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Martial Arts Legends

Newsletter 793
The Truth of the Old Martial Arts Legends

this is an absolutely perfect day.
Absolutely perfect.
You know what makes it perfect?
I just worked out.
If you ever want to make NOW better,
just work out.
The more you work out,
the better NOW is.

I remember hearing old stories,
old legends from China,
and so on.

The fellow who practiced jumping out of a one foot hole.
Then, the second year, a two foot hole.
Three years a three foot hole.
After ten years he was jumping ten feet up.
Could jump on and off roofs.
And twenty years…

Then there was a the fellow who lifted a calf on his shoulders.
Did it every day.
When the calf grew into a bull, his strength was prodigious.

And so on.

Interesting stories.
Sort of like comic books.
Keeps the young kids interested.

But there is truth to those old legends.
The truth is different, however.

You do a form for a couple of years,
you train your body to move quick and fast,
any direction,
any combination of techniques.
without really understanding what is happening,
you move into the realm of the mind.
Maybe ten or twenty years.
Your thought process becomes quicker,
more intuitive.
without really understanding it,
you move into the realm of the spirit.
You stop looking at your body,
for you understand it.
You start looking at the attack,
and you aren’t a sequence of nerves and twitches and muscles and stuff,
you just go to where you are supposed to go,
without the muscular fanfare,
without the mental thinkingness.
Your body just moves through space without effort.

The thing is…
you make this happen not by measuring yourself,
but by dedicating yourself.
Not by thinking about it,
but by just doing it,
spending the years,
doing the forms over and over,
until the body gets tired of working,
until the mind gets tired of thinking about it,
until the spirit takes over and just does it.

Think about it like this:
You are digging a hole,
you are digging into the earth,
but that is just a vehicle to make strong the body.
You dig and you dig,
the body gets tired,
but you know you are getting close,
you have to keep digging,
so you steel your mind,
and you make your body keep digging.
And when the mind gets tired,
you know you are closer than ever
and all that keeps you going is your spirit.
You ignored the protests of body and mind
and you keep digging,
at last,
you reach it.
It seeps out of the bottom of the hole,
seeps into your feet,
up your legs,
invigorates your body, mind and spirit.
You have found gold.
Not the gross gold that is shiny rock,
but the pure gold of refined spirit.
The gold that makes you immortal,
that makes you a pure and ever shining spirit.

unless they have done the digging,
cannot see it.
But what others know doesn’t matter.
What matters is what you know.
And you know the truth of you.

This is the truth behind the legends.
Superhuman deeds are possible,
but they are not what you think.
They are not comic book,
they are real,
but they are not normally visible,
and they are not what people usually expect.

you won’t really understand this
unless you start working out,
and don’t stop.
Work out until you are an old man.
Until the body is tired,
but you are not.
Until you realize the flesh is frail,
but the spirit is not.
That is the only proof I can offer.

Here’s the course for the week.


These are the ways I do the forms.

Have a great work out!


Are You Obsessed with Fake Martial Arts Power?

The Obsession with False Martial Arts Power

The degradation of Martial Arts in America, what I sometimes refer to as Fake Martial Arts Power, has several causes.

One of the causes of fake martial arts power is the dumbing down for the instruction of children. Another would be protective gear. Then there’s tournaments and commercialism, and so on.

fake martial arts power

Real Martial Arts…or Fake Martial Arts?

The biggest cause of fake Martial Arts power, however, I believe has to do with the obsession for Power. The reason I say this is because it tends to infect instructors, and instructors are the door to the future…be it good or bad.

Simply, when a person uses the art to seek power…he loses the art.

Power over others. Power over students. Power to put one above…which puts others under, and thus degrades the art.

The best Karate teacher I ever met was also the politest. In addition, he rarely spoke.

In seven years he said maybe a dozen things to me. Things like, ‘A tight fist is a heavy fist,’ and ‘there are many ways to the top of the mountain,’ and, the ever enticing, ‘how’s work.’

He simply didn’t talk. Even on the mat, he would simply say, ‘turn your foot,’ or ‘sink your weight,’ or, during incredibly potent demonstrations of power, instead of a kiai he would say, ‘Wham!’

Yes. Wham. Unbelievable.

Now I see people giving ornate instructions on bowing eighteen times and the correct angle of the head and the significance of the ancients.

Talk, talk, talk.

And it is all an obsession with power.

Listen to me. I’m saying something important! Listen!

Instead of doing the forms.

Too much talk and not enough work.

When there is less talk, there is more silence, and in silence the lesson can be learned.

When there is less talk the student won’t be overwhelmed with words, but able to be struck by a simple sentence, or even just one word.

The desire to talk is a desire to explain, instead of letting the student experience.

The desire to be the ‘authority’ reveals the weakness that one is NOT the authority, and is relying on talk to disguise that weakness.

The desire to be an authority, to make people listen to you, is an attempt to subjugate people, which is the mark of a teacher in fear.

A teacher who doesn’t understand what he is teaching.

A teacher who doesn’t understand what he is teaching, and is trying to cover that fact up.

That’s what it means in The Tao…no high without low. A description of why a person obsessed with false power puts people under.

A false desire for power over others, by making others listen, subjugating them to words, making yourself an authority.

That best Karate teacher I mentioned? The one who rarely talked? He didn’t seek power. He did the art, and power came to him. Real power. Not the false power of admiring masses, but the power of true ability in the martial arts. He knew what people were going to do before they did it. He could touch an eyeball with a finger that could penetrate a board and leave a hole.

He did the art, until the art did him.

Let me bring it home with this loose analogy.

As soon as you care what somebody else is doing…you’re a politician.

The alternative is to be a craftsman. An artist.

Not bowing masses, not admiring throngs who have accepted your empty teachings as substance…but a personal self worth that is silent, needs no admiration, and is the human being at his best.

You should visit Monster Martial Arts if you want to be guilty of having fake martial arts power. Make sure you pick up some free martial art books while you’re there.

This has been a page about the obsession for false martial arts power.

Putting Power in Your Martial Art

Generating Martial Arts Power!

Let’s talk about putting power in your martial arts.
First off,
you have to understand what power is,
and what it isn’t.

Power is not being able to beat people up.
That’s abuse.
That’s domination of your fellow man.
And if you put out domination
then someday you will get dominated.
What goes around comes around,
you get what you create.

Power IS holding your ground.
The body is a motor,
and you connect it to the planet,
and therefore get some of the earth’s power.
So the secret of power is in your stances.

In the end,
you won’t need stances,
your mind will be enough.
but you need them desparately in the beginning.
You will need them to train the body,
and this will train the mind,
and you will get power.

So stand and extend your hands to the side.
Relax and breath to the tan tien.
Your fingers wil likely tingle.
That is a surge of power.
So you know you must breath to the tan tien,
and you must relax so that energy will flow,
but…how do you increase the action of the tan tien?

You increae the action of the tan tien,
you generate more energy,
by taking a deeper stance,
by bending the legs so they work harder.
The harder they work,
the harder the tan tien works to create energy for them,
and the more energy you have.

The shame is when you see an art like Kenpo
and the stances are high,
you don’t have to make them low to make a technique work,
you just rely on hand stpeed.
Because of that, even though you have fast hand speed,
you won’t have real power.
The motor (tan tien) won’t be working hard.

you could make Kenpo into a real art
by deepening the stances.

Same goes for any other art.
Taekwondo could easily be changed,
except that Taekwondo was deliberaately changed to high stances
back when they broke from tradition
and made their martial arts political.

enough time,
and you could overcome this.
Aikido doesn’t practice much in the way of stances,
bu they practice the mind so much,
and they come at the art from a diffeent angle,
so it can be overcome.
deep stances are the fast, best, and most surest way
of developing power.

that’s power,
let’s talk fah-jing.
Mind you,
there are several methods of growing power,
but let’s just talk about one,
and in a specific way.

Fahjing means explosive power.
How do you make explosive power?
By stomping the foot a certain way
when you do the forms.
Stomping the foot causes a quick increase in weight in the leg,
which causes the tan tien to explode with power.
several things have happened to the arts to destroy fahjing.

The stomping techniques were taken out of Karate when it became taekwondo.
And, if you stomp the wrong way,
you could just damage your foot
and not get the power.

here’s a real power killer
that was done to Shotokan,
and other types of ‘classical’ karate.

When you take a stance and point the feet in two ways,
such as in the back stance,
it splits the intention,
you are suddenly incapable of stomping the foot to create power.
The stance is not set up for it.
So in altering the back stance to create the illusion of power,
the Shotokan type stylists have actually forsaken power.
They grabbed the illusion,
and gave up real fahjing.

It really is a shame.
Such a powerful art,
and it is only a shadow of what it could be.
Let me offer one, small point
for anybody who is serious
and wants to fix what has been done to that great art.

Power depends not upon the glow,
it depends on the space,
the silence,
before the glow.

The power of Karate depends on the ’empty’
in the Empty Hands.
And empty refers to an emty mind,
and it refers to the silence in the mind
prior to the technique.

You learn to relax so much that there is no chatter,
no distraction in the mind,
and you can focus your awareness on what you are doing.

there is a lot more than what I’ve said here.
But I’ve given you some tremendous keys
as to how to solve the problem.
The real solution is to take what I’ve told you here,
and either do Matrixed forms,
or an art that came from before Funakoshi
and hasn’t been destroyed too much.
And there are almost none of those left.

Let me explain one, last thing…
You don’t stand on the ground,
you stand in the ground.
Figure that one out,
change your art to match that concept,
and you will have it.

the data I give you here,

it is just a slice of the data I give you on my courses.
So take one fo the courses,
start to Matrix your art.
Get Matrix Karate,
do then take your own art,
fitting it to the template given by Matrix Karate.
Make your art perfect.
If you don’t feel like matrixing,
if you just want the power I speak of here
go to KangDukWon.com.
First course is only $2!
It will go up to $3 in acouple of days,
and it will continue to raise,
so do it now!
Learn the fah jing moves,
how to do the forms so they are liquid and powerful,
learn what the martial arts were like
before political people slanted it for nationalism,
or people interested in money put it on contract,
or people interested in glory slanted it for tournaments,
or people who wanted to teach children so they could make more money dumbed down the teachings!
Or people who were interested in fighting put on protective gear!

Do you see how many things you have to overcome
to develop the real power of Karate?
Or other martial arts that have been tainted and slanted and corrupted?

Oinkey ka Donkey,
nuff said.
I’ve beaten on your ears long enough,
and it is time to go start my holiday workouts
(I’m not working! Whee! I get to work out more!!!)

So head here for matrixing…

Or here if you want the old system,
complete with fahjing and power and…silence.

And I’ll talk to you later!
Have a great work out!


I’m on the road,
so excuse if I am slow in responding to email,
don’t fix any mistakes fast enough,
or whatever!


You can sign up for this newsletter at MonsterMartialArts.com.

The True Martial Arts Power of Classical Karate

Classical Karate Makes for True Martial Arts Power!

When I said true martial arts power in Classical Karate, I should have included other classical martial arts like Kung Fu, or Kenpo, or other form based arts.

That said, the more pure the martial arts system you study the more power you will have. If you have trained in a system that is pure, you will know of what I am saying in this article. If you have trained in one that has fallen to fighting and tournaments and that sort of thing, chances are you will not.

martial arts power

You don't have to fight if you know classical karate!

I first experienced true power while at the Kang Duk Won, and it was in the oddest manner. Years of learning classical karate, sweating through the forms, enduring the never ending string of bruises from applying what I had learned in bunkai (form applications) and kumite (freestyle, or free fighting), and one day I was put in a position where I was going to have to use what I had learned.

I was working a night shift and catching a few winks in the afternoon. Suddenly I was awoken by shouting voices and barking. I looked out the window and saw two big guys trying to kick my dog. A little girl was holding her little dog and standing to the side.

“Hey!” I yelled, and the confrontation began, and a few gruff sentences later ended with…”Come down here and we’ll kick your ass, too!”

So I pulled on some pants and went out to meet the foe.

Now, I had figured out that my dog had jumped the fence, and I wasn’t happy about that, but two guys kicking my dog?

So I went out the gate, turned left, and they stood some twenty feet away, tightening their fists, hunching their shoulders, and trying to look tough.

One of the things I had learned at the Kang Duk Won was that looking tough meant nothing. All that mattered was the meat and bone you were willing to put into the action. So I wasn’t cowed, I was determined, but…I began to analyze the situation.

I had been trained to get calmer in combat, not m0re excited, and I now took note of the little girl. My dog had jumped fence, tried to play with her dog, she got scared, two bully boys had come to her rescue. Ha!

I began to walk slower, and I began to look, really look, at the bullies.

They had thought they were going to beat up some guy and save the day, but they hadn’t figured on the Kang Duk Won.

Let me tell you something about true Karate, or kung fu, or whatever pure–note that I said pure–martial art you study.

The martial arts are a community of men that stretch back through time. They are a motor, a generator of awesome energy and power. The more pure your study, the more you are able to tap into that power.

As I walked slower and slower, my eyes focused more and more, things got calmer and calmer, and the power behind me began to build.

Oh, it was me, just me–with about a hundred thousand, placid-faced, eyeball boring orientals behind me.

The two guys began to shake and sweat. By the time I was ten feet away their legs were noticeably giving way, and I knew that I had gone too far, and that bad things were about to happen to them. Down deep, in the psyche.

I stopped, and I…smiled.

Oh, the relief that came off them.

“Did my dog get loose?”

They tried to hold on to their tough guy persona then, babbling about how my dog was picking on the little dog, and all that, but it was over.

I turned to my dog, a big German Shepherd, and scolded him, “What a knucklehead! Get back in the yard!” And, glory to the gods, the mutthead actually obeyed me, slinking like he thought I was mad, and went back along the walk and through the gate.

Then I turned to the fellows and thanked them, said nice things to the little girl and her doggie, and we all parted friends.

But that was the day that I learned that the study of classical karate resulted in true martial arts power, and how that power could be used not to fight, but to end fighting.

classical karate

True Martial Arts Power

Instant Power in the Martial Arts Through a Simple Method

Power in the martial arts, sort of an obsession, if you get my drift. So here’s the best method I know to get power.
Simply, get low in a horse stance and stay there. We used to call it horse Meditation, and we would hold one arm in a high block, and the other arm would be to the side with an inverted beak (fingers hooked to a point). The horse meditation grows power directly in the tan tien. It’s not for the legs.
Now, what do you do when the pain starts?
You stay there. You stay there and focus on the breathing.
If you think about the pain, you will get the pain, if you put your attention on the breathing, and concentrate so hard that it stays on the breathing and is not distracted by the pain, you will transcend the pain.
Of course, you will go through the thought that you are going to die.
Nah. how could a horse stance kill you?
When that thought hits, stay there, outlast it, and it will suddenly disappear.
Actually, it will disappear, and then you may be out of your body.
Nice place to be.
No taxes.
And that’s how you get instant power in the Martial Arts, and, I have to say, that power permeates the whole body and can be used for anything. Drop by Monster Martial Arts, specifically Evolution of an Art, if you want old training methods that REALLY work. And check out the video and I’ll show you a couple of ways to use the Horse Form for self defense and general fighting.

Five Martial Arts Calisthenics To Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

I was talking with one of my students the other day, and we were discussing condensing body calisthenics into maybe a half dozen simple motions. Think about it, five martial arts exercises that help you be stronger, faster and more powerful. All you need to do is these five exercises!

A Perfect Martial Arts Body!

So I thought about it, researched a bunch of things having to do with Yoga, Tibetian exercises and even American things like Matt Furey. Here’s my initial five exercises, and while I will probably work on them a bit, hone them further, I think they fit the bill. The extra bonus is that they’ll be good martial arts class warm ups, no matter whether you do Karate, kung fu, aikido, or whatever.

First, and most important, is stretching. Most body injuries result from the body being compacted, so to stretch the body, whether it be splits or just hanging from a tree or over the side of a bed, should start the blood flowing and awake the body. No set exercise for this, I just recommend reading up on a little yoga, isolating the movements you aren’t flexible in, and concentrating on them.

Next, would be an exercise I call snaking. This includes such things as worming style push ups, and covers the front bending motion of the body. There are a whole series of yoga poses, from dog looks up to plank position to rabbits pose, that could fit in this particular exercise.

Third would be bridging. This can be a whole series of stretches, but should probably be done on a gradient. Bridging from the back, the neck, the hands, over a stool, all this covers the whole back bend of the body.

You may have realized that I am trying to explore every range of motion for the body, and that is exactly what I am doing. After bending the body to the front and and then backwards, we have twisting the body. While there are many yoga poses that twist the body, you can cover most of them by just sit cross legged and looking over your shoulder, then twist all the way up and then down to cross legged and looking over the shoulder on the other side.

The final exercise would be being upside down. This should reverse gravity for your internal organs, and should be very good for you. This would include frog stands, head stands (start out against the wall), and eventually handstands.

So that’s it, my quick fix for whole body health through five simple body calisthenic, martial arts exercises. These calisthenics are fairly common, and you should find them in a variety of programs. At any rate, try them out for a month or two, and watch yourself get nothing but better and strong and faster.

I do recommend a study of all body motion potentials if you want to get the most out of these exercises. Mouse over over to my Yogata page (The Yoga Kata), and get even more data on getting stronger, faster and more powerful through the martial arts.

Neutronic Theory and Explosive Power (Fa Jing) in the Martial Arts

When it come to martial arts explosive power one has to consider the concept of Fa Jing. This is the simple gut oomph that makes such arts as Karate, Shaolin, Tai Chi, and other traditional martial arts superior to sports such as boxing. This is not to speak ill pugilism, this is just to say that there is a theory that, if followed, will make an art out of a sport, and will create a superior human being.

The secret of Fah jing is to drop the weight into the earth, which causes a charge of energy to go up the legs and into the tan tien. This energy enters the tan tien, which causes an explosion of power to emanate from that point. The energy coursing out from this energy center can be directed and controlled into the arms, and into various martial arts techniques.

Grounding is not simply jumping off a desk and landing on the ground. It is a method that is incredibly easy to do, but will not work if one does not invest the proper awareness. Putting weight into the ground without awareness is like dropping a lead weight on the ground…it just thuds.

When you manage to course your awareness into the earth–and this is an actual perception apart from the real universe perceptions of eyes, ears, and so on–you will actually feel the pulse of energy in the legs. It will feel like lightening, and you will suddenly feel like there is great and vast space with your limbs. You will also experience an athleticism like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Oddly, though the energy enters the tan tien, it is the whole body that becomes the depot for the energy. The body will become a tool through which you can direct the energy coming out of the tan tien. This is the point at which your training really starts, because you have to figure out what geometric path the energy has to take if you are going to put it into technique.

Do you generate an edge on vertical circle on one half of the body? Do you transfigure the chi from the vertical to the horizontal, then pulse it out the arm? Do you spiral it through the limbs, as would a Baqua master?

Obviously there are going to be many ways of utilizing this chi, once you become able to make it and control it. The real key at this point is to make your technique able to manifest the energy. This is a two edged sword of physics that, to be truthful, not many martial arts master can do.

What we are really saying, you see, is that the body is a motor, and this is a datum new to this planet and to our culture and to our martial arts. But if you can understand this data, which I call flux theory, then you will be able to do things with your chi that have, up to this point, been the stuff of legends. The golden age is on the rise, you see, and it is possible through understanding such things as martial arts fa jing.

You can learn more about the actual science of Fah Jing by reading ‘Matrixing Chi,’ which was written by the author and is available at Monster Martial Arts. You can find out about Neutronic Theory at Churchof MartialArs(dot)com.