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Definite Proof That Matrix Martial Arts Doesn’t Work!

I’ve been waiting to see the proof that Matrix Martial Arts is just a bunch of bushwah. Happy to report, that proof hasn’t materialized. All factors indicate that it does work, and for any art, including Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Hapkido, Jujitsu, or whatever. Check out the vid, then I’ll tell you more.

The only exception to this would be when the student isn’t mentally able to learn matrixing. You see, it takes a certain logical frame of mind, and most people have this logic wired in to their minds. Indeed, they love the common sense of matrixing: the mind learns easily that which makes sense.

Thus, if a student is lacking in the ability to see things in a logical way, he won’t get matrixing. This doesn’t mean that this particular student is stupid, it just means that he gets by in life using a different thought process than most. Of the few people who don’t get Marixing, the range of intelligence is general; there are stupid fellows and there are smart.

Of course, one won’t know if Matrixing is for them unless they actually do it. Gee, a whole thirty dollars for most courses. I won’t be able to go to Burger King for a week!

Of course, Matrix Karate includes not just the basics of Matrixing, but a complete martial art. This means the kata, the bunkai, and the methods of kumite. This includes a book with over a 160 pages, loads of graphics, and all sorts of data that nobody has ever looked at before.

So, with thousands of courses sold, thousands of wins, it looks like Matrixing is not going to be proved wrong by anybody soon. It has managed to pass the scientific testing provided by the real world. Of course, you can still try to prove it wrong.

You could purchase a course and go through it with a fine tooth comb, find all my mistakes, and take me to the cleaners. You could prove me a bozo. You could (choke) be a better human being than me!

Of course, the alternative would be that you wouldn’t make it. That you would have to learn an improved and quicker method for learning the martial arts. You might even have to (double choke) put your face on the floor and worship at my feet!

Head on over to Monster Martial Arts to Matrix your Martial Arts.