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You’d Better Know the Law Before You Do the Martial Arts

When it comes to the Martial Arts…‘The Law, sir, is a ass!’

A humble opinion stated in great literature. And if you know which literature, you are good.

But, that said, let’s talk about the law, and then about the law and the martial arts, and then see if you agree.

martial arts lawThe purpose of the law is to curb lawbreakers. Which is interesting, because law breakers will break the law regardless, and the real purpose of law then becomes to curb the lawful.

Think not? Then take a gander at some of these laws.

In Pesshtigo, WI, you are not allowed to practice Karate on the sidewalk. Dangerous, you know. Might chop somebody’s eye out. Might fall through a window. Clumsy you.

In Yateswille, NY, it is definitely against the law to ride an ugly horse when going to a martial arts competition. I guess you have to put a bag over the head of your horse. But then they’d probably just write a law about blind horses or something.

in Halstead, KS, men may not take karate unless he gets written permission from his wife. Unless, of course, he has been married over 12 months.

I came across these, and a slew of other laws, on the net. I know, I should probably should check my sources.

Except, I decided to write this article regardless, and for the following reason.

Your president, the one you elected is currently running the country by Executive Order. For those of you who don’t know, Executive orders are legal by constitution amendment. This was done in 1874, so that the president could better rehabilitate the country because the country wasn’t getting rebuilt fast enough after the civil war.

Now, I think that there may be a problem with this, and I urge you to write your city, county, state, national delegate and demand that they vote executive orders off the books.

After all, President Obama has a free hand, and is legally empowered to write executive orders making immigration legal, confiscating all bullets, and having the Koran read at the beginning of congressional sessions.

But that all said, make sure you get a letter from your wife before riding a horse to compete in a karate contest on the sidewalk.

Have you read Matrixing Tong Bei?

Here’s a Couple of Golden Rules of the Martial Arts!

the Little Dragon

Now Here's Some Scientific Martial Arts!

Here’s a couple of Golden Rules
that have to do with cultivating the body,
and being in great shape.

Number One,
it’s half what you eat
and half exercise.

Number two,
don’t eat food that is synthetic,
your body doesn’t digest synthetic easily.
and I probably shouldn’t tell you this,
but any food that has been processed
is synthetic.

While you’re thinking about that one,
let me move on.

Golden Rule Number Three:
Work out every day.

you knew that one was coming.
Of course,
it’s not just working out,
it working out smart.

Interesting word.
It means intelligence,
it means having enough choice,
and understanding what those choices mean.

Let’s talk about smart.
This isn’t a golden rule,
but it is a prime factor
of understanding intelligence.

You can cure ignorance,
but you can’t cure stupid.

Ignorance is not knowing something.
We’ve all been there,
there’s things we don’t know right now.
We fix ignorance
by learning about
what we don’t know.

stupid is deciding to remain ignorant.

There was a store here in Los Angeles,
and it was called Zodie’s.
It was a bottom end store,
the people at the cash registers
said duh,
and picked their noses.
No intelligence required.
And a fellow I knew told me,
‘You know,
it’s not bad working here,
it’s just bad being satisfied with working here.’

I laughed,
even though it seemed cruel,
it wasn’t,
it was accurate.

The times I learned the most
at the martial arts store
was when I didn’t want to go there.
I’d be tired after a long day of work,
wanted to plop in the easy chair
get together with a beer
and just relax.

I tell you,
those were the hardest choices of my life.
Sitting and listening to canned laughter
and laughing along,
or forcing myself to get up,
walk to the car,
drive to the dojo
and work out
until I dripped sweat
was double exhausted,
could hardly drive home,
so tired.

proud to say,
I never once
gave in to the easy chair.
And every time I forced myself
to get up
and go out to the car
I learned things.
Things that changed me forever.

what you gonna learn from TV?
That’s watching a fake life
some idiot screenwriters puke on life,
it’s not life.

A dojo is life.
That set of knuckles aimed for your face,
that’s life.
That throw that slaps you on your back
and leaves you unable to breath,
that’s life.

You can’t learn from fake life.

You can’t help but learn from real life.

That all said,
I wasn’t satisfied with a Zodie’s existence.
I wouldn’t let myself stay there.

And this applies to everything in your life.

Once you think everything is perfect,
that is the top of the curve,
and you’re about to go down.
get ready.

What’s the best way to get ready?
To be smart.
What is smart?
Not being satisfied with being ignorant,
it is learning more,
and more and more,
until finally
you reach the point
where the curve doesn’t go down.
Even if the bottom drops out
you know enough
to keep going up.

Doesn’t matter what happens to your company
your job
the government
the school system
or anything else.
All that matters is that you’re smart.

let’s get back to this word smart.

Smart consists of two things:
one; being mentally fast.
two; able to connect the dots.

Go on,
ask somebody a question.
if he knows the answer he spits it out fast,
if he doesn’t know the answer,
he starts talking slower.
The martial arts dojo makes you fast
and for one simple reason,
a fist flying through the air is a problem,
you learn to solve that problem,
and a lot more of those kinds of problems
thousands of those problems an hour.
You get mentally fast
by solving all those problems
that quickly.

to connect the dots.
If you know one system,
you don’t have enough dots to connect,
hard to see the connection
if you don’t have enough information.
Learn three or four systems
and you have enough dots,
there’s no missing dots,
and then the connections start happening like lightening.

To restate what I’m saying
in other words,
You need to be able to think fast
with enough data.

A fast connection speed
and a large database.
That’s all smart is.

the martial arts is how you get smart.
it is one of the few things on the planet
which actually raises intelligence.

school lowers your intelligence.
The methods are bad,
the institutionality of it all,
makes you stupid.
I saw my test scores for school
and my intelligence actually dropped.
I took an IQ test some years later,
saw the results
and my intelligence had actually gone up.

Martial arts.
They are a godsend.

my send to you is

It’ll help you think fast
and then you can learn more systems
and have enough dots to connect.

Okey doke,
this has been a sort of rambling newsletter,
sorry about that,
I think there were important things here
all I want to do
is give you enough data
help you go up intelligence,
learn more martial arts,
be healthy into your long years.
if you have to,
to drop that thug with one slick punch.

here is the nefarious
but never to be underestimated link…

Matrix Karate

Enjoy the week
and have lots of gr-r-reat work outs!


“We all have inner demons to fight. We call these demons ‘fear’, and ‘hatred’, and ‘anger’. If you don’t conquer them, then a life of a hundred years… is a tragedy. If you do, a life of a single day can be a triumph.”
– Yip Man