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Newsletter 748
A Bit of Martial Arts Poetry

Good morning!
The sky is clear and empty,
and it is supposed to rain?
I’ll work out anyway.
Either way
doesn’t matter.
Just got to work out!

neutronic martial arts philosophy

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Can you see the math in this?

I like poetry for two reasons
First, it allow me to express myself,
it allows me to force concepts into a cage,
like a beast to be viewed for true worth.
Second, I like the mathematics of it.
I like the order and logic of it all.
And here’s the thing…

Mathematics means ‘knowledge,’
mathematics is method of measuring the universe.
All art is a measure of motion.
Timing is the mathematics of distance closing.
The structure of the body is geometry applied.
And you know you have mastered
the mathematics of the martial arts
when you begin searching for the math (logic)
in the rest of the universe,
when you apply the math of the martial arts
to the rest of the universe.

Music is an obvious math,
a measurement of frequencies through time.
Is that not the martial arts, too?

Carving a sculpt
or painting,
is that not a study of geometry?
Is that not the martial arts, too?

Even the emotion behind these things,
is a form of math.
Emotions can be expressed as frequencies,
and they can be displayed as petulant performances of children,
or heart stopping expressions of the soul.
Is that not the martial arts, too?

I heard about this when I was in school,
but school isn’t where you learn,
and it wasn’t until I got out of school,
that I began searching.
Maybe you’re like me,
maybe you ‘heard about,’
and then were left to your own devices,
to wonder or not.
instead of actually learning
how to tap into the expressions of the soul
which you are capable of.

When I heard about these things,
I was driven,
being driven to create,
in spite of alls schooling,
I put these expressions down in matrixing and neutronics.
The sole purpose being to create a Martial ARTIST.

Not a fighter,
not somebody who contests against life,
agaisnt the things he creates,
against the truth of himself,
but somebody who understands so well he doesn’t have to fight.
That is the point of it all.
That is the expression of man
brought to its final evolution.

So here’s a poem,
and I hope you can find some math in it,
or at least some martial arts,
a bit of yourself.

I think about being a martial artist

I think sometimes I should have been a general,
in charge of hordes of men fighting glorious war,
but those men are all dead or dull in the spirit,
and with time we forget just what they fought for.

I think sometimes I should have been president
leading a country to greatness as tragedy befalls
but history holds great men as scoundrels
and the changes they brought is as slavery calls

I think sometimes I should have been a mother
giving life to man throughout all of the ages
but the seeds raised mighty blow with the wind
so few mothers then become wise as the sages

I think sometimes of the follies I have seen
as men contest men and deny their own brothers
living lives bare of honor and selling their souls
for the tokens of baubles or the joys of a lover

I think sometimes I have fought my whole life
not against men but against my own sword
and in the end I was the victor and worthy of honor
I put down the sword, and knew the true word

Who do I fight and who do I love are reflections of me
different sides of the jewel that is life incarnate
searching through life to find a higher good
overcoming the lifetimes of this thing called fate

Here’s the link to the proof of matrixing…


Have yourself a great work out!



The Advanced Levels of the Martial Arts (Poem)

Poetry About the Martial Arts

There are two sets of three

in the martial arts.

The first set of three

is body mind and spirit.

Before we get to the second set of three,

let me tell you what the first set of three really is.

Body is the flesh

body is the muscles and bones

the vehicle of the I am.


nobody knows the I am.

They just know the body

think they are the body

just as they think

life ends

and the end of body

is the end of existence

nothing more.

How bland and disgusting.

Mind is the memory.

It contorts and throws memory

controlling the person

like a dog runs from fire

instead of putting it out.

Like a person jumping from a shadow.

Like a person

who doesn’t know they are an I am.

They just think

existence is something they remember

and call it reaction time.

Now doesn’t happen,

then happens,

and on the second level

the person is caught by then.

Spirit is I am.

It is the end of the first three levels.

I am.


so many people think

they have made it.


Just the start.

The second set of three is imagination.

The first imagination is

to know that you are not a body,

able only to use hands and feet,

but that you are an awareness

and your real tool is imagination.

So many people figure out they are an I am,

but never use their imagination.

They go back to their day to day jobs

turn the wrenches and are happy,


they should be exploding into the universe.

You have reached the second set of imagination

when you can imagine something

and people see it,

react to it.

You imagine a ball,

and others see the creation of your imagination.

This is strong imagination,

but still weak

as far as the spiritual beings true potential.

The third imagination is when you imagine something

and it is real.

You imagine an orange,

and somebody can take it

and bite into it

and feel the juicy juices.

It starts with

you imagine a city,

and people see it

and even start building it.



you can imagine a tree,

and people will come to pluck of its goodness.

You imagine a spaceship,

and people can climb aboard

and fly to the stars.

You imagine yourself

standing on afar sun,



you are on that sun

impervious to heat

enjoying being

in the sun…

or wherever you wish to be.

If you are working on the first set of three,

you need discipine

to unlock yourself as an awareness.

If you are working on the second set of three

you need people to believe.

You need to construct a machine of spiritual beings,

that not just you,

but all,

may travel to the stars

or wherever in your imagination

you wish.

zen martial arts
This has been a blog about Martial Arts.