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Neutronics and the Motion of No Motion in the Martial Arts

People don’t usually think of no motion in the martial arts. They think of Bruce Lee and movies they’ve seen and how to beat people up. Sometimes they are smart enough to consider the state of wire work in Kung Fu cinema, but not often.

zen martial artsInteresting, such a difference between people who study the martial arts, and people who don’t. It is the difference between being aware and being asleep.

After a few years of training, especially in forms, the mind starts to take on a different…texture.

It is no longer shocked or surprised by quick motions, and the martial arts student finds themselves moving with the motion, and not before nor after. This is agood place to be, and it means that one should train even harder.

But you don’t train for muscles or speed, you train for awareness.

Think about it, the only thing that makes you different from a rock or a table is awareness. You have it, and the rock doesn’t.

Even an animal, it only has awareness, but not awareness of awareness. So it really is just part of the universe.

When one is training one tends to use the eyes, think the eyes are necessary, and doesn’tunderstand that the eye is a perceptic, and it is awareness that watches what the eyes see.

So, in the martial arts one trains and trains, and starts seeing without the eyes, starts moving without the mind, starts just doing everything itself (well, the human spirit has no sex, you know), and an interesting phenomena occurs: the individual assumes a motionless viewpoint. It might be inside the head, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is no motion inside the head, and one has gone Neutronic. Neutronic means nothing. Actually…’nothing.’ So when one is not experiencing motion, except from a viewpoint, they have gone neutronic.

It takes some dedication to reach this stage, but not as much work as one might think.

You see, this thing called Matrixing, and this study of physics beyond physics that I call neutronics, they make things simple and logical, and the human being starts to learn faster and faster.

Within a short period of time an art is mastered, and one is sitting, sans mind, looking out at the world, and more at peace with himself (herself) than is ever imagined before one reaches that stage.

It is possible through matrixing. It is positive through neutronics. These are the names for understanding and discipline, and that is the secret of no motion in the martial arts.

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At a Martial Arts School I Learned to Fart on Your Food!

Martial Arts School and the Things You Learn!

As time went on, I realized that having gone to a Martial Arts School, I was different. I don’t think I knew how much martial arts had made me different until the day I conducted a social experiment wherein we farted on food. BTW, no food was harmed in the making of this social experiment…grin.

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Are you a socially acclimated, politically correct slave? Or do you study Martial Arts?

First, I knew I was different because I don’t follow the rules of society. I was always getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, and being the only one laughing and having a good time. Turns out breaking the rules and having a good time are actually pretty hand in glove.

And, I noticed that everybody around me was getting older, especially in attitude. They got serious about politicians and other fools and liars, and they got grim lines on their faces. Me, I just kept practicing martial arts.

So one day I got this fart machine on the internet. You press a button and it makes an obscene sound, and most people are fooled. Then I put it in the back pocket of one of my martial arts students, and had him back up to a table at a restaurant.

Now, I expected to have to go to his rescue, to save him when somebody got upset, but I was wrong. It was a sidewalk arrangement, and he would back up and put his fanny right over the table, and press the button. People stopped talking, looked down at their plates, and kept eating.

At first, I was in shock, farts are airborne fecal matter, and every single person we did this to just looked down and kept eating. I would have gotten violent if somebody did that to me. So why wasn’t anybody reacting? 

Well, I would have reacted because I study martial arts, and I am trained to stand up to people. Simply, I am not afraid, and not afraid of somebody who lets one rip. And all those people whose bacon and eggs we were farting over had not studied the martial arts.

The people of this country, you see, have gone to school, been given tickets, watched too much TV, and had the gumption socially acclimated right out of them. Political correctness has now replaced the instinct to survive in most people, and they just sit around and take it…be victims…are afraid to stand up and say: that’s not right and don’t you ever do that again! So go ahead and continue the way you are going, encourage your kids to go to school and be politically correct, vote Repub or Demo, don’t go to a martial arts school, and the next time you sit down and hear a strange sound ripping out the back of somebodys pants…just look down at your plate and keep eating.

Toss out political correctness, click to Monster Martial Arts, learn real martial arts…right off the net…and start undoing what has been done to you.

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If You Want To Study Martial Arts You Should Make Sure You Choose The Right One

Everybody has, at one time or another, considered a study of the martial arts. They see the Bruce Lee movies, they hear the crime horror stories, and they realize knowing something like Karate or Kung Fu is a good thing.

The question becomes, then, do you study Karate or Kung Fu? Or Aikido or jujitsu or kenpo or taekwondo or…the choices can actually be a bit overwhelming. So chekc out the following video, then let’s go through a few arts and consider what the correct decision is going to be.

Karate is constructed of powerful kicks and punches. The training tends to be regimented, and you will be expected to sweat. Depending on the style of karate you choose, you may end up studying such things as jointlocks, throws, and so on.

There is a large variety of kung fu styles. There are styles which focus on close quarter combat, like Wing Chun, and there are styles like Shaolin which allow for more space and arm swinging techniques. There are very combative methods, like Preying Mantis, and there are esoteric and athletic methods, like Monkey style, Drunken style, or even the Drunken Monkey Style.

Most people usually start studying at nearby strip malls, and these locations often showcase Chinese Kenpo Karate. Chinese Kenpo is a tournament oriented style with an immense range of one on one self defense techniques. The difficult thing here is to ascertain whether the instructor is more focused on the street, or on tournaments.

Another art one will see in strip malls is Taekwondo. Taekwondo advocates a variety of kicks. This is an excellent strategy which keeps attackers away, and gives a tremendous work out. There is usually an emphasis on sparring in some taekwondo dojangs.

If one wishes to study more peaceful methods, one should look into Aikido. Aikdio means ‘the way of harmony in the spirit,’ and it concentrates on circular movements which harmonize with the incoming force. This is an art where it becomes obvious that one must truly conquer oneself before attempting to conquer another.

Another peaceful art is Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is slow moving, good for old people, but possessed of some of the wickedest self defense moves you will ever see. Mind you, being slow moving, it sometimes takes a while to reach the level of effective self defense.

Speaking of functional self defense moves, one should consider Krav Maga. Krav Maga was developed not just for street use, but for use in actual combat. It is technique heavy, and one of the most useful arts one can study.

The last martial art we will consider, though there are more that one will come across and should look up on their own, is jujitsu. Jujitsu has a classical history, but most of it is heavily related these days to such things as Ultimate Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, and venues of that sort. This is an extremely useful martial art on the street, though one should always try to avoid going to the ground in any confrontation, as this presents an opportunity for an attacker’s friends to wade in, there could be sharp objects on the ground, and so on.

As I said, there are many other martial arts one should look at when selecting the fighting discipline that is right for them. In the end, there are as many arts as there are individuals teaching them. Which study of martial arts you pursue is going to be up to you.

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