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Missing Martial Arts Video Clips Found!

Missing Martial Arts Videos of How to Create Your Own Art

The truth of the matter
is that you have to do
some monkey see monkey do
type of training.

you could learn off Youtube,
but it would take a 100 years.
You don’t have somebody
showing you little angles,
you don’t have people giving you real punches,
it would take a 100 years.
And I’m being generous.

the yoga kata bookSo you take lessons.
It takes a year or two.
at most,
of bashing forearms
to transcend your mind
and start doing it right.
Some people faster.,
some people slower,
but it takes a year or two,
on the average.

to get to master,
takes 30 plus years.
On the average.
Better than a hundred years,
three decades.
I did it in 22 years,
but I was trying to figure out Matrixing,
delving into dozens of arts,
I was teaching and writing,
and it still took me a couple of decades.
I was about 39 years old,
and that meant I probably didn’t even half my life left
to share.
What a waste, eh?
I mean,
what if I could have gotten this matrixing thing
at age 20?
Then it would have been a handful of years,
probably 3 or 4,
and I would have achieved mastery.
Maybe age 23 or 24.
I’d have a lot of time left,
in which to enjoy and share
the real art.

the good news,
one of the first courses I filmed
was the Create Your Own Art course.
It was one of the first,
and that is why it is a little fuzzy.
Early technology just wasn’t up to the task.
But, you can still understand it.
You can see EXACTLY what I was doing,
what brought about Matrixing.
the fact of the matter,
it is the ONLY course of its kind.

here’s what’s on it.

a video of my early forays
into Pa Kua Chang,
How I structured it
how I matrixed it.

A video of a diametrically opposed art,
an art of angles
to balance out PKC.

A video showing
how to blend the first two arts
I show you how to fit the two arts together
which creates all sorts of two man exercises.

A book detailing the principles involved
when you create your own art.

A book detailing the things
I was doing back in the eighties,
including the first
martial arts mentioned here,
and original checksheets and diagrams
that I used to teach
my first matrixing classes.

I felt guilty because of the fuzzy quality of the film,
so I bundled the entire book,
‘Buddha Crane Karate,’
in with the course.
That’s the book
that is selling for $15 right now
on Amazon.

To make sure everybody understood
the things I was doing
I took a couple of clips
showing my students own arts.
Arts that they had created.

at a certain point
I demand that my students create their own arts.
After the monkey see monkey do,
once they have their basic principles down
I demand that they go out and absorb entire arts on their own,
and then create their own arts.

the reason I do this is simple.
A person who does the monkey see monkey do training
can be great,
but it takes a while,
and it doesn’t make a real artist.
it makes a great copy catter.

But an art must be created in the moment.
It must not be a knee jerk response,
but a creation on the moment,
according to what is happening,
not what has been implanted in the dojo.
That is the only way to achieve a true reality
in the martial arts.

So monkey see monkey do,
get the circuits down,
then blast out those circuits,
make sure a guy is creating,
instead of spewing out circuits
he has been implanted with.

here is the bad part.
When I wrote the page advertising this course,
on Monster Martial Arts,
I told everybody what was going to be on the course,
including the clips of my students
doing their own arts.

I forgot to put the clips on the page.

So for 7 years people have been downloading,
and nobody said anything.
Then a couple of months ago,
one fellow emailed in
and asked where the clips were.

Big Doh!
Major forehead slap
so hard my brains came out my ears.

So if you have bought the course,
just go to the download page
and you will find the clips,
and sorry I messed up,
sorry I took so long.

If you have disks,
email me,
and i will send you the download page
so you can see the clips.

And my sincere apologies.

I know it sounds like a big sales pitch,
but I had to explain what was on the course,
what the course does,
and where to find the clips.

for those who haven’t gotten the course,
go to this page,


Scroll down to the bottom,
and you will find a sample clip.
It’s quite interesting,
my student’s work is impeccable,
and you get an idea
of what I am trying to get people to do
when I push the
Crate Your Own Art course.

you guys and gals enjoy the summer.
And make a plan!
Decide to learn an art this summer!
Figure out what you want to have accomplished,
by the end of the summer.
And set up a schedule,
and do it.

Here’s the link again.
Go to the bottom of that page for the clip.


Have a great work out!


Have yourself a great work out!



$30 martial arts course for $9.99!

Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Shaolin, Pa Kua Chang, outlaw karate, master instructor course

Special offer from Monster Martial Arts

Look, it’s a slow month, and that’s silly. People need the martial arts, they need to work out. So in the interests of getting things moving, I am offering a $30 course for $9.99. These are the original and complete Matrixing courses, and you can pick from 7 different courses! (Only one per customer)

So get it out of your head: the economy is not going to die, the world is not going to come to an end. 

And understand, a complete martial art for only $10 is not just amazing, it is stunning! I have never offered anything like this before, and likely won’t again. This is THE BEST way to learn about How to Matrix the Martial Arts, and to learn a complete martial art, in the universe!

Check out the details here…


Email me at aganzul@gmail.com if any problem with the page, buttons, downloads, or anything else.

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How to Teach Martial Arts to People Who Don’t Want to Learn!

Here’s a helpful hint on how to teach martial arts…

One of the most interesting things I encounter
is the student who can’t learn.

to be honest,
I don’t have any.
I wish I could say something cool,
like if they don’t learn,
I beat it into them,
but…it ain’t so.

martial arts pics

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

But I use a couple of tricks,
not just my fists,
to make students learn.
So let’s consider how you can get somebody
to actually listen to you
and to actually learn.

As a person on the street,
if you tell somebody a thousand times,
he might get what you are talking about.
and that’s a lot of talk.

As a martial arts instructor,
you might hit somebody a hundred times,
and they might get it.

The problem here is getting the idea out of your head
and putting it into their head.
So what is the problem…exactly?

if you don’t have good powers of mental focus,
you can’t generate an idea.
The solution is simple,
practice your forms,
but practice them correctly.

There is a difference between working out,
and learning.

Working out may instill the art in your bones,
but if you are doing your art incorrectly,
the bones are getting a poor lesson,
and you are not learning to focus your awareness,
and this will hurt your ability to create an idea.

So you have to not just practice,
but practice correctly.
You have to see your mistakes,
and you have to learn from your mistakes,
and as your body becomes more polished and efficient,
that shows that your mental powers are becoming
more polished and efficient.

you’ve done martial arts long enough,
and you have raised your powers of awareness,
learned to focus,
and you reach into your mind,
generate a thought,
and you send it to Joe Blow
with a simple sentence.

“Hey, Joe, it’s raining.”

His jaw drops,
he drools,
and he says,
and he doesn’t get out the umbrella.

You got the thought,
you sent the thought,
so why didn’t he get it?
And here is where you get the real lesson
in how to teach actual data in the martial arts.

Joe Blow didn’t listen,
couldn’t listen,
because his head is full of crap.

He’s not a bad guy.
He got through school (sort of),
but his head is so full of stuff packed in
by teachers
by parents
by friends
by enemies
by the man in the moon…
that he just doesn’t want any more in there,
so he goes blank.
Refuses to accept your thought.

So how do you get Joe Blow,
who looks like he is functioning but is actually unconscious,
but who, in spite of being unconscious,
actually walked into your school and said,
“Teach me…”
in reality means,
he is seeking to be Aware.)
To accept a thought.
To actually listen to your instructions.

Some people tell Joe to watch the class,
to just try to figure things out,
and then they explain later,
and it only takes three or four years,
but…it works.

I walk up to Joe,
ask him how he’s doing,
and when he starts to talk I let him talk for a minute.
somewhere in there I cock my head,
give a surprised blink,
and Joe suddenly says,
“Oh, nothing,” I respond.
“No, no, what…you just blinked…what?”

Joe is actually curious.
First time since first grade when the teacher told him
to shut up and sit down.
He is,
in fact,
actually listening to another human being.
Hasn’t heard his parents in ten years.
Barely listens to his friends,
who are as unconscious as him.
he is now listening to you.
So you MUST choose your words wisely.
I say something like,

“You have a really nice silence in your mind.”
A compliment which puts him at ease.
A statement which elicits more listening,
and he grins.
And you say,
“I like the way you pick up on things.”

I have just whammied the crap out of the fellow.

people like people who say nice things about them.

he is unconscious and I have told him…
to have silence in his mind.
that he learns well.
And I have done it in a manner
that is almost like a hypnotic command,
which makes him have silence in his mind
and learn well.

Two incredibly important things.
Amazing things, really.

And thing is this.
It is POSITIVE reinforcement.
Not the slap to the back of the head
that everybody usually gives
when they want somebody to shut up and listen,

I have told him the truth.
He DOES have nice silence in his mind.
Everybody does.
That’s a truth of people.
he does have the ability to learn quickly and easily.
everybody does.
Every last one of you mofos out there
who struggle and do your best
but sometimes it seems so slow,
you just have to get over that thing stuffed into you
called education.

Get over the slap on the back of the head,
get over the kid who made fun of you,
get rid of the bone brained parent who told you..
“Do what you’re told!”

In short,
get rid of everything that stopped you
from wanting to be Aware
to listen,
to learn,
to be yourself…

In short,
let yourself wake up.

I don’t mean to rant at you,
just to tell you how to get people who are less than awake
to wake up and listen
and to love life the way they are meant to.

Simply tell them how great they are,
and when they realize that you are telling the truth,
and they want to hear more,
tell them more truth…
and it is perfectly okay if you use the martial arts to do so.

if what I say makes sense,
then you should hear what I have to say
on the Master Instructor Course.


All right,
time for you to finish up a few things,
maybe shave the cat,
paint the lawn red,
and get ready for the weekend
and for your work outs.

And I tell you this,
not only do you have a wonderful silence in your mind,
very appealing and genuine,
you are going to have a truly fantastic work out.


zen martial arts

Chance to Get Matrix Karate Virtually Free!

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

Here’s a copy of my newsletter. I’m going away from paper and towards disks and downloads, and in converting one product (Matrixing: The Master Text) I am giving a real deal, almost free. Check it out, and here’s the newsletter and the offer.

Monster Newsletter #409~Here’s a Deal You Won’t Believe!

Good morning!
It’s raining and miserable,
which makes me so happy,
because I get to stay inside and work out!
go outside and work out!
Either way,
I get to work out!

a work out a day
puts the doctor out of pay,

why am I so darned happy?
Because I have a deal for you!
do I have a deal for you!
Let me give you a bit of background first.

It’s Fathers Day,
all you guys should get a present,
and all you gals too
because I don’t discriminate!

I’m trying to save the trees
(sob, boo hoo!)
People been wacking those durned trees down,
killing rain forests
and somebody told me
we’re about to run out of trees!
in the interest of saving the last tree
on this whole durned planet
I’m converting to less and less paper.
More instant downloads,
and more disks!

but most important,
my mighty mac is about to bite the dust,
it has been restarting indiscriminately,
turning off at whim,
and generally whining and moaning.
And I really can’t abide
whining and moaning,
you know?
So I need to influx the cash
upgrade the digitals
and join the next generation.

here’s the deal.
I haven’t even written a webpage on this,
and there is an awful good chance I won’t,
of course,
enough people take advantage of the deal.
That means
that only you guys,
the newsletter monsters,
can take advantage of this deal,
and whether the public gets this or not,
depends on you.

Mr. Powerful and In Charge of Everything,
here’s the deal.

On the Monkeyland site
I offer a book called
Matrixing: The Master Text.
This book is big,
It is 8 ½ by 11,
180 pages,
if you know your book sizes,
makes it probably over 400 regular size pages thick.
It has the overview of Matrixing.
It has the original research I did to create Matrixing,
that’s forty years of forms and graphs and charts and writing
and articles and applications and…and…

I mean,
this is the mother lode of Matrixing!

I sell this beast for $40 bucks.
Forty dollars for a single book,
but that book is the bible and the dictionary and
the whole darned shooting match of Matrixing.
it costs me a pretty penny
to print the pages,
to bind it
and mail it.
Of course forty years of original research,
a whole system,
is probably worth more like four hundred,
or even four thousand.
can you spell priceless?

since I am slowly converting
to downloads and disks,
here’s the deal.

Order that book,
press the paypal button on this page,
and I will send you not only
Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD),
but the whole Matrix Karate Course.

(If you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and tell me you want the deal (aganzul@gmail.com)

if you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
don’t dismay,
I’ve got another deal up my rather large and nose wiped sleeve.

if you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
this is the deal of the century.
You get the following
A CD with the Matrix Karate book on it
A DVD with the complete Matrix Karate system
A bonus DVD with the Power Kicks Course
a CD with Matrixing: The Master Text!

I don’t know how you want to look at this,
getting a whole course
an entire system,
for thirty dollars,
and then getting a forty dollar book thrown in
for only ten extra dollars.
Or getting a forty dollar book,
and getting a course for free,
but either way you look at it,
this is an incredible deal.

you guys who already have the Matrix Karate Course,
got to do something for you,

here’s the deal.
Order the Three Month Black Belt Course,
and I’ll toss in Matrixing: The Master Text,

Again, if you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and remind me. Aganzul@gmail.com

That’s 20 hours of video,
over 100 individual teaching segments,
all the way to Black Belt.
(The course is in Mpeg4,
it will work on computer,
but not on your TV!)

Nuff said.
Free is my favorite word,
and if it isn’t yours,
it should be.

why am I doing this?
Because it’s a holiday
and everybody should get a present.
Because I want to save the trees
(poor unlucky trees!)
most of all,
I’ve got to upgrade the computer.
you help me,
and I’ll help you.
Feed the Monster,
and the Monster feeds you.
Simple as that.

let me sum up the deal quickly.

Matrixing: The Master Text
is going to be put on CD.

If you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
go to
Hit the Paypay button, and then email me what you want,
and I will send you Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD)
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If you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
order the Three Month Black Belt Course
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FREE! Remember to email me and tell me what you want.

this is a short deal,
it’s gonna go away.
Right now
it’s only available to you,
the Newsletter reader.
That’s all.

So don’t put it off,
don’t forget about it and think you think about it later,
don’t suddenly remember this newsletter in three months.
This is a window of opportunity
that might not be open long.

Okey donkey.
I don’t have much else to say.
No tips or hints,
none of my hilarious and forever to be savored anecdotes,
just a sweet deal
that will make you
the best martial artist
you can be.

Cutting edge, baby.
That’s what the Monster is,
and that’s what I want you to be.
So you have a great week,
a funtastic work out,
and I’ll see you at the computer store.


“The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.”
— 6th Code of Isshinryu Karatedo

Fantastic Opportunity for Martial Artists (Newsletter)

You can get an absolutely free online magazine. Watch the vid, read the newsletter, and I’ll tell you how!

All righty!
It is a great day…
it is a special day…
do you feel good or what!

Now, before I get into this weeks journal,
let me say something.

All week long
I have been subjected to…
War in the mid east,
oil prices rising
unions protesting…
Doom, Defeat, Despair!
I tell ya,
it’s enough to make a guy
turn off the TV!

But let me tell you the truth about this.

Tragedy is opportunity.
Write it in gold on your forehead,
and let me explain.

times might get a little tough for a while,
but we’re a resilient bunch,
and there is a bright side
to all the doom and gloom.

Lost your job?
Then you have the time to start that internet biz you’ve been thinking about.

Don’t have gas?
That pedal bike is going to put you in good shape!

Don’t have money?
Swap meet, penny saver,
start a martial arts class in your garage!

Don’t know how?
You know everything you need to know,
you just have to be willing to go out and make a few mistakes.

I know it’s tough,
but you are tougher.
The martial arts have made you tougher.

time to talk about the journal.
My original plan was to write a journal every couple of weeks,
do a newsletter in between.
It’s a good plan,
and once I have everything rolling
I’ll go to it.
Right now,
I have to make enough mistakes
to make sure this thing works.
And just when I think I have made
every possible mistake I can,
another one pops up and hits me in the eye.
it’s starting to come around.

This issue
we have a cover!
it looks sweet!
we have a couple of extra pages of
punch ‘em down, beat ‘em up good, old fashioned slobberknockery!
One piece in particular,
is a shameless bit advertising,
in the vein of ‘kick sand in his face and see what happens!’
Good stuff.

I did try a different format.
I sized the pages smaller
so you won’t have to toggle the switch up and down
when you go from column to column.
I write about this in the journal,
so let me know how it works.

I published it for two pages at a time on the screen,
but my computer only opens one.
doesn’t really matter,
until you reach the last graphic.

Okey dokey,
that’s it for the journal,
I have some great stuff lined up.

I’ve got a nifty weapon designed
excellent for urban combat,
something to help you survive those so called food riots,
My problem is
I don’t think I can sell it.
Might be illegal.
there’s always ways around that.
Maybe putting it up for donations,
Let me look at the law
and see what I can do.
I mean,
there’s always a way to make
the second amendment work,
if you get my drift.

I’m working on a course
that will blow the lid
off the martial arts planet.

got a few other things up my
and power filled
gi sleeves.

But that’s it for now,
so here are your instructions.
follow them to the letter
if you want to reach nirvana.

Head over to Monster,
Here’s a link to the Master Instructor page,

From the Master Instructor page,
go to the main page,
then go to the freebie box in the upper right corner,
click on the box and go to the journal page.
Read or download the Third Journal,
find a good ad,
read it,
and then buy.
Do that,
and we’ll all be in good shape.
Especially you!

So have a great week,
work out hard
and I’ll talk to you later!

Win #34–True Potential Behind Learning How to Matrix Martial Arts

Here’s a great win about the true potential behind learning how to Matrix Martial Arts

Ever since I studied Al Case’s matrixing concept, my life has improved a thousandfold. At first I started to matrix martial arts. Since then, my understanding of all martial arts has improved so much to the point where I even began to really love it again. I mean I used to practice 1-3 times a week and still be able keep ‘on top of things’ but now I practice rigorously and research 7 days a week; sometimes 3 times a day – and that has been consistent for months now. I never thought I’d EVER do that. Ever. But why stop there? I then ‘matrixed’ my life in all of its intricacies. One small example: I found that certain ‘friends’ were never friends just by looking at a simple matrix of how many of them were productive. Happy. Intelligent to some degree. How many of them had similar if not identical ‘purposes’ to me. Etc. I realized that the new friends – brothers that I have now would actually take a bullet for me and vice versa. They would follow me to the depths of hell if need be and what’s better, if you had the chance to witness just ONE of our workouts you may think that they already have (if I wrote down ONE of the awesome abilities we’ve gained from intensely studying and teaching all of the
martial arts one would probably think we were either demon-possessed witches or superhuman animae characters). I’ve never felt so happy and alive in my entire life! And it’s all thanks to Al Case. So from all of us here at our dojo and our EAP team (Extreme Abilities Program) and our choreography/stunt team.

This win was from a fellow who writes, produces, acts, direct, stunts, and just about everything else. There is a magnitude of experience in learning to analyze the world from the Matrix viewpoint, and this guy has really tapped into a power that is possible for everyone, but realized by only a few.

If you want to see if a few doors might open in your mind, drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a Free Matrix Book.

Monster Newsletter #346–Yet Another Master Instructor!

Wow and hello!
another Master Instructor!
I’ve got one more to announce,
maybe next newsletter or two.
This not only makes the day,
it makes the week and the month!
So congrats to Master Instructor Derek Renfro,
and here is his win…

Hi Al,

Just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how wonderful it has been studying the Matrix Karate system and teaching it to my kids. We have all learned so much. My martial arts study goes back to sixth grade when I began teaching myself from books. Over the years (about 30 now!) I have studied kung fu, tai chi, kenpo, kali, judo/jujitsu, kuntao, kyokushinkai, and even a little savate. However I can say that I didn’t truly start learning martial arts until I started the Matrix Karate course. Now all of the knowledge I have gathered over the years is starting to actually come together and make sense.

My children have progressed rather quickly thanks to the information in the Master Instructor course and I have learned a lot more from just that alone than from all my years of training. I tend to be a perfectionist and am harder on myself than anyone else ever has been so, in the past I have taught friends and co-workers with the same mindset. Now I know a gentle teacher is the best teacher and it shows in my children’s performance. They have gone from knowing zero to showing a grasp of the principles, at least the mechanics at this point, of Matrix Karate. The (teaching concept) concept has been instrumental in this…. In addition, if my children seem to grasp the concepts of the applications, I will occasionally change up the “attack” to test their ability to adapt. So far, they have done well thanks to the matrixing concepts.

In addition to the benefits of my children and me learning martial arts properly, I have found the concepts so flexible that some of the techniques from other styles creep in when I’m doing the form. For example, I study an iron palm system call 18 Daoist Palms and the Buddha palm flows effortlessly with the first form called Heavenly Thunder Palms. In fact in my personal training time (not with my children) I mix the Matrix Karate forms and Heavenly Thunder Palms and they fit together seamlessly (which is the whole point, right?). I have also added weapons to the moves and, without altering the moves, they fit seamlessly- knife, stick, hammer, whatever. Wow! And I thought only the Indonesian arts could do that.

Now as to the Master Instructor course, I could write another book singing its praises! First, I never heard of body testing, even in a school that taught tai chi, until I read the course. That has made a huge difference and if that’s all I got out of it, it would be worth more than the price of the course. The explanation of the four powers, while I have learned them by default after so many years of study, really helps when teaching how to generate power in techniques. Additionally, your explanation of CBMing was the Rosetta stone as far as all of my study on fa-jing or intrinsic energy is concerned. One of my favorite books on the subject is The Principles of Effortless Power by Peter Rawlston. While I have read this book several times and somewhat understood the concepts, it was your explanation…which made everything click. Suddenly, as if by magic, the power of my strikes as well as projecting, pushing, and throwing, has increased dramatically while the actual effort required has dramatically decreased. (In fact, I taught my daughter, in only a few minutes, how to send me flying backwards with an almost effortless push). Again, a benefit worth more than the price of the course.

I could go on for pages, concerning the seven corrections (priceless), the Six Secrets, the value of stance training in the Energy Formula (a much needed reminder after all these years), and on and on. However I will spare you the reading as I have another question which I will email at a later time and It may take a few words to ask properly.

In the meantime, God bless and thank you for your hard work and generosity in sharing the Matrix System with the world.


Derek L. Renfro

Thank you Master Instructor Renfro
and well done.
Very well done.

Now here’s the deal,
each art is usually based upon a concept,
or a few concepts.
Over time,
techniques have been added, subtracted, mixed up,
influenced by other arts,
until the concepts are no longer recognizable.

Matrix Karate introduces a method
for aligning techniques,
when done,
reveals the basic concepts.

If you don’t understand the matrixing concepts
and they start in Matrix Karate,
you won’t be able to fix the martial arts
and you won’t be able to find out the core concepts of your art.

Nobody has ever done this before,
and since I went public with Matrix Karate
some three years ago,
in spite of thousands of articles,
nobody has figured out what I am doing.
It is that simple.

I keep the prices low so everybody can get it.
I encourage people who learn Matrixing
to share it with one and all
as fast as they can.

This is the end of mysticism in the martial arts.
And it is the start of the Golden Age.
All the power
all the abilities
that the giants of yesterday
put into their arts
can be recovered
and can explode the martial arts
and make them something
they have never been before.

matrixing is not for everybody.
There’s about 20% of the people
that should not bother with it.
I’m not going to go into the reasons for this,
but the reasons are in the Neutronics books
if anybody is interested.

But 80% of you
should take a chance.
Matrix Karate is only twenty bucks,
and there is a good chance
that it will change your art forever.

If you are one of the 20%
then you’ve only risked twenty bucks
(no real risk because there is a money back guarantee)

if you ordered Matrixing Chi
there should have been four items on the disk.
1) the Matrixing Chi book
2) The Candle book
3) An article on the Motor of Tai Chi
4) The Matrixing Dictionary book

Some of the disks do not have all four items on them.
I don’t know how I managed to screw this up,
but I did.
if you don’t have all four items on the disk,
please let me know.

I will set up a download page with these four items on it.
if you don’t want to just download,
if you want a new disk,
no problem.
But you have to send me your mailing address.
I recently received a form of the google slap
which erased my mail box
and I lost a lot of data.
if you don’t have the four items listed,
email me and I will send you the download page.
If you wish a new disk,
send me your mailing address.

And please accept my apologies.
More and more people are finding Matrixing
and I am doing my best to stay on top of everything,
but I will make the occasional human error.

you let me know
and I’ll fix it.
that all said,
once again,
Congrats to Master Instructor Derek Renfro,
thanks for such a wonderful win.
and to everybody else…
Have a Great Work Out



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Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.
Bruce Barton
Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our martial arts–clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.

A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.
Albert Einstein
A lack of perfection of martial art seems to be our main problem. –Al Case

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth
Come forth into the light of things, let the martial arts be your teacher. –Al Case

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When It Comes To A Martial Arts Bible Several Books Have To Be Considered

I see advertisements for a Martial Arts Bible every once in a while, and it’s a clever advertisement. I mean, the idea for a book that answers all questions, it’s a good one, and it’s necessary. Here are a list of books which I think need to be considered, with the last one really hitting the button.

The first book to be on the list would be Karate Do Kyohan: The Master Text, by Gichin Funakoshi. The reason this tome has to be considered is because it was the first to really offer a comprehensive look at the eastern combat disciplines. Of course, it is biased towards Karate, and it offers techniques and forms without really getting into concepts, but it is a good book.

The next book to hit the shores with impact was the George Mattson book on Uechi Ryu. This was huge, offered hows and whys, and even went into some of the legends and real possibilities of the arts. While it was of more depth than Funakoshi’s epic, it didn’t cover grappling or throwing in much detail.

Filling the space left by the first two books, and through the use of some of the most beautiful martial arts concepts ever inked, is Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. While it goes too far in the opposite direction, not being concerned with any of the force arts, it is still a work head and shoulders above nearly all others. The book was scribbled and inked by Oliver Ratti and Adele Westbrook.

Here is a good snippet which illustrates how all arts an be used together.

The next book to be considered on our list is Yang Family Secret Transmissions. This bit of writing is not strong on form and technique, but absolutely fascinating when it comes to presenting concept. The trick is to be able to put these concepts to work no matter what art you study.

One of the little known Martial Arts scribblings is a rare book called Taiki-ken. While the title means Tai Chi Chuan, it actually deals more with the art of Hsing I. Interestingly, while this book is slim on words, it imparts immense wisdom, and it is one of those rare gems that a student must be ready for, or it will likely go right over their heads.

Last on the list, and the one that hardly anybody knows is The Master Instructor Course. It is a book, and it is accompanied by two DVDs which detail exactly what the author is talking about. Hard or soft, internal or external, punching or throwing, the author explains all, and enlightens any who read it.

In closing, there will likely be some disagreement as to what is necessary to make a martial arts bible. Still, the books on this list are pivotal to the eastern fighting disciplines, and well worth the read. Of course, bible or not, all are worthless in the hands of people who are not willing to read, to think, and to put to work on a dojo mat.

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