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Quick Fix Martial Arts!

I came across a great ad today.
It was in my email box,
attached as an add on to a prepper newsletter I get.
Normally I trust these guys,
but when I saw the ad
I had to recalibrate.
Cancel city, here I come.
The ad,
you see,
was for the martial arts.

Oh,nothing wrong with martial arts ads,
they open doors,
but this ad was a repackaging of an old program.
Same thing advertised years ago.
same techniques,
same grainy tape.
But it’s the advertising tactics that got me.
For instance…

“Live without fear the rest of your life!”
I didn’t know I was in fear.
I suppose in high school I was in fear.
But soon as I left that snakepit…
I’m not living in fear.

Another catch line they had was

‘Watch (this video) once,
practice it if you want,
use it tomorrow.’

no study,
no practice,
and it will be usable.

I say do my courses,
practice the crap out of them.
and they become workable.
But practice!
may I point out
that practice is fun,
and not something you should sneer at,
as this ad does.

my favorite,
there are special forces and SEALs and
all manner of terrorist killers
who praise this tape as the way they are alive today.

15 techniques,
that’s all,
and the baby will be safe and genetically sound.

I could go on for a few hours on this type of stuff,
but it is really counter productive.
So let me just say this…

Would you rather buy a quick fix,
that always includes
a kick to the pomegranates,
a poke to the eyes,
and a poke to the eyes
that will raise his hands
so you can kick him in the pomegranates?
Or would you rather buy a complete art?

They say 15 techniques
and you will be safe from all the convicts
drug dealing
murderer scum in the world.
I say you should forget the fairy tales,
and get to work.

Fancy talking vs your own hard work.

let me explain something,
what I do is an education.
What they do is make money.
Nothing wrong with making money,
making money is good,
as long as you are offering a solid product in exchange for it.

Let me explain something,
the structure of these ads goes like this.

Make the sucker like you,
as soon as he likes you scare him with a problem,
then offer him the solution to the problem for a slight fee.

That’s how it works.

Let me rewrite that for you…
Share your desires for a good home and a job you love until he knows he is just like you,
then tell him a burglar is going to break in and rape your girl and your dog,
and then sell him a burglar alarm system.

It doesn’t matter if the system is a bunch of empty cans you tie to a doorknob,
what matter is that you got his money.

Do you understand?

examine the structure of what I do.
You don’t have to like me.
There is a problem in the martial arts of education,
I offer that education.

Let me rewrite that for you.
I know that people are different,
I know that there are going to be people who don’t understand or like what I’m going to do,
that’s just the way the world works,
and I hope you understand that.

The martial arts have been mixed up,
dumbed down,
made into a Three Stooges fire drill,
and I have the method to fix that.

you need to get some simple tools
and use them till they come out your ears.

it’s a quick fix,
but only if you’re work intensive.
you can earn a belt fast,
but if you think it’s going to be a gift,
you should go find one of those internet scammers.

I sell (for instance)
the Matrix Karate course.
The forms are arranged
so the techniques are in order,
and presented in two man format
so you get used to standing and facing and fighting.

But you are going to have to stand and face and fight,
or you are going to get nothing out of it!

And I present a handful of techniques,
but then I show you how to matrix them,
so they multiply like logical rabbits.
Within a few minutes that handful of techniques becomes
squared, then squared again,
and suddenly you have thousands of techniques,
but they are not illogical!
They make sense,
they fight together,
and they even fit together with other arts!

Do you have to do thousands of techniques?
but you have to do the handful of techniques,
and understand the logic
and you have to do them until they come out your ears.

Anybody who thinks I don’t love the martial arts,
and that I have not sweated for ever 45 years,
is a fool.

This is not a quick fix,
this is an education.
And it is a VERY sad truth,
that nobody has this education.
It really is.

Let me tell you a secret.
I bruised for the first seven years.
Then I started figuring it out,
and I stopped bruising.
My body actually doesn’t bruise.
Not hardly at all.
here’s the funny thing,
if I don’t think about the technique,
if I let it out
even just a little,
the people I block get BIG bruises.

how can you get somebody to get that ability,
except through hard work and sweat and even a little blood?

it’s all a matter of awareness,
of focusing awareness through doing the blocks enough,
until you become sufficiently aware of the body,
and then it just doesn’t bruise anymore.
other things can happen,
but bruises don’t.
the ONLY way to teach that,
is through hard work.

if you make the hard work logical,
then you cut the time down
by half,
by four times.
in some cases
you can cut training time down by ten.

focus awareness,
but logically,
that is my secret.

if you think you can read once,
not practice,
and be a Navy SEAL tomorrow,
go for it.

if you want to learn a complete martial art,
all the bells and whistles,
all the guts and trim,
all the joy and hard work…
then you have to be willing to get a course,
set up a few striking targets,
get a few friends over to the garage a few nights a week,
work out like a dog,
bruise and sweat,

There isn’t any other way.

Oinkey donkey,
I hope I’m preaching to the choir,
because I would hate to have my words wasted on Beavis and Butthead.

go through my arts,
pick the one you don’t know,
pick the one that will enhance your training.

If you know grappling and knees and elbows,
pick up Matrix Karate,
it will be fists and feet.

If you know Karate and pa kua,
if you know fists and feet and how to get arond somebody,
then pick up Shaolin Butterfly,
figure out how to angle in on the distance and close with somebody.
Then check out the Matrix Kung Fu so you can take ‘em down.

go to this page


It shows you how to break the martial arts down,
and not in a cookie cutter approach,
but for yourself.
Do the table I show,
analyze your abilities at
hand, foot, knee, elbow, throw,
and then figure out what you need to make your art whole.
write me an email if you find something confusing,
or if you aren’t sure which course will fix which distance.
But here’s a break down for you…

fists = matrix karate
feet = Power Kicks (a free bonus on the MAtrix Karate course)
knees and elbows = blinding steel.
(Yes, there is a short but sure matrix of knee and elbow training drills on that course)
stand up takedowns and throws = Matrix Kung Fu.

Just go through your art,
be honest about what you are lacking,
then fill in the pieces.

Could anything be easier?
Could anything be more logical?
I mean,
here are the keys to the kingdom!

Dopuble Oinkey Donkey.
I’m out of here.
Don’t mean to be abrupt,
but I have to see a man about a work out.
I’m the man,
and it’s my work out.
And you guys and gals…
enjoy the heck out of your own work out,
every form is a prayer.
So pray a lot,
and should that fight ever happen,
you will have a heaven of a chance.



Kill Everything with a Ninja System and Make Money!

shotgun murderWhat a headline, eh? Yet, the concept of making money with a Ninja system is really taking off.

What I refer to directly is the Ninja Kitchen system currently being advertised on infomercials.

What does an ancient assassin have to do with your plumbing? What is the relationship between your garbage disposal and a killing machine?

Nothing. Except that the word Ninja excites the imagination, and so it can be used in advertising. All of which merely proves that man ain’t all that smart.

Another example of this adjective overkill is the ‘warrior’ forum.’ It is an internet forum where internet marketers go to get ideas on how to fleece money from unsuspecting people. People like you.

Sorry, not being rude, but you are their prey. They conjure up things like Ninja Kitchen systems, and they make up squeeze pages and splash pages and lead  your wallet…into their wallet.

Now, mind you, I have nothing against honest sales. A dollar traded for a good product is valuable and necessary for the functioning of society.

But, as a martial artist…I am disgusted by things like the Ninja Kitchen system. But I am more disgusted by people who fall for it. That’s the point of this essay, you know, share a little of my venom for less than honest ninja entrepreneurs who squeeze our wallets and give us nothing.

If I can get a few people to look at dishonest advertising, then my own honest advertising will actually have effect.

A ninja, you see, is an assassin, a ‘stealer in,’ and is not to be trusted.

So how can you trust people who’s products are modeled after, or equated with, the bad people who kill emperors and presidents and kings?

Monster Martial Arts has over a dozen courses on Martial Arts Systems. Whole systems for as little as ten bucks a disk. See yout here.


The Secret Behind Yin Yang Martial Arts

One of the first things I noticed, way back when in the 60s, was that the martial arts always separated into two factors. I sometimes refer to this as yin yang martial arts. I noticed this way back in the sixties while studying kenpo karate, but it spread through all fighting disciplines, and especially the Chinese martial arts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the two factors.

First, there was right v left. Then I realized you could go top v bottom (hands v feet?), but that was secondary to right v left. Then I realized it was right v left for a right attack, and right v left for a left attack. Things started to get real simple, and because I had a plan for handling virtually anything, I started looking at timing.

But the important thing was right v left, and then whether you close the fellow (push his attack across his body) or open him.

This was yin yang, led to the dichotomoy of the universe, and eventually resulted in massive enlightenment. Because the yin yang means: for something to be true, the opposite must always be true.

But I wouldn’t have realized this essential description of the universe if I hadn’t first realized, and thrown myself into solving the conflict of, right v left. Two sides to everything.

Go on, use it. You’ll find that the whole universe will eventually resolve using this datum as your guiding light.

In fact, all the books I’ve written, all the courses I’ve done, they all depended on this one factor which I call Yin Yang Martial Arts. Check them out at Monster Martial Arts. And pick up a free ebook while you’re there.

I Tell Ya, The Martial Arts Makes Ya Stupid!

One of the weird things I do is check the internet for my name. I want to check on articles, just glance around and see what I’m doing out there.

And, I found my name coming up in a forum. It wasn’t too bad, the usual scholarly dissertation on IMO, website is cheesy, guy should be avoided, that sort of thing.

And I had a thought, made me grin, sort of funny.

I say that people can learn faster.

These guys are saying you can’t.

Do you get it?

They are arguing that they are, uh, not smart.

I know, I know, that was cruel. Please excuse me, that was uncalled for.

So why am I still laughing?

Anyway, I have the greatest confidence in them. They weren’t unusually mean, and I think (hope) that I detected a little interest.

You guys have a great week, and, uh, give me ten push ups if you laughed.

Drop on by Monster Martial Arts if you want to get unusually Martial Arts Smart!

How to Make People Do What You Say No Matter What!

There was a fellow who walked into a martial arts dojo, and he was not nice. He was proud, arrogant, and, truth, had come to put forth a challenge.

Watching a class, the fellow suddenly stood up and said, “You get these guys to do what you want because they respect you. But how can you get a fellow who doesn’t respect you to go along with all you’re saying?

The Sensei sized up the arrogant fellow quickly. He responded with, “I could show you, but you’d have to come out on the mat and stand here.”

The bully swaggered out on the mat and stood on the designated spot.

“Actually, this is not a good spot. I think I could show you better if you were to sit in that chair over there.”

“Oh yeah?” sneered the bully. And he swaggered over to the chair and sat down in it and folded his arms insolently.

“First I made you come out on the mat. Then I made you go sit in a chair. And now you have seen how I get people who don’t respect me to do what I want them to. Please excuse me now, I’ve got a class to teach.”

Thus, the bully was left with an open mouth, and never realized that the instructor had used the greatest strategy to defeat him: politeness.

I politely thank you, and humbly request your presence at Monster Martial Arts.

And have a great New Year!


The Problem With How Martial Arts Systems Are Put Together

The odd thing is, when we figure out martial arts styles and systems, we are repeating, and even compounding the errors of those who went before. This is sort of an inarguable fact that nobody seems to understand. It is this fact that is at the heart of the construction of most Martial Arts systems.

The people of yesterday had no technology to draw upon. They didn’t have logical methods of thought, or, many times, even any formal education. Thus, their look at martial arts was based on mysticism, and the resulting arts are born of that mysticism.

When some fellow began his study of the martial arts it would be based upon the spirit techniques his father learned in the army of (enter an historical name). His father would be old and crippled, maybe even a little addled, but he would give his son what he remembered. There would be a family bonding, and a secret system of ninjitsu, or kung fu, or whatever, would be born.

As time went on, these systems would eventually become known to greater or lesser degree. Consider the plight of the fellow interested in martial arts, and he has a version of Shaolin Gung Fu to draw on, half a system of Emei Wudan, and the stuff the kids at the playground were playing with. Out of this gobbledegook, which is the result of previous gobbledegook, he tries to make a system.

The real miracle is that this stuff worked! And, miracle of miracles, it sometimes worked awesome! But this is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity and perspiration and perception of humankind.

I was stuck in that phase once. I had half a system of derived Chinese Kenpo Karate, and a system of one style of Karate, a system that had roots in Okinawa, Japan, and even Korea. I also had an Americanized Karate, a bastardized version of the second form (Chum Kiu) Wing Chin, a few months of aikido, a version of Ton Toi (Springy Legs) Northern Shaolin, and a few other bits and pieces. And I had some kind of fun trying to make sense out of it all.

I mean the concepts of some of these systems worked against one another! Even inside a specific national style of art, for instance ton toi and wing chun, there was vast discrepancy, and a disjointment of function that made it impossible to put them together, or even relate them. And, courtesy of the exploding learning potentials I was dealing with books, mags, videos, seminars, and dojos opening on every corner, and learning nothing about how it all fit together.

But it does fit together, and it fits together smooth and slick as if had been planned that way. And, truth, it has been planned that way. Once you get enough data, and a method for joining martial arts into one picture, you’ll find that even opposites such as Aikido and boxing, krav maga and tai chi, or whatever, can be joined in a martial arts structure that is easier, and even faster, to learn.

If you want to learnmore about how to put the different arts together into one martial arts style, home to Monster Martial Arts Pick up a free ebook about Matrixing.

Johnny Cash’s Advice For Fixing The Martial Arts Systems One Piece At A Time

Didn’t know that Johnny Cash could fix Martial Arts systems, did you? Well, actually, his advice is for fixing cars, sort of, but it translates directly to the fighting disciplines. And it is sound advice indeed.

Johnny put out a song almost forty years ago called ‘One Piece at a Time.’ In the lyrics a fellow who works in a car plant, who will never be able to buy a Cadillac, steal one off the assembly line ‘one piece at a time.’ Unfortunately, the bits of auto were smuggled out over a lengthy stretch of time, and the assembled vehicle was quite the mess.

1958 hub caps over 1967 tires. 1959 tail lights with a 1973 rear end. The thing was a mess beyond proportion and manufactured by rediculosity, and that brings us to the martial arts.

That cross grip flip throw you learned in Taekwondo, it’s actually a Japanese technique built for Samurais. That pressure point for bringing ’em to their knees, it’s actually taught better in Tai Chi Chuan classes because…uh, well, because. And that combination you just learned at Shotokan freestyle class, it looked better in Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Karate.

You see, every martial arts school in existence, all of them, are cobbled together out of the bits and pieces of different nations, different religions, different mindsets. The kata and patterns are really frankenstein abortions. The techniques are a hodge podge put together out of whatever fell out of the sky.

Look, I’m not speaking ill of the animal, on the contrary, I think that people did an incredible job. Unfortunately, no matter how sterling the basic concepts in one’s art, they are a melting of many metals, prone to come apart at the worst time. And the real concepts have been obscured, transformed, melded to fit another concept, and the true martial art is not in sight.

People, you see, for millennium, have assembled tricks into arts, and this jury rig of art has confused and made obscure the real truths of the combative disciplines. Consider what has happened, for thousands of years people have made art, driven a vehicle, as it were, and not once has anybody ever stopped and tried to take it all apart, shine the pieces up, and put them back together in the right sequence. And there is a right method; there is a true art.

The true art is defined by physics, but not a normal physics, rather a physics that has to do with bodies, combat, and the falling of an apple out of a tree. A physics that is not plain to see for the simple reason of being too close to the eyeballs. At any rate, if one did actually fix the various Martial Arts Systems they would end up with faster reaction times (no reaction times), because all the data would be logical and more easily understood, and entire arts that could be taught much, much, much faster.

Al Case is the only person on earth that actually fixes Martial Arts schools. Head over to his website, Monster Martial Arts, and pick up an totally free ebook.

Al Case Selected as Best Martial Arts Author of All Time!

Monster Martial Arts (MonsterMartialArts.com) has selected Al Case as the best martial arts author of all time. Monster, which issues many of Al’s works, said the selection process was very easy. ‘Al not only has an extremely large body of work, but many of his works are pivotal and will revolutionize the arts.’

Among the categories which the Monster Board of Directors considered are ‘most martial arts training manuals written,’ ‘most articles written,’ and even ‘most martial arts oriented novels penned.’ Also to be considered was the large body of martial art video work Al has produced. All of this work has been published over a career spanning more than four decades.

Al’s first training manual was begun in 1967 when the notebook he was filling was ‘borrowed’ in order to make his Kenpo school’s first training manual. Over the years Al wrote training manuals for every art he studied. This ‘obsession,’ as he calls it, has resulted in probably a hundred different training manuals.

Al began writing articles in 1981 and was quickly published by Inside Karate, arguably the best karate magazine ever published. Over the years he wrote nearly three dozen articles, and a column (Case Histories). Since the advent of the digital era Al has published nearly 300 articles on the net.

Of particular interest is his column, Case Histories. Case Histories ran in Inside Karate for just over four years, and was a perennial reader favorite. Readers particularly appreciated the delicate insight he provided, always couched in humorous and satirical overtones.

What most martial artists don’t know is that Al has written over twenty novels, and one will invariably find the novel enriched by a sub theme of martial arts philosophy. His fight scenes, based on his over 40 years of study, are among the best ever written. These novels have been available on a very limited basis, but that may change as Al is currently being considered for publication.

As was earlier noted, the award was based not just on sheer quantity of work, but quality. Al is the founder of Matrixing Technology and Neutronics. Matrixing enables an artist to break down and understand his art to a depth never before realized on this planet. Neutronics has resulted in the first and only totally martial arts oriented religion.

The award was announced earlier this week by the Monster Board of Directors. In a statement they said, “We have undoubtedly come up with the most deserving person for this award, and we look forward to more of his unique work. Monster was established in 2007, and has sold thousands of martial arts books and video courses.

Interested readers should visit Monster Martial Arts.

Three Most Excellent Martial Arts Weapons Training Methods!

In all the martial arts weapons history, of all the martial arts styles I have studied, the three training drills I am about to give you are the best. They are simple, don’t require much equipment, and increase your sixth sense. They do require that you latch on to a different way of thinking.

I played with the tonfa, and the sickles, and all that sort of thing, and I realized something: a weapon is a line. Nun chucks have a hinge, tonfas have handles, even a gun projects on a straight line. Even a sword, appearing curved, is a straight line moving in a circle.

Understanding this, I began two specific exercises: one was thrusting, and the other was cutting. Yes, there is always butting, or some other odd technique, but everything should revolve around these two things: poking and slicing. Thus I came up with two specific drills.

One drill was to hang a tire from a tree, and cut it so it turns in one direction, and then cut it again so it turns in another direction. If it starts swinging, I cut it so that the swing is stopped, and the rotation is begun again. You will find that using a martial arts sword in this fashion requires some finesse.

The second drill I developed using self defense weapons had to do with the straight thrust. I hung a six inch circle from a tree and practiced thrusting a pole through the center, making sure not to touch any sides of the circle. I wanted to make my thrust straight and true, and not have it deflected by any extra contact.

I took a year off and practiced these two strikes, hour after hour, day after day. It was a rigorous and pure martial arts training, but it really worked. I could feel my muscles become lean and dense, and my strikes were becoming effortless, and then I developed my third method.

I got into my car and stuck the key into the slot. I blinked, and realized the similarity to a sword strike, so I closed my eyes and practiced putting the key in without the benefit of eyes. Then I attached a key to the end of a pole, fastened a lock to a wall, and practiced putting the key in without using my eyes.

This was a logical extension of the weapon, and a logical extension of my physical into the spiritual and ethereal. Doing this trains one to know the space about oneself, as opposed to having to look at the space one is in. I totally recommend these martial arts weapons training methods if you want to elevate your art beyond what is normally taught in martial arts dojos.

You can find out more about unusual training methods that really work at Monster Martial Arts.