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Start Your own School Package

Happy After Valentine’s Day!
Hope you got everything
your little heart desires.
If you didn’t,
better just work out more.
It’s true.

New Gung Fu book! Click on the Cover!

New Gung Fu book!
Click on the Cover!

got an interesting email the other day,
the essence of the question
had to do with
when do you teach CBM.

Coordinated Body Motion.
Moving all parts of the body at the same time.

The answer is that you start teaching it on day one,
and if the guy is still your student
50 years later,
you should still be teaching CBM.

CBM is the motion between stances.
You should be striving to improve motion
your whole life.

Here’s a neutronic datum:
That which doesn’t have motion is dead.

Study the motion of everything in life,
if you want to be alive.

And the interesting thing about that
is that even if you are dead,
you will still be studying motion.

There you are,
without a body,
figuring out how to move the viewpoint that is you.

Of course,
if you have matrixed your martial arts,
then you know the truth,
do an opposite motion to create motion.
But everybody knows that.

You didn’t?
Let me ask you a question
that you never thought of:
How do you walk?

I mean,
you are standing there
and you decide to move,
what is the actual mechanism involved?
how do you unbalance yourself,
so you can fall forward,
and catch yourself with your legs,
and actually move?

The answer is that if you have CBMed
you have to fall forward.
Only forward.

But if you haven’t CBMed,
then you have to tilt your body
in both directions,
to fall in one.

It’s awkward,
it’s not efficient,
but it sure is an argument for CBM.

Odd thing is,
I’m probably the only guy in the world
that ever asked this question.
(‘Oh, no,’ says Joe Belt, ‘we have that in our art!’)

But the question is valid.
How do you make motion?
And the most uncoordinated guy in the world,
has to throw himself in both directions,
to tilt himself off balance,
and thus walk,
or make any kind of motion.

you CBM,
or have an inordinate amount of martial arts,
and you just go forward.
You just…do it.
No pre-motion unbalancing act,
just move in a direction.

The end of telegraphing your motion.

do this for every single motion,
in every single form,
and you will be more than enlightened.

thought I’d throw all that out for you.
If you really want to explore the concept,
just matrix your forms.
Explore your forms,
the key is redundancy and repetition,
until you are uniquely aware.

And, that said,
I want to go into something
that is a bit different.

Some people think the economy sucks.
They work for a living,
they get a good wage,
when they can work,
when they have a job,
when their hours aren’t cut,
and so on.

But the economy doesn’t actually suck.

What sucks is that you are working for somebody else.
If you are working for yourself,
then you can control your income.
If you work for yourself,
the economy slowing down
is ridiculous.
It won’t effect you.

You see,
as soon as you see less money,
you just put in a little more effort,
and you have more money.

Read those last four lines again,
that is a truth in this universe.

Don’t have enough money?
Work harder.
But you can’t do that
if you are relying on somebody else
for your job,
for your income.

I went into business for myself
at about age 30.
So for over 35 years
I have never had a slump.
I’ve lost work,
but I just go out and get some more.

why am I telling you this?
Because I want you to break out,
to go into business for yourself.
I want you to have as much money when you want,
whenever you want.

Here’s the funny thing,
before I went into business for myself,
what got me to the point
where I could break out,
and go into business,
I started teaching Karate
all by myself.
I did that,
and suddenly I thought about
doing other things!
if I can make a few extra bucks
doing what I love,
why can’t I start a business?

You don’t have to invest money,
you just get passionate
in talking with people,
and do what you love.

here’s the deal.
Order a course,
Any course worth $30,
then email me at
Tell me you want the teaching package.
I’ll send it to you FREE.

The package consists of
How to Start Your Own School
(from the Master Books package) (40 pages)
How to Teach Martial Arts (49 pages)
How to Put on a Seminar. (56 pages)
500 of my articles. (616 pages)

That’s four things,
Crucial things if you want get started right now,
and FREE if you get a course.

want to make a few more bucks?
Maybe start your own business?
And you love the martial arts?

how about this…
you don’t really learn the martial arts,
until you teach the martial arts.
And THAT is the real truth.

That’s about it.
Can’t do much more,
Except tell you to have


Here’s the link for the Tong Bei book,
and thanks to all those who already have it.

PDF download

Paperback at Amazon


Overcoming Pride in the Martial Arts

My martial arts hubris, and how I overcame it

Guest blog by Alaric Dailey

In my other articles I started that my original karate dojo may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.  If you haven’t read them you might find them interesting, especially the ones on Dojo-kun and Do vs Jitsu.

karate internetAmong other things that I rarely see in other schools, each belt test consisted of kata, punching and kicking, hojo-undo etc, but they also included reading a book and a verbal book report.  The very first test was, like many styles, a yellow belt.  I will never understand having a rainbow of colors that DON’T get darker as they go…

That first test was quite an eye opener for me though, Sensei had added his own requirement, because he was not about making money, nor was he interested in having half-hearted students, nor students that would leave.  He wanted people that were going to forever be changed, and continue to practice for the rest of their lives.

The requirement he added?  Go to another martial arts school, and take a minimum of one class with them.  Give a verbal report.

This requirement, was a bit baffling, why take anyone just starting in your school, and require them to go try another school and possibly lose them?  Because it makes sure you are in the art that you will stick with.

For my yellow belt test, I took a 3 day introductory course to Tai-Chi, knowing nothing about any other martial art I made the mistake to trying to compare it to what I knew.  To give you some idea of what kind of apples and broccoli I was trying to compare, I was taking Pangainoon, and the first form you learn is Sanchin and the school I went to was doing Yang Tai Chi.

I made all sorts of uninformed, biased assumptions, I loved karate with a blind passion, and wanted to impress upon my sensei how much karate meant to me.  Thus I took the classes looking for what I perceived to be flaws and weaknesses in the art such as

* no application of technique – never did I get any instruction of “this is a block, this is a strike, this is what you are defending against”
* the stance was too wide – I was not given any explanation for a neutral bow, or why it would be a good stance.  In my mind Sanchin was the ultimate fighting stance.
* No power in their techniques – I had no understanding of chi power, even though Pangainoon teaches it, I hadn’t really even gotten an introduction.

I wilfully and with eyes open wide walked into a trap that ensares so many others.  I blinded myself to the benefits of other arts.

I was lucky that I didn’t entirely discount everything I learned. I continued to keep in contact with the Sifu, and shortly before he left for China, I had the opportunity to witness him do Tai-chi very fast, it was amazing.  Suddenly all the soft flowery techniques appeared to have power, and were obvious as to blocks and strikes.  At this point, I had also had enough Pangainoon to understand some of the techniques and chi.

I was lucky for many reasons, I was lucky that my Sensei had the confidence to send us other places. I was lucky that I choose a school that was so different that I was forced to re-evaluate what I was learning (even if it was only in the back of my mind).

Luck aside, my own belief that my karate style was the only “good” style, quickly crumbling down.  I wouldn’t have been able to overcome this false pride, had I not had these opportunities.

If you run a school, you will do your students a massive favor if you encourage them to go practice with other schools.

If you are a martial artist of any style, you can benefit from swallowing your ego and practising at other schools, especially those that are radically different than yours.  For example, if you do Tai-chi, you might want to try a boxing school, if you do Wing Chun, try Judo or Jujitsu, etc.

You never know, you might might new friends, you might learn something new.  As I often say “more bodies, means more opportunity to learn, especially when they are doing something other than you are doing”.

Learning the Same Martial Arts Over and Over…

Here’s a Real Martial Arts Problem for You!

When I was on the Matrixing Tour a couple of months ago,
I walked into a martial arts school,
introduced myself,
and started chatting.
Built up a quick but deep rapport with the school owner,
and then an interesting thing happened.

“Would you like to know about this matrixing thing I’m doing?”

He backed right up.
“No, no.
There’s just so much I don’t understand about my own system…
I don’t have time for somebody else’s.”

That’s a word for word on what he said.
He doesn’t understand his own system,
and he doesn’t want to learn something
that will help him understand it.

Sort of reminds me about the time I was talking to a fellow
about his Nissan.
I was thinking about getting one,
and asked him about his.
He said, “Oh, it’s great. I go everywhere,
full loads in that little truck, I carry bricks,
run through the fields, holds up great.
Funny thing, though,
I had to have the motor replaced.”

Do you see it?
He told me how he was beating it,
and couldn’t understand why it was breaking.

with this martial arts fellow,
he told me how much he didn’t understand,
and then explained that he didn’t want to learn about it.

The one thing that kills a person in this life
is the unwillingness to learn something.

That guy grousing about not making enough money,
and yet he doesn’t want to go to any kind of night school
to make himself smarter
so that he can earn more money.

Maybe you guys and gals have seen the opening quote
on the ChurchofMartialArts.com home page?

Man is asleep, dreaming that he is awake.

Now put that together with these fellows I have just told you about.


So what’s the cure?

That’s an interesting thing.

What is the cure for being asleep?

How do you wake somebody up?

How do you make him realize that he is driving his vehicle
in such a way that it is going to break.

How do you make him realize that he needs to change
if he wants to make more money.

How do you make him wake up and suddenly say…
‘I could understand ALL the martial Arts
if I just took some courses from Al!’

The thing is…people want to stay asleep.
They are comfortable just being the same old same old.
They don’t want to rock the boat and jump out of their rut
and find themselves in a place they know nothing about!

But here’s the funny thing,
the person who is enlightened
prefers to be in situations
that he has never been in before.

That’s called living!

A robot does the same thing
again and again.
Drinks the beer,
goes to work,
talks to the same people
about the same things.

The enlightened person
looks for something he hasn’t done before.
When it comes to life and living,
he is not a tourist…he is n explorer!

here is the truth of life.
If you want to change your life
you are going to have change yourself.

Life is what you make it.
Life is what you project upon the universe,
it is not what the universe projects on you.

The funny thing…
those who have gone before don’t understand this.
The school teacher wants you to study books written ages ago,
but that doesn’t teach you how to write a book today!

The boss who wants you to fit into a mold
and do your job
is feeding projecting his idea of life upon you.
You need to find a life
where you project yourself upon the universe.

That takes a person who can change.

That takes a person who can learn.

That takes a person who not only realizes
that the truck is too fast,
but who can grab the wheel.

That takes a person who can not only realize
that his system is a mess,
but who is willing to learn something,
and make something out of that mess.

the old guys,
the masters who made this stuff,
they were in the same position as you.
But they did something.
Right or wrong,
they did something,
and they passed on a system,
and that system might be a mess,
or it might not,
but it is up to you to straighten up what they did,
to make it so anybody can understand it.

It is knowledge.
It can be put in order.
You just have to step out of your rut,
out of your comfortable existence,
out of doing the same thing over and over again,
and do it.

Okay Doughkay.
I can scream and shout,
I can point at the lamp,
but it is you who have to turn it on.

Here’s the URL for a VERY powerful course.
One of the best matrixing courses ever put out.


just remember,
if you don’t,
some time the truck is going to break down.
Some time you are going to die,
and are you going to leave a bunch of students who understand what they are doing?
Or a bunch of robots,
repeating the same old same old,
never changing,
waiting for their truck to break down,
and not being able to do anything about it.

have yourself a great work out!



Killing the Paper Tiger

How to Avoid Being a Paper Tiger

A Paper Tiger is a person who has a certificate and no real knowledge.

To be precise, it is a person who has bought a certificate, or otherwise convinced some fellow to give him one, and he can’t really do the things listed on the certificate.

We used to call this idea, of bought certificates instead of earned, as ‘Paper mills.’ Some guy would just charge money and send paper, and it was just a money making scheme.

Paper tiger is a literal English translation of the Chinese phrase zhǐlǎohǔ (simplified Chinese: 纸老虎; traditional Chinese: 紙老虎), meaning something that seems as threatening as a tiger, but does not withstand challenge.

A Paper tiger is something that seems as threatening as a tiger, but does not withstand challenge.

And, it was pretty cruel, because it misrepresented the martial arts, and it misrepresented the individual with the cert in hand.

Now, I don’t particularly like the notion of Paper Tigers. So let me define what is happening here, and what I decided to do about it.

Some fellow goes to a martial arts school, then stops. Maybe he should stop, maybe he shouldn’t, but he is still left halfway through the ranks, he still wants what he was working for, he still wants to earn his black belt.

Or, even worse, a fellow that never went to a martial art school, but still wants the diploma.

Sometimes these fellows look for the short cut.

Sometimes the head rationalization is massive.

‘Oh, I knew what he (the instructor) was talking about.’ Or, ‘I can fight good, I deserve it.’ Or, ‘well, I’ve been practicing, sort of, so I’m at that rank.’

Do you see all the potential variations here?

But the fellow hasn’t done the work!

Now, I’ll be honest, there will always be people who manage to get away with this. Sometimes they’ll just print up their own certificates.

But I want my signature to mean something when I put it on a certificate. So I did several things.

One thing I did was eliminate ‘poser’ techniques from my courses. These are techniques where the attacker has to wait, to pose, while the defender makes the technique work.

Another is to align the techniques so they are more logical. This makes them easier to learn and make work.

And, then there is video. I can tell when a person is faking it. I can spot even a mental hesitation and ‘think’ in the middle of the form.

And it is easy to see when a technique isn’t working.

And, because of The Master Instructor Course, I can give a person spot on instruction that will help him make it work.

I don’t care if a person comes to me and isn’t quite competent, I only care if I can’t make him competent. I just want to make him into a real tiger!

So by the structure of my courses, and video testing, and the VERY high worth of the art I am teaching, I’ve had good results, and, as far as I know, no Paper Tigers.

See, the thing is this, let’s say a guy comes to me with head rationalizations, and he wants a certificate…when he sees the logic, when the error is pointed out without making him feel bad, then the Paper Tiger becomes…a Tiger.

That’s what I want, martial artists who are real tigers, and, truth, that’s what the people who sign up for courses want. They WANT to be real martial artists. And it is my duty to get them there.

The reason I tell you this is so that when you sign up for the Kang Duk Won Karate Course, the Best Online Karate Course in the World, you will know that you are in good hands.

This has been a page about making a real tiger out of a paper tiger.

At a Martial Arts School I Learned to Fart on Your Food!

Martial Arts School and the Things You Learn!

As time went on, I realized that having gone to a Martial Arts School, I was different. I don’t think I knew how much martial arts had made me different until the day I conducted a social experiment wherein we farted on food. BTW, no food was harmed in the making of this social experiment…grin.

learn martial arts

Are you a socially acclimated, politically correct slave? Or do you study Martial Arts?

First, I knew I was different because I don’t follow the rules of society. I was always getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, and being the only one laughing and having a good time. Turns out breaking the rules and having a good time are actually pretty hand in glove.

And, I noticed that everybody around me was getting older, especially in attitude. They got serious about politicians and other fools and liars, and they got grim lines on their faces. Me, I just kept practicing martial arts.

So one day I got this fart machine on the internet. You press a button and it makes an obscene sound, and most people are fooled. Then I put it in the back pocket of one of my martial arts students, and had him back up to a table at a restaurant.

Now, I expected to have to go to his rescue, to save him when somebody got upset, but I was wrong. It was a sidewalk arrangement, and he would back up and put his fanny right over the table, and press the button. People stopped talking, looked down at their plates, and kept eating.

At first, I was in shock, farts are airborne fecal matter, and every single person we did this to just looked down and kept eating. I would have gotten violent if somebody did that to me. So why wasn’t anybody reacting? 

Well, I would have reacted because I study martial arts, and I am trained to stand up to people. Simply, I am not afraid, and not afraid of somebody who lets one rip. And all those people whose bacon and eggs we were farting over had not studied the martial arts.

The people of this country, you see, have gone to school, been given tickets, watched too much TV, and had the gumption socially acclimated right out of them. Political correctness has now replaced the instinct to survive in most people, and they just sit around and take it…be victims…are afraid to stand up and say: that’s not right and don’t you ever do that again! So go ahead and continue the way you are going, encourage your kids to go to school and be politically correct, vote Repub or Demo, don’t go to a martial arts school, and the next time you sit down and hear a strange sound ripping out the back of somebodys pants…just look down at your plate and keep eating.

Toss out political correctness, click to Monster Martial Arts, learn real martial arts…right off the net…and start undoing what has been done to you.

Martial Arts School

Martial Arts School Shut Down for Being too Good!

Martial Arts School Owner Thinking of Shutting Down Before He Starts Up!

The Martial Arts School Problem

learn martial arts

Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

A Martial Arts School can be fun, profitable, a tax write off, a way to help kids, and dozens of other things. The odd thing is that many people don’t want to start up a martial arts school because they are worried that they might not be ‘official’ enough.

They might know several arts, be so incredibly skilled, and yet, this credential thing is a bugaboo.
The state hasn’t certified me, all the other martial arts schools/associations/whatever are going to question me.
Now, to be clear, I sell martial arts CDs and DVDs on the net, and you would be shocked at how many people have this consideration.
They don’t think of the fact that in the beginning there was no school, no organization, and nobody to certify anybody, and that the first schools to open were all ‘unofficial.’
First off, the state doesn’t certify anybody, and even if they did, that is no guarantee a martial art is worth anything. Society is built from the bottom up, not the top down, and one unarguable fact of life is that the state seems to always get it wrong.
Second, most organizations are VERY political in nature. There is the usual backbiting, gossip, and bushwah that accompanies any organization.
Third, the most important thing isn’t your certificate, it is whether you are competent. Do you know how to teach? Do you have something to teach? THEN WTF IS STOPPING YOU?
Society needs people who makes strong bodies and sharp minds.
The above all stated, let me offer you an answer I posed to one fellow who wrote me with this consideration of ‘what will I do when the guy who runs the school down the street asks me if i am ‘official?’

The Martial Arts School Answer

If you opened a hardware store and were selling hammers, would the guy who owned the hardware store on the next street come in and say, “You can’t sell hammers! They are inferior to mine!” (Or, grin, they are superior to mine). And if he did, what would you say? Would you say, ‘Oh, I guess you’re right. My hammers aren’t as good ( aren’t as bad, grin) and I know my prices are a little better than yours, so I’ll stop selling hammers and saws and everything, I’ll go back to digging ditches because, even though I never met you and don’t know who you are, somebody said you’re important…’
So, I know some people will say this analogy isn’t fair, the martial arts are more than hammers, and they might be right, but…the bottom line is that competence should be the issue here. And, if the other guy doesn’t like what you’re doing, then he’s got a problem, not you. Your only problem is whether what you are doing works.
So think on that, and think on this…do you think the fellow who runs the hammer store on the next street ever took the time to read the AIKIDO ARTICLE? Did he think about his art? Did he ever use the data to rethink what he is doing and come up with solutions?
Or is he just monkey see monkey do like everybody else in the history of the martial arts?
And I do know that this analogy is a bit unfair, there are incredible martial artists out there, but the point is…are they improving themselves? Looking for new ways? Because that is what is important.
A fellow name of Bill Wallace earned his black belt in some six months, and then went on to win just about every tournament in the United States. Yes, he was unique, but why can’t we all be that unique?
martial arts school

Can You Make a Living Off a Martial Arts School

Making a living from a Martial Arts School

Interesting question, making a living off a martial arts school. So many want to do it, so few succeed. So what are the barriers to success in teaching martial arts as a living?

bruce lee school

Bruce Lee started out teaching in a garage in Oakland!

First, sad to say, you have to treat it like a business. This means keeping track of students, reminding them on the phone, doing all the paperwork, collecting money, and so on.

The difficult thing isn’t getting students, the difficult thing is keeping them. Most people, in this enlightened age, are flakes. They get excited over something they’ve seen on TV or the net, and then something else comes along, and so very few people actually make a plan and stick to it.

You, as a martial arts instructor, have to sit down with the student from day one, and get him to make a plan.

And, on day two, you have to resell him on the plan.

And, on day three, you have to resell him on the plan.

And so on.

Someday he’ll ignite, start following the plan on his own, but it will take a lot of work to get him there. Heck, just getting students to turn off their cell phones during class can be a lot of work.

Interestingly, I estimated it takes about an hour a week to keep a student interested. So forty students would take forty hours, and then you get to spend maybe ten hours teaching them.

Of course, as time goes on, and you build a rep, and students actually start realizing what you are doing is good for them, these figures change. But, it takes time.

In the business world they say you have to run a business for a year at a loss before it starts to pay. This isn’t an absolute, but it does take an immense amount of work.

I know these things I’ve said here to be true because I have had a half a dozen different schools over the last few decades. And scores of classes at gyms and YMCAs and that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’ll write more about this later, address any specific points. If you have any questions or thoughts, use the comments below.

This has been a page about running a martial arts school.

martial art school

Start Your Own Martial Art School

In this day and age, with the economy crumbling, with war clouds on the horizon, with everybody shrieking doom and gloom, there has never been a better time to star a martial arts school.
Heck, you get money, often liquid money, just for helping people get in better shape, sharpening up their minds, and teaching them some rather fun karate lessons about how to take apart a human body. One would hope, of course, that your martial arts student wouldn’t have to take apart a human body.
But, better to be safe than sorry.
Here’s a short snippet on how to teach, you can check out the whole series if you follow the links. I’ll tell you more about starting your own karate dojo or Kung Fu kwoon right below it.

Now, first thing is to make sure you know the martial arts. You should have a black belt, at least, and, to be honest, the more martial arts you know, the better off you will be.
Second, you need to go to college for eight years to get a teacher’s certificate, and…not!
Here’s the funny thing, you don’t need a teacher’s certificate to teach Karate or Taekwondo or any other art. All you need is the knowledge.
You see, nobody really trains people how to teach the martial arts. They just assume that if you get a black belt then you can teach.
And, the ‘official’ schools that say they make teachers, they don’t have any teacher program, no special knowledge, they just let you teach people for a while, assume you know what you are doing, then give you a certificate. Of course, that cert might cost money, might cost a lot of time, but, in truth, it doens’t mean any special knowledge.
The most special knowledge I have ever seen, for instructors in such arts as Jujitsu, kung fu, or other arts, is that they went to boot camps where they got tougher. Tougher doesn’t make smarter; tougher doesn’t make a teacher.
Anyway, if you want to start your own martial arts school, if you want some actual data, some actual specialized knowledge concerning how to teach the martial arts, let me know. I’ll send you a free book on how to start your own school. You have to ask for the ‘Start Your Own Martial Arts School’ book. I get a lot of email, and you have to be specific or I won’t know what you want. My email is aganzul@gmail.com.

The Truth About Pain and Gain in the Martial Arts

You’ve heard that old saying, appropriate to the martial arts…’No pain, no gain.’
Of course, it is a lie.
If you work out your body to where you are tearing it apart, you’re foolish. A proper work out should be hard, rigorous, cause lots of sweat, result in fatigue, and be a lot of fun. But…it should not hurt.
I’m not going to lecture on this, I think I’ll slide to the side and tack in on what I want to say in a more devious fashion.
Do you want to hurt somebody? Not many of us do.
A few idiots, they’ll be on walkers and breathers towards the end of their lives, but the rest of us just want to be healthy. We freestyle for points, and not for pain. We walk away healthy, and not beat to an ugly mess. We smile with all our teeth.
Now, most martial arts schools understand this: people don’t pay to get mugged. And, schools, by virtue of being martial art schools, teach. Students will, and this is a no brainer, avoid pain and go for pleasure.
So, why do I write this?
Just to pat the smart on the back, and to encourage people to stay away from the no pain no gain mentality of the idiot few.
Sure, a few of us will win big bucks in an arena, and pay the price with crippled old age, less than stellar thinking ability, dull noodles, if you will.
But most of us are in it for the right reason. Health, self defense if necessary, making the most of our mortal bodies, and no danger to us or others.
I wish I had something more to say, but the truth is simple, and that’s the truth about pain and gain in the study of the martial arts. Drop by my website, Monster Martial Arts, if you want to learn faster, get stronger faster, be faster faster, be smarter faster, and…you know. Grin. And don’t forget to pick up the free book on the home page.

How to Rob a Karate School!

If there was ever a proof that drugs make one stupid, a man in Bucaramanga, Columbia attempted to rob a Karate School.

Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the ‘Karate robber.’

Apparently the man entered the martial arts school with a gun and demanded money. Dozens of students looked at each other, probably a little confused at their training being interrupted. But, within split seconds, the looks of confusion were no doubt replaced by broad grins.

Chops, punches and takedowns. Once the pistol was out of the man’s hands, it is no doubt that the karate students took turns  practicing their disarms and striking techniques, letting the man up only so that another student could take a turn. Within a short time the man was whimpering and crying for mercy.

The police finally arrived at the self defense extravaganze, much to the robber’s relief. They toted the man to the local hospital where he was treated for bruises. Lots of bruises. His whole body was a bruise. Grin.

You can get a free book on a brand new self defense method at Monster Martial Arts.