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Teaching Martial Arts, Neutronics, and Destroying the Universe!

It is a Neutronic principle that if you destroy your opponent…you destroy yourself.

This is a conclusion coming directly from the prime Neutronics Principle… ‘For something to be true the opposite must also be true.’

Neutronically, your enemy is part of the motor you have created to sustain the universe. Destroy your enemy and you have destroyed the motor, and thus the universe is no longer sustained.

Of course, if the guy really is a bad guy…right?


You just haven’t realized how good he is…and you haven’t solved the problem, only destroyed it.

Now, while you’re thinking about all this, and how it can be applied to your own martial art, let me talk about something else.

I know this society is in bad shape. Matter of fact, we are entering the End of Empire. Lots of doom and gloom ahead, unless…unless we stop fighting amongst ourselves and grab ahold of some new goals, and start to grow this society as we did in the beginning.

And, sure, we could hang the politicians, drop a bomb on another country, and that sort of thing, but even that wouldn’t do it.

You see, the true solution lies in personal change.

That is why I push martial arts. The Martial Arts promotes positive personal change. They promote self reliance, integrity, honesty, all the virtues.

Instead of screaming about the politicians and all that sort of thing, if you really want to change the world, just teach the martial arts.

Through the martial arts you grow strong children with good values.

The martial arts can even give you some income for doing this.

You aren’t very good yet? Teach your brother’s kids in the backyard for free.

As you get better open the class up and charge some small fee.

Get better…grow bigger…have fun.

The politicians mean nothing. What means something is you, your personal outlook on life, your ability to laugh at adversity and have a good time.

Every course I offer at Monster Martial Arts is designed to help people learn, and to teach.

Your job might make you some good money, but that money means nothing unless you are, in some facet of your life, helping people.

We’ve been made into a bunch of financial slaves because we have become convinced that money is important. Money is not important. All that is important is you, your positive outloook on life, and your ability and desire to change the future, one student at a time.

Pick up the free ebook at the top left of the Monster Martial Arts home page.

Win #18–It’s Not Work When You Start a Martial Arts School

I mean it when I say a Martial Arts School is not work, and that’s because the work turns into play. Working for yourself is just so different than working for somebody else. I mean, you have to work for somebody else in the beginning, you have to put in the time and educate yourself, but the goal of teaching your own karate class is where it’s at. At one time I even wrote an instruction manual on how to start your own school. Here’s a win from one of my students, and he’s the guy in the pic at the top of this page…doing what he loves to do.

After completing the ‘Start Your Own School Course’ all I could feel was joy and regret at the same time! I felt regret because had I read this book before opening my own martial arts school, I would have avoided several years of organizing errors and extremely costly mistakes. Literally EVERY SENTENCE of this book covers something that every martial arts instructor should know about opening a school – no matter what his/her martial art is.
Harry Hsu
Founder of Harry Hsu’s Martial Arts Academy.

Harry has been teaching people for over a decade now, and life just keeps getting better and better for him. The funny thing is that I don’t sell this book separately. I bundled it into a package of ten books, ‘The Master Books,’ I call them, and you get books on sword fighting, body guarding, teaching, breaking down techniques, and on and on.
Ten bucks. I gotta be crazy.
Nah. I just like to help people.

Here’s the URL for How to Start a Martial Arts School.