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A New Master Instructor Tells the Truth About Teaching…

Newsletter 897

A New Master Instructor Speaks!

Congratulations to Master Instructor Pat Cluse!
Here’s his win…

Dear Al.
I thank you for developing the Instructor’s Course. As an instructor, I invested in your course because you had said a few things that were of help to me, and I never miss an opportunity to learn.  I figured the price was worth any ‘risk.’
It did not take me long to accept that I had more than my monies’ worth.  Yes, many points you covered are not ‘new’ but were very refreshing and presented at a different angle.
I have modified how I teach, and consider your course notes as a prime reference.
The “SSD” drill has had the greatest impact on myself and students.  Of course I have done 1 on 1 many many times but the pull of other students in the class has impacted on the quality (of my teaching).
In the recent 2 months I have had a senior student run some combinations while I spent time with individuals.  With no ‘external’ pulls I found the process invaluable.  Not only showing the technique in mind, but able to get the student totally attentive, to be able to find/understand the words used, and also to incorporate more fruitful body alignment,  body movement coordination with the techniques, and points of power stress with immediate relaxation. In this short time, none of the students have reverted to pre-“SSD” drill.  The big thing is they now understand what I am teaching.  So I have improved as an instructor…
Thanks, Pat
Thank you, Pat,
and well done.
The drill Pat is referring to,
the “SSD” drill
is an incredibly simple drill,
yet no one ever does it.
It was used a little bit in Kenpo,
then it was dropped by the wayside.
In the Kang Duk Won
the whole system was set up around that drill,
without ever showing what that drill was.
it you use that drill in your teachings,
the results are incredible.
Students get what you are saying instantly.
Nobody yawns,
everybody gets how the martial arts work and why.
Students become instantly better,
it speeds up your teachings,
stops people from dropping out (due to confusion, etc.)
and helps create a true art,
that is,
an art with proper alignment,
an art that is usable,
an art that works.
And it is only one drill,
in a course packed with info, data and usable gems.
And it is all scientifically based.

Well enough.
well done Pat,
and well done to your students…
The course is here…
Have a great work out!



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Congrats to A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!


Martial Arts Master Instructor Course

my apologies,
I should have announced Jim a few weeks ago,
but this durned Al’sheimers really gets me.

Congrats to Master Instructor Jim McElroy!

Dear Mr. Case
Something I want to say:
I’ve studied martial arts for many years (1977-) and never had them explained as clearly as your courses do. I cannot thank you enough for these courses. Sincerely Jim Elroy
Now with that said here I go:
Some Wins and realizations that i have gotten from your (Master Instructor) course:

sorry to say,
I can’t tell you the rest of Jim’s wins.
The reason is that he goes through the material,
point by point,
explaining exactly how it works,
and how he understands it.

This tells me that he really understood the material,
which means that he will be able to use it,
if I tell you the win then I will be giving you
the contents of the course.

we don’t want to do that!

But here’s the thing,
this is the only course in the world
that people read,
and understand the material
well enough to transform their martial art.
Just by reading!

it is simple stuff,
but it is not talked about commonly in the martial arts,
if it is spoken of,
then only in mystical terms
that reveal a fascination for what is being said,
but no understanding.

This is important,
this thing of mysticism vs understanding.

Three blind men came across an elephant.
One said, ‘it is like a wall!’
The second said, ‘it is like a little snake,’
the third said, ‘it like a fire hose with two big teeth!’

Each has a different viewpoint,
and they pass these viewpoints down
until everybody argues what the elephant is like.

Then you come across one yourself,
and you are not blind,
and you see how each blind man misunderstood,
and you are the only one that truly understands.

This is what matrixing does.
And it does it not by passing down my viewpoint,
but by giving you the actual physics of the martial arts.
Not the western world version of physics,
but the physics that takes into account
things like chi energy,
how the body is constructed for the martial arts,
and so on.

Things that people have rarely heard,
and then only in mystical terms.

my thanks to Master Instructor Jim Elroy.
Well done for that great win.
And my apologies for being so late in announcing you.

now the news,
the next book,
‘How to Matrix the Martial Arts
(and the universe and life and everything else),’
is almost ready to go.
I am actually working on the physical version,
just a couple of things to do,
and then it will be here.

for everybody…
it is fall.
Fall has fallen,
so have you picked an art to dedicate yourself to this winter?
Are you going to know a new art by Summer?

Think about it,
do it,
and let me know how it goes.

Have a great work out!



Congratulations to New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

A New Master Instructor in the Martial Arts

Good morning!
And a GREAT work out to you!

Listen, this is neat.
The Academy Awards are coming up,
next day or two
and people get these golden Oscars
for being great.
You know what could be better?

you can get a black belt in less than a yearA Master Instructor Certificate.
It doesn’t signify entertainment,
it signifies REAL knowledge.
A better you.
A real you.

With that said,
To new Master instructor
Michael D. Jilcott!

Here’s his win!

Mr. Case,

Thank you for all you have put out.  I have been in the martial arts for
over 30+ years.  My first instructor (actually my second but I learned so
much more from him) started me on my “openness” for all forms of martial
arts. He taught Shudokan Karate, but brought in other instructors from
other styles (tae kwon do, other karate, aikido, kung fu).

There were things that I learned, or I should say, was exposed to, that I
would not learn for YEARS later.  Some I re-discovered on my own, others
through the help of others, like yourself.

I really enjoyed reading the Master Instructor Course.  I have gotten new
light on how to tell someone how to “ground” themselves, and a little more
on WHY.

I like your teaching theory [ ] I know that I need to work on this aspect.  The other main thing that I need to work on is-not teaching too much at one time.  With the kids, I don’t have this issue as bad.  BUT with adults, I seem to have.  I guess that I want them to know just as much as possible.

I am now on to the “How to Create Kenpo” series.  I have recently been
given some kenpo videos.  So when I saw that you have a series on Kenpo, of
course I had to get them.

What is your recommendation on the order to read your books on matrixing?

Thank you so much

Michael D Jilcott

Thank you, Michael.
And well done!

You know,
his point about teaching too much,
is common
amongst instructors.
We understand,
we want the student to understand,
and we explain.
But the best explanation is in the doing.

We aren’t bad for our efforts,
just over zealous.
It takes a LOT of discipline
to stop out mouth,
and keep those guys sweating.
But that is key
to teaching the real martial arts.

and I am glad Michael brought this up.
I have had a lot of people comment on this,
and it is a small point,
but it is a point that shows
how simple the Master Instructor Course is.

Not stupid simple,
but common sense,
slap your head simple.

The truth is always simple,
and that’s why it seems to get overlooked.
So thank you, Michael,
for bringing up this point.

the method for studying matrixing.

You can do the courses/books
as you wish,
according to your desire.
But if you wish to go through the whole thing
in logical step by step order,
Here’s the basic look at how you do it.

The first eight courses
on the Monster Martial Arts home page,
are the heart of matrixing.

They are the first ones I developed.

Past that,
below those eight courses,
are special interest courses,
fields in which I began applying matrixing,
and so on.

The exact history of matrixing is presented in five books.
Four of these books
are included on video courses.
They are,
Pan Gai Noon, Kang Duk Won,
Kwon Bup, Outlaw Karate,
and Buddha Crane Karate,
they are the encyclopedia of Karate,
they show the research done
how I had to cover Karate
beginning to end,
to matrix it.
which, of course,
opened the door to the rest of the martial arts.

And it is important that you understand
that these five books are not matrixing.
They are matrix influenced,
it shows how I evolved
and came up with matrixing.

Which brings us to the latest books
i have come out with.
These are Matrixing applied to specific arts.

we have the Creating Kenpo series.
I take Kenpo apart,
let you see how I actually analyze techniques,
and show you how to make everything smoother,
and how to put everything together
in a new format.
The creating kenpo series
will REALLY make you think,
about kenpo,
and other martial arts.

After that:
Fixing MCMAP.
I take a look at the Marine Corps Martial Arts.
This is fascinating
because this art is meant for serious people,
yet there are some massive mistakes in it.
Of extra interest
is the way I combine hands and weapons,
and especially the belt by belt format
on developing kicking.

Tong Bei.
Tong Bei is an internal Gung Fu
with massive potential.
It is different,
and yet VERY combat oriented.

Will there be more?
I’ve already stated my intent
in areas such as the samurai sword,
and Wing chun.
And there are lots of arts out there,
that are begging for a little order,
and faster ways of learning them.

thanks to Michael for bringing this up,
and congratulations,

If you want to check out
The Master Instructor course,
here’s the link.


The courses are on the Monster website,
As for the books, just go to amazon
and do a search for the book

Okley dokely,
Have a homer Simpson day
(make a lot of ‘Doh!’)
and have a funomenal work out!



Here’s the tong bei book.


A New Master Instructor!

A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

martial arts master

Click on the pic, become a Master instructor yourself!

congratulations to
Master instructor John C. Enger
Here is his win…

Hello Al……

Has been a few years now since purchasing about everything you offered on your site…including the “Masters Instructors Course”.

I can tell you this…… in over 40 years of Martial Arts and a retired law enforcement Commander who instructed Defensive tactics and was my department’s SWAT Team Leader there is nothing which compares to the material you have put into the “Masters Instructors Course”. — and I mean nothing! I have many, many book and manuals and what you have put together is the “Bible” needed for every martial arts instructor, young and old to learn some new things and truly call themselves a MASTER INSTRUCTOR. If one applies all of what you have poured into this material they will be far ahead of the average instructor out there. Thank you for sharing this gold mine of information which I certainly believe will be timeless in its instruction!

Also….I have for the past two years studied the OUTLAW KARATE course material and have instructed much of it to my students. THANK YOU for this great system. I wish I had studied under you many years ago to have been able to have received at least my SHODAN in this system from you. It is indeed an incredible system….. although not ranked in the system from you personally I want to tell you that a great many students have learned and greatly benefited from you through me teaching what you have imparted to me through your DVDs and manual. I hope you do not mind my sharing this with students. Since i do not hold rank in it I must teach it as an add on …. but what an add on it is Al!

Thank you John,
and well done.
You really make my day.
And for everybody,
here is John’s website…

Shinja, incidentally, means ‘believer.’
Very nice.

a couple of things…
John has pointed out that
the material of the Master Instructor course
is true,
and sets a standard.
And this is important,
and I am going to say something rather controversial in a few paragraphs,
may even cause some hate mail,
but I sort of enjoy hate mail.
Makes me grin.

So John mentions teaching Outlaw Karate…
and not being certified.
So let’s talk about certification.

Who gave the first black belt?
whoever it was,
he wasn’t certified,
he simply
convinced everybody he knew what he was doing,
and he offered his blessings
and made up this thing called a certificate.

there are two certificates in the martial arts that mean something.

that certificate you spent a couple of years bleeding for.
working out every day of the week,
learning a method
that makes human beings
out of these animal earthlings.

who’s to say your art is any good?
Might be a rotten art,
you know?

that damned certificate means something!
You Fing earned it!
You paid for it with your sweat and soul.

That brings us to the second certificate you should prize,
The Master Instructor Certificate.

Your first certificate,
in the art of
Aikido or Karate or Kung Fu
or something somebody put together,
it represents your blood and tears,
your hard work over time,
the polish of your soul.

The second certificate,
the Master Instructor Certificate,
represents that you understand
what you are doing.

The second certificate,
even though there is no blood and bruises behind it,
shows that you are no longer a ‘monkey see monkey do’ instructor,
but rather…
somebody who understands the martial arts.

There is a huge difference between somebody who does the martial arts,
no matter how well,
and somebody who understands what they are doing.

to be honest,
if your art is a lousy martial art,
once you do The Master Instructor Course,
it will become a good martial art.
You will suddenly understand
the WHY behind the stances
the WHY behind making ANY technique work
the WHY behind internal power
the WHY behind EVERY move in your forms
and how to get the idea of WHY
from inside your head to inside your student’s head.

you will understand how to make your art perfect,
and in some cases,
you will understand why you need to change certain things
to make your art perfect.

want to hear something interesting?

Some 30 or so years ago
I lived in Ukiah, California
As I have done in every town I have lived in
I taught martial arts.
One of the people I taught was Tom Mann.
Tom then opened a martial arts school in Willits, California.
he taught for a number of years,
his student took over at a certain point,
and they had students who went out to other areas
and taught this thing
which I called Kwan Bup.
one night a couple of years ago
I got curious,
and I googled ‘Willits Kwan Bup.’
What I came up with was this link…

starring a fellow name of Sono Carrigg.

it is obvious that this fellow hasn’t done the Master Instructor course.
And his form,
if he really did five years of training,
is lacking.

I happened to be up in Willits last year
and I saw Tom,
and I asked him about Sono Carrigg.
I asked Tom who had taught Sono.

Tom said,
“I don’t know.
I know I didn’t,
and I asked the guys who teach around here,
even from other schools,
nobody knows who taught him!”

How interesting.

at this point
you might be wondering,
was I upset that he was teaching my art?
Was I enraged that he represented himself
as in my lineage?

What he teaches is his problem,
not mine.

Here is a point to be understood…

Never get upset at how little a man knows,
just do something about how little you know.

That is a truth.

So now I have John Enger,
most respectful,
(if you took a look at his website
you can see that he insists upon
surrounding himself with competent martial artists.
two of them have Master Instructor Certificates.)
and John is teaching part of my art.

That’s fine,
I want people sharing my art.
I don’t care if you take it apart,
you might make something better.
I don’t care if you call it something else,
you are making it your art.

But I would wish
that you do the Master Instructor Course
before you teach ANY art.

If you wish certification in an art,
we can set up a video test.
But if you have the Master Instructor Cert,
signed by me,
then that is all you need,
because that means that you not only bled and fought,
but you understand,
most important of all,
that from this point on
you won’t be passing down some sort of hackeysack kung fu,
but something that you fought for and…

There are too many people out there
who don’t know WHY they are doing forms
who don’t know WHY the techniques are done the way they are done
who are good at convincing the news media
that they know something
but who haven’t studied with anybody
and don’t know anything,

And I told John,
Teach what you want,
call it what you want,
I know that since you have done The Master Instructor Course,
your teaching will be true.

I hope you guys understand what I am saying here,
I am not necessarily a believer in large associations.
Large associations tend to breed politics,
politics breed policing the martial arts,
which leads to passing state requirements
and a board of certification
and a certificate signed by politicians.

I do believe in your hard work,
and I believe that The Master Instructor Course
will help you out
and bring us a better you
and a better martial art
and a better martial future.

It all comes down to one man.
Not an organization,
not outrage because somebody down the street
is a lousy martial artist…
it all comes down to you.

And I know that The Master Instructor Course
will make a better you,
and make a better art.

my apologies for running off at the mouth,
I can see that this isn’t my most polished writing,
but it certainly is heart felt.

I’ve included the link for the Master Instructor Course here.

It is money back guaranteed,
recommended (by win)
by probably a hundred Master Instructors,
and these are mostly guys with decades of experience
and in multiple martial arts.

increase your understanding,
do this course and
become a martial arts instructor who knows WHY,
It will make a better you,
and a better martial art.

have a great work out,



What is a Master in the Martial Arts?

Newsletter 691
Mastering the Martial Arts

Good morning!
Good work out!
Good you!
That’s right,
you get up in the morning,
you work out,
and you feel great all day!
And that is what you should be doing
every single day!
Without fail.

martial arts master

becoming a master in the martial arts. Click on the little man now!

before I start,
check out the pics on the right,
That is a matrixing family.
Note the closeness,
the warmth,
the grins…
that is what martial arts are supposed to do!

beat people up.
Protect yourself and loved ones.
the grins on the faces,
the look of knowledge in the eyes,
THAT us what it is all about.

that smiling family just brought home a truckload of trophies,
went to a tournament and had some kind of fun.

what is a master?

The first definition I came across is
‘a guy who has slaves.’
We can chuck that one,
because martial arts are about freedom,
not slavery.
They give you competence,
clarity in life,
the ability to take charge.
Not slavery.

Second definition I noticed right off..
‘skilled practitioner of an art.’
that’s good.
here is the one I live by…

acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art):

The word is COMPLETE!

And the confusion that people have is this;
they think that being able to beat people up
makes them a master.

Being able to beat people up
makes you a bully.
It doesn’t make you a master.

It is the knowledge that you must possess.
Not the ability to beat people up.

speaking of beating people up,
a master has control,
and he controls another fighter,
the whole situation,
so that there is no fight.
That is a master.

You can see that a lot of people
should be turning in their business cards…
right now.

They insist upon being called master,
because it is necessary to their esteem,
because that is the ritual in their system,
because a bunch of old men
had decided they had paid their dues.

But they have never been judged for knowledge.

here are some questions for you.

Where does chi come form?
What is chi?
Can you tell what art somebody knows
by watching the geometry he displays
in the way he uses his body?
Can you see what somebody is thinking?
Can you make somebody release his anger
merely by being with him?
Can you control your emotion
so that it NEVER gets in the way?
Can you help a student
and NEVER get frustrated
by his ‘stupidity?’

These are the things that are inherent in a master.

they can freestyle,
they can beat people up,
but they never have to.
They have control of themselves,
to the point that they can control any person
in any situation.

Not the power to beat up, hurt and maim,
but the patience to help and teach and guide.

many arts try for that ideal,
and some make it
every once in a while,
but none of them make it
all the time.

Yet EVERY art could.
And every artist could.
All they have to do is matrix.
That means apply logic
to their art
and to themselves.

The seeds of success are in EVERY martial art.
the arts have been so screwed up,
so messed up,
mixed together with other arts,
slanted by well meaning instructors who didn’t really understand,
politically corrupted,
and so on.

The purpose of matrixing
is to help people see the truth of their art.

Without matrxing,
you might see it,
you might glimpse it,
after thirty or forty years.

With matrixing
everything falls into place.

Don’t get me wrong,
it is going to take work,
but it will be organized work.
Work that leads somewhere.
Work that makes the man…
the very enlightened man.

I haven’t said this stuff for a while,
I’ve talked about everything else
from enlightenment to testicles,
but don’t get me wrong…
this planet is messy,
people are screwy,
and the martial arts are one of the easiest ways
to make things right.

But don’t take thirty or forty years.
Order the Master Instructor course right now.
find out how to use your body without muscles.
Find out the six secrets
that will enable you to make ANY technique work.
as soon as you see these truths
you will start going through your forms
looking to make sure you are doing the right things.
You will go through all your techniques,
focusing on the simple truth
to make them work.

No more confusion.

And you will be able to show ANYBODY
how to master the martial arts
by teaching these 13 things.

You will know the simple three step method
that will enable you to teach anybody the martial arts.

thanks for letting me say all this.
And for those who have done the Master Instructor course,
thanks for becoming masters.

Next newsletter I’ll probably take it easy,
every once in a while
I get the severe urge
to just shake people by the shoulders,
to take them and shake them
and say…

I really want people to succeed in the martial arts,
and I want a better world,
and the Master Instructor Course
is a huge step towards this.

Okey donkey.
Thanks for being,
take care
have a GREAT work out!
And I’ll talk to you next newsletter.



The End of Martial Arts…The End of Life

I was teaching Martial Arts one day. Had a school in Tujunga, maybe ten or twelve students in the class, and this old guy walks in. Not tremendously old, maybe fifty. And he had his arms filled with martial arts equipment. A couple of uniforms, a few colored belts, focus glove, kicking bag, some pads. I think he even had a couple of martial arts books.

I introduced myself and asked what I could do for him, and I was curious. He didn’t look like a martial artist.

“I thought maybe you could use this stuff.”

I couldn’t, but there was a sadness coming out of the guy that told me to take it and be grateful. “Sure,” I said. “We can certainly use this, and thank you.”

And he said: “My son died, you see. Couple of years ago. This stuff was sitting in the garage, and he loved to do the martial arts more than anything. I looked at it the other day, and I realized what he wouldn’t want it to go to waste.”

I took the stuff and placed it on a desk and shook his hand. He told me briefly about his son, and I could see that he had gone through the worst pain a man could go through. For a father, you could lose a limb, catch a dread disease, suffer agonizing pain,  but not the son…no. Not the son. That hurts more.

So we chatted, I tried to be very upbeat, got him to the point where I could quip, “We’ll use the heck out of it, then enshrine it.”

He laughed, a good laugh that actually bypassed the pain in his soul. “You don’t have to shrine it…just use it. Use it good.”

We shook hands and he left.

Now, I don’t like to dwell on death and despair, but I wanted to tell you this story for a reason: that fellows son died and won’t do martial arts again. The thing that he loved the most…no more.

When I was running schools I would get a visitor every single month that wanted to tell me about when he was young, how he loved the martial arts, and how he still had his uniform hanging in the closet. Didn’t fit anymore, but that uniform was pressed and ready to go.

The message is this: do what you want to do, or your life is wasted. Don’t buy an excuse; don’t buy old age as an excuse.

I suppose what made me think of all this is that my wife and I were talking about my instructor the other day, and I mentioned that he quit the martial arts when he was about forty-five. I remember him always saying that he always had a cold. I remember him slowly stopping teaching the classes, and relying on his black belts to teach, and one day he went out and bought bar…and he sold the school to one of his students.

I went through that ‘got a cold’ thing. But I went through it, now I’m 63, and I do martial arts every day, really feel like I’ve cheated myself if I don’t work out enough.

So, whatever you have to go through, go through it, and keep doing the martial arts. And if you’re reading this and you want to do the martial arts but never did…why are you wasting your life.

Enough for now. You guys have fun.

martial arts

How Long Does It Really Take To Become A Martial Arts Master?

How many years does it take to become a Martial Arts Master? What a fascinating question. There is an easy answer to this, and it will apply to any art you study, be it taekwondo, aikido, pa kua chang, or whatever. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about it.

To get to this simple answer, however, you have to consider a couple of things. Really, you have to toss out the misconceptions people have about the fighting disciplines. If you can get rid of the garbage, the answer is quite easily arrived at.

First, it really matters who teaches you. You see, your teacher’s history isn’t what’s important. What is important is whether the sensei you study with actually has the hard core information of what the arts really are.

Second, the fellow who teaches you must be able to teach. It is important that he know the real reasons for the katas and such, but he must be able to get that data to you. A martial arts teacher must actually be able to teach.

Third, you must practice an art that includes all the information from other arts. Well, that messes things up just fine. With but few exceptions, there aren’t any arts that includes the information from all other arts.

All martial arts have held themselves apart, believing that they are better than the next fellow. This is rather ludicrous, as the most important factor of the fighting disciplines is that a punch is coming, or a throw is about to happen, and everything is grown from those two datum. Using those two datums as your yin and yang, you can actually grow all martial arts, and even translate them into one martial arts system that includes everything.

Fourth you need a superior training methodology. Drilling as a class is fine, but only for school children. Somewhere along the line you are going to have to actually learn what is really going on when you do a martial arts technique.

Fifth, and this is the most important, and most neglected of all the factors I have listed, you must understand what you are doing. In most Martial Art Dojos, you see, the students do mindless drilling, and the belief is that if you drill long enough you will see the reason for what you are doing. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the core reasons why people drop out of such arts as Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, or even Ninjitsu.

People don’t want to practice blindly, you see. Would you like to sprint through a darkened room filled with thrusting fists, damaging kicks, body slamming throws, and other dangerous things? Nobody would, and that is why so few people complete their training and actually learn Karate, or kung fu, or kenpo, or whatever.

That all said, there is one system we have discovered that has managed to solve all the above points…just head on over to Monster Martial Arts and it only takes about a year to become a Martial Arts Master.

Monster Newsletter #336–A New Master Instructor!

is Monday the greatest?
Or what!
A new week,
a chance to work out all over again,
and again and again!

what makes this week especially juicy is
a new Master Instructor!
As I said last newsletter,
there were two new ones,
and this is the second one…
congrats to Master Instructor Alex Rodriguez!

Hi Al. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy all of your DVDs. Since I got the first one I have been hooked. I watch them at home, the office, on my iPod when I travel. Keep up the great work.

I am writing to share one of many wins as a result of the Master Instructor Course. When I received the DVDs a few months back I watched them four or five times and read the manual several times as well. I am currently a student of Tai Chi, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Eskrima. My level of study and retention have increased significantly, and I have been asked by my various instructors to assist during classes and training sessions. Several of the people I study with have asked me to train with them separately, or look forward to partnering with me in class as they figure that they can learn something from me. It is very flattering when they tell me this, but it is also very humbling. There is great responsibility in working with someone else, and I take that to heart. I hate the monkey-see, monkey-do attitude of teaching, and work hard to avoid that, instead I use the principles that you have outlined in the course.

A couple of the guys have started coming over to my house where we train in my garage. Tai Chi is very new to me (although I have your two DVD sets, I have been doing it in a class for only a couple of months) and my instructor continually pairs me up with newer and advanced students alike as she can see that I understand when she is teaching and am able to teach it to others. My fellow students like to pair up with me during sparring because I will stop and explain certain evasive techniques, proper kick placement, CBM, and more. They tell me that they learn from me.

Thanks Al. Your work is phenomenal, and I so look forward to my daily dose of matrixing.
Alex Rodriguez

Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for understanding the responsibility here.

You know,
I don’t know how many of you remember,
but there was a question
a number of months ago,
what happens if a guy has no martial arts experience
and he takes the Master Instructor course.

This is not to say Alex has no experience,
he is obviously off and running
and in the greatest of ways.
no matter what level of student he is in a class,
people seek him out for his knowledge.

this is the age of knowledge.
These are not ancient times
when people couldn’t read,
had to follow the directions of the man in the castle…
these are times
when every man and woman
can make of themselves
exactly what they will,
and the secret of making yourself
is in passing your knowledge along.

This is so freaking true
I should be SHOUTING IT!
When you teach somebody
there is a momentary space in your mind,
you have emptied something,
and something else will rush in to fill the gap.
When Alex teaches,
he is learning.
Like as not,
after showing somebody something,
passing some juicy tidbit of knowledge along,
he’ll be driving home
and he’ll have a thought.
Probably couched in a feeling of satisfaction.
Realizes something
he didn’t think about before.
Some connection is made.

This is my secret,
it works every time.
Every time I release a book or video,
I am suddenly freed up
and having thoughts
beyond what I was doing.

The door has opened for me.

And I know
that this brings the quality of martial arts
up in this world.

I die today,
come back tomorrow in another body
I know I will find better martial arts,
and it is all because of the master instructors.

So thank you, Alex.
And thanks to all you other Master Instructors out there.
Thanks for making this world
a better place to live in.

I don’t have much else this week,
hard to get better than a new Master Instructor,
if any of you guys and gals have a great photo
pass it along.
I’ve got a little project going,
you’ll find out about it within the month,
if you have a photo, preferably a jpeg or a tiff,
but at least something that can be read by a mac,
pass it along.

Working out in a strange place?
Caught flying through the air with a triple jumbo splat kick?
cheesecake that’s not to…(ahem) dangerous?
Send ‘em to me.
I might be able to use them in a really cool project that I am working on.

Okey doke,
I’d love to say more,
but I think,
I’ll just tell you to go to the Master Instructor page.
I know you’ve read it before,
but read it again,
see yourself in a new light,
grab a hold of a little of your true power.

don’t make me say it twice…
don’t make me stop this car (grin)…
just get out there and…



Here’s the URL again.


This is two DVDs
with the secret of perfect form
and perfect technique
The manual comes on CD (PDF).

Quote time…
take a bit of wisdom
and change it into a bit of martial arts wisdom.
a fun exercise for the mind
and good for the soul.

I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and the freedom fighter’s gun in the other. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.
Yasser Arafat
I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and practicing the martial arts. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.

A man who waits to believe in action before acting is anything you like, but he’s not a man of action. You must act as you breathe.
Georges Clemenceau
A man who waits to do the martial arts is not a man. You must act as you imagine.

A Buddha is someone who finds freedom in good fortune and bad.
A Buddha is someone who finds freedom in the martial arts.

A leader is a dealer in hope.
Napoleon Bonaparte
A leader is a dealer in martial arts.

More next time.

Send me your wins!

Monster Newsletter #325–A Fantastic Win!

Good morning to every last one of you!
Every form is a prayer.
How many prayer’s did you do this morning?
More prayer = more you.

Okey doke,
lots of stuff,
I’m still way behind,
I know I have to let you know about my, um, altercation.
I need to give an update on plans
for the Great Matrixing Tour.
and all sorts of other stuff,
everything gets bumped back one
when I have a congrats to offer…

Congrats to Master Instructor Michael Guthrie!
That’s number forty-one,
and, I have to tell you,
Michael has really done it.
to tell you the truth,
I have been waiting patiently
for a win like his,
and I will tell you why after the win,
but first,
I try not to edit wins.
I don’t like to change words,
and only offer a bit of punctuation if needed.
The reason is simple,
people write differently on the internet.
They shorthand,
they run a little,
and this is excepted.
Internet is more like conversation,
and conversational habits apply.
aside from small changes to sentence structure,
I don’t like to change what people say.
I like pure and raw truth.
That said,
the bad news is
I’ve had to blot out much of Michael’s win.
This happens often,
people talk about what is on the course,
darn it,
you need to buy the course for yourself.
with that said,
here is the most blotted out, fantastic win you’ll probably ever read.
The blots are indicated by three dots

Here we go.

Hey Al,
…I did receive the Master Course and I must say that in my twenty five years of training I have found nothing that shows or explains so simply the principles of the martial arts, I really enjoyed your discussion on…. Let me say that as an … by trade I felt I should be wearing the Dunce Cap for the week. How could I not put the two together. You see, …. But I am sure that you know that. What it did though was open a whole new perspective on …. Needless to say my brain started working overtime on the subject of … as I needed. As I stated …, and I realized and understood the principles as soon as I used my trade to explain to me what it was you were teaching. The body is a machine and so is the earth as you stated in your course and …, anybody who has been … lol knows this. The grand mysteries that I have been looking for and studying hard to learn has been with me for years with my trade. I just never put the two together. Your use of physics to teach proper technique what they are and why they work, not how but why, was a needed change in my knowledge and use of techniques. I could go on and on discussing these principles and comment on … etc..etc… Well done Professor Case, this is what I will call you from now on. lol. You truly are teaching and creating instructors not just students and for that I thank you.
Your Student In the True Art,
Michael Guthrie

Well done
Master Instructor Guthrie.

a couple of things.

Michael hadn’t had this course but a week,
and perhaps he felt a bit of surprise,
when I responded to his win
as a Master Instructor win,
but what he did for a living
aligned perfectly with the course,
the data slammed into his head
like the proverbial thunderbolt.

he was probably thinking,
‘but I haven’t done anything!
There’s got to be more to it than that!’

It is knowledge.
This is the age of knowledge,
and he has the knowledge.
He will never do a technique wrong again,
because he knows the right way.
He will execute his form
with perfection.

He knows,
you see,
the exact data that makes form perfect,
that makes technique work.
he’ll have to sharpen his skills,
we all do.
But his learning curve
just took off like a rocket.
Everything he knows
immediately underwent
extreme evaluation,
and he changed.
And here is the important thing.
He knows the truth of the martial arts

let me explain something.
I figured it out.
I’ve taught a few people.
that’s not enough to change the planet,
change the martial arts,
fix up the field
get rid of the bushwah,
and have the golden age of martial arts.

I’ve got forty-one Master Instructors.
Every one of them
will have effect.
Every one of them knows what perfect form is
and how to have perfect technique.
A high percentage of these are instructors already.
Even if they aren’t,
they will still have an effect.

Let’s say Joe Blow has a white belt,
ordered my course for a lark,
and he’s taking lessons,
and he’s saying to his work out partner,
or a couple of students while chatting,
or even his instructor who can do but doesn’t have the data…
‘You do it this way because…’
A piece of the art fixed.
Enough pieces fixed,
maybe a thought process started,
and the art gets better.

But let’s say 30 of my Master Instructors are actually teaching,
letting a couple of hundred students each
know what the truth of form and technique is.
Now we have six hundred people doing perfect form
and have perfect technique.

since I’m only 62,
let’s say I teach for another ten years,
that’s three hundred people
times 200,
that’s 60,000 people
spreading the true art.
what if I get famous?
I’d rather sit at home and write
and work out,
but what if I get famous?
We could ten times that 60,000,
maybe a hundred times that 60,000.

Do you see?
I’ve already succeeded!
I’m just waiting for the universe to catch up to me!
the Great Matrixing Tour will enable me to reach more people,
to actually give hands on transmission of Matrixing,
to make sure the true art is not forgotten again,
A place where the truly fanatic can gather.
the holy scriptures of the martial arts.

I tell ya,
the golden age of martial arts is starting.
The lights are going on in Michael’s head
and it is just the hint of things to come.
Multiply that by a million martial artists
and we’ll have something.
it’s already a done deal.
You can’t stop what is about to happen.

Michael was particularly juicy for me,
being a … by trade
and I was just waiting for a guy like him,
because I knew how hard he would slap his head
when he got the data.
cruel trick of the fates,
I have to blot out nearly his whole win.
Oh well,
that’s life in the Matrix lane.

I apologize,
I know it’s like I’m dangling carrots,
and it almost sounds contrived,
like a big sales gimmick.
But it’s not.
You’ll understand when you do the Master Instructor Course.
You’ll understand why people are blown out,
and you’ll understand what I mean
when I say…
the truth is right in front of you.
You just have to look at it.

You are one dot,
the data is the other dot,
and you just have to connect the dots.

Click here if you want to connect the dots!

that’s about it,
I’ll probably never catch up,
things are happening pretty darn fast now,
and that’s okay.
I’ll do my best
next couple of newsletters should be juicy,
and I’ll talk to you then.

Thanks again,
And the rest of you guys and gals,
a work out is just waiting to be done!

See ya



Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

To hold another art in disrespect, even though its tenets be improper and its practice be a sham, is worse than foolishness, it is like holding your hand upon the head of a child and saying, “You will never grow to be a man.

Send me your wins!

How Can You Call Yourself a Martial Arts Master? (Part One)

The Truth About Being a  Martial Arts Master

There are a lot of people teaching the martial arts these days, and a lot of them call themselves Master, or give themselves other presumptuous titles. Of course, there is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Many of these so called masters are, quite simply, not.

martial arts masterMaster is a term that means one has power and authority over something. It is a term that is common to the English culture, and common to other and ancient cultures. Heck, seems like somebody is always trying to have power and authority over something…somebody…whatever.

So let’s consider these modern times and these people who call themselves masters. Let’s take a look at whether they really have what it takes, or whether they are fake. Let’s consider what a Master needs to know.

First, a Master needs to know something. Doesn’t matter if it is the technology of flower arranging or the technology of the martial arts. They have to have technical knowledge of the field they are claiming to be masters in.

Unfortunately, the technology of the martial arts is largely unknown. All those kids in the schools, all those military men, all those housewives and UFC watchers, they don’t know the technology because, quite honestly, the technology has never been actually codified and put down on paper. And it has to be able to be put on paper because, as the music maestro once said, if it can’t be written down, it isn’t music.

Yes, we know what the cross over chokehold is, and the spinning rear kick, and all those other terms. We know they relate to certain body positions, and we know what they can do. But…why?

What are the physics involved? What are the physics of the set up? What are the physics of the mental state necessary to the implementation of the technique.

It is not enough to say twist this or pull that, there has got to be a description able to be written in physics, and, unless the master knows these physics, he isn’t a master. What’s worse, is that this is only the first item of two that need to be known for a person to be an actual and bona fide master. I’ll tell you the rest in part two of this article on martial arts mastery.

Check out Matrixing Karate: Master, the details of what it takes to Master Karate are written out in plain English.