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Newsletter 1018

The Secrets of Martial Arts Grab Arts

A couple of things this issue.

First, I sat down for an interview.

The interview is with Dal Gilliland,

a long time practitioner of the MA,

and a hell of a wisdom.

The link is here

Podcast with Dale Gilliland and Al Case

The essence of the podcast

is that Dale is researching and presenting

viable paths to mastery of the martial arts

through interviews with accomplished people.

We had a lot of fun,

and hopefully our excitement comes through.

Check it out.


you wanted to talk about the grab arts.

Grab Arts is the term my instructor used for locks,

throws, takedowns, joint manipulations, and so on.

By that definition it covers all martial arts.

When I did the Matrix Aikido course,

I originally called it ‘Instant Aikido,’

I was showing how to teach, and learn,

through defining your concepts.

The video succeeds well,

but…it stops.

Well, everything stops.

But the Matrix Kung Fu course went further.

After all, I had given the concept,

so where did the concepts go?

That is what the Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) is all about.

But this led to an extreme realization.

When I looked at what I had done,

i actually slapped my head.

The truth was right in front of me all the time,

and I had had no clue.

Now bear with me through this next part,

it might seem a little confusing,

but stick with me,

there is something very brilliant on the other side…


let me ask you a question…

what is time?

Let me stall for a second

while you actually think about that.

Tick tock.

Tap the foot.


Yeah, yeah.

Okay, did you come up with an answer?

Do you know what time is?

Okay, here goes…

drum roll…




Al, maybe you’d better get back on that horse quick.

You must have landed on your head and—

No, no.

I’m serious.

Time is a measurement of distance.

How fast can you run 50 yards?

10 seconds.


Then 50 yards is ten seconds long.

Do you see it?

That’s what time is for!

To measure the distance,

either of the universe,

or of the distance between one event and another in the universe.


read it again if you have to,

figure it out,

and then let me tell you

what this has to do with the martial arts.

There is the time it takes for a punch to reach the jaw.

We take a stop watch and click click.

Very useful,

this attribute of time.

This is the ‘regular’ time of the universe.

This is the time standard that we all agree upon,

that we set our watches to.

Then there is ‘timing,’

Where one starts messing with

the distance between techniques

in order to confuse somebody.


this is cool.

then there is the time

—God, I’m almost afraid to explain this—

that is agreed upon.

We agree a foot is a foot.

We agree that a second is a second.

That is the ‘regular’ time of the universe.

But have you ever had somebody punch you,

and time actually changes?

I used to see this all the time.

My original instructor,

Bob Babich,

could change his agreement of time

and suddenly he was faster than us…



for those of you who are still around,

let me explain.

Bob would go out of agreement with our sense of time.

We were stuck in ‘regular’ time,

the time of the universe,

but he had his own sense of time.

and he could impinge his sense of time over our sense of time.

But our sense of time was the ‘robot’ time of the universe.

His sense of time was magnetic,

and magic,

and much more alive than the grind of tick tock.

Every individual has his own sense of time,

and that individual time can be changed,

and override the time of the universe.


I know you’re going to be chewing on that for a while,

so let me slip something in

while you’re starting your few years of cogitation.

I realized that the martial arts has six general distances.

Weapons, kick, punch, knee, elbow and takedown

I didn’t bother with weapons because

time is best appreciated by a sense of the body.

Go outside the body and time loses some impact.

You’re in the universe of ‘regular’ time now.

I didn’t bother with grappling

because that is a stuck distance.

Once you’re in grapple distance 

distance can no longer collapse effectively,

and therefore time can’t ‘change.’

But if you go from

kick to punch to knee to elbow…

you are collapsing distance,

therefore you are collapsing time.


this broke the universe open for me.

Suddenly I could see the problems with training methods,

how different arts could be stuck in certain times,

and so on.

Really blew my mind.


what do I do when my mind is blown?


the mind is blown for one real reason,

it has been overwhelmed by data.


to put the data to logic,

I drew a matrix.

A matrix of distances,

which was a matrix of time.

And that put an order to the massive data

that was overwhelming me.

And I mention all this because

when I wrote the Matrix Kung Fu course

there was one big problem.

I was putting technique to the Matrix Aikido concept,

and there were no entry techniques.

I would apply the concept to the jointlock,

come up with the technique,

and there was no way into the technique.

Talk about pure data.

It was data so pure that I ended up with a static,

and a static is the quickest way to die in the universe.

So I ended up matrixing distance,

which gave the entry techniques to the Matrix Kung Fu,

and wound up somewhere in the stars,

wondering about time,

and trying to cork my head back together.

Quite fun, really.

You know,

on the interview I did with Dale,

which I mentioned earlier,

I said a smart thing.

I said,

‘Martial Arts are for smart people.’

They are.

They aren’t for dummies.

Dummies get trapped by the human cockfight,

or the desire for violence,

or the lust for trophies,

or domination,

or whatever.

But the real martial artists,

the ones that last for a lifetime,

and longer,

they think.

They figure things out.


it’s a kick to feel the adrenaline

and to live for freestyle,


when you are old,

will you have any wisdom for all that?

It’s a fair question,

and I hope this newsletter puts you down the path.

So take what I said about time here,

wiggle it,

drop it in the acid,

figure it out.

Understanding this universe,

and time is what makes this universe last,

is what life is all about.


obligatory advertisement.

Feel free to examine

Matrix Aikido

and Matrix Kung fu.

Examine my concepts from the inside out,

from the viewpoint of one who does,

not one who just talks.

I think you’ll have a lot of fun.

Here are the links…




let me glance around,

I want to make sure nobody hears this,


If you order one course right now,

I’ll give you the second one free.



don’t fall over.

I know I never do this,

but I just passed my 73rd birthday

and I’m officially senile now.


until July 1,

two for one,

the Matrix Aikido and Matrix Kung Fu only.

Past July 1…and you missed out.

So that’s it, kids,

don’t forget to check out

Dale Gilliland’s great interview with me….

and have the best F-ing work out in the world!



Have you checked out my novel?


It’s on Amazon,

but you’ll probably have to look for it.

Amazon tends to hide the good stuff.

Newsletter 748
A Bit of Martial Arts Poetry

Good morning!
The sky is clear and empty,
and it is supposed to rain?
I’ll work out anyway.
Either way
doesn’t matter.
Just got to work out!

neutronic martial arts philosophy

learn karate faster

Can you see the math in this?

I like poetry for two reasons
First, it allow me to express myself,
it allows me to force concepts into a cage,
like a beast to be viewed for true worth.
Second, I like the mathematics of it.
I like the order and logic of it all.
And here’s the thing…

Mathematics means ‘knowledge,’
mathematics is method of measuring the universe.
All art is a measure of motion.
Timing is the mathematics of distance closing.
The structure of the body is geometry applied.
And you know you have mastered
the mathematics of the martial arts
when you begin searching for the math (logic)
in the rest of the universe,
when you apply the math of the martial arts
to the rest of the universe.

Music is an obvious math,
a measurement of frequencies through time.
Is that not the martial arts, too?

Carving a sculpt
or painting,
is that not a study of geometry?
Is that not the martial arts, too?

Even the emotion behind these things,
is a form of math.
Emotions can be expressed as frequencies,
and they can be displayed as petulant performances of children,
or heart stopping expressions of the soul.
Is that not the martial arts, too?

I heard about this when I was in school,
but school isn’t where you learn,
and it wasn’t until I got out of school,
that I began searching.
Maybe you’re like me,
maybe you ‘heard about,’
and then were left to your own devices,
to wonder or not.
instead of actually learning
how to tap into the expressions of the soul
which you are capable of.

When I heard about these things,
I was driven,
being driven to create,
in spite of alls schooling,
I put these expressions down in matrixing and neutronics.
The sole purpose being to create a Martial ARTIST.

Not a fighter,
not somebody who contests against life,
agaisnt the things he creates,
against the truth of himself,
but somebody who understands so well he doesn’t have to fight.
That is the point of it all.
That is the expression of man
brought to its final evolution.

So here’s a poem,
and I hope you can find some math in it,
or at least some martial arts,
a bit of yourself.

I think about being a martial artist

I think sometimes I should have been a general,
in charge of hordes of men fighting glorious war,
but those men are all dead or dull in the spirit,
and with time we forget just what they fought for.

I think sometimes I should have been president
leading a country to greatness as tragedy befalls
but history holds great men as scoundrels
and the changes they brought is as slavery calls

I think sometimes I should have been a mother
giving life to man throughout all of the ages
but the seeds raised mighty blow with the wind
so few mothers then become wise as the sages

I think sometimes of the follies I have seen
as men contest men and deny their own brothers
living lives bare of honor and selling their souls
for the tokens of baubles or the joys of a lover

I think sometimes I have fought my whole life
not against men but against my own sword
and in the end I was the victor and worthy of honor
I put down the sword, and knew the true word

Who do I fight and who do I love are reflections of me
different sides of the jewel that is life incarnate
searching through life to find a higher good
overcoming the lifetimes of this thing called fate

Here’s the link to the proof of matrixing…


Have yourself a great work out!



Time Goes Backwards in the Martial Arts

In Martial Arts Time goes Backwards…if You Let It

Hey de hi hi! Been just putting in articles for blogs,  but I have the time to do it right, if you have the time to read it right. So uncross your eyes and get ready to rock and unroll.

martial arts course

Matrixing will get you there.

Been into time lately, realized it ran backwards three decades ago, figured out what it meant the other day.

People who study history are reading what is written by the conqueror. They are getting what the historians feel like blabbin’ about. They are contributing to history by going forward.

When you study the martial arts, however, you are trying to go backwards to the original concepts, find out where the art came from, what part of your soul it tweaks.

Lose your reaction time. Stop thinking. Be.

Easy, eh? Well, it is so easy it is hard. Haven’t seen any schools of martial arts that address this, or try to do it, except in the most by the way method, or through passed down stuff they don’t understand and so can’t really apply.

I, however, obsess on it. To lose your reaction time, to lose your mind, to exist in the now, that is what it is all about.

Well, come visit me at Monster Martial Arts. That’s where my stuff is, and I have a truck load of Martial Arts articles. Heck, maybe you’ll lose your reaction time.



When you understand how time goes backwards you lose your reaction time.

This has been a post about time going backwards in the martial arts. You should subscribe to this blog (top of the sidebar).

If you want faster reaction time you should check out Blinding Steel. A cmpelte system with weapons, click on the picture above.

If you want faster reaction time you should check out Blinding Steel. A complete system with weapons, click on the picture above.

The Problem with Split Timing in Martial Arts

Split Timing Improves Martial Arts Freestyle

When I say split timing in the martial arts I am talking about somebody punching, and you coming in over the punch.

Not reacting, but going through the door at the same time he has, but with better angles.

This is actually the kind of thing that Bruce Lee taught. You can see Anderson Silva doing it in his fights. the other guy punches, and Anderson is not blocking and punching, but rather slipping and punching right over or around the other guys punch.

Classical martial arts trains with block and counter methods, which is not split timing, but a definite tick, tick, tick of the clock. This is reaction timing, or reaction training.

The problem is that reaction, to react, is to when you move because of something else, and it means he did something, he made an action, which caused your action. But that means that you are fighting after the other guy. You are always playing catch up.

And the problem is that this type of training method is prevalent in MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts. You will see fighters in strikeforce or the UFC, and they will punch after the other fellow punches. That puts them a full count behind. they need to split the count,to split the timing,and punch while the door is open.

Let the other guy open the door, but punch at the same time, or right over, but with better angles.

The reason this is so difficult to get is because of the reaction timing built into so many training methods.

But those methods are for beginners.

Advanced is split timing.

Advanced is not reaction, but seeing what is going to happen, and ating before, or at least in concert with.

When the other guy goes to punch, you should already be in motion. You should have seen the lean of the body at the very least, and, if you are an advanced martial artist, then the lean of his mind.

If you do the classical methods long enough you will see the though happen before the action. Once you see it, once you have reached a point of awareness where you see what is going to happen, you have to construct striking methods that take advantage of the window of opportunity.

This is one of the things that is possible through matrixing. Through making the art logical, the person can better reach the point of awareness of seeing what is going to happen before it happens.

He can move out of reaction time and into time ‘inside the moment.’

Not after, but before, or, at least, during.

If you are interested in developing this advanced freestyle ability, if you want to learn how to strike during or before your opponent’s strike, you should look for Martial Arts courses which have ‘lop sau’ in them, such as Matrix Kung Fu or the Shaolin Butterfly.