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Rape, Revenge and Martial Arts

Newsletter 985

What is Your Martial Art Ethic?

I was teaching a student the other day.
She’s over 70,
but studied martial arts when she was young
so she’s in good shape.
I showed her a technique,
and we were talking,
and she made an interesting remark.
‘If I had him down like that
I’d kick him and stomp him.
I’d kill him.’

We had been talking about a rape situation,
I usually avoid those in teaching,
but she brought it up,
and I said,
‘But you’ve already got him down.
Why kill him?’

‘Because of what he’s done.
If he’s raped one,
he’s raped another.
He needs to be killed.’

It was funny.
She’s liberal in most attitudes,
but in this situation
she was a little to the right of Ghenghis Khan.
My kind of girl.

I said,
‘if you give in to rage you give up the art.’

But she really didn’t get it.
I couldn’t dent her pissed off-ness.
We were just talking,
but the rage she held,
for a make believe situation
(that she had never been in),
I couldn’t dent.

you see,
didn’t matter
when it came to rape.

I told her that if she shot somebody
and the wound was in the back
she would go to jail.
A man with a turned back is trying to get away,
is no threat,
and shooting becomes murder
if there is no threat of harm.

She didn’t care.
She was right,
and that was it.

I kept teaching her,
and will continue to do so,
even though there is a spot of insanity
hiding in her bones.

But then everybody is insane,
they don’t realize it
or they would be sane.

Martial Arts makes one sane.
It leads,
if done correctly,
to a higher ethic.

So when I meet somebody who is off kilter,
I just tell them to keep practicing.

how about you?
If you’re female,
and found yourself in the situation
of having a rapist at your mercy,
would you do harm?
Kill him?
Cut off body parts?
Would you let your baser part rule you?

If you’re male,
and your wife or daughter is compromised,
would you kill the rapist?
You’ve already knocked him down,
he’s no threat.
Would you fall to revenge
and do bad things to him?

I’m not going to lecture anybody on this,
there is a line between civilization and savagery here,
and though I claim the higher ethic,
I can’t claim that what I think
is best for the race.

I’ll keep working out,
and hope that I find the answer that is right,

Here’s the obligatory ad,
it’s for Tai Chi because that is what I was teaching this good lady.


Have a great work out!


How Matrixing Works in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Self Defense that Works NOW!

The Martial Arts are, no offense to anyone, a Chinese Fire Drill.

A chinese fire drill is when you’re driving along in a car, you stop at a light, and everybody gets out and runs around the car until the light changes.

karate style brown belt learnAnd all the other cars, if they know what, honk and cheer madly.

So you get in a fight, and your arms and legs are going everywhere, not hitting anything, everybody is screaming, and you wake up the next day with a broken nose.

Then you learn the martial arts, and you think you are unbeatable. Until you wake up the next morning and wonder what the heck happened. You have been training and drilling and everything, and you still got your teeth bent.

What happened is that the stuff you were learning is all out of order, doesnt’ make sense, is hard to remember, and hard to use, and so on.

It just isn’t logical.

So matrixing makes it all logical. It takes those forms and techniques, and it doesn’t matter if you are studying karate or kung fu or tai chi or aikido or whatever, and puts it all in order.

If you were in class and the teacher yelled ‘Count to ten!’ You wouldn’t panic because you have drilled and trained one to ten.

Now you get in a fight, and instead of running around the car flapping your wings and screaming, you select the exact right block, the exact right strike, the exact right throw, and you deal out the punishment like it is going out o style.

You are logical.

Look, let me explain something.

When you matrix the martial arts, you take out the emotion, and leave in the science. It makes sense.

It is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use. You just don’t have to think about it anymore.

In fact, the whole ’remembering’ thing is gone! You don’t have to look into your mind and search around for the right thing to do…you just do it. without thought. And it is right.

No martial art does that, even with DECADES of experience.

Yes, people get better, but without logic they STILL have to sort through their martial arts systems.

So, no matter what art you study, Aikido or Gung Fu or Krav Maga or taekwondo, or whatever…it all makes sense, you don’t have to think, you have become intuitive almost within minutes of inputting the information…and you can use it.

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Your Martial Arts Self Defense Worked…Do You Turn Yourself In?

Martial Arts for Real Self Defense

In 45 years of Martial Arts self defense training I have only heard of one fellow killing somebody with the martial arts. He was jumped, killed the guy with an actual technique, and turned himself in. He was quickly released.

These days things are different. Whether you watch the videos on youtube of the police dragging people out of their house, or saw the clip on the beating death of Kelly Thomas by the police, or just believe that homeland Security really is stocking up on ammo to backbone a coup by Barack Obama…things are different.

martial arts self defense

A martial arts self defense question

So here’s the martial arts self defense scenario.

Times are tough, and you have a job whereby you drive down alleys and pick up recyclables. You have been doing this for a short while, people understand what you are doing and it is legal and okay and actually a benefit to the community.

You stop to throw some newspapers in your truck. As you do so, a bum comes out from behind a garage and attacks you. He is obviously not of this neighborhood, you have no idea, but the guy is beating on you. No weapons, but he is bigger than you, and the ferocity of his attack makes you fear for your life.

You hit him and kick him, using your martial arts self defense moves, but he stays on the attack. He is wearing you down!

You finally slip a punch and get him in a rear naked choke.

He struggles, you squeeze, and it’s naptime.

You struggle to your feet, look down at him, and…he isn’t breathing! In the excitement of the moment you crushed his throat, and he is dead. Your martial arts self defense worked a little too good!

Now, the police in this town have a reputation for brutality. You are afraid that you won’t be able to pick up recyclables. You are afraid you will be thrown in jail. You don’t have the money for an expensive lawyer.

The law is probably on your side, you were defending yourself, it was an accident, but the fact that you know martial arts will probably be used against you.

There are no witnesses.

Okay, so do you turn yourself in, or not?

I know what the law says, but take my scenario at face value, and tell me what you would do.

We all recognize that this scenario and question that I have posed is for discussion, and not a recommendation to break any law.

Use the comment section below.

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The One Reason All People Should Take Martial Arts Instruction

Everybody has heard the list of reasons as to why people should take martial arts instruction, and they never speak of the one real reason. I’m going to write a few sentences about the common reasons, then present you with the one real reason. See if you can figure out that reason before I speak of it.

The number one reason people give for studying martial arts, be it karate or kung fu or whatever, is self defense. Simply, they sell the mugging point. You must learn or somebody is going to beat you up.

The second reason people have is fitness. You must learn martial arts so you will be big and strong and everybody will respect you. This is a ‘self image’ selling point.

A third reason, and not a bad one, one that parents are always harping about but never understanding themselves, is to get discipline. But the matter of discipline is only a shadow of the real reason for learning ancient fighting arts. Are you ready to learn the real reason people should study the ancient oriental ways?

Not to fight, because the purpose of the martial arts is to learn how to not fight. Not for self image, because this is merely a corruption of learning competence, which will correct all self image problems. The real reason is…drum roll…focus.

The secret of life, the universe, and everything in between, can be known if one looks. But one has to know how to look, and be disciplined to see, and this is possible only through learning how to focus your attention. Guaranteed, you can do anything, be anything you want to be, if you just learn how to look…and see what you are looking at.

It doesn’t matter what you look at, you have to see it. Most people, when they try to look at something, are attention dispersed, and thus only see fragments of what is. Or, they are short attention span, which, again, stops them from really seeing what they are looking at.

But by learning and doing the martial arts, the real arts, and not just fighting for the sake of fighting, teaches them how to focus their attention,and keep it focused, and thus to actually see what they are looking at. It is this ability for a person to actually see what they are looking at that is at the heart of the martial arts, and which shines an actual light on the possible brilliant future for mankind. And this is the real reason why one should take Martial Arts Instruction.

You can actually see the martial arts, the true martial arts, at Monster Martial Arts.

A Few Martial Arts Dirty Tricks You Can Use To Walk Away From A Life And Death Street Fight

I almost feel guilty, giving out a few martial arts dirty tricks, when such things as Karate and Kung Fu really stand for honor and virtue. The sordid news, however, is that if you have to use your martial skill outside the training hall, fighting dirty may save your life. That said, here’s a few nasty, little things I’ve learned over the years that will help you walk away, and make him cry.

It’s not considered a dirty tactic in these modern times, at least not as much as when I was in high school, but a good, swift kick to the coconuts can win a back alley brawl quicker than quick. It doesn’t require a lot of martial arts training to make this work, and it will distract the bully, and maybe even end the fight. When he rushes do a front kick, or simply bring the leg up and let him run into your foot, and the fight is done.

One important item you should understand, dirty fight or not, is to not take your eyes off his. If you launch a snap kick to his silly sacks, watch his eyes, and be willing to change tactics as you must. You will find that this eyeball thing can really change the fight.

For instance, you charge, and you throw something in his eyes. Heck, you can even spit at his eyes, and if you can make him blink, you have just increased the odds of you living and him going down for the snooze. Even a hand motion, a flick of the fingers towards the eyes, an intention to make him think you are going for the eyes, might help out.

Now, let’s say the fight is on, and you have to do something pretty darn quick. Something you won’t learn in many schools, and especially not in the MMA arena, or the UFC octagon, is to go after his fingers. One of the first things we were taught, way back when, was to use a snappy backfist to his open fingers as you close the distance.

If you can make him say ow, or even damage his fingers, you’ve got an edge. Make him blink, or make it so he can’t close a fist, or use his hands to grab, and you’ve essentially destroyed his weapons. The idea here is to win the fight, to walk away from the mugging, and to leave him with a better idea of how to behave in polite society.

Now, to conclude, I know these tactics aren’t much, but they will help. If you want more, if you want to absolutely know that you are going to win, you really should find a classical school and learn some good Martial Arts Techniques. Heck, a little time having a blast in the fighting studio, and you’re going to have Karate power, or Kung Fu power, or Kenpo Power, or Taekwondo Power, or whatever kind of power you require, and whether you use martial arts dirty tricks or not, you’re going to reign supreme in a street fight.

If you want a Harder Punch mouse to Punch ‘Em Out. If you want to learn entire traditional arts for amazing prices, try Monster Martial Arts.

Using Bunkai Applications to Define the True Art

To find and develop Karate as a True Art, and this would include Shotokan, Goju, Uechi, or various other types of the art, one should always look to the techniques. The bunkai are the kata made real, they are concepts made to work. They are the heart of the monster that is The True Art.

The first step, in making your art work, is to make your stance work. The forms teach how to get into stances from a variety of directions and previous postures. So one should practice the movements of the kata until this concept of transitioning from stance to stance can be done without thought.

The second step, if you are going to make the karate forms real, is to make sure your limbs are set in positions that are functional. There are many arm positions in the martial arts techniques where your limbs cannot support weight, and therefore can’t really make the technique work. You must examine your patterns and altar arm positions until they become functional in real world situations.

The third step is to have proper body alignment between the floor and the target. The body is a chain of muscles and bones from earth to strike (block), and you must make sure that every piece of the body is properly aligned. The old wisdom, a chain is as strong as its weakest link, is certainly important here.

The fourth step if you are going to make karate moves become significant, is to work on your breathing. Breathing should be relaxed, but intent upon keeping the abdomen taut, especially upon striking, or getting struck. Breathing simply for the sake of breathing, as is done in the art of Goju Ryu Karate, must be inspected for real function, and possibly altered if you are going to have real martial arts self defense.

The fifth and final step, and ultimately the most necessary, is that you must have Coordinated Body Motion (CBM) when you use your body to do martial arts. You must harmonize all motion, taking into account the length and mass of every muscle and limb. You must understand how this all relates to real world timing, and you must make your body motions respect this concept of harmony.

An intriguing tidbit of data is that martial arts fighting has very little to do with finding The True Art. As a matter of fact, fighting tends to disrupt the mental processes that are necessary to put the pieces together that will resurrect your martial art. This piece of information is something that the old masters understood, and not just because they were old.

Any art can be a great art, but it always requires a great sensei, and a great student. The purpose of this bit of writing has been to educate students to be their own great teachers. Ultimately, your progress is up to you, and if you understand that then it will be easy to use Karate techniques to find the True Art.

You can get a lot more data on how to make your art perfect at Monster Martial Arts.