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Spreading the True Martial Arts

How to Teach the True Martial Arts!

This newsletter I want to talk about something,
not everybody might like it,
but it has to do with growing the martial arts,
and growing your income.

here is the straight skinny,
the country is having probs,
incomes are down,
and wouldn’t you like to have a few extra bucks?
wouldn’t it be nice if those few extra bucks
came from teaching martial arts?

teach martial arts

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

It’s one of my pet projects,
encouraging people to teach.
The thing is
there are a lot of teachers out there,
many aren’t really qualified.
They might have credentials
from big name organizations,
but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge.
It takes a precise knowledge
of how to teach martial arts.
I discovered this with one of my first black belts.
He went out and started teaching,
and when I got over to look at his class,
he was teaching calisthenics.
There were a few martial arts thrown in,
and he was good,
but he opted for teaching…calisthenics.
Push ups, sit ups,
a few kicks,
running around the room.
as an after thought,
he might teach a self defense move.

why he did this,
I don’t know.
But I do know that I checked on his school a couple of decades later,
when it was under one of his students,
and it had gone to full contact karate.
fighting and…calisthenics.

I understand that martial arts change,
especially when people don’t understand the underlying reasons.
I can only conclude
that the degradation of his school
was my fault.
I taught him,
I was young,
I hadn’t figured it out,
I taught him well,
he was good,
but…he didn’t understand the underlying reasons,
so his school degraded,
didn’t die,
just degraded to the point
where it was teaching people how to fight.

I offer underlying reasons,
and I try to fix schools that have degraded.
I encourage people to teach martial arts.
I know that the people who have done my courses
are going to understand why a technique is,
how it works,
more important,
how to get the student to understand.

Want to know something interesting?
I’ve got a book
‘How to Start Your Own School,’
and when somebody write me and asks me about teaching,
I usually give them that book for free.
It’s part of the Master books,
I could sell it Kindle for a few books
(and I probably will)
but I give it away to people who say they want to teach.

the difference between man and beast is the fact that man understands.
Animals don’t.
They just fight,
and make up a reason for fighting.
Silly animals.

the point of this rant is that if you are hurting economically,
a victim of the money crunch happening in this country,
you can do something about it.
You could order the Master Instructor Course,
do it,
know that you know more than ANY martial arts instructor on the planet,
and then you could head down to the YMCA,
see if they need an instructor.
You can put up cards at a local gym.
You could gather a bunch of neighborhood kids.

You can start out low,
$10 a month for kids,
you can go high,
charge good bucks at the gym.

Be it Karate or kung fu,
aikido or pa kua,
or whatever,
and using the data that is inside
The Master Instructor Course,
you could teach that art better than it has been taught
since whoever founded it was teaching.

Spare time.
Saturday afternoon.

You could build it into something large!

Do you understand?
The martial arts are a blessing.
They make people better.
They make strong bodies,
increase awareness,
and they are a fist in the face of the bad guys.
But we need people who understand what they really are.

Oinky Donkey.
I hope my rant has helped.
I don’t want you poor,
and I want everybody healthy and happy,
So…think about it.

Let make a couple of other announcements
before I close off.

I’ve got a new site up.
It’s about Bruce Lee.
Can you find it through google?
It’ll be tough,
but it’s out there.
Next week or two
it’ll be easy to find,
but right now…
can you find it?

we’re waiting on word of escrow
for Monkeyland.
120 acres on a hilltop,
and start building a temple.
And I will let you know as soon as this thing comes true.
Pics and everything.
you’ll be blown away.
incredible site.

I almost forgot.

If you have a website,
or a functioning blog,
let’s trade links.
I’ve got three different sites
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Just email me at aganzul@gmail.com
and ask about linking up.

now that is it.
You guys and gals
enjoy the heck out of this week.
Have lots of work outs,
do what you want to do,
and live life like you were meant to!


And don’t forget to go to…


Extreme Martial Arts That Are Real and Brutal and Hard Beyond Belief

Extreme Martial Arts are Built During War!

Extreme Martial Arts are a top Google search these days. People, especially those interested in MMA training, are going outside the traditional martial arts academy to learn martial arts training methods that are ever more brutal.

The funny thing is that if they studied their history, immersed themselves in the classical martial arts, they would find all the brutality they would ever want.

korean karate

Martial Arts taught for Extreme situations!

If you want extreme martial arts you need look no further than taekwondo some sixty tears ago. I am speaking, of course, of the early taekwondo–Korean Karate, actually– taught in Kwans during the Korean War.

To begin with, Korea is a brutal place. Cold sweeps down from Siberia and the Arctic, monsoons sweep across the peninsular country, and during the summer there is blood boiling heat.

Add to that, a war, and you have the most brutal conditions possible for learning your basic self defense.

Imagine standing on a dojo floor. It is built of rough planks that are filled with splinters, and you have bare feet. There is no heater, and you must rely on body movement to stay warm. Then, of course, you have the sound of distant gunfire.

‘Pinan Five!’ the martial arts instructor yells over the din of approaching shell bursts.

Students move fast enough to stay warm in near freezing weather.

‘But Sensei,’ asks one of the younger students, one who has just begun this extreme martial arts training and who doesn’t know better. ‘The shells are getting closer! Shouldn’t we be leaving?’

There are snickers through the class, and the Instructor asks for quiet. Then he turns to the younger student. ‘We are a hard target, and those shell bursts aren’t even a mile away. When they get to a half mile, then we leave. Now, take your mind off the coming death by concentrating on your forms!’

And, when the front is a half mile off, the old instructor tells the students to lift up the floorboards and leave.

Lift up the floorboards?

Yes. There was a shortage of all materials, and a dojo floor, even one rough cut and filled with splinters, is of extreme worth.

Dutifully, the students put on their shoes (snow filled from sitting on the front stoop) and carry the floor of the dojo away. They will hide it, and when the fighting has moved on, they will reassembled and learn martial arts again.

Now, as I said, people are looking for more extreme martial arts. They want fitness and self defense, and they tend to look towards Mixed Martial Arts Training methods, and to forget classical martial arts like Kung Fu and Taekwondo and karate.

But beyond the extreme martial arts youtube supplies and the octagon brings, there are the movements honed during war most violent and brutal. Remember that, the next time you put on the pads and drink the designer water; remember, the next time you want something that makes hard the body even as it uplifts the spirit; remember, even as you merely sweat what only feels like blood and guts.

There is a huge difference between fighting for gold and glory, and between fighting for one’s life, and this is the core of extreme martial arts training that makes up the classical styles of today.

Outlaw Karate is a wonderful example of an extreme martial art that remembers the brutality of its beginnings.

zen martial arts

How to Teach Martial Arts to People Who Don’t Want to Learn!

Here’s a helpful hint on how to teach martial arts…

One of the most interesting things I encounter
is the student who can’t learn.

to be honest,
I don’t have any.
I wish I could say something cool,
like if they don’t learn,
I beat it into them,
but…it ain’t so.

martial arts pics

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

But I use a couple of tricks,
not just my fists,
to make students learn.
So let’s consider how you can get somebody
to actually listen to you
and to actually learn.

As a person on the street,
if you tell somebody a thousand times,
he might get what you are talking about.
and that’s a lot of talk.

As a martial arts instructor,
you might hit somebody a hundred times,
and they might get it.

The problem here is getting the idea out of your head
and putting it into their head.
So what is the problem…exactly?

if you don’t have good powers of mental focus,
you can’t generate an idea.
The solution is simple,
practice your forms,
but practice them correctly.

There is a difference between working out,
and learning.

Working out may instill the art in your bones,
but if you are doing your art incorrectly,
the bones are getting a poor lesson,
and you are not learning to focus your awareness,
and this will hurt your ability to create an idea.

So you have to not just practice,
but practice correctly.
You have to see your mistakes,
and you have to learn from your mistakes,
and as your body becomes more polished and efficient,
that shows that your mental powers are becoming
more polished and efficient.

you’ve done martial arts long enough,
and you have raised your powers of awareness,
learned to focus,
and you reach into your mind,
generate a thought,
and you send it to Joe Blow
with a simple sentence.

“Hey, Joe, it’s raining.”

His jaw drops,
he drools,
and he says,
and he doesn’t get out the umbrella.

You got the thought,
you sent the thought,
so why didn’t he get it?
And here is where you get the real lesson
in how to teach actual data in the martial arts.

Joe Blow didn’t listen,
couldn’t listen,
because his head is full of crap.

He’s not a bad guy.
He got through school (sort of),
but his head is so full of stuff packed in
by teachers
by parents
by friends
by enemies
by the man in the moon…
that he just doesn’t want any more in there,
so he goes blank.
Refuses to accept your thought.

So how do you get Joe Blow,
who looks like he is functioning but is actually unconscious,
but who, in spite of being unconscious,
actually walked into your school and said,
“Teach me…”
in reality means,
he is seeking to be Aware.)
To accept a thought.
To actually listen to your instructions.

Some people tell Joe to watch the class,
to just try to figure things out,
and then they explain later,
and it only takes three or four years,
but…it works.

I walk up to Joe,
ask him how he’s doing,
and when he starts to talk I let him talk for a minute.
somewhere in there I cock my head,
give a surprised blink,
and Joe suddenly says,
“Oh, nothing,” I respond.
“No, no, what…you just blinked…what?”

Joe is actually curious.
First time since first grade when the teacher told him
to shut up and sit down.
He is,
in fact,
actually listening to another human being.
Hasn’t heard his parents in ten years.
Barely listens to his friends,
who are as unconscious as him.
he is now listening to you.
So you MUST choose your words wisely.
I say something like,

“You have a really nice silence in your mind.”
A compliment which puts him at ease.
A statement which elicits more listening,
and he grins.
And you say,
“I like the way you pick up on things.”

I have just whammied the crap out of the fellow.

people like people who say nice things about them.

he is unconscious and I have told him…
to have silence in his mind.
that he learns well.
And I have done it in a manner
that is almost like a hypnotic command,
which makes him have silence in his mind
and learn well.

Two incredibly important things.
Amazing things, really.

And thing is this.
It is POSITIVE reinforcement.
Not the slap to the back of the head
that everybody usually gives
when they want somebody to shut up and listen,

I have told him the truth.
He DOES have nice silence in his mind.
Everybody does.
That’s a truth of people.
he does have the ability to learn quickly and easily.
everybody does.
Every last one of you mofos out there
who struggle and do your best
but sometimes it seems so slow,
you just have to get over that thing stuffed into you
called education.

Get over the slap on the back of the head,
get over the kid who made fun of you,
get rid of the bone brained parent who told you..
“Do what you’re told!”

In short,
get rid of everything that stopped you
from wanting to be Aware
to listen,
to learn,
to be yourself…

In short,
let yourself wake up.

I don’t mean to rant at you,
just to tell you how to get people who are less than awake
to wake up and listen
and to love life the way they are meant to.

Simply tell them how great they are,
and when they realize that you are telling the truth,
and they want to hear more,
tell them more truth…
and it is perfectly okay if you use the martial arts to do so.

if what I say makes sense,
then you should hear what I have to say
on the Master Instructor Course.


All right,
time for you to finish up a few things,
maybe shave the cat,
paint the lawn red,
and get ready for the weekend
and for your work outs.

And I tell you this,
not only do you have a wonderful silence in your mind,
very appealing and genuine,
you are going to have a truly fantastic work out.


zen martial arts

Congrats to a New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

New Master Instructor!

Congrats to Master Instructor Doug Adkins!

Doug is a long time martial artist,

and he has experience in a variety of arts such as…

Shotokan, Kyokushinkaikan,

White Crane, JKD, Wing Chun, and so on,

and he has done much research in combatives.

Here is his win…

Dear Master Founder,

Thank you so much for sharing this great course, I consider it to be an excellent continuing education course for anyone involved in the arts.

Your course has brought back many memories of experiences I have had throughout the years, it has reminded me of things I had long forgotten, and has given me many new tools which I can use right now.

Many of us seek answers to questions we have by training in various arts but by utilizing the 4 principles, 4 powers, 6 secrets, the physics and mechanics you have shared we can look deeper into our own art and answer many of those questions. These points along with the listen and learn approach can be used in our daily lives as well as ‘be polite, be polite, and be polite’.

This course has been a great win for me as it has reminded me that we are all students and that it is important to keep an open mind, ask questions and analyze the things we don’t understand and even the things that we think we understand.

I have hit many different plateaus on my journey since I first stepped onto the mat in 1973 and I have needed a boost (or kick in the pants) now and then in order to keep going. This course was definitely the boost that I needed to enable me to climb that next mountain.

 Thank you,

Doug Adkins

Thank you Doug,

and well done!


for all you fellers and gals out there,

the Master Instructor Course

It is the simple truth about the body and how we use it.

It is how to matrix the body,

and the simple things you learn

can be applied to anything.

It will change the way you lift weights,

the way you run,

every physical thing you do.


It’s true.


that all said.

Let me explain one, little thing

about the Master instructor Course

One of the first things I started doing

back in the sixth grade,

when I saw my first anatomy chart,

after I got over the shock of genitals,

was to start going over the muscles.

I would look at a muscle on the chart

look at my own real muscle,

and consider what the potentials of motion were.

This muscle moves this limb this way,

and that muscle moves that limb that way.

This muscle pulls on that bone,

which counterbalances that muscle

pulling from the other direction.

And so on,

through all the muscles.

This actually helped me out

in physical education

once I got over my initial confusion.

My confusion resulted from

trying to focus on each muscle

while doing a complex movement.

I found out that understanding the muscles


but I still had to coordinate them all


And it was sort of weird

to learn all this stuff

and then shove it into the background.

It was a great lesson,

and I wish I had known some martial arts or yoga

back then.


in the Master Instructor Course

I don’t talk about that.

I delve into energy potential,

and outline how you discover the energy potential for your body

and the only way you can use your body,

and it is the truth.

I know,

it sounds almost mystical,

but when you see how I define motion

and the trick I use for discovering the energy potentials

for the body,

you’ll sort of slap your head

and go…


Maybe you’ll even wonder

why nobody ever thought of that before.


I don’t know.

But they didn’t,

and I did,

and the fact of the matter is this…

once you understand what I am doing

the things I am saying

about how to figure out the energy potentials of your body,

how to use your body

in an energetical sense,

it will change the way you move your body.

I mean,

you can’t go back to the silly old

pull the muscle move the bone

kind of thing.

It’s just so…



time to go.

You have to work out,

and they have to lock me in a closet

until the next newsletter.


don’t worry,

it’s not lonely in there,

I’ve got me,


Happy grin.


have yourselves a most wondrous week.

Drive fast

get lotsa money,





Master Instructor Adkins is the owner of


So feel free to go there and look around.


a word to you guys out there.

If you have a website and want to link,

let me know.

Links build traffic,

and I have a couple of websites that are getting good traffic,

so if you need the links…

send me an email at aganzul@gmail.com

Congrats to Another Master Instructor!

John Landry Promoted to Master Instructor!

Good morning!
of course…
Work Out!

A great work out means a great you!
So get started now…
and don’t stop till you happen!

A new Master Instructor!
Congrats to John M. Landry.

Here are some of the things he mentioned in his win…

This course is fantastic! I am a Ph.D. in Education and have practiced the martial arts since 1974. I have been teaching martial arts since 1989. I have been a law enforcement trainer and instructor since 1995.

The concepts of why students leave a school were very informative. Although I have never ran a commercial school, I have taught privately and pro bono at churches and the Salvation Army for many years and have wondered why so many students quit. Your course is causing me to think back and analyze.

The concept of Coordinated Body Movement (CBM) is awesome! I had never heard of that before this course but will use that practice in my own teaching and instruction of the martial arts from this point forward.

John then mentions several specifics of the course,
and continues with…

Overall, I am very impressed with this course and have learned a lot. I will utilize many of the concepts, principals, and methods of teaching that are presented in this master instructor course. I will also be purchasing additional courses to expand my knowledge of these principals.

Thank you Master Founder Case for the amount of work that you have done to put this course together and for your efforts in improving martial arts practice and instruction.

Thank you John,
and well done!

One thing I want to mention
is that John doesn’t waste time,
he got the course
went over it,
and wrote his win.

You don’t have to study for decades to become a real instructor,
you just have to know the right material.

Let’s say you want to drive a car
but you have never driven a car.
The gear shift is going to be a mystery,
what do those durn pedals do?
Why does the window go up and down when I press this button?

Then somebody gets in the car and
tells you to stop fiddling with that durned window.
press that peddle,
move the gear shift.
Let the pedal up slowly,
and slowly press on that other pedal.

In a short time you are driving.
Not a mystery.
How long did that take?
Five minutes.

if you have any degree of time spent as a martial artist,
you have probably seen people teaching,
have taught people yourself,
and all you need is somebody to get in the car with you,
and tell you to stop fiddling with the window,
and tell you what the pedals are for.

Teaching can be that simple.
You just have to have the right information.

And what’s the alternative?
Do the same old same old teaching method
that has been done for thousands of years,
and watch your students leave in droves.

It’s been estimated that as many as 90% of the new students
leave within three months.
That means you have to spend ALL sorts of time
recruiting new students,


You can keep the students you have for longer periods of time,
you can teach your students more martial arts!

Think about this one thing…
wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can teach them more than basics?
Wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can start teaching them the juicy stuff?

once you make this breakthrough,
once you start teaching the advanced stuff,
your world is going to open up!

do the Master Instructor Course.
Get the correct information now!
Here’s the URL


you may not have noticed,
but I’ve got a couple of courses offered for instant download.
Matrix Combat
Matrix Karate
are available,
Matrix Kung Fu should be done today or tomorrow,
and I will get the rest of the Matrix courses done
hopefully before I leave on
The Great Matrixing Tour.

here’s something juicy…
for a while,
I am offering the courses at a discount.
Check out those pages,
and save a few bucks,
before they go back up to $30.

I probably won’t get to the other courses,
the non-matrixing courses,
at least not for a while.
So take advantage now.

just to mention it again…
you don’t have to say that generic ‘happy holidays,’
and you don’t have to worry about offending some fool by saying ‘merry Xmas,’
now you can offend everybody equally and all at the same time!
Just say HanaKwanMass!

And don’t forget to get yourself
a Monster Martial Art course.
It’s the gift that you can use for years
and will change your life.

Start with the Master Instructor Course,

HanaKwanMass to you,
and have a great work out



A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

The world gets better, one master instructor at a time…

The beginning of my weekend work outs!
This being good Friday,
I should have a good work out,
every work out is a prayer,
so make this weekend a prayerful one.
karate senseiOkey donkey,
a new Master Instructor!
Eduardo Fernandez is a serious martial artist
with profound philosophy.
Enjoy his win.
For many years I was drawn apart from the idea of using physical force. So, my youth was hard.
One day, I realized I had to change my mind or suffer the same consequences my whole life.
In today’s society violence is as present as ever, and it has evolved into very subtle ways. We fear who we think stronger, fitter, more dangerous.
Two ways depart from fear: the use of violence and the submission to violence. Both are harmful short and long term. This can be seen everywhere.
A third way runs in between and can be entered from any: this is the way of people who can use violence, but choose not to (has no need to). This is the true way one martial artist should aspire to.
Success as judged by common social standards doesn’t mean one has chosen the third way.
The problem only can be solved by facing it, though ego tends to distract us in all sort of manners.
The third category flows with life and circumstances and thus never allows a situation to grow beyond control.
In order to achieve high mastery, martial arts must be approached in a scientific way, and not as a weekend club or an entertainment.
The conventional knowledge about any particular field is usually wrong. Such an obvious thing as looking up to those who are farther in the path you currently walk can clarify this.
A veteran doesn’t necessarily know. He has only been doing something a lot of time, be it right or wrong way.
Most of the people don’t care if they are wrong or right, they just want to entertain themselves.
Not answering the students’ questions can lead to mysticism and is often used as a cover for ignorance.
Students shouldn’t be discouraged to explore as much as they judge necessary.
The ranking system is within.
No one should accept negligence disguised as philosophy or cosmogony.
One has to make its own way.
Stagnation of thought leads to corruption of mind.
The first time I asked how could I do the unbendable arm I was answered “What do you want to know it for?”. I could not answer. I just wanted to know it. I was not taught. Now, I have taught the unbendable arm to a lot of people, most of them with no previous training in martial arts, in a matter of minutes. In almost all cases they were surprised to see what they were capable of doing. It is a shame that such simple things are mystified by corrupt teaching methods, usually mistaken means by ends, and stopping development
Thank you Edward,
and he’s right.
You might start the martial arts
to become strong and powerful
and you will,
but the real joy,
the real benefit,
comes from the truths you learn,
that exist within yourself.
I know that one of the most profound moments in my life
was when I achieved black belt.
I had been studying martial arts
so I could beat people up,
and so I could be strong.
What I didn’t realize…
my lack of esteem,
my lack of self worth,
came from within.
The world didn’t look down on me,
I looked down on me.
understanding this,
and suddenly realizing that
using what I had learned
I could really hurt people,
I had the thought:
I don’t ever really want to hurt anybody.
This was such a pivotal thought,
for it signified that the blinders were coming off,
that in a fight I was no longer going to withhold myself,
that I could put aside my feelings for humanity
and hurt somebody,
I was willing to be responsible,
to take responsibility for that kind of power.
It’s not who you can harm,
it’s who you can help.
That is the real power of the martial arts.
So I thank you Edward,
your win is my win,
and the world becomes a better place.
One Master Instructor at a time.
Here’s the Master Instructor URL
I’ve got a couple of incredible newsletters coming up.
Got a couple of wins in the mail
that are just primo.
When people have these kinds of wins
it just makes me shiver with delight
and say…
God, I love the martial arts!
after that,
I’ve got a rather special newsletter coming up.
Something about why I do the Monster,
what I’m really trying to do with Matrixing.
stay tuned.
Now have yourself an utterly awesome work out!

The following quotes are total insanity, spoken by one of the world’s greatest martial artists. Guess who he is, and enjoy…

“It is not sufficient that I succeed – all others must fail.”
“I am the punishment of God…If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”
“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”
master instructor

How Long Does It Take To Become a Black Belt?

Students Ask, How Long Does it Take to Become a Black Belt?

The question, “How long does it take to become a black belt,’ is a good one. It is a valid question in any martial art, be it karate or aikido or taekwondo, or whatever. Here are some interesting facts I put together in answer to this question.

how long does it take to get a black beltThe United States army takes Joe Ordinary and makes him a soldier within two months. Two more months and Joe can be trained to be a technically trained specialist in a vast variety of fields. In addition to basic and rudimentary hand to hand combat training, the US military has extensive programs, applicable to the battlefield, and they don’t take decades to do.

The question of how long does it take to become a black belt apparently didn’t occur to Chuck Norris, and didn’t bother Korean Martial Arts Masters. While in the army he took Tang Soo Do classes in Korea. He earned his black belt in a year and a half.

One of the best tournament fighters ever, a fellow name of Mike Stone, didn’t bother asking this question either. He trained hard and long. He earned his black belt in six months.

One of my favorites for ignoring the question of how long does it take to become a black belt is Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis made black belt in a year. Actually, he earned black belts in three different styles in under a year.

The idea of taking four years or more to earn a black belt actually came to us within the last few decades. It was begun by Chinese Kenpo instructors who structured the art around automobile sales contracts. Before then it took a couple of years at most.

The whole idea of a belt system actually is relatively new to the martial arts. Belt systems were started by Jigaro Kano, the founder of Judo. He lifted the idea from a classification system for swimmers.

The above all being said, when you ask the Martial Arts instructor you are thinking about taking lessons from how long it takes, don’t think less of him if he has bought into this idea. Just throw yourself into your studies and get where you are going faster because you try harder. Education, hard work, a dedicated attitude, that is the real answer to how long it takes to become a black belt.

earn a black belt

Truth and The Master Instructor Martial Arts Course!

Is the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course for Real?

Got a letter recently about the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course
from a fellow who objected
to my claim that
the Master Instructor Course
is the only course of its kind,
it is the only course that teaches how to teach.
I can understand his objections.
I’m sort of surprised
I haven’t got other objections of this sort.
After all,
the world is filled with people who teach,
institutions who make teachers,
and that sort of thing.
my claim holds,
and let me tell you why.
martial arts teacher

Master Instructors Rule!

One of the things I say about matrixing

is that the martial arts have had a long time
to get screwed up.
Everybody adds stuff,
twists stuff,
mixes stuff,
has vested interest runs a tournament makes money and so on.
Don’t you think that the same holds true for education?
Did you like school?
A lot of people didn’t,
and this is in spite of well meaning teachers with…
too many tools.
teaching is simple.
But the world would have it be complex.
So the government runs education,
educators have exalted opinions,
book companies want to make money
and the result is educational systems
that are top heavy
take too long to get a diploma
and so on.
I know this is true
because I was a teacher once.
Ran a school with my wife.
To continue,
I was doing work for an architect once,
I saw him working late
every night
and I asked him,
‘Why don’t you hire
some smart guy out of school
to come in and do that work.’
He told me he couldn’t.
He said,
‘these young smart guys know everything
except how the world works.’
He told me of the time he built a school,
had a young guy inspect the property
so they could lay out the football field.
He was overwhelmed with reports and plans and rules and regulations and studies and…stuff.
And the smart, young kid never saw the sinkhole in the middle of the field.
The kid did everything he was taught in school,
but he never walked out on the field
and looked around.
He knew too much,
and didn’t know how to open his eyes.
On the other hand,
do you think a 13 year old kid could drive a car?
Sure he could.
it would be easy after learning how to drive that durn skateboard!
You see,
the drive and the initiative
hasn’t been schooled out of the 13 year old.
I know there are all sorts of problems with this analogy,
but it still makes the point.
Learning is simple.
Or should be,
if you could get all the people
who make money
who have power
who get to make regulations
out of the way.
learn martial artsThe Master Instructor Martial Arts Course is based upon simplicities
that people generally overlook
after they have gone to school.
What a statement,
But it’s true.
consider what a college course
for a martial arts instructor
would look like.
take courses on sports biology
take courses on sports medicine
take courses on insurance regulations
take courses on legal implications
take courses on similar sports fields
write a thesis supporting some bizarre and arcane theory
pay your tuition regularly
Oh, and take a karate class.
all that study and larnin’ and time and money,
and all you have to do is teach a kid how to do a low block.
I know,
I overstated it,
but there is a simplicity in here
that shouldn’t be overlooked.
compare that to the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course.
Two DVDs
and a book with all the theory
That’s 100 simple pages
with the following information…
the exact data on how to structure the body
the exact data on how to develop internal energy
the exact method for teaching
the seven corrections to make perfect form
the six secrets to make any technique work
And that’s all there is!
And you can’t argue with it!
I’ve been selling the course for several years now,
nobody has ever found anything wrong with it,
and I’ve got 60 master instructors
People who have taken the course
who use the material on it every day
teach thousands of people
They know that they can’t change what is on the master instructor course.
you can’t argue with the truth of the universe.
I’ve had a standing offer,
find anything wrong with the course
and I will send you three courses
Nobody has ever won this one,
they can’t.
The course is simply right.
It has never been added to by educators
regulated by politicians
or otherwise messed up.
I know there are people out there
who are good instructors.
I have a feeling the guy who wrote me the letter
is probably pretty good,
bases his instruction
on the real world.
And I know that some instructors have even figured some of this stuff out
but nobody has ever put it all together
in one simple course.
This course is not a government course,
it has not been put out by an institution,
it is the sweet, simple truth of martial arts
and how to teach them.
I stand by my claim.
lots of good things coming up,
I will be making an announcement
about The Great Matrixing Tour.
I have a couple of video courses in the works,
and a couple of books,
and some other stuff.
stay tuned.
Things are about to get very exciting.
Here’s the URL
for the Master Instructor Course
 martial arts course
The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.  ~David Friedman
The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts.~Morihei Ueshiba
This page has been about the monster martial arts master instructor course.

Kung Fu Instructor Beats up Old Man!

How cruel, eh? A Kung Fu Instructor beating up an old man! Guy ought to be taken out and shot! Unless, of course, the Kung fu teacher happens to be me.
I was pumping gas at a station and this old guy comes along. He’s got a cane, he’s overweight, but he is thick, like he actually has muscle under the fat. what was worse, he was wearing camo! I mean, should old people wear camo? I don’t think so!
Except for that observation, I didn’t think too much on the guy. Went ahead and pumped my gas, and I was thinking back over the years.
I remember a guy who I saw on the street, challenged me with a look. That was some thirty years ago.
And, I remembered being a student, thinking about this new thing I was learning called Kenpo. And then, for some reason, I started thinking about how, when I was first learning martial arts, I would fantasize what I would do if I had to fight somebody.
I wouldthink about their shape, whether they wrestled or had a weapon, what my opening move would be.
And, thinking of those long ago times, I walked into the gas station to pay.
Old guy in camo wasin front of me.
I studied his body carefully. Large, probably ex-military, probably knew some stuff, but the way he was coughing–as he ordered cigarettes–told me that his prime was past.
And, grinning inside, I started that old exercise of evaluating an opponent.
I would kick his cane to the side and slam a foot in his groin. When he started to bend I would throw a haymaker to the side of his head, then I would move in with a knee, make that big gut of his explode in pain!
Then, the old guy finished paying for his cigs and left.
And I was left with my fantasy. Grinning like a fool. The kid behind the counter probably though I was daffy. And he probably wouldn’t have understood even if I told him what I had been thinking.
Anyway, it wouldn’t have been much of a fight. Even though the camo guy was younger than me (did I forget to mention that? Grin) he had let his life slid into the crapper. Wheezing, coughing, struggling along on a cane. All that good old muscle of his was worth nothing, it was just a backpack full of rocks, and he was walking uphill.
And me? I sauntered out of the gas station, hopped in the truck, and went home…to work out and stay young. Cause that’s what a kung fu instructor does! Yeehaw!free martial arts online

Alzheimers Takes Toll on Martial Arts instructor!

I see those people in their wheel chairs, lugging cannisters of oxygen around, struggling on their walkers, and, tell the truth, I don’t think they should be allowed behind the wheel of a car. As soon as I see that handicap placard hanging from the mirror I start to worry. Here’s somebody who is slow. Now, I know you think I’m being mean, but I’m a martial arts instructor, and I’m over 60, so let me tell you the truth about these folks, and what really happens when you grow old. Check out the video first, I’m celebrating sixty-one there, and then I’ll tell you about drooling fools.

A small percentage of these handicappers are actually handicapped. They have problems, need a little help, courtesy is appreciated, and so on.
But, the majority of them are lifelong slackers. They smoked, they drank, they never did an ounce of exercise, and now they end up slowing everybody else down.
I’m telling you, don’t think harshly of my words, consider this, instead.
At age 55 I noticed that I couldn’t remember words. I had to think for a moment, then I could figure out the word I was trying to remember. This didn’t slow me down in conversation, it was only in writing a novel or something like that.
Then, I noticed my endurance was slipping. I could still run a marathon, but it was going to take me a while to finish it.
And, I found I couldn’t kick people in the head as easily. I had to settle for kicking them in the body, or lean back a little. So my flexibility was going down.
The big thing, however, was I was losing strength. Unless I got the top position quick, these young guys could actually out wrestle me!
So, are you feeling sorry for me, with all this growing old crap?
Well, don’t. It’s all relative. You see, the other night I took on a couple of guys in karate freestyle and left them winded. I ran them around the mat, struck them at will, and found that though I was as quick as I was, I was still a lot quicker than they were, and they were 19 or 20 years old!
So, Alzheimer’s is a joke if you eat right, don’t some and drink, and here is the important thing…if you train in the martial arts.
Look, training in anything is going to be good, but martial arts training pits you against others, so while you might think you’re getting weaker, relatively, you’re not. And, in fat, as you use some of those tricks you picked up over the years, you find that you’re a little smarter.
So, take two work outs and call me in the morning.And that’s what this old martial arts instructor has to say about that!