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Martial Artist Goes Insane on TwitterEVERYBODY who doesn’t do martial arts.

Grrr. I’ve had it!

I’ve had all that I can stand…I can’t stand no more.

It’s not that I can’t say something cool in 140 characters…it’s that I have all these idiots following me.

I’m a martial artist, I like people to say things about Bruce Lee, or the nifty fighting sequence in a great chop sockie.

What I get is…

I want became a good person in my life

We all want to become good people in our lives. That’s why we, I and my friends, do martial arts. We chop and kick and practice our Karate/taekwondo/gung fu forms, and we become better.

Work hard,

don’t say stupid things and then expect them to magically happen

without good, hard work!

Then, in the middle of the trade of data concerning how to do a great kata…some idiot says something stupid.

Yes, it is stupid to say you want to become a better person.

It is intelligent to make that decision and practice your martial art to make it work.

It is stupid to say it and post it…as if the forums of the internet will make you a better person.

Oh, you’re just putting out the vibe. Like a prayer or something.

Good. go pray. That’s doing something. But cluttering up mytimeline with your pithy sayings wastes my time, and timeline, and makes you look like an idiot.

Don’t be a talker, be a doer, and do it somewhere else.

The real problem, of course, is that twitter appeals to the stupid.

Be cool, say it in 140 characters.  Yeah, baby, we all deliver one liners, and that makes us look smart?

No, it makes us look stupid. Real stupid. Like so stupid we can’t engage in intelligent conversation.

Go do a form, fer Heysoos sake!

Do something!

Like me.

I’m going through my twitter page now, unfollowing EVERYBODY WHO DOESN’T LIKE MARTIAL ARTS!

If you are a martial artist, come on over. If you are a stupid person, who walks around saying something things, AND THEN NOT BACKING THEM UP WITH A WORK OUT, WITH A FORM, WITH GOOD HARD WORK…stay away.

And, if you like what I said, then you can hit the like button or retweet or something intelligent, because you are part of a bunch of people that believe in hard work, and not living life like a license plate.

Talk to you…the martial artists…later.

Al Case