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How to Fix Karate is Published!

All right!

I know you are doing fine!

People who study the martial arts are ALWAYS fine!


‘The Book’ is published.

At least the first half is.

How to Fix Karate (Volume One)

The book is over 400 pages long. 

It comes in two volumes because

I can’t put that much material in a single volume.

The book presents eight forms,

the basic forms of karate.

Book one dissects Pinan One and throws it out.


All the way out.

And the reasons are delineated in detail.

I give you the ‘New Pinan One,’ 

which is Matrix One.

A MUCH more intelligent form.

And I give you all the reasons,

and show you how to make 16-20 techniques from that one form.

I then have sections for

what is wrong with pinan two and

how to fix it

what is wrong with pinan three and

how to fix it.

The remainder of the forms,

including advanced materials and

a whole video course

(Matrix Combat),

are in the second book.

I have included links at the beginning of certain chapters

which will lead to videos of me doing the forms.

Please keep receipts

in the event that links change.

This is NOT a book for dummies.

People will think that I have made it too simple,

they will think I have made it too complex,

that my logic is faulty,

they will argue over my reasons and conclusions.

This is good,

because I am going to tell you a secret…

Virtually EVERY martial arts book written

is merely a show and tell

of what they have been shown.

There is almost NO original thought,

certainly not analytical thought,

in the martial arts books on the market.

It is just what they have been shown

and accepted without question.

People have much pride in passing down martial arts

 EXACTLY as they have been shown them.

Nobody asks why.

Nobody looks at the material and says…that technique sucks,

Nobody questions the venerable old master

and asks themselves if the old guy is in his second childhood,

or suffering Alzheimer’s, 

or just had too much to drink.

They just take the art and pass it along,

and they make up reasons for forms that don’t make sense,

and teach the same old worthless techniques

that don’t work in reality..

The only real objection is in the form of people who quit karate.

And they have certainly NEVER looked at the art,

and questioned it,

or they wouldn’t have quit.

They just didn’t understand it and they quit.


Can’t really blame them.


They found karate to be unworkable,

and it is difficult to argue with their conclusions.

Hopefully we can rescue a few of these people

and bring them back into the fold.

Anyway, this book will cause consternation, argument,

and all the other things that a real artist must deal with

if he is to understand the art.

The glory of this book is that I’ll take the forms,

technique by technique,

and tell you not only what is wrong with it,

but how to fix it.

The techniques will suddenly make sense,

which will bring about a rejuvenation

in the belief in forms as a method.

I use logic, history, physics and matrixing to do this.


as you argue over my conclusions

and even think bad thoughts of me

I will have succeeded.

When I was in 6th grade

everybody was doing reports on South America.

Joe had 10 pages.

Barry had 15 pages.

Sue had 30 pages.

And that was about it.

I wrote over 200 pages.

Had to put it in two folders.

Teacher’s eyes popped out.

All the kids started whispering and

I thought I had done something wrong.

Turned out I had actually done something right,

for a change.

But that wasn’t the real story. 

The real story was that the next semester 

we did reports on Central America. 

I did 300 pages.


BUT… six kids had larger reports than me.

Now you’d think I would be disappointed. 

I wasn’t top dog. 

But I had an interesting thought: 

I made those kids do more than me. 

I inspired them.

And I realized that this was what I wanted to do. 

I wanted to inspire people. 

It was cool. 

It gave me such a sense of self worth I never got over it.

And that has been what has been driving me all these years. 

That and the idea that I wanted to write a letter 

to people who live a thousand years from now.

In writing this book I feel I have succeeded in my purpose.

Enjoy the book,

hate it,

argue over it,

and that is my success.

You won’t be able to stop analyzing 

and looking and figuring out 

how to make Karate

the powerhouse it originally was.

I will have made a whole art 

become a method for analytical thought.

Talk about changing the world.

Here is the link.

I do have to thank Ted VanderNoot for his editing.

No matter how hard I look,

the mistakes are still all mine.


If you want to see a real mistake,

glance at the back cover.

It’s a small mistake,

that is huge,

and glaring,

and you’ll laugh.

The second book is going through the publishing process.

I am publishing hard bound copies

in the near future for those interested.

Do me a favor and pass the word

on this book.

And give me five stars when you can.

Okay, everybody,



How to Fix Karate (Volume One)

And don’t forget to check out the interview


I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on 

The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

Here’s the link…

This is Why Everybody is Crazy

Newsletter 964

Why Everybody in the World is Insane

I became aware of this in the martial arts; I studied martial arts freestyle and realized this interesting phenomena:

When people launched a fist at a partner, they always punched to where the head was, and didn’t take into account the fact that the head moves, and they should be punching to where the head would be.

If trained martial artists were caught in this trap, where did that leave the bulk of untrained ‘humanity?’

The conclusion here is that everybody in the universe, except for a few anomalous individuals, is reacting, being at effect of, or…not aware.

Not aware is a branch of crazy.

Think about it. Your mother tells you to pick up your brother at the bus stop…when he got on the bus eight hours ago. Shouldn’t you be picking him up where the bus arrives eight hours later?

Think about it: somebody is crying about an accident; Billy scraped his elbow in a fall. But the fall already happened. You should have been crying when it happened. After it happened it is too late. All you are doing now is venting emotions wastefully.

Actually, you should have been doing something about the fall when it happened, not wailing about it after the fact.

In the martial arts, if you try to handle a strike after it happens it is too late.

So everybody in the world is a split second behind. Or as good as crazy. Reacting instead of acting.

How do you avoid this conundrum?

My particular path was the martial arts. And, the specific path, ten times faster than the classical martial arts, is a matrixed martial art; a martial art made logical.

You practice a move endlessly, until you begin to see the person attacking actually thinking about what he is going to do. You move as the thought gestates, not afterwards, when the universe is, belatedly, put into motion.

In a matrixed martial art everything is arranged logically, so you don’t practice wasteful moves, unworkable moves, moves where the attacker waits for the defender to catch up to the universe.

The funny thing is that most people will refuse this path. They will take a pill, drink a lot, huddle in their crowd of friends and lie to each other about what reality is.

But you need to jump up and grab ahold of the universe. Grab a fist as it comes at you, step to the side when the sword descends, learn to exist in the ‘now.’

The alternative is to stay, happily and blissfully, insane. A moment behind, trying to catch up without even knowing you are behind.

I just wrote an article further considering the points here. It is at: The World is Crazy! You might have to be patient, it sometimes takes a couple of hours for the posting procedure to take effect.

Have a great work out!

Hello master founder… How are you? I hope that all is well.

I’m so thankful for your knowledge and passion for the martial arts. I’ve been on this path for many years and was never able to unlock the simplicity of the arts. I’ll never look at them the same.
Again, thank you.

The create your own art course is wonderful. I’m exploring so many things its crazy. I’m now working on a crane (or some type of bird) set. So far it’s pretty nice and has the flow working. I’ve also come to love those nine square diagram. Things are taking shape lovely.

Timothy G

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question
than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”
– Bruce Lee

How to Maim yourself with Bad Martial Arts Practice

Hurting Yourself for Fun with Martial Arts?

Bad Martial Arts practices will probably always be with us. After all, there is always going to be somebody who is just a wee bit not too smart in the martial arts. More gusto than brains.

The first martial arts training that I heard of that was a bit loony tunes was in Karate. This was back in the fifties, and it consisted of smashing your hand into rocks or telephone poles or other non-giving objects. The result was a hand bleeding, maybe even broken, and much too tender to continue karate practice with.

Learn Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

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sanchin kata pan gai noonOver the years I heard of other things, but the latest and greatest has to do with gangs that administer ‘martial arts beatings’ to make sure you are tough enough.

I think it was the movie ‘colors,’ with Sean Penn, where I first heard of gangsters beating the hell out of recruits before they accepted them into their inner circle. They were supposed to be gauging the recruit’s ability to fight back or something like that.

Just the other day I came across the latest evolution of this bad martial arts practice. It takes place in prison, and it is called ’52 Pick Up.’

A deck of cards is thrown into the air, and the recruit must pick up the deck, in order, while three other cons beat the heck out of him.

Now that is an interesting concept, the ability to play cards while in a gang war.

The interesting thing is that done properly, there actually is reason for these practices. Many schools, for instance, believe that one should be pushed and struck while doing the form Sanchin. The pushing and striking, however, is not to brutalize a fellow and make sure he is reduced to an animal nature, but rather to ensure that he is sinking his weight and aligning his body properly and breathing correctly and so on.

Doing this type of training, correctly and with much awareness can actually lead a person to what the Chinese call ‘Iron shirt’ training. This is a body that is impervious to strikes.

Thus, while there are many bad martial arts practices, training methods that can damage and even maim the body, the good martial artist will search for that training method that will enable him to strengthen his body through cultivated awareness.

About the Author: Al Case began martial arts in 1967. You can check out his method for chi training at MonsterMartialArts.com.

The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

I was in high school, a place where you really need Good Martial Arts Training, and the science teacher told of this confrontation he had witnessed when he was a kid.

There were two milkmen, one was an oldster, scrawny and shrunken, a real stick, and the other was an 18 year old, brawny and full of himself.

chinese hand karate martial art

Complete art, a pivotal time in matrixing ~ click on the cover!

best martial arts trainingSo the old milkman gets tired of the young milkman’s incessant talk, and he offers a challenge.

Hold a milk container at arm’s length.

I’m not talking about a bottle, but one of those old metal containers that holds gallons.

So the young guy sneers, and he hoists a container. His shoulder is up, his body is bent, but he makes it, and he sweats for about 20 seconds, then lowers it. There!” He says, in satisfaction.

The old guy takes the same container and lifts it out. His body is straight, his arm is out there, and he isn’t sweating. Two minutes later he puts it down.

Years later I would hear kung fu tales of old guys who could do miraculous feats, including stories similar to this one, and I kept thinking about it, and I finally started doing a training based on the milkman story, and things I had heard in the martial arts (pile stancing) method that I feel is the best one out there.

I simply do my form, holding each movement for a minute. Deep stance, arms extended, and practice controlling my breathing, and imagining energy feeding up the legs and into the tan tien and out the arms.

Yes, it is meditation, but not a single pose, rather all the poses.

The trick is to hold your body perfectly still.

To get over the pain, to have even, unlabored breathing, and to watch the world.

Here is the key: to look along the line of your arm, and to make it not shake or move in relation to the world beyond the arm.

For instance, I would look at my hand, align it with a speck on the wall, and allow NO shiver.

It takes time, and it takes dedication, to do this training method. For instance, Pinan one, the first Karate form, will take over 20 minutes to do. And you will go through excessive amounts of pain, and your body is going to be creaking by the time you’re done. And your mind is going to be trying to feed you all sorts of boredom.

But here’s the thing: if you can relax and hold the world still, then your mind will hold still, and then your mind will stop all its chatter about boredom. You will actually hear silence, and in the silence you will find your true self, your true abilities, and the truth of the martial arts.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is practice a form or two a night for a couple of weeks and you will find yourself TOTALLY changed. This IS the best martial arts training method I know.

One of the hardest forms to do with this method is one of the long Tai Chi Chuan forms. I would suggest you try shorter karate forms first, before trying something like the long Yang Form, but here is the course that has it for those of you who are ready.


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So have a great work out!



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Why I Chose MCMAP…

MCMAP is for People Who Want to Kill

The reason I chose the marines (MCMAP – Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) to pick on for my latest martial arts book is interesting.

survivalist martial artFirst, the Marine Corps isn’t a McDojo with trophies in their window, they are men dedicated to killing.

Second, on inspecting MCMAP I could see that they had fallen into some of the traps Martial Arts systems fall into.

The basic techniques are drawn from boxing, not Karate or kung Fu or some other martial art.

The grab art techniques were out of order, and selected for reasons that go against the grain of self-improvement.

The relationship of techniques was not well addressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the thing works, and well, and especially in view of the fact that they are training a bunch of fellows that are often short a clue.

But it could be better.

It could be a real martial art where people actually suffer enlightenment.

And one of the questions I entertained, as I tweaked and rearranged MCMAP, was whether the marine corps would want enlightened troops.

On one hand, the soldier would be smarter, he would be prone to analyze, and intuitively, any situation.

But would he follow orders and go into the guns of the enemy?

Man, that was the $64,000 question.

And I think the answer would depend on the quality of leadership, and the information passed down to the grunt.

If a fellow went through MCMAP, and did become enlightened, he would have to be educated as to the value of the mission before charging forth. It would take smart leaders to do that, and the mission would have to make sense.

An enlightened man is as willing to put his life on the line as an unenlightened man. Maybe more so.

But he’s not stupid.

The fellows at the Alamo likely knew they would die, and just to buy a little time for their fellow Texicans to make up an army. They made an educated and enlightened decision.

And, should MCMAP take hold and begin transforming today’s modern marines, they would have to make the same enlightened decisions.

And I think the fellows in charge are going to have to be smarter, and communicate in a complete and thorough manner, their mission goals.

Anyway, it is a conjecture, but it is backed up by the fact that armies of the east have engaged in this type of martial arts training for millennium.

You can pick up ‘Fixing MCMAP’ on Amazon, or here… http://marinecorpsmartialarts.wordpress.com/marine-humor/

Guaranteed, whether you are a martial artist or a marine, or a marine to be or whatever, you will find the work scholarly and effective. After all, it is based on the martial arts of a very unique group of killers.

Muscle Memory versus Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Reaction Time…

I find that there is vast misunderstanding in the martial arts as to what mushin no shin is…people usually and incorrectly compare it to reaction time.

Now, to be precise, when people talk about mushin no shin they mix it in with not just reaction time, but especially muscle memory. The idea they are coming from is that if you do something long enough then it becomes intuitive, and even ‘on automatic.’

martial arts muscle memory

Mushin no shin…free from the restraints of the physics of the universe

Mushin no shin means mind of no mind. Another way of saying this would be time of no time.

Which is to say that there is no mind, or memory in this case, involved.

When you train in reaction time, when you build ‘muscle memory,’ then you are building memory, and memory is based on time.

But mushin no shin refers to no time…to perceiving things as they are, and not through the artifices, or demanding the reaction time, of muscle memory.

Now, the real world difference is this.

You feel a tap on the shoulder, you spin, you chop, your grandmother, who was offering you a plate of cookies, goes down for the count.

That is reaction time. It is not intuitive, it is knee jerk reaction.

Or, you feel a presence behind you, or, better yet, without feeling the presence behind you, you turn in concert with the tap of the finger to your shoulder.

There is no contact because you have merged with the action. There is no reaction; there is no moving after the fact, or moving violently because of something.

That is mushin no shin.

The first time I ever experienced mushin no shin I was 16. I was at a bowling alley, and one of the bowlers put a pencil on the slanted desk, and it started rolling.

I watched it, and watched it, and time started to stretch out and become inconsequential…I was ‘in the moment,’ free from reaction time.

The world glowed, and I felt this delicious sense of freedom. I realized that I had total control over the flight of the pencil. I could move any way I wanted to, and there were no boundaries or limits.

The pencil fell, and I reached out and plucked it out of the air.

A fellow there said he had never seen such fast reaction time in his life.

But it wasn’t reaction time…I was moving in between moments of time. I wasn’t using muscles to make motion, I was making motion directly, as an Awareness, as an ‘I am.’ And this was without any martial arts training; years before I ever started training in the martial arts.

Now, a quirk of the moment, was that experience, and the real problem came when I tried to make it happen at will. Couldn’t do it. I needed the training.

And, even with the martial arts training, it took me nearly 20 years before I started experiencing these things as a matter of course.

The point here, however, is that it is not muscle memory, or reaction time. Muscle memory trains the body, but not the awareness, and that is knee jerk out of control. Reaction time means something has to happen before you act. Neither of these are mushin no shin.

Mushin no shin is when you are aware of life as it happens, without the interference of muscle memory, or reaction time, or training, or anything.

People who are asleep use the term muscle memory, or reaction time, to describe phenomena they don’t understand.

What makes it really confusing is when you get some fellow who trains for years, then tries to explain what he is experiencing. in the western world we fall back on the inadequate descriptions provided by science, a science which, I might add, has never adequately explained such concepts as are manifested when a person is showing mushin no shin.

Terms such as ‘reaction time,’ and ‘muscle memory,’ are offered by western science for concepts they do not understand.

The term mushin no shin is used to describe a person who is free from muscle memory, has no reaction time, and is in a realm beyond the simple physics of the universe. He is in a second set of physics, the physics of sixth senses and intuition and dreams and all sorts of things.

Mushin no shin is used when a person is not confined by his memories, and other such limitations to the human spirit.

Here are some articles which touch upon the procedure for waking the person mired in Martial Arts reaction time, and endowing him with muslin no shin.

Martial Arts Training Gives a Great and Hard Body!

Martial Arts Training is the Way to Go!

The truth is that Martial Arts Training will put you in the best physical condition you’ll ever be in.

Doesn’t matter if it’s kung fu or karate or taekwondo, or whatever, the fact is that physical conditioning is part of the program.

I’m 61 in the above vid…and martial arts makes me young and fast!

So, do you want to grow old? Or are you ready to get good!

Now, here’s the key: when you do Karate kata, or Kung Fu forms, or whatever, you are doing physical conditioning. Take a look at the first Kata in Karate: Pinan One. When you do that form you are doing some twenty forward stances. That means you are doing twenty lunges! Furthermore, by doing the lunges on either side, and with the body balanced different ways for different punches and blocks, you are going to get different muscle groups working.

Now, beginners might repeat the form ten times. That’s 200 lunges!

And, when you figure in the different stances, a horse stance is a squat, a kneeling stance is a different type of lunge, and so on, then you end up with an amazingly well rounded and powerful set of legs!

Want to improve the upper body? Hold weights while you do the punches and blocks.

Now, here is the glory that traditional martial arts have, you can do them and do them and do them, and the risk of pulling muscles or otherwise injuring yourself is greatly reduced.

And, IT IS NOT BORING! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard guys complain about the long, boring work out. Well, it’s not boring in a martial arts training center! It’s exciting! Furthermore, in this day and age, you need the self defense training that comes along with this type of conditioning!

I tell you, this type of training will put you in the best shape of your life, and the competitive edge martial arts builds is absolutely cutting edge!

And, here is a great, little bonus! If you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can get yourself some martial arts training videos and really pump up the volume! You can not only work out and get in the best shape of your life, but you can experience all sorts of different martial arts training routines and patterns. Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, or whatever.

And, here’s something you might like…the best martial arts training videos are available at MonsterMartialArts.com.

zen martial arts

The Truth About Muscle Memory in the Martial Arts

Muscle Memory Martial Arts

The definition for Muscle Memory in Wiki states: ‘a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition.’ This is a good definition, but totally inadequate when one considers what the martial arts are designed to do. This article is designed to complete that definition.

There are basically three parts to a human being on planet earth.

There is the body, which is pretty much a meat contrivance of bones and blood and hair and skin and all sorts of things. This is where we find muscle.

There is the mind, which is memory. Memory is not contained in the brain.

And there is the spirit. The great intangible, that awareness which can’t be measured by the physics of this universe.

So somebody figures out a great martial arts move, and he starts practicing it. He is basically telling his muscles to remember, and this is all fine and good.

Now, let’s step outside of muscle and memory-and modern definitions-and consider the ancient concept of mushin no shin, or ‘mind of no mind.’

Take mushin no shin literally, and it is saying that one does not use the mind, including the muscle pattern in the mind, when doing martial arts or other activities which have resulted in this state.

The point is that when one builds Muscle Memory, using muscle and mind, they are building a circuit. This is just like an electrical circuit, energy charges through synapses and the body lumbers about. Saying it is in the neurons of the mind, or the neural connections in the nerve system doesn’t matter. It is just a circuit, and Muscle Memory is the building of a circuit to enhance the operation of body.

But, if one relies only on the circuit one is now limited by the body, so we have to go beyond circuit, we have to figure out what to do with the circuit so that it disappears, and in its place is…intuition, imagination, and all the higher abilities of the human being.

Here we all agree. Practice, practice, practice. Eventually the circuit just goes…poof. It disappears, and the method of motion becomes not muscle and memory, but merely a light thought of the body being moved from one place to another.

We have used Muscle Memory to instill a pattern until we knew the pattern well enough that we didn’t need the the mind and the muscle. We could move the body directly, just by applying a thought, and this is the state of mushin no shin.

This is when the martial arts become a religion. This is when the human being itself, the ‘I am,’ the point of awareness behind eyes and ears and physical perception tools becomes isolate and in charge.

The problem here is not with Muscle Memory, for Muscle Memory is valid…it exists. The problem is how far does the instructor go with the concept. If the instructor uses the Muscle Memory concept to teach fighting to the exclusion of any spiritual reality, then Muscle Memory is not of use. It relegates the human being to the status of animal.

On the other hand, if Muscle Memory leads to mushin no shin, if it leads to a human being who can direct his body without the mind/memory, but just with a thought, then it is a valid martial arts tool.

If Muscle Memory leads to mushin no shin, the student will experience a realization of the self (I am!), and he will understand the true meaning of budo…’to lay down the spear.’

He will give up fighting for the sake of fighting, give up his animalistic nature, and ascend to the reality of art and intuition and imagination and all the things that are the true province of the human being, and which elevates him above all other life forms on this planet.

He will, in short, be using his true abilities, things like thoughts and whims and imagination, and this is the goal of concepts like Muscle Memory in the Martial Arts.

zen martial arts

This has been an article about how to use muscle memory in the martial arts.

Five Martial Arts News Headlines Indicate Society Crumbling!

learn karate onlineIf you want some Martial Arts News, just look at the following headlines.

2 Arrested, 1 Sought in 7-11 Robberies
Argument with Wife Ends in Mans Arrest
Bank Robbed
Damage to Vehicle Leads to Mans Arrest
Man Evades Capture, but is Arrested Later!

I found these headlines with exactly one click of the mouse.
So, you want to tell me that you don’t have to learn how to defend yourself?
Let’s consider the above headlines one by one.
Do you know enough Karate to handle a robbery attempt at your place of business?
Do you have the calm of mind that Kung Fu brings, that you won’t let an argument with your wife or girlfriend get out of control?
Do you know enough Brazilian Jujitsu to take down an armed bank robber?
Do you have the quick reflexes that a study of the martial arts brings, that you can avoid accidents?
Do you live in a society where people are being arrested daily for their crimes?

Do you get the point here?
While people are stockpiling food, buying water purifiers, making sure that they have weapons to use in the event that society crumbles, they are normally missing one monstrous point: self defense starts with a calm mind, a healthy body, and a study of actual self defense scenarios.
And the martial arts provides a wealth of survival scenarios. Practice the forms and you are immediately immersed in survival motions.
And, it is more than just beating people up.
In the event that society crumbles, what will enable people to live through the chaos is the calm, cool, collected mind set that a study of the martial arts brings.
So, when next you head to the store for another crate of bottled water to put in your bomb shelter, remember that you are going to have to stay healthy and smart. So pick up a martial arts DIY manual.
When next you pass scour through the ads for a gun, check out the martial arts training books.
Such a small thing, yet, considering the martial arts news headlines these days, it may be the smartest thing you could do.

Martial Art Work Out in the Snow

Would Chuck Norris Use Gloves?

Martial Art Work Outs in different environments is a kick.
I used to read the accounts of Karate classes held in the snow, martial arts meditation under waterfalls, and all that sort of thing.
Now there wasn’t a waterfall near where I lived, and it snowed once every twenty years, so I figured I would have to wait to experience those things. Then, one year, it snowed!
Man, I was like shot. I was in the car and up in the hills in ten minutes. Unfortunately, so was the rest of California.
Oh, well.
So I was wearing gi bottoms, and I took off my shoes and socks, and began doing my karate forms in the snow.
Man, it was a kick.
But I figured I was going to have to figure out some esoteric, weird thing to do with my mind.
In actuality, all I had to do was get the blood pumping and keep it pumping. So I pumped and sweated, and all these mothers bundled their children up and took them away from my area.
And, the worst thing was I had broken a toe a few years previous, and I felt the break. Man, it was an irritant. Made my foot feet fragile, when it wasn’t.
Other than that, the main thing was to keep the enthusiasm up.
You see, it is easy to sweat, but after you see that there really isn’t much of a challenge, you run into the challenge, how do you keep your excitement high enough to keep working out. You have to maintain a level of excitement, you see, and that’s where the exercise becomes more than body, and a mind thing.
In the end, it was valuable, showed me some things about myself, and I recommend it. In fact, I recommend doing this type of martial arts training often. It’s different, it pumps you up, it’s invigorating, and it’s fun.
Of course all martial art work outs are fun, but this is just a little extra fun, and good for you.
Pick up a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts. That’s right, free!