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Forgotten Martial Arts Magazine!

Newsletter 847

I’ve Taught You All I Know!

(Want to Know What I’ve Forgotten?)

This is a freaking great year!
So many things to do!
Have you made a list of things to do?
I hope your list starts with
doing martial arts every day,
and learning a new art every month!

Every month?
But Al!
Nobody can do that!

You can do ANYTHING
you want to do!

You think not?
You just set your goal,
take one step at a time
and watch the goal grow closer.
It’s that easy.

twelve arts in a year?
can do that!


You could if you wanted.

each art builds on the one before it.
Let’s say it takes you three months
to learn Matrix Karate.
It’s only going to take a couple of months
to learn Shaolin Butterfly after that,
because you have a LOGICAL database.
Matrix Karate is so logical,
so intuitive,
and each matrixed art you study after that
gets easier and easier.

You could
towards the end,
learn a couple of arts a month.
You just need the true and accurate data
on what the martial arts really are.

The work outs get to be fun.

You get done with Matrix Karate,
then you look at Shaolin Butterfly,
or whatever art you choose,
and the thought blasts through your head…

Yeah, this is just a second step,
oh, this relates to that,
oh, that’s how it fits.

Your mind gets excited,
you start ABSORBING the martial arts.
Not grinding at them,
but ABSORBING them.
In fact,
it’s almost like they are eating you.

It’s like getting drunk,
each drink getting easier to toss down the old gullet,
except it is knowledge you are tossing down.
And the work outs are not boring grinds,
they are exciting times
with your mind leaping through the material,
your body not even knowing it is working.

I’m not kidding.

you could sit there and say,
Nobody can do that.
That’s impossible.

You guys and gals want to know something?

I’m a beginner.
I was a beginner in 1967,
and I’m a beginner now.

Do you remember what it was like to be a beginner?
To be swamped with new concepts?
To travel through each work out
with your brain going…OMG!

With matrixing,
every work out is like that.

At least for me it is.
But then…I don’t think anything is impossible.

here’s the skinny.
I’ve written over two million words on the martial arts.
More than anybody else in history.
I didn’t even think about it,
just did it,
because it was FUN!

So here’s a little blast from the past.
I was trying to put order in my files
and I came across the six journals.

They start small,
the first one is only four pages,
and grow larger and larger,
and cover all sorts of things,
some original articles,
some original artwork,
some original thinking.

with over 2,000,000 words,
of course I’ve forgotten some stuff,
forgotten I’ve written some stuff.
So here is the link to the first journal.
No charge,
just something to get you thinking,
something to help you come to the conclusion…

Old Monster Martial Arts Mag!

of course,
let me know if the link doesn’t work.
I don’t know if any links inside the mag work,
you can let me know,
but I probably won’t do anything.
After all,
I wrote the mags ten years ago,
and have gone through several websites, softwares, etc.

here’s my screwup,
and you can take advantage of it.

I never deleted one of my old websites.
Oh, yeah,
it’s there.
In fact,
it is so old
that I can no longer fix it.
I made it with an old Mac program.
No longer works.
So you MIGHT be able to find links
to old prices.
if the link doesn’t work…
if a Paypal button doesn’t work…
I won’t honor it.
It’s broke,
I can’t fix it,
tough luck.
if it works,
you can order what you want.
I have to honor it,

to tell the truth,
I don’t know what works.
Maybe everything,
maybe nothing,
probably something in between.

I don’t know,
and I don’t care to look because,
darn it,
I can’t fix it.

a New Years blessing.
Something to get you going.
If the links work,
take advantage.
If they don’t,
if a product is no longer there,
I probably won’t honor it.
(Though I will refund, if that issue comes up.
I always guarantee everything,
even if I don’t know what it is.)

welcome to the new year,
have a great work out,
and remember…


Old Monster Martial Arts Mag!


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The First Day of Kenpo Karate Instruction and What It Meant!

I had tied my pants and pulled my Karate gi across my chest and the instructor was showing me how to tie my belt. It was my first day of Kenpo Karate Instruction, and can you believe it? Proud because I learned how to tie a belt. That was in Nov of 1967. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you what happened to me.

I went through many belts, changed arts, got my black belt, studied many different art, wrote about what I had studied and became a writer and columnist for the magazines.
I’ve written near two million martial arts related words now.
And I don’t wear a gi. I wear the Karate pants and a tee shrit, and I stop during the day and work out wherever I am. Under trees, in meadows,on the beach…on building tops in basements in garages.
Wherever I am a work out, my life is nothing but a work out, and a sheer joy because of it. 1967. Hunh! Who would’ve thought? Yet it was all so worth it, so very worth it. If you want to know some of the things I’ve picked up over the last almost forty-five years, drop by Monster Martial Arts. A free martial arts book is available there.

Inside Kung Fu Closes Its Pages After 38 Years!

And the mighty have fallen. Victim to high production costs, low advertising revenues, and that durned economy, Inside Kung Fu has decided to close its pages.

IKF placed second in the martial arts magazine racks. After Kung Fu, but outlasting such worthies as Official Karate.

Over the years IKF spawned a range of great mags. Inside Karate, Masters andStyles, and so on. They produced a good range of DVDs and books, and educated martial artists for decades.

In the beginning, Inside Kung Fu was the brainchild of Curtis F. Wong. When Mr. Wong decided to relinquish controls the magazine was promoted by corporate bodies.

I wrote for them. Specifically for Inside Karate, and that was an education in itself. Write for tenth graders, got more pictures? Don’t laugh, it is  a model that worked, and was successful because that is what people understand. And betwixt those pics and short liners were gems of education, and even a column or two, like, (ahem) my own Case Histories.

And here we must mention  the real reason Mr. Wong’s baby will be sorely missed: it was written by martial artists. It is not glossy with one editor polishing (hyping) articles endlessly, it is a variety of die hard martial artists in their own rarely edited words. If you wanted to get the real goods on what a martial artist was all about…that, and her sisters publications, were the magazines.

Believe me, I know, because I had articles except by other mags, and I saw how they altered the copy for the bang, and deleted worthwhile information.

BTW, the issue whose image you see at the top of this article? I was in that one. That’s right. A piece on me. That’s the icing on some pretty serious cake.

To see old articles I wrote for the IKF mags, click on Monster Martial Arts Articles.

How to Get a Job Writing a Column for a Martial Arts Magazine

I get wins like the one you’re about to read regularly. It’s been years since I wrote for the mags, but having done so has provided me with friends, customers, and a certain degree of almost fame. Read the win, then I’ll tell you how to get a job writing for the mags.

Greetings Sir, I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I was a customer several years ago and I have most of your works. But at that time I was unable to purchase your videos and would like to know if you still have those available. I will be purchasing your latest books as well as I always believed you had the best work available and I would like those videos. Please let me know if any are still available. After thirty years of training your work is still refreshing. 
Thank You 

Now, it goes without saying that you’re going to have to know how to write. and it also goes without saying that you should know a bit about your subject. The fact that you’re reading this article already supports that, so let me get into the nuts and bolts of this thing.
I had written a dozen articles for CFW, which company put out Inside Karate, Masters and Styles, Inside Kung Fu, and so on. Out of the blue, I decided I wanted to be a columnist.
First step, I had all the issues of Inside Karate for a couple of years. So I went back and read every column written by the editor (John Soet). I then wrote a column, and tried to sound exactly like him. It turned out pretty good, so I wrote eleven more columns, and sent them to him.
That was it. I ended up writing the column Case Histories for four years for Inside Karate. I was read by millions of people (over time), and to this day I get wins like the one above.
Now, before I turn you loose, I want to share a bit of data that inspired me to this particular method, and abuse some wrong data concerning job seeking of any sort.
Back when I was in college, during a psych class, I came across an interesting datum: bosses hire people who are stupider than them.
Man, that is pretty hard core, eh? That’s a grim slice of inhumanity if there ever was one, and, if it was true, the human race would have died out some time ago.
The corrected datum is: people hire people who are similar to them.
Well, of course! To make a sale you have to make a friend, and that leads to the corrected datum. And that was the type of thought I followed when I was copycatting an editor to get a job.
Now, I don’t know if any of John Soet’s articles are still around, but you can find a healthy sampling of what I wrote for the Martial Arts magazines, inspect them to see how closely I followed the datum I have given you here, at Monster Martial Arts.
Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope to see you in the mags.

I’ve written nearly 2,000,000 martial arts related words, check out my books and courses at Monster Martial Arts.

Absolute Free Martial Arts Magazine!

Good morning to all!
It’s another day in paradise.
Paradise being,
of course,
a work out.
start working out!

The big news,
of course,
is the FREE magazine,
which you can find at


I’ve actually written a couple of magazines before this,
and I’ve written hundreds of articles,
so why not make my own magazine?
It allows me more freedom in writing articles,
less editorial sense,
I can throw a few ads in there,
and have some fun.

to be honest,
I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with the mag.
Maybe put it on its own site,
maybe ask people if they want to affiliate for ads,
maybe change the name,
not sure what I’m going to do.

The main thing,
you see,
is that I have a place where I can have some freedom.
Print articles on matrixing and neutronics
that most people won’t publish
until you’re famous.

It’s so funny,
you can write the best stuff in the world
and you can’t sell it.
You get famous
and you can sell your laundry list.
how do you get famous in between?
The old catch 22.
Not that I give a fig about famous,
I just want to sell,
so I can get money,
so I can take Matrixing across the US
and find Monkeyland.

Is that too much to ask?

want to write an article?
Do you have a book or school or something
you want to advertise?

Do you just have a snazzy pic of yourself?
I dig those.

the interesting thing,
as I’ve said before,
is once you share something
it leaves a blank space in your head
in which new ideas and experiences can move in.
Writing is an education of a pure sort,
and it gives you an entirely different perspective on the martial arts.

Having to put ideas down in ink
makes those ideas more real,
which makes your art more real.
Figuring out camera angles
and lighting and all that,
makes you think about movements
from an entirely different perspective.
You actually start to think about the art differently.

when you start out learning the martial arts
you are the dummy,
absorbing without giving,
a victim to your teacher and senior partners,
and even to the beginner dufus like yourself.

you learn something and you are not the victim,
you are causing things to happen,
but you still don’t know what you are causing.

you become a teacher,
and you get the viewpoint of both giver and givee,
victim and cause,

while this last is incredible,
the real viewpoint starts when you do more
than just show one or two,
or a class,
of people.

The real game is when
you can talk to thousands of people.
When thousands of people get your idea,
you are elevated,
pushed upward,
given new understanding.

You aren’t ready for that yet?
Write an article on a technique,
or somebody who you think is a great martial artist
and why they are great,
even if you throw me a few floppers,
practice will get you there,
and when you throw me a winner
it’s going to blow you away.

You old guys know,
I’ve been preaching this all along.
I offer to help people with schools,
with writing ads,
with writing articles and books,
and I don’t ask anything for it.
A man is only as good as he can serve.

think about writing an article.
The submission requirements are in the magazine.

not much else to say,
I’m working on the mag,
working on the second Matrixing Chi book,
working on the newsletter
working on the websites,
so I must be having fun.
couple of people didn’t know about The Daily Neutron.
I’ve got some strong opinions
about fools in office,
and these times…they are a strong argument
for utilizing the second amendment,
what stops me?
When you think about it,
those idiots who think they are in charge,
are in charge of nothing.
They can’t stop me from working out,
and that is my freedom,
that is my life.
So I laugh at them,
and that stops me from popping.

every martial artist I have known
has it.
They work out so hard and intense,
they understand what humor is for.
They understand the good things in life.

that said,
I wish you the very best work out,
let me know if there is anything I can do for you.




When they say, “ In this system, we make the art fit the person.”
They really mean, “In this system, we make the person fit the art.”

When they say, “ The techniques aren’t important.”
They really mean, “I wouldn’t know what else to do with the principles so it’s the techniques that are important.”

When they say, “ Bruce Lee didn’t know what he was talking about.”
They really mean, “I don’t know what Bruce Lee was talking about.”

AND, my favorite…
When they say, “ The purpose of the martial arts is spiritual development and liberation from the ego.”
They really mean, “I’m so humble and wise, it’s terrific.”

Send me your wins!