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Martial Arts Technique Number One

Hey guys and gals!

We’re into summer now

and I hope you decided to pick an art

and learn the whole darn thing before fall.

I mean,

why waste time?

I wanted to get into ‘The First Technique,;’

or ‘Technique Number one.’

I think I may have written about this before,

but it bears repeating.

After all,

nobody in the world understands this.

I’m serious,

nobody in the world knows what technique number one is

or why it is number one.

So, here we go.

A fly is buzzing in front of your face.

Do you do a high block?

Smash that fly with a high block?


You swat it.




in many arts,

and should be in all arts,

there should be a ‘preparatory’ slap

before you do the block.

That slap is technique number one.

Think about it.

You have NEVER seen a high block done in freestyle.

It’s a worthwhile block,

teaches all sorts of things about structure and timing,


it is never used.

But the slap is used constantly.

It’s used in boxing,


virtually every other art.

So the slap is Technique Number One.

After Number One you move your hand towards the block,

but before you actually block

you grab.

Grabbing is second.

Then, finally,

you block.

Blocking is the third technique.


it is important to learn blocking.

Like I say,

it teaches a little reality,

it teaches timing,

it teaches you how the body is structured

and how energy runs through the body.


slapping is first.


you have various patterns,

and drills coming out the wazoo,

but EVERYTHING is based upon

that simple slap.


can a slap do damage?

Well, yes,

but that’s not the essence of Monkey Boxing.

If you put the steam on it,

you can break bones and even split skin with a good slap.

I especially advise people to learn

all about iron palm techniques

and how to slap the crap out of

a good, old bag of beans.

The purpose of the slap in Monkey Boxing

is not so much to do damage,

though that can EASILY happen.

The real purpose of the slap

is to guide the attack into a grab.

You see the slap is first,

but before you even start trying to to get to technique two,

or three,

you guide the attack into a simple grab.

A guy punches,

you slap softly,

so softly he doesn’t feel it,

and then he slides his arm right into your control.

You break, you guide,

you unbalance, you lock,

if you must,

you hurt him.

But try to control him before you have to hurt him.

So there you go,

a punch is slapped,


and finally blocked.


you either try to stop something,

going man to man,

or you slip it,

guide it,

and control it.


I have said it before:

While there is an art to destruction,

the true art is in control!’


i would be sadly remiss,

and miss my chance for obligatory advertising,

if I didn’t tell you that there was a  whole art

devoted to slapping?

It’s Monkey Boxing.


And Monkey Boxing is completely taught

in the Blinding Steel course.

Here’s the Monkey Boxing Link…


Have a GREAT work out!


don’t forget to check out

Dale Gilliland’s great interview with me….


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It’s on Amazon,

but you’ll probably have to look for it.

Amazon tends to hide the good stuff.

Why Can’t I just Kill With One Strike!

Newsletter 929

For the People Who REALLY Want to Kill somebody with One Martial Arts Technique!

I get this every once in a while,
somebody wants to find the ‘magic technique,’
the technique that works for everything.
Somebody wants to study just one thing
and be able to kill anybody with it.

I am not going to teach you how to spell comic book,
and for a simple reason,
there actually is a technique,
a perfect technique,
that will do this.
not to be mystical,
or obfuscate,
it is the last move at the end of Seisan.
Go ahead,
find it,
see what it does,
figure it out,
and practice just that one technique.

that having been said,
I want to describe the philosophy behind
why you have to learn a whole martial art,
spend years studying,
instead of just buying a gun.

let’s consider celestial navigation.
You want to take your rocket ship to Arcturus.
You blast off,
you’re sailing away,
but…where is that durned star?
You’re confused by the time you reach Jupiter.
There’s the big dipper,
bunch of stars over there,
and the seven sisters,

Wish you had a map, eh?

let’s compare that to taking somebody DOWN!
You punch for the throat,
except he’s punching too,
so you shift, and he misses, but you miss.
But his arm is there,
so you go for an elbow roll,
except he’s twisting in response,
but your foot is…

Do you get the idea?
The same as going for a star without a map,
there is amazing confusion in a fight.
So you have to make a map.
You have to make it with your experience.

You punch,
he strikes,
but you’ve studied slipping in JKD,
the elbow roll comes,
he shifts,
but you know about shifting from Tai Chi.
he strikes,
but you know about dropping an elbow from karate,
and you finally strike him in the throat,
AND…manipulate him,
AND…take him down.

the analogy may not be quite clear,
so let me elucidate.
You find arcturus by your knowledge of what and where the other stars are.
you achieve your takedown by navigating a map of the human body,
by knowing where the joints are and how they turn,
by understanding leverage,
by subtle shifts of anatomy,
his and yours,
and you navigate to the final strike and takedown.

So when you study a whole art,
instead of buying a gun,
or searching for that mystical one finger technique
that reverse spirals the energy
so that the chakra explodes
in the fourth lumbar…
what you are doing is studying
a method for navigating the body.
No star will confuse you,
no motion or joint will confuse,
and you will find your way to…
better health,
understanding that common folk don’t have,
and the certainty that martial arts bring.

So, the best map for understanding the body,
because it can be applied to ANY martial Art!
The Master Instructor Course.
You learn how the body works.
You learn how techniques work.
You can make any art work,
any technique work,
you understand forms better,
and…and it just gets better.

Here be da link!

Have a great work out!

Here’s the link for the ‘One Terrorist, one bomb, one martial arts technique… http://www.sooperarticles.com/sports-articles/martial-arts-articles/one-terrorist-one-bomb-one-martial-artist-1657952.html


How Bad Martial Arts Techniques Work

Here’s a Bad Karate Technique!

Sort of interesting, but the martial arts usually travel through a filter; somebody tells you what a good technique and a bad martial arts technique is.

But, most times, the person doing the filtering, passing on the bad news, simply doesn’t understand the move.

I’ve written a thorough paper on a specific Karate move, out of the classical kata, and described why it is thought of as a bad technique, but is really a phenomenal technique.

If, of course, you are looking past the idea of karate as simply fighting, and are looking for the deeper truths of Karate.

Anyway, the technique should on Academia at this link.

The Truth of Bad Martial Arts Techniques!

Have a great martial arts work out!

Creating Your Own Martial Arts Form

create martial artsIf Michaelangelo did noting but copy works by Leo DaVinci would he still be considered a great artist? Obviously, the answer is no. He would be a copycat. Heck, with the wrong marketing he would be nothing but a forger.
Now, when somebody learns martial arts they are copycatting the techniques, forms, and system of somebody else. So where is the art in that?
To be sure, there does have to be some straight line duplication, for basics are basics…but at what point does the fellow become a martial artist? As opposed to a copycat?
Interesting question, eh?
Some could say that when the person makes the art his own, he becomes an artist, and some could even say one is an artist from the get go because there is an art in duplicating somebody else’s art, or, in the mere doing of the basics.
They would be right, but…the question remains…when does a person start creating his own martial art?Nobody, to this writer’s knowledge, has ever put together a course telling somebody how to be an artist. Even in things non martial arts, there is concern with brush stroke, but there is no focus upon the actual fact of creation.
Creation is the breakdown and synthesis of the old into the new. So what is the method? What is the procedure for making this happen, for enabling a person to do this.
Heck, most people don’t even know how to break an art down, let alone put it together.
Interestingly, there are a set of ‘rules’ to follow. If one follows these steps one can break down a martial art, and then reassemble it…and the reassembly should be more efficient, easier to learn, better on the street, and etc., than the original art.
Of course, this will all depend on the student, but it is possible to create your own martial arts form, techniques, style, and so on.
If you want to take a look at the rules for this procedure, check out Create Your Own Art at Monster Martial Arts.

Least Favorite Martial Arts Technique from Bassai

Bassai techniqueOne of my least favorite techniques
of all time,
is when you do the
front stance leaning over
double punch
one over the other.
Comes from Bassai Kata,
among others.

I hated this karate bunkai
because people told me
you punch somebody in the groin and the face,
because people told me
you bring the punches together,
and strike simultaneous
to two points
on the meridian.
The fellow so struck
will have screwed up meridian flow,
can stop one punch,
but can’t repair the gap in the flow
caused by such a double punch.

Are you following me on this?
People are making things up
for a technique they don’t understand.

The classical technique I learned for this,
involved a wild pivot and block afterwards,
and all sorts of other things.

one day I was studying an old book,
and I realized
that this technique was a fireman’s carry.
That’s right,
you don’t strike,
or contort,
or do any of that stuff.
You simply reach in,
grab the guy’s body,
and slide under with a horse stance
as you tilt him up
and you have a fire man’s carry!

now I liked it.
Made sense.
And no BS.

Truth is simple sometimes,
but sometimes you have to dig
with the biggest mofo shovel
to get to that truth.

the technique comes from Kang Duk Won,
but you’ll see it everywhere.
I know some people think
I’m a little nuts on the matrixing,
and they wouldn’t be wrong.
you have to have something to matrix.
The Evolution of Art course
has three complete arts in it.
That’s three books,
thousands of photos,
hundreds of techniques,
in depth analysis,
and if you have been learning a system
that was created in the last forty or fifty years,
or if you were disillusioned
with some art or other,
then you should probably be looking at Evolution of an Art.


It’s a complete art
through all evolutions.

don’t mean to hard sell it,
it’s just that
even if you are looking for
something more esoteric,
there is a bread and butter grit to this stuff
that really gets your hands dirty.
that all said,
think I’ll go have some tea.
And you go have a fantastic work out.


Ultimate Martial Arts Technique Results in Murder!

Hey, I’m not kidding. When I read this I outright laughed. What was weird is that I googled Ultimate Martial Arts Technique and found it.

Young Daniel Strous was attending a Phish concert, rockin’ with the music, swaying in time, when, suddenly, his underwear was grabbed by the back elastic and yanked.

Shrieking like a little girl, Daniel went up on his tip toes, his manhood effectively squashed.

Ha ha. We’ve all done that. What a yock. At least that is what the yanker, Eric Kassoway, thought.

Well, maybe it wasn’t a yock. For months Daniel smoldered over the incident. The shame of his high voice, the pain in his privates. Finally, the cauldron bubbled over.

On June 12 Daniel drove to Eric’s home and waited outside. When  Eric appeared the ultimate wedgie revenge technique was enacted…shots filled the air and Eric fell to the ground, his wedgie pulling days now in regret.

Eric did manage to survive, though he is currently getting therapy. Daniel is on his way to prison.

So, we are left with many questions.

What brand of underwear is so tough it can be used to inflict a wedgie without breaking?

Will Daniel learn a self defense move for the dreaded wedgie attack in prison?

Is readjusting underclothes really cause for murder?

And, most important, why the heck would google pop this article in the first place? Heck, they should have popped up Monster Martial Arts, maybe even selected my article on the ultimate ultimate martial arts fighting championship.