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About the Monkeyland Martial Arts Temple…

A Bunch of Little Things

Happy weekend!
It’s supposed to be a scorcher,
so bundle up in your winter clothes,
and do a real work out!

I personally believe that sweat
is one of the great curatives of mankind.
Sweat gets rid of toxins,
keeps the body functioning.

I don’t have anything planned this newsletter,
but I did have a bunch of things to mention,
and a question.

I’m putting a bunch of books up on Amazon/Kindle.
If you’re prone to kindle,
then go to amazon
look for things like
‘al case karate,’
‘al case kung fu,’
or whatever.
Then click on the author’s name.
If you’re lucky,
you’ll get a big page with a ton of books on it.
If you’re unlucky,
you’ll get a few books.
Haven’t figured out why amazon works that way,
but it does.

The books include martial arts,
and a lot of novels.

Master Instructor John Newport
I’ve mentioned before,
has started up an association.
I had my doubts,
expressed them,
and he put them to rest.
It doesn’t sound like the same old same old,
so if you are into organizations and associations,
his site might be the way to go.
The main thing,
he is more into establishing an organization
that functions the way the NRA does.
To give us clout as martial artists,
and to protect us from the government.
If you don’t want to get taxed and regulated to death,
which is what the government does,
check it out.

getting closer to Monkeyland,
fingers are crossed,
escrow is closing,
and…it looks like it is going to happen.
That said,
let me ask you guys a question.
I call it Monkeyland,
after a book I wrote,
in which good guys overcome bad,
and the blurb is…
Monkeyland…another word for freedom.

I like
‘another word for freedom,’
and so I attached it to the vision of a martial arts temple.
does anybody else like it?
Care for it?
Dislike it?
The other name it will likely have
is ‘Nipomo.’
As in ‘Nipomo Temple.’

Nipomo is an indian word which means ‘foot hills,’
or ‘low hills,’
or some such.
if you’re handy with google earth,
will tell you something about the location we’re planning.

do you like Monkeyland for a name?
Or something else?
Let me know…
this is your chance to vote.

I know I didn’t have anything planned,
but I wanted to share a win

Working through the fifth army of the Tai Chi form and I have to say wow. I took your advice and played the forms like a tiger, a dragon, a crane, a snake, a leopard, the whole bloody menagerie. I did the Karate forms like Tiger, Dragon and Crane. This is such a unique experience that I just had to tell you that one section of the Tai Chi course can make 20 some odd years of Tai Chi training something revolutionary. I can play all the Shaolin five animals regardless of forms and I think really that is what the Shaolin monks actually meant. Bravo Sir. Good stuff.

Justin H

Thank you Justin.
And to you fellows out there,
I pity the guy who does a form
only one way,
waiting for enlightenment.
He’ll have a long time to wait,
because he has no perspective.

If you do the forms
as Justin did
you will definitely have perspective.
And I think I’ve written a few articles on this,
but you’d have to ransack my sites to find them.
I have search boxes in the side columns,
so you could just type in
‘five animals,’
or something like that,
and you might find them.
The three main sites are


I think that is about it,
if you have thoughts on the name for the temple,
let me know,
have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you later!


go to this link
and there is a recommendation in the menu at the top
for how to study the Matrixing courses.

Matrix Martial Arts Blogsite

About the Monkeyland Martial Arts Temple!


The beginning of the week!

Leave this email in your inbox,

and use it to remind yourself to work out

every day!

When time gets scrunched,


on the other hand,

when I have a few minutes downtime…

I do quick work outs.

Hit the House Forms out of Matrix Karate,

15 seconds to do them

a complete work out

all tuned up

within a couple of minutes.



here’s a win for you…

Hey Al,

Yogata has been amazing.  My body’s starting to lose its stiffness, and I feel great after each set.  It fills me energy to the point that I’ve made it a rule to not do it after 7pm if I intend on sleeping before midnight.  I was really surprised the first time I watched matrix aikido too.  I had been staring those ideas in the face for nearly a decade; it was like the heavens parted, and I had a half hour long OMG! how did I not see this all those years! moment.  Accidentally finding your website is one of the biggest life changing moments I’ve had this year.

Brandon K

Thank you Brandon.

I can’t tell you how much people’s wins mean to me…


word on the Temple.

We’re working to get a site for Monkeyland.

It’s a big site on a mountaintop,

and it slowly seems to be happening.

We’ve got back up plans if it falls through,

but our sights are set,

you know?


a couple of things,

that you might find interesting…

It’s basically a vacation property for my friend,

but when I say I want to bring people up and train them,

he starts to get that old glint in his eye.

if a few people can build a couple of structures,

terrace the land,

put in an irrigation system,

then he’s willing to have more come.

Do you understand what a temple really is?

It’s not a place to vacation,

but to work,

and to focus your energies,

to do martial arts 6 or 8 hours a day…

but you have to earn that chance.

So I’m looking into things like

look how to put up solar power,

so we can really be off the grid.

But who’s going to do the work?

The monks.

In between working out until they sweat blood.


have you ever slaughtered a cow?

There’s a herd of cows renting space on the land,

and some day,

in place of taxable money,

we’re going to ask for a beef for their rent.

Do you know how to kill a cow?

Hoist it so the blood drains?

Skin it?

Take the organs out?

Cut it into steaks?

So who’s going to do the work?

The monks.

In between working out until they sweat blood.


we need to terrace a whole mountain top,

make the crops gopher proof

easy to water

even in the middle of summer,

keep the beans safe from the herd of cows

(nothing is worse than a farting cow!)


who’s going to do the work?

The monks.

In between working out until they sweat blood.


if I’ve scared you…


Don’t want no lazy slackers up here,

don’t want no people thinking they are going on vacation.

We want lean, mean go getters,

people who are tired of the watch a TV day,

people who want an experience that will change them,

change their life,

and make them into superhuman martial arts dynamos.

We want people who work!

So when Monkeyland comes through,

I’m going to go to my partner and say,

‘I’ve got a half dozen people

who want to come build.

They’ll put up fences and dig ditches.

One guy knows about foundations for the houses,

and one guy doesn’t have money,

but he’s got a big generator he’ll donate.

Can I invite them up here?’

And my partner,

is going to grin and say,

‘let’s see what you got.’

And then it’s up to us to prove to him

that his property can be an investment

in mankind

in spiritual martial arts,

in putting the grunt back into Americans

or any other nationality in the world.

If we prove it,

I guarantee,

he’ll ask for more people.

He’s just that kind of guy.

He’s the first guy I ever trained in Matrixing,

he’s been ranked highly by the traditional Japanese systems,

and the idea of building

a spiritual center

to rival the zen temples

is something that really tweaks him.


I wanted to say all this

because I don’t want any false hopes,

hazy dreamers,

or pie in the sky idjits.

I want REAL dreamers,

who can make REALITY

out of their dreams.

Do you understand?


I will let you know of any progress,

and any change of plans.


if we have to build our castle in a valley

instead of on top of a mountain,

that’s okay,

as long as we build it!


this project is going to be expensive,

and people can start donating now.

Read Brandon’s win again,


do you have Yogata?

Get Yogata and you’ll be helping Monkeyland,

and you’ll be helping yourself,

getting yourself ready

for when it comes time

to put this thing together.

Here’s the URL for Yogata,

which is an instant download.


I want to tell you something.

I don’t use much of the money

that comes in from the Monster,

I mostly put it aside,

save up for the things I’ll need

to do the Great Matrixing Tour,

and to build a real temple,

so any course you order,

really helps.






zen martial arts