if you want to protect your expensive, quality handgun, knife, or whatever.

A better way is to learn good martial arts, and dummy down the weapon. A table leg made of hard wood, with the screw tips exposed, can sit on the car seat next to you, be placed next to the house door, or whatever. Or, another weapon that can be placed in plain sight…break a shop tool so it has sharp edges, and wrap the handle with duc tape.

There are many creative ways of making and hiding and handling every day objects that be used for real self defense. As mentioned earlier, however, one should arrange to have a camera rolling, and even uploading to the net simultaneously. This is the best way to protect yourselves from cops gone bad, and of making sure that you retain possession of your martial arts weapons.

If you want to learn more about martial arts weapons, the Blinding Steel Course is highly recommended. This course takes you through drills and exercises from basics to effective disarms. If a bad person actually wanted to take your Martial Arts weapons away from you, shouldn’t you be able to turn the tables?

martial arts weapons

Martial Arts Test on How to Deal with a Home Intruder

I first wrote up this martial arts test in my newsletter. I received such good comment on it that I decided to publish it here.

martial arts test

Can you survive?

Where you are, right now, you hear sounds of somebody breaking in. You’ve got ten seconds to get it together and defend yourself. So how many weapons can you find?

The clock is ticking. You can throw the computer. But you might want to leave this room, get the home intruder as he is coming up the stairs, especially if it sounds like there are more than one.

Eight seconds.

Pens and pencils can be used to stab.

Six seconds.

A heavy object easy to throw with sharp edges on it.

Four seconds.

Shove the couch across the doorway.

Two seconds.

Look around, look around…


So what do you have?

As for myself, I’ve got a folding knife on my desk, along with some pens. I’ve also got a mug which I can use to bludgeon and, when it breaks, use to slash and cut. Eight feet away I’ve got three swords. Alas, they do not sharpened edges. Curse me for wasting money on display swords! Twelve feet away, next to the front door, I have escrima sticks. Again. No edges. And, of course, I have lots of things I could throw, but not much that would make a dent in the heat of battle.

Now, mind you, I am not entirely helpless. After forty-five years of martial arts, there are some things I could do with a pencil that would shock you. Obscure the fact that I’ve got it until I can insert it in an ear or an eyeball or through the throat.

And, there are some grab arts I could do with some ordinary objects that would surprise most people.

And, last but not least (grin) I’ve got a dog. A big one. 120 pounds. And his teeth are very big and sharp and gleaming white! Normally he’s a big chicken, but I have seen him go to the door with a snarl and a bark that would frighten king kong.

But, the point of all this has merely been to assess a couple of things.

You will be attacked not when you are prepared, but when you least expect it. That is the law of the universe.

And, to the degree that you are prepared, to that degree you will survive.

So, do you have weapons? Can you make weapons out of anything? Can you use absolutely anything at all for a weapon?

I advise you to keep a sharp knife in every room. And have a machete at some central type of location. And have a sturdy pole, not just a broomstick, but some pole that won’t break.

And, most important, learn how to use them.

Check out the Blinding Steel page.


Remember, anything and everything you touch is a potential weapon, and you have to know how to use it as a weapon. The thug who home invades may not give you the chance to use your cell phone, so your life will literally be in your own hands.

This has been a page about a Martial Arts Test.


Martial Arts Violence and the Occupy Wall Street Bunch


Martial Arts Violence, is that the answer to Occupy Wall Street Violence?


I detest Martial arts violence, but over the past few months I have seen police wailing on Occupy Wall Streeters, I have heard of Wall Streeters throwing objects (urine? Fireworks?) at the police, and I wonder what the individual solution is going to be when the Fit hits the shan.


And, if you believe what the Wall Streeters are saying, it will hit the fan. You see, a full 31% of the Occupy bunch have stated that they are willing to get violent over their beliefs. Check out this video if you don’t believe me!


31% is a revolution! And what is even more startling is that this ‘revolution’ is actually encouraged by the President of the United States! Him and the other Marxists in the White House (the red house?) have stated that the Occupy bunch are legitimate movements.


What would you do if you were caught in escalating mob violence, if people started going through your neighborhood looking to bop a few police on the head? What would your martial arts solution be?


You don’t want to fight back with fists, because they will likely not use just fists. No, you would look for something easy to swing, and yet which has enough weight to do some serious damage.


Should your weapon have an edge on it? Like a spade, or a machete? That’s tough, because the police would likely arrest you for carrying weapons, or worse, if you had to use it, for assault with deadly weapons!


My serious hope is that this all goes away. See, the Wall Streeters don’t realize that Wall Street creates more jobs than they destroy, and the white house (red house?) destroys more jobs than it creates. That’s the simple truth, as proven by many statistics.


Has the government ever managed to do anything right? That is a legitimate question!


Anyway, I recommend having a couple of spades within arm’s reach. Make sure they have sharp edges, and learn a few kung fu moves so you know how to use them effectively, and, hopefully, without having too damage a few loose nuts and bolts.


That’s my advice, but i hope we never have to resort to martial arts violence.

Seven Martial Arts Weapons Out of a Piece of Clothing!

There are actually a couple of ways to use this concealed Martial Arts weapon. You can use it for a sling, for brass knuckles, for a whip, or to hold up your pants.

That’s right, the belt. Check out the video, and then I’ll tell you some of the ways a belt can be used as a deadly weapon.

To begin with, you need a belt that isn’t too fat, or it won’t come out of the pant loops quick and easy.

First technique, you can whip or snap the tip of the belt.

Second trick, if you have a buckle with edges, you can flail with it and do some damage. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Third self defense move, if you have a buckle with weight, you can, again, flail, and the weight of the thing will do damage.

Fourth martial method, you can hold the buckle in your fist to increase the weight of your fist.

Fifth martial arts technique, you can pull the buckle over the top of your fist and use the buckle for the striking surface. Both five and six you have to be careful not to break your own knuckles.

Sixth Self Defense, one of my favorites, if you have access to some small rocks (or if you  feel like carrying some large marbles or ball bearings in your pocket),  then you can hold the belt double with the rock in the fold. Swing around, let go of one end, and the marble or ball bearing becomes a missile.

I thought number six was silly, until I saw a fellow knock a branch off a tree. Can anybody out there spell  Goliath?

Seven and final nasty martial move, you use the belt to tie, wrap, or just outright chock the mugger.

A belt is not a good weapon,  it is a make shift weapon, and one you can use to get through a dangerous situation. If you are going to use one I suggest a little practice, a little discipline, otherwise you’re going to hurt yourself as much as any attacker.

And, make sure you wear pants that aren’t going to fall to your knees when you whip the belt off. Taking your pants off in the middle of a fight isn’t good strategy…unless your attacker dies of laughter.

Want more good ideas? Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out the Blinding Steel Martial Arts Weapons program.