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Newsletter 1016

The Real Martial Arts Secret of the Universe!

What a day!

I just saw a duck walk past

with seven ducklings behind her.


Okay, a real secret of the universe today.

Not one of those shabby, second rate secrets,

but the real goods.

Let’s set the stage…

What is the universe?

A bunch of objects floating through space.

Not much of a secret, eh?

Until you consider what this means to the martial arts.

A fist floats through space

it is aiming for your jaw.


two things may happen,

and only two.

The fist connects, 

or it misses.

And there is the secret.


You don’t see it?



Here we go.

If the fist connects it is force.

If the fist misses it is flow.

And that’s ALL there is.

A guy connects with you,

or misses.

Force bad if his fist hits you.

Force good if your fist hits him.

Sort of.

Flow good if fist misses.

Flow bad if it wasn’t a fist,

but a beautiful girl

that was trying to ‘connect’ with you.

I know

thats too simple to be a real secret.

Let’s go further.

Without force the universe stagnates and dies.


no punching,

but also no sex.

No resultant familes.

No civilization.

We’re all alone,

man IS an island,

and that’s all she wrote, brother.

So the universe needs force to survive.


here is the problem,

and this is starting to become secretive,

or at least,

you’ve probably never heard this…

The universe teaches force.

It’s got to to survive.

And the real problem here 

is not that the universe teaches force,

it is that man buys it.


man never buys flow.

He has been trained not to.

The universe won’t reproduce

and give him all those nifty things

like cars and buildings and TVs and so on,

if he doesn’t buy force.

Which means,

anybody who buys into force too much

is only living half a life.

He is only living the force part.

The force part gives him





and so on.

The flow part gives him something else.

But to understand this

we must understand the benefit of flow.

Here’s some stuff to think about.

If you go away from something…it’s gone.

If you go towards something there will be impact,

with good and bad potentials,

and resulting vectors and new shapes and forms

and so on.

But if you go WITH something…

if you flow with them,

not colliding,

but encouraging harmony…there’s the other half of the universe.

there is art

and beauty

and love

and children playing in the fields.


I hope this train of thought has encouraged

a realization or two,

and thus qualifies as a good secret.

Let’s go one step further.

The incredibly sad truth

is that a person can’t really understand truth and beauty

until he understands rot and ugliness.


in the martial arts,

if you don’t learn how to maim and kill,

dismember and rip body parts off…

you won’t understand this thing called ‘Flow,’

and truth and beauty and all that sort of thing.



this is going to sound like a fortune cookie,

or a bumper sticker…

“You can’t learn the soft arts

unless you have learned the hard arts.”

This is a tremendous statement

with incredible ramifications,

and I know I have said it before.


you must have yang to learn yin.


the actual place I learned the concept,

to help me describe what I was understanding

through the discipline of arts

was in The Tao.

Something about…

‘there is no high without low.

There is no forward without backward.’


this is sort of basic Neutronics,

for anybody who is interested,

but let me give you 

the obligatory advertisement.

Check out the video

halfway down the page here…


I wouldn’t have understood all these things

about jointlocks and pressure points

and balance and how the body works

if i hadn’t dabbled in the softer arts.


let me tell you, brother,

these things are incredibly functional

if you have the hard to understand them.


the conclusion…

The universe teaches force.

Humanity teaches flow.

You have a wonderful choice and opportunity here.

Have a GREAT work out!




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The Dirty Truth About the Real Martial Arts

Newsletter 846

A Martial Arts Dirty Word!

Happy New Year!
And a dirty word to you.
A dirty word?
But…which dirty word?

The word is…

I will explain why it is a dirty word later.
Right now,
let me say that,
dirty or not,
it is the one word you should know,
especially if you wish to be
a real martial artist.

I do want to warn you,
that if you’re not prepared for a little concentration,
a bit of hard thought,
and the willingness to look your face right in the mirror,
you better skip this newsletter.

Here we go.

Ataraxia is derived from Greek.
it means…
‘not disturbed.’
It is freedom from distress and worry.

A state of serene calmness.

This is not just a philosophical word.
as in dry old men
who sit around and talk about life.

This is freedom from worrying about
whether some fellow is going to attack you,
whether your car is going to make it to work,
or even where your next meal is coming from.
it is even freedom
from the fellows in Washington,
who do their best to disturb
any tranquil state of the soul.

And here’s the real definition.

Ataraxia is an untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul…
(Caps mine.)

we have just scratched the surface of the word.

Dig in a little deeper and we have…
‘live life modestly,
gain a knowledge of the world,
and limit one’s desires.’

That means you don’t need a Ferrari,
a cheap junker will do,
if it will get you from here to there,
which is the point of it all.

If you live modestly and seek knowledge,
you will become free from fear…
you will be happy.

it gets even juicier.
A person who takes no position
as to what is good or bad
attains a state of ataraxia.
Good or bad,
you see,
is a judgment.
A person who judges others
has removed himself from humanity.

yet more.
A person who pursues virtue
will achieve ataraxia.

to become a warrior,
a real warrior,
possessed of virtues and honor,
you have to give up desires,
you have to stop judging others,
then you can become balanced,
and that balance will manifest
as a peaceful state of the soul.

Now do you understand why this simple word
is so important?
Do you understand why a year spent delving into it
will result in yourself as a higher caliber martial artist?

of course,
a few work outs a day.
Work outs like in Monkey Boxing.
Every week you get more data,
old training drills that are now forgotten.
New training drills to fill in the pieces.
And an inspiration to work out.
To not stop.
To explore the martial arts
to delve into what makes you you.


Think about it like this,
think about this different way of looking at things:
if something bad happens,
you don’t get upset or emotional,
for it has already happened.
You don’t react,
but merely move to calm the situation.

if you can do this,
then you start to see ‘disturbances’ coming,
and you start to act BEFORE the deed,
thus preventing a disturbance
to your ataraxia,
and helping others to achieve
this ideal state of spirituality.

That’s how it all works.

So why is Ataraxia a dirty word?

Because saying ‘dirty word’ makes people look.
I got you to look.
you will forgive my terrible deed,
and consider a life filled with ataraxia.

And here’s something really sneaky about this,
if i can inject a final word.

You saw the term ‘dirty word,’
your mind reacted,
and you were compelled.
Not very ataraxic,

And the solution is to pursue ataraxia
if you wish to overcome
being a victim
to ‘anti-ataraxia.’

Here’s that MN link again.


Have a great New Year
with a great work out




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The Neutronic Truth of Life, Death, and the Martial Arts

I originally wrote this in a newsletter,
but it bears repeating.
Here go…

The time between birth and death is yours.
It is not your parent’s,
for they have their own time.
It is not your boss’s,
except as he can contribute to your future.
It is not your wife’s
except as you link together
in common purpose.
It is not your children’s,
for they have their own time between birth and death.
It is definitely not the government’s,
for they leach.
They are a problem which must be solved,
that they don’t get in your way.
Your way is the time between birth and death.
Don’t waste your time,
don’t let people who say no get in your way,
don’t align yourself with anything
which is contrary
to the path of you.

Do you understand?
This is the Neutronic Truth.
Matrixing supports this in whole,
and it is what makes Matrixing and Neutronics valid.
Understanding this, you will understand the value of the martial arts,
for they are the path of you.

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I Tell Ya, The Martial Arts Makes Ya Stupid!

One of the weird things I do is check the internet for my name. I want to check on articles, just glance around and see what I’m doing out there.

And, I found my name coming up in a forum. It wasn’t too bad, the usual scholarly dissertation on IMO, website is cheesy, guy should be avoided, that sort of thing.

And I had a thought, made me grin, sort of funny.

I say that people can learn faster.

These guys are saying you can’t.

Do you get it?

They are arguing that they are, uh, not smart.

I know, I know, that was cruel. Please excuse me, that was uncalled for.

So why am I still laughing?

Anyway, I have the greatest confidence in them. They weren’t unusually mean, and I think (hope) that I detected a little interest.

You guys have a great week, and, uh, give me ten push ups if you laughed.

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Belief Systems in the Martial Arts

Another Day!
A work out!

I saw my breath in the air today,
and it reminded me of the Kang Duk Won.
During the winter we could see our breath in class,
we were expected to warm the building with our hard work.
During the summer
the temperature would soar over a hundred and twenty.
We didn’t bother to complain.
The complaint department wasn’t open.
That was the school of Hard Knocks and Tough Stuff.

I want to go a little Neutronic this time,
got something I want to talk about,
something that’ll make the world easier to mess around with.
and BTW,
a welcome to all you newbies
who are new to the newsletter.
As the people say in Avatar…
I see you.
just to warn you,
while the newsletter is mostly about technique and anecdote,
sometimes I go Neutronic,
and things get a bit weird.
If it gets too weird,
just stick your fingers in your ears
and go la la la
and things will be back to normal next newsletter.

everybody having been warned…

Belief Systems.
What I normally call BS.
Belief systems are a structure
one surrounds a mind with.
‘I believe this or that.’
what a belief system does
is keep out the good stuff.
It enables the mind to remain structured,
but at the cost of curiosity and imagination.

Let me example that…
you believe in the sacred cow.
If somebody says sacred cows don’t exist,
you push them back with your belief system.
what if sacred cows don’t exist?
How will you ever learn?
You can’t learn,
you see,
because your mind has corraled you,
and there is no way out of the corral.
Talk about a mind trap,
but that’s what a Belief System is.
and they infect the martial arts…

Somebody says his art is the only art.
And he’s willing,
and by willing I mean compelled,
to push against anybody who says otherwise,
and that means he has stopped the inflow of data,
and that means he can’t learn.

Most of the mucky mucks in the martial arts world
hold to their position,
by not letting anybody learn.
By not letting them go outside the belief system.

I went outside the belief system,
and that’s where I found the true art.
I found it in the art that was protected by belief systems.
The thing that I had been studying
but had never seen.
I wouldn’t have found out the true art
if I hadn’t gone outside the art
and really looked at what I had.

Sit in your yard and say,
these are the trees,
this is the grass,
and never see the fact
that your yard is a yard.
You were never able to get outside the belief system
of bushes and twigs,
and see the whole picture.

That is the point of it all,
you know.
that is why you study the martial arts,
to see the whole picture.
To get outside Belief Systems
and see the whole picture.
The whole art.
The True Art.

the last thing I want to say is this…
the most difficult thing in the world
is a fellow who won’t learn.
A fellow who reads something and says,
‘We have that,’
and never really looks.
his system had it,
but he had never seen it,
he is just using his belief system
to protect himself against the inflow of data.

This is actually my biggest problem in spreading Matrixing,
People who adjust what I’ve said to their belief systems,
instead of going outside them.

So change.
Take down the fences.
You don’t have to take them down for everything,
just the Martial Arts.

Do you really know what Matrixing is?
Have you ordered a course and actually examined
all this data that I claim
nobody has ever seen before?

Here’s the link to Undoing Belief Systems.
It’ll take apart your system, no matter what it is,
and enable you to catch a glimpse of the whole picture.

that’s it for now.
I hope I have inspired somebody
to punch a hole in the fence,
peer through
and see what’s on the other side.

Back to kicks and punches next time.

Have a great work out.


He who is born a fool is never cured.  ~Proverb

He who is born a fool is never cured unless he practices his kata every day without fail.~Al Case

What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.  ~Ezra Pound

What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it–and a man’s depth can be increased by the amount of martial arts he drills into his bones.  ~Al Case

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.  ~Bertrand Russell

Yeah ~Al Case

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