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How to Create and Name Your Martial Art

Newsletter 927

Picking a Name for Your Martial Art

One time I was down at the offices of CFW,
which published the Inside Karate mag,
which I wrote articles and a column for.
One of the guys,
in charge of video,
suddenly called to me.
‘Hey, Al! Got something to show you!’
I went into the video room and he put on a tape.
The tape was a half hour long,
but within a few seconds I knew what it was.
The guy on the tape was a perfect Bruce Lee imitation.
He swooped wooped,
he swung the nunchucks
as Bruce had swing them in his movies.
Move for move.
He spoke lines from the movies,
and it was eery,
it was almost as if he WAS Bruce!

of course,
he was just a copy cat,
a guy without much of a life,
a guy who didn’t know who he was,
so mimicked others.

That leads us into this weeks subject…
I am very big on people creating their own martial arts.
There is a simple reason for this.
If you just learn what has gone before,
then you are only a copy cat.
But when you create your own art,
when you alter the moves to fit your frame,
when you craft energy to fit your situation,
when you rearrange pieces of arts
to fit changing situations…
then you are an art.
Would Michaelangelo be an artist
if he merely copied everything Davinci did?
Same thing is true for the martial artist.
you should learn,
and that usually implies at least getting your black belt,
in Shotokan,
or Aikido,
or whatever art you study.
at a certain point you have to step outside your art.
Keep the original the same as you learned,
but create your own separate art.

that all said,
let me slide into a connected but different thing.

I subscribe to something called Quora.
On that platform people ask questions,
and answer questions.
You get a wide cross section of what people are thinking,
you get answer,
a whole host of different answers,
to questions mundane and bizarre.

a fellow asked the question:

What’s a good name for a fictional karate style that a flow state fighter would use?

This is a very interesting question.
I have had a LOT of people ask me about naming their art.
Since I am about the only one telling people how to be artists
a lot of artists end up up sending me this question.

I remember one fellow,
many years ago,
personal student of mine.
He reached the point where he had to go out
and create his own art,
and he asked me about a name.
He was was coming up with names like…
‘The Way of the Golden Fist,’
and so on.
So I told him to call his art…

‘Rick Do.’
The way of Rick.

he didn’t.
He teaches his arts
with some very fine labels.
Very smart guy.
Smart enough to know when to ignore me.

I got this question on Quora,

What’s a good name for a fictional karate style that a flow state fighter would use?

And I gave the following answer.


By fictional you mean to use it in a book/script? Or for own use?

What I used to do, just for stuff and giggles, was find a word, or even a zippy type word, and get it translated by google. Zippy karate, not to be facetious, but just as an example, translates as ‘bibi.’ So ‘Bi Bi Do.’ (The Way of Zippy!) This can get fun, you can have ‘crouching tigers eating unwary hunters’ translated, ‘Dūn fú lǎohǔ chī cūxīn de lièrén.’ Then shorten it up as you wish.

If you want to go more serious than my flippy examples you can certainly do that.

Good luck with it, and have a great work out!
Al from monstermartialarts.com

So there you go,
one of the things I do as an artist,
as an author and as a martial artist.
It is great fun,
makes you think,
and might even be worthless.

But I told everybody on Quora,
and didn’t want you guys to feel cheated,
so I pass it on here.

So try it out.
Make up a name for your art.
Focus in on what principles and tricks you want to teach,
and sum it up.
Then have google translate it into whatever language.

while you’re at it,
You can always check out
the ‘Create Your Own Art’ course on the Monster.
It is old,
the video quality isn’t good,
but you can understand it all,
and the principles are SOUND!

Here’s the link.


Have a great work out!



How to Make People Do What You Say No Matter What!

There was a fellow who walked into a martial arts dojo, and he was not nice. He was proud, arrogant, and, truth, had come to put forth a challenge.

Watching a class, the fellow suddenly stood up and said, “You get these guys to do what you want because they respect you. But how can you get a fellow who doesn’t respect you to go along with all you’re saying?

The Sensei sized up the arrogant fellow quickly. He responded with, “I could show you, but you’d have to come out on the mat and stand here.”

The bully swaggered out on the mat and stood on the designated spot.

“Actually, this is not a good spot. I think I could show you better if you were to sit in that chair over there.”

“Oh yeah?” sneered the bully. And he swaggered over to the chair and sat down in it and folded his arms insolently.

“First I made you come out on the mat. Then I made you go sit in a chair. And now you have seen how I get people who don’t respect me to do what I want them to. Please excuse me now, I’ve got a class to teach.”

Thus, the bully was left with an open mouth, and never realized that the instructor had used the greatest strategy to defeat him: politeness.

I politely thank you, and humbly request your presence at Monster Martial Arts.

And have a great New Year!


Johnny Cash’s Advice For Fixing The Martial Arts Systems One Piece At A Time

Didn’t know that Johnny Cash could fix Martial Arts systems, did you? Well, actually, his advice is for fixing cars, sort of, but it translates directly to the fighting disciplines. And it is sound advice indeed.

Johnny put out a song almost forty years ago called ‘One Piece at a Time.’ In the lyrics a fellow who works in a car plant, who will never be able to buy a Cadillac, steal one off the assembly line ‘one piece at a time.’ Unfortunately, the bits of auto were smuggled out over a lengthy stretch of time, and the assembled vehicle was quite the mess.

1958 hub caps over 1967 tires. 1959 tail lights with a 1973 rear end. The thing was a mess beyond proportion and manufactured by rediculosity, and that brings us to the martial arts.

That cross grip flip throw you learned in Taekwondo, it’s actually a Japanese technique built for Samurais. That pressure point for bringing ’em to their knees, it’s actually taught better in Tai Chi Chuan classes because…uh, well, because. And that combination you just learned at Shotokan freestyle class, it looked better in Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Karate.

You see, every martial arts school in existence, all of them, are cobbled together out of the bits and pieces of different nations, different religions, different mindsets. The kata and patterns are really frankenstein abortions. The techniques are a hodge podge put together out of whatever fell out of the sky.

Look, I’m not speaking ill of the animal, on the contrary, I think that people did an incredible job. Unfortunately, no matter how sterling the basic concepts in one’s art, they are a melting of many metals, prone to come apart at the worst time. And the real concepts have been obscured, transformed, melded to fit another concept, and the true martial art is not in sight.

People, you see, for millennium, have assembled tricks into arts, and this jury rig of art has confused and made obscure the real truths of the combative disciplines. Consider what has happened, for thousands of years people have made art, driven a vehicle, as it were, and not once has anybody ever stopped and tried to take it all apart, shine the pieces up, and put them back together in the right sequence. And there is a right method; there is a true art.

The true art is defined by physics, but not a normal physics, rather a physics that has to do with bodies, combat, and the falling of an apple out of a tree. A physics that is not plain to see for the simple reason of being too close to the eyeballs. At any rate, if one did actually fix the various Martial Arts Systems they would end up with faster reaction times (no reaction times), because all the data would be logical and more easily understood, and entire arts that could be taught much, much, much faster.

Al Case is the only person on earth that actually fixes Martial Arts schools. Head over to his website, Monster Martial Arts, and pick up an totally free ebook.