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Martial Arts Media Changes…and the Failing Abstract of the Human Mind

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Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

Just had an interesting thought the other day. This was because I was looking at martial arts books over the past few decades, and thinking about all the media I have had to deal with over the last forty years. HEre is the thought.
Back when society was just beginning, when people were thinking caves would make mighty fine houses and why don’t we brighten up the place with a little decoration, the medium was pictures. Simply, some creative cave artist would dab some mud, or colored water (blood?) on the waves, and zingo bingo, there’s your picture window.
Then, move forward through time, and we have the written word. Guys carving words on mud tablets, and again, zingo bingo, we have the daily news. Sort of. Of course the first words were not much more than miniaturized pictures, but there is progress, you know?
Then, fast forward some more, and we have paper, and then type, and we have words. Not just pictures, but actual symbols which take the place of pictures, add to the pictures, and then, interestingly enough, encompass more than the simple pictures. We have abstracts.
Abstract thought is interesting, not to go on an aside, but it is the difference between man and ape. Not the opposable thumb, as some would have you believe, or gorillas would be using money wrenches. I know, bad pun.
Anyway, as time goes on and technology evolves, there were less and less pictures and more and more print. Man got evolved, became more abstract, traded ideas, and life went on, beit at a more evolved mentality, if you will.
Then, introduce the computer, and pictures become easier to make. Cut and paste, drag and drop, and, suddenly, we have a whole society that is eschewing words in favor of pictures.
In other words, we are back on caveman terms when it comes to communicating through medium. TV is pictures. Book sales are dropping off, any bozo with a computer can drag and drop pictures and have a website, a newsletter, a…something that is abstract without being abstract.
Ug, look, caveman Joe shoot arrow, hit big furry thing with hump on back!
Welcome to the new age.
Of course, it ain’t that bad, grin, especially when people are learning tor ead so they can find the pictures on the internet, but it does make you wonder. Click over to Monster Martial Arts and check out some of the media I’ve worked with.