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The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

I was in high school, a place where you really need Good Martial Arts Training, and the science teacher told of this confrontation he had witnessed when he was a kid.

There were two milkmen, one was an oldster, scrawny and shrunken, a real stick, and the other was an 18 year old, brawny and full of himself.

chinese hand karate martial art

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best martial arts trainingSo the old milkman gets tired of the young milkman’s incessant talk, and he offers a challenge.

Hold a milk container at arm’s length.

I’m not talking about a bottle, but one of those old metal containers that holds gallons.

So the young guy sneers, and he hoists a container. His shoulder is up, his body is bent, but he makes it, and he sweats for about 20 seconds, then lowers it. There!” He says, in satisfaction.

The old guy takes the same container and lifts it out. His body is straight, his arm is out there, and he isn’t sweating. Two minutes later he puts it down.

Years later I would hear kung fu tales of old guys who could do miraculous feats, including stories similar to this one, and I kept thinking about it, and I finally started doing a training based on the milkman story, and things I had heard in the martial arts (pile stancing) method that I feel is the best one out there.

I simply do my form, holding each movement for a minute. Deep stance, arms extended, and practice controlling my breathing, and imagining energy feeding up the legs and into the tan tien and out the arms.

Yes, it is meditation, but not a single pose, rather all the poses.

The trick is to hold your body perfectly still.

To get over the pain, to have even, unlabored breathing, and to watch the world.

Here is the key: to look along the line of your arm, and to make it not shake or move in relation to the world beyond the arm.

For instance, I would look at my hand, align it with a speck on the wall, and allow NO shiver.

It takes time, and it takes dedication, to do this training method. For instance, Pinan one, the first Karate form, will take over 20 minutes to do. And you will go through excessive amounts of pain, and your body is going to be creaking by the time you’re done. And your mind is going to be trying to feed you all sorts of boredom.

But here’s the thing: if you can relax and hold the world still, then your mind will hold still, and then your mind will stop all its chatter about boredom. You will actually hear silence, and in the silence you will find your true self, your true abilities, and the truth of the martial arts.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is practice a form or two a night for a couple of weeks and you will find yourself TOTALLY changed. This IS the best martial arts training method I know.

One of the hardest forms to do with this method is one of the long Tai Chi Chuan forms. I would suggest you try shorter karate forms first, before trying something like the long Yang Form, but here is the course that has it for those of you who are ready.


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So have a great work out!



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The Secret of Martial Arts Meditation

Secret Martial Arts Meditation!

There is a secret to Martial Arts Meditation, and this secret should be understood before one attempts ANY kind of meditation.

First, meditation, Martial Arts or otherwise, is very poorly defined. Ask any number of priests, buddhists, taoists, or any other religious person about meditation, and you will receive a variety of quite different answers. These answers may differ greatly and lead one in a variety of odd directions.

martial arts meditation

Learn to listen…then you won’t feel the need to speak.

This writer’s introduction to meditation, for instance, was that if a person could focus his attention on one object for three minutes he could conquer the universe.

Try it. Light a candle or place an object on a shelf, or just have an image in your mind, and look at it and think only of it for three minutes. Hold that focus and do not allow any distraction; think only of that object. It is interesting.

One can achieve more focus in their awareness, and this can help you in life, but doesn’t it seem like there should be more instruction?

What should one focus on?

How does one object relate to all the universe?

Are there tricks to help one focus awareness?

Is this really meditation? Or just a mental trick?

One just feels that there is a truth to be understood here, but there is not enough data to make that truth obvious, even with three minutes, or three months, or three years, or three lifetimes!

So the secret of martial arts meditation is to listen.

Sit and listen to what is happening in the world around you.

Mind you, this is martial arts meditation because in the martial arts one analyzes the force and flow of objects in the universe, and in this simple listening exercise one is listening to the force and flow of objects in the universe.

The one thing that may happen is that you will find yourself focusing on, becoming aware of, tension around the eye area. This is likely because the eyes are the predominate tool of perception, and you are not using them. They are antsy and want to be used. So you have to force them to relax, tell them to relax, and focus on listening.

Do this simple martial arts meditation for three minutes; just listen, without interruption or distraction; when you can do this without break you will find yourself quite enlightened, and quite ready for the next step of meditation.

Do you know the 24 Neutronic Principles? That would give you 24 meditations after you have learned to listen. You can also tap into the ultimate Martial Arts/Yoga meditation routine.

How to Do Martial arts Meditation

Don’t Make the Mistake of Asking the Question!

Good morning to you!
A work out morning!
A morning where you get stronger,
smarter, quicker, faster…
More aware.
Because that’s what a martial arts workout does.

The secret of meditation,
and life,
is to clear the mind of distractions.
Distractions are the bushwah probs and dialogues
and such that you carry around with you.
What did so and so say about me?
Guy in the next department pisses me off.
I need a drink.
And so on.

The martial arts clears the mind of distractions through one simple method:
You learn to focus your awareness on one thing.
I’ve suggested that you hold up your index finger and look at it,
Until you understand what I mean,
but that’s sort of mean.
it’s frustrating because it is the truth, and it is advanced,
and one should really have a proper build up
before they do the single finger meditation.
So here’s the proper build up.

Mind you, i went through this stuff for years,
one piece at a time,
before I figured it out and experienced an empty mind,
but I didn’t have the instructions you are about to get.

When you stand in the room, stand squarely,
that means you don’t lean in any direction.

When you have finally found your balance,
don’t lean (or sway or anything),
just ask yourself the question,
how do I unbalance myself
so that I can move.

It’s true,
the secret of motion from a balanced position is to unbalance yourself.
Walking is the process of learning how to fall in a direction,
and catch yourself on a leg just enough
that you keep falling and catching yourself.

The problem here is that we are not walking.
We are falling to a stance.
And we must fall as fast as we can
to a balanced (front stance) position.

So look at your options.
Do you bend and push with the legs?
What part of the body do you unbalance first?
How do you unbalance it?
Do you move muscles inside the body?
Do you push your body with a hand of energy from outside the body?
Do you pull your body towards an object/direction?

It’s an interesting question,
and one that will drive you half mad
before you finally figure out
how you actually move your body.

Let’s say you move the body with a contraction of a leg muscle
which lowers the body so you can push with a (set of) muscle on the other leg.
What mental command are you giving that first muscle?
Where is that command coming from?
Your mind?
Who told your mind what to do?
Do you understand?
It’s frustrating, and it tends to really mess you up.
But, when you finally work your way through this,
and figure out how, exactly,
you are moving your body,
It will change you as a martial artist.
Heck, it will change you as a human being.
Big time.

And this is just learning how to unbalance the body to fall into a front stance.
Now you get into which muscles are you actually catching yourself with?
What are you doing with the arm?
What torques your body as you fall?
What muscles do you use to align the arm with the action?
Does the arm resist motion to make motion?
Are you using the planet to push yourself?
Or just moving the leg over the surface without sinking your weight?

I used to do my forms for hours,
one move at a time,
looping that move,
grinding that move,
searching for the answers of body motion.
And let me make a point here.

You may think it is silly,
all this frustration for…for what?

But I came across one of my own neutronic quotes this morning,
one of the Master Instructors puts it as a signature at the bottom of his emails. Here is the quote…
“Man learns by his mistakes. Without a mistake a man never learns. Stop a man’s mistakes and you stop a man. Watch a man’s mistakes and he’ll learn every day of his life.”

consider that when you lose balance it is a mistake.
Of course it is a mistake (grin).
You were perfectly balanced,
and then you went and ruined it!
But that is the process of life.

You are fine,
then you mess it up,
then you find fine again,
then you mess it up,
and so on.

So the procedure of doing a form
is a constant method of finding balance in your form,
messing it up to get to a new point of balance,
then messing it up again to find a new point of balance,
and so on.

And if you don’t ask the questions I have posed in this newsletter,
if you don’t find out how to mess it up…to unbalance…to make yourself make a mistake and fall forward as efficiently as possible. then you are doing the martial arts like a monkey.

Monkey see monkey do, with never a thought as to what causes motion…and what causes life.

You simply must ask the question, else you will never be aware.

if you want to look at your finger until you are enlightened,
it is possible.
Very possible.
But you simply must go through this concept of unbalancing to find new balance,
of making mistakes to find awareness.
You must.

You must…workout.
A lot.
With these questions in your mind…until there is no question in your mind.
Until your mind is freed from distractions.

let me add one thing,
the Master Instructor Course is the result of what happens
when you ask yourself these questions
for thirty or forty years.

It IS the perfection of human form,
and it IS the perfection of martial arts technique.
And it has never been done before.
The stuff in the Master Instructor course has simply never been written about,
and if it was ever stumbled over in a conversation,
there was no point to it all,
no way to relate all the parts
of what I tell you on this course.

So let me ask you a question…
do you want to go through the frustration of asking yourself questions for decades?
Or do you want to get the truth about how to use your body
and how to make your martial arts perfect…right now?

Look, I’m not the first person in history to ask these questions,
but I am one of the few to come up with the right answers,
and I am the only one to ever put down the answers on paper.
Plain English.
Not only no mysticism,
but the death of mysticism.
Because mysticism dies when you replace it with knowledge.

heres the URL,

And have yourself the BEST workout you can!


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The Secret of Martial Arts Meditation

Martial Arts Meditation!

I received an email the other day about martial arts meditation.

I actually get quite a few of these,
so let’s take a look at meditation.

There’s all sorts of meditation,
it’s sort of an undefined field,
takes in a lot of area,
and here’s the dictionary definition…
contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, brown study, concentration; prayer; cogitation.

Now most of these require one to look inward,
nothing wrong with that,
to a certain point,
life is out there.
It’s what you do.

When you die
and you’re sitting there without a body
and somebody asks you what your life was about,
are you going to say,

I sat there and looked into my belly button
and tried to create world peace with my thoughts,
but it didn’t work,
because there are still wars…


I learned martial arts and rode horses and flew planes and went to war and went to peace and met some great gals and had children and built companies and got frustrated with politics and raced cars and had brewskis with friends on the weekend and…and…and…did LOTS of martial arts.

Do you see?

I am not disrespecting meditation,
people need a moment to think things through sometime,
in my experience,
doing an hour of forms
brought me to peaks
introduced me to thoughts,
made me healthy,
and hopefully even a little wise,
you know?

So let’s talk about meditation and the martial arts.

Doing a form is a type of meditation.
You learn how to focus your mind on one thing,
and hold to that one thing
even as you move your body.
You learn how to create fields of energy and use them.
You learn how to create useful emotion in your motion.
You learn all sorts of other things.

the mind is a tool,
and you,
the awareness,
learn to use that tool.

You do techniques
and you learn all sorts of things
about the timing of the universe,
the structure of the body
how to handle the thousands of problems
that the universe can throw at you
through handling the thousands of fists flying at you
every hour.

you learn that the body is a tool,
and you learn how to use it.

You freestyle,
you learn to face your fellow man and not be frightened.
You learn how to keep your emotions in check.
You learn how to move under great stress.
the spirit,

Do you understand now
why I believe in the martial arts?
Do you understand why it is my form of ‘meditating?’
It is not a vacuous search for mystical experiences,
it is a direct path to competence and understanding
and patience and passion,
and all the virtues that make a human being.

if you are into other meditation,
I am not stepping on your toes,
we are all on different paths,
so don’t think that I am disrespecting you,
I have just found what I believe to be a superior path,
and encourage you to try it out.

that all said,
let me say one other thing.
Even if you don’t feel as strongly about the martial arts as I,
can’t accept them as a religion…
they are a path.
A method.
They go somewhere,
and that somewhere is easily defined
simply by looking at the old masters who have gone before.

Quick and agile into old age,
a grinning glint in their eyes,
kind to children,
the space around them is filled with warmth.

That is where you are going.
You learn to beat people up,
put that aside,
realize that you are competent,
and are able to use ALL those things you discovered in the martial arts
to go somewhere in life,
to learn other things
to build a life that has a point to it all.

I’ve ranted enough.
You know what they say…
you can’t keep a good fanatic down.

So let me make your day.
Buy two courses
and I will throw in
Matrixing: The Master Text.

That’s right,
two courses,
and you get the bible of Matrixing
that’s $30,

here’s how you do it.
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then you send me an email.

I ordered two courses,
I’d like to get the free Matrixing: The Master Text.’

As soon as I receive word from paypal
that you have ordered,
I will send you the URL for the download page.
I check my computer pretty often,
while it could take a few hours,
chances are that within a couple of hours
you will have the ultimate resource on Matrixing.

Matrixing: The Master Text
is here…


Check it out,
it’s 180 pages
and includes the whole evolution of matrixes I wrote for the martial arts.
Matrixes on arts, timing, distances,
all sorts of things.
it goes into how and why I came up with this stuff.
In the back is an example of how I matrixed Kenpo.

Check it out,
then order a couple of courses,
then sit back and wait
for a blast of martial arts enlightenment
to hit you through the email.

you guys and gals have a fantastic work out
and don’t forget to party a little,
gonna be a GREAT weekend!


zen martial arts

Making use of Martial Arts Meditation to Rule Everybody!

Martial Arts Meditation!

I had been studying Karate for a while, and I was considering martial arts meditation. I had read of esoteric meditation concepts in such arts as Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, and it definitely did seem like something I desired to do. Heck, one book I reviewed pointed out that if a guy might focus on merely one thing for as little as 3 minutes he could rule the planet!

 zazen martial arts3 minutes? Heck, that was absolutely nothing!

And if I did it I would certainly be the most effective martial artist in the planet! I could easily knock over walls, be a wafting, disembodied intelligence. No wall could control me! No changing booth could be immune from my kung fu powers!

At the time I was working in a plastics factory in San Jose. Being rather burnt out with making heat shrinkable tubes, I made a decision that the day had actually come when I would certainly understand martial arts concentration and command the planet.

Lunchtime, and I walked out to the parking lot and into the orchard next door. I chose a round stone for my one thing, and sat down on the curb. My thoughts filled with plans for exactly what I would probably do when I had actually vanquished the globe, I consumed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and psychologically equipped myself.

Done with sandwich, I positioned the round stone on the ground and sat cross-legged just before it. I could not do a zazen sitting posture, or a yoga lotus asana, or anything like that, so I figured sitting Indian fashion might probably need to do it.

I gave myself a shake, lowered my gaze, and concentrated on the stone.

It was round. Probably I touched on that, however I did observe that it was round. And the colour dirt. Well, of course, I had actually gotten it from an orchard and … I psychologically shook myself and required myself to cease thinking. I needed to concentrate, be a laser, command the planet. My eyes stared at the rock.

A short time passed. I speculated just how I was expected to realize when 3 seconds passed. It sure was a very long time. I tossed that thought out of the way and stared at the stone once more.

After a while, I was sure 2 minutes had actually passed. I proceeded, awaiting the heavens to open, anticipating God to bow down, awaiting the cosmos to open and enjoy me as their rightful ruler.

And, 3 minutes … at least I think it was 3 minutes … I was bored. Absolutely nothing was occurring.

I picked up the rock, tossed it over my shoulder and back into the orchard and … I all of a sudden recognized something. The rock had not been dull … I was boring. The rock was merely sitting there, doing nothing, it was me that had actually made it, and reality, and life … boring.

I stood then, and life was never ever the same after that. I was never ever bored ever again. I occasionally ponder where that round stone is. Heck, if I could possibly discover it I might be up for one more 3 minutes of martial arts meditation … the things I could quite possibly discover!

martial arts maniac

The Iron Horse…Force v Flow!

Good morning and halleluah!
 It’s time to work out!
 Just a word…
 I had sore knees the other day,
 my back stance was hanging up because of it,
 so I started doing some quick deep squats.

Keep the back as straight as possible
keep the feet flat
touch the fingers to the floor
and straighten up.

Zingo bingo,
no knee probs.
The only saw of
‘use it or lose it’
comes to mind.

the iron horse

Do It Until You Don't Die!

the truth of the martial arts is this:

what you think is what you get.

to explain it simply,
if you think you are tired,
out of breath,
can’t do something…
then you are tired,
out of breath
and you can’t do something.

I first realized this while doing Kima Chasie…
Horse meditation.
You sit in a deep horse with a high block,
extend your other arm to the side
turn it so your chicken beak is pointing behind you,
and stare at your fingers,
and breath.

I was doing it,
so many years ago,
and my exact realization was…
‘If I think about the pain,it hurts.
If I think about breathing and relaxing,
there is no pain.’

Whatever you put your attention on,
that is what you are going to get.
And this truth holds true through life
to every aspect,
to every nook and cranny,
to everything.

What you think is what you get.

Of course,
the kicker is this…
to change your mind
and be able to focus it,
to make this truth work the way you want it to,
you need discipline.
Discipline such as in
horse meditation.

When you stop whining
and get down to business,
your mind gets serious,
and you focus it,
and your intention starts to pop,
and you get what you want.

That’s the key.

having said all that,
let me share a win.
I got this from one of my students.
He studied for a year,
moved away,
and occasionally drops me an email.

I realized recently after watching/rewatching some of these DVDs I have from you that doing that year-plus of Martial Arts with you actually had a definite and noticeable positive impact on my life. It’s something that becomes a part of you, how you move, how you act, and absolutely a part of how you consider physical threats. Actually, it’s funny: I’ve never needed to fight much in my life, but since doing Martial Arts with you I’m completely unconcerned about it. First of all, because I know I won’t have to. And behind that, because I know that I could. And that I would win (not overconfidence but calm assured certainty; I don’t have to prove I can fight.) But the odd thing is, even though I’ll never have to, and I can just not get into any fights in the first place…I don’t think I could have achieved that state so well, without having first gained the certainty that I can fight and win. You have to move up through the ability to face force, before you can disregard it. And I didn’t have that certainty before. So thank you, very much, for that. (And I wrote this paragraph so you can throw it in a newsletter if you want to, or stick it on your site or whatever.)

Keep up the good work, big guy. (And don’t forget to answer my questions 😉

Have a great workout today!

Thanks Mike.
I can honestly say
I really enjoyed beating you up.

The point that he makes
that I tell people
and try to make them really understand
is this:

you can’t fight what you can’t face.

This has many different applications,
but the specific one I’m thinking of is…
if you can’t face force…
then you won’t be able to handle it.

the soft arts are superior.
But they are useless
if a guy can’t confront a fist flying at his face.
If he can’t do a hard block.
Grab and throw.

You see,
learn to do it,
no matter what,
handle the force…
then you can make it subtle,
go soft,
get effortless.
But first…
make sure you can do it no matter what.

then flow.

Brute force…
then intelligence.

I certainly hope
nobody is thinking I am dissing one art,
or preferring one over the other.

Hard and soft are like right and left shoes.
You need both.

If you’ve got your hard arts down,
look into the soft arts.

If you’ve got your soft arts down,
look at the hard arts,
and make sure you are at the point
where you can handle force
no matter what,
and not in just the polite situations
contrived in the dojo.

Onky ka-donkey
I think we’ve pretty well covered it.
I want you to remember
HanaKwanMass is upon us.
Nail a giant burrito to the wall,
let it drip and season,
it will bring joy
to all the little ones.

the newsletter before Xmas
will be the rendering of
the Monster Night Before Xmas.
So put the logs under your computer,
get out that bag of hard marshmallows from Independence Day,
get some toe wash,
and prepare to boost your feet up and be entertained.

and don’t forget to get a Monster Course
for that bratty kid brother of yours.
It’ll make a man out of him.


go kick that bag!
Make the stuffing bleed!
Have a ball!
And I’ll talk to you soon.


here is a great link


And here’s an ad…

I came across some great military axioms from somebody name of Ric Hunter/fighter pilot. Appropriate, I think, for great and awesome martial artists. Enjoy…
“Sometimes I think war is God’s way of teaching us geography.”
– Paul Rodriguez

“A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least
expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what’s left of your unit”
– PM Magazine, the Army’s magazine of preventive maintenance.

“Aim towards Enemy” – Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher

When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.

If it’s stupid, but it works, it isn’t stupid.

Martial Arts Meditation…What Are You Really Doing?

I have looked at this thing called Martial Arts Meditation for a bit. Looked at it in various disciplines and modes of thought, and I am always surprised by how little people understand about it. Mind you, there’s some brilliant people out there, got the whole thing figured out. But most people, they are, not to be rude, clueless.

chi power

Reverse Your Thinking!

The worst offenders are those that think the martial arts are nothing but calisthenics and muscle building. They do their forms with weights, augment their training with kettlebells, and so on.
Mind you, nothing wrong with those artifices, but they have nothing to do with the deeper levels of the martial arts training.
I got into the meditation thing by exploring zen some forty years or so ago. I found it of worth for the peace of mind–it is very soothing to take a sitting position and just sit there. To not think. To just observe whatever comes up.
And, the value to the martial arts was in that when I struck a posture I would hold it, zen it, and this is what the old Chinese call Pile Stancing, or some such. Just take a posture and hold it.
I found that this made me much more aware, and really set me up for the explosion. The difficult thing was acquiring deeper levels of relaxation even as I became more able to explode. This is matter of pushing two extremes to cultivate the middle ground.
The problem with this type of method is that it doesn’t go anywhere.
I suppose a pure zenist might observe that the desire to go somewhere is leaving zen. They would be right. But Zen martial arts requires one to go somewhere, and to figure out how to take the zen with him.
So I went into yoga. Yoga gave me more postures, more positions to relax in, more positions to extend my awareness from, more positions to explore the potential not for just exploding, but for flow.
I had become aware of the potentials for flow many decades previous, as I explored Tai Chi Chuan, and this had gotten quite zenny. But, as I observed previous, there was a limit to this. Flow stopped, and required more zen.
So the final runway looks like this.
Karate to explode.
Zen to make the karate explosion more pure.
Tai Chi to flow.
Yoga to extend the flow of zen through all martial arts.
Mind you, there is a lot more to it, and a lot less.
More if you want martial arts.
Less if you want to go neutronic.
Anyway, how people figure this out is variable, as they all have different experiences, different ways of relating to what I’ve done here.
The main thing, however is to start. To break away from Martial Arts as simply a way to enhance the body vehicle, and to learn how to use them to explore and navigate the true potential of the mind and spirit.
If you want to learn more about Martial Arts meditation and where it leads to, try poking around Monster Martial Arts. If you learn the fighting discipline faster, you will get to the end of the road quicker.