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Seeking Martial Perfection

Newsletter 794
How to Achieve Martial Arts Perfection

Gichin Funakoshi talked about seeking perfection in the martial arts.
He also wrote a poem.
The two come together in a most interesting way.
Here’s the poem.

To search for the old is to understand the new.
The old, the new
This is a matter of time.
In all things man must have a clear mind.
The Way:
Who will pass it on straight and well?

So here’s some stuff to think about…

What is ‘The Way?’
The way is a method.
it is the method of the martial arts.
Done correctly,
it leads to a lessening of distractive thoughts,
and the ability to focus one’s spirit.
all too often the method changes
according to the whim of the teacher.

The key is in the words ‘straight and well.’

If you look up the word ‘perfection,’
you will find references to being free of flaw.
Free of flaw means scientifically true.
The problem is that nobody knows how to use the body in a ‘true’ fashion.

I remember being in the sixth grade,
looking at medical charts,
trying to figure out the best way to place the foot
so I could run faster.
Analyzing the arch as a spring,
and pondering how best to activate the spring.
Tracing the muscles on the legs,
trying to figure out which way to turn the legs
so that the muscles were best utilized.

I took this same method of analyzing with me into the martial arts.

This isn’t some branch of kinetics,
for kinetics studies the body without considering ‘chi.’
This isn’t western science,
though it is quite empirical.

The funny thing is that in the end
I came up with a simple method,
one that takes mere moments to understand,
and to utilize,
and one can utilize this method throughout the forms.
This illuminates the forms,
and makes them perfect.

So perfection is attainable.

the good news,
I describe and show the method in
The Master Instructor course.
I even show the seven specific ways of breaking this method down
for the individual parts of the body.

So perfection of art is possible,

Real simple stuff.
But nobody has ever written it down anywhere.
But here’s the thing.

If you walk with your feet turned out,
or inwards,
you wear the heels of your shoes in odd patterns.
Maybe the inside of the heel wears down,
rendering the shoe useless long before it is due to wear out.
Maybe the outside.
What you have to understand is that this wearing effect occurs
on the inside of the body, too.

Have you come across martial arts masters
who have knee replacements?
Or hip replacements?
Or worn out shoulders?
Or other malfunctioning body parts?
This is because they were doing the martial arts
without understanding the correct way to use the body.
All the western ‘kinetics’ they study,
doesn’t do a bit of good if you haven’t analyzed how the foot places,
how the muscles are arranged.
And people can actually tear their bodies apart.

The Master Instructor Course fixes this.

you start using the body in the right way,
according to the seven things I tell you about the body and using chi.
You start using less energy,
and having more impact.
This is true economy of motion.
the body starts working like a well oiled machine,
you start aging slower,
your skin stays clearer,
you have full range of motion,
full strength,
you just resist aging in the most delightful way.

Some martial artists have stumbled upon this,
and they age well,
but they don’t understand why.
They simply used their body in the correct manner
without understanding or analyzing why.
even though they had the truth,
they were not able to teach the way…
straight and true.
The way Gichin,
and others,
wish it to be taught.

You either want the true art,
or you don’t.
Sup to you.

Here’s the link for the Master Instructor Course.


check it out,
think about whether what I say makes sense,
and then take a mont back guaranteed chance.

Have a great work out!



What You are Trying to Do in the Martial Arts

The guy who got me into the martial arts

back in 1967,
we are still the best of friends,
and he came up to my b-day party,
and gave me a gift.
A couple of comic books.

No, no,
not Donald Duck,
or some Ninja stuff,
he gave me
Zhuang Zi Speaks.

This is the most amazing collection of art
illustrating zen concepts.
it’s probably ‘Chan,’
not zen,
the Chinese root of the tree
but the concepts are the same.

Music in nature,
usefulness v uselessness,
all sorts of incredible illustrations
truly defining zen,
the human experience,
and what it is all about.
And this stuff really relates to the martial arts.

reading this stuff,
clearing out the mind,
let me go over what happens in the martial arts
in relation to the zen existence.
This is going to be neutronic,
so shake your head and blink a few times,
stretch the jaw,
and get ready to input some real data.

The body is a machine.
The mind is a bunch of memories.
You are the source of it all.

If a problem comes to you,
and you use the mind,
then you are using memories.
You are trying to use data that may have been useful some year,
but may not actually relate to the now.

The point of the martial arts is to bypass the mind.
To focus on the movement in the universe,
and see that movement as it is,
and not how the mind (memories) translates it.

You do this by focusing on one thing,
the form,
the technique,
whatever it is you are doing.
You focus and do not let yourself be distracted.
You watch the fist flying towards your face,
and you do not let the mind panic
and try to solve the problem
through the use of memories.

here’s where it gets interesting.
Probably the most important thing to be handled
in this thing of controlling the mind
so it does not run amok when your survival is at stake,
is to control emotions.

There is no actual definition for the word emotion.
Look in the dictionary,
you will see something like…
Maybe an egghead bunch of blather like…
‘the subjective experience.’
But that doesn’t tell you what emotions are.
There is actually no definition for emotion,
not even a good description.

So here is the neutronic truth about emotions…

Emotions are energy
generated by a human being.
They can be the result of being overwhelmed,
or experiencing strong sensations
and so on.

The energy of emotions are generated
in response to motions inside the head.

Something happens,
there is a motion somewhere in the universe,
something coming towards you,
and in response,
you generate a motion inside the head.

Perhaps you see the immediate future,
and what will happen if a fist collides with your beak,
perhaps something else.

The actual sequence goes like this…
a fist flies at your face,
the motion of the universe
causes you to ‘think,’
and you experience motion inside the head.
Then you generate panic,
or fear or rage or hate,
or some other useless wavelength.
Something that doesn’t necessarily handle the problem
of the real motion in the universe,
and even gets in the way of the real solution.

Maybe there was a purpose once,
for a feeling like panic,
maybe the result would be fight or flight,
or some other kneejerk response,
but there is no purpose now,
not for the human experience.
Emotion does nothing more than get in the way
of an actual and calculated response.

So you practice martial arts,
until you don’t experience motion inside the head
as a response to the motion of the universe.

You get rid of the distractions
that are generated inside your own head
and then you can see the world as it is.
You don’t blink when the fist comes at you,
but engage in an intuitive but calculated response.

I know,
some people claim that you can use fear,
that an emotion can be used to spur your responses.
But that’s the wrong way to go.
That is using a cluttered head,
to render a decision.
But the BEST decision
will come from an uncluttered head,
a mind empty of emotion,
a mind that is not searching for memories,
a mind able to perceive the world as it is,
a mind that is not kneejerking in response to
motion in the universe.

I know,
there is emotion when you copy an animal,
perhaps do a form.
But that is art,
an expression of self.
That can be good
because you are learning to use emotions,
instead of being used by emotions,
and that helps you control the motion inside your head.

here is the summation.

The body is a machine,
the mind is a bunch of memories,
if you want to unleash all your potential,
you must not look to the past
through memories
as a solution to what is happening now.
you must learn to focus,
to not become distracted,
to be in the moment.

This is how the simple act of learning self defense,
discovers the truth of the spirit,
of the real you,
that is operating the body.

That is learning the real martial arts.

if you like this stuff,
if it makes sense and you want more,
go to ChurchofMartialArts.com.

If you don’t,
that’s cool,
there are many ways to approach the martial arts,
next newsletter we’ll probably discuss
the best and most efficient way to kick testicles.

Okey dokey,
got to see a man about a front snap kick,
talk to you later,
and have a GREAT work out!