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HanaKwanMass Martial Arts!

This is the ultimate Martial Arts course

It is that time of year again,
some old guy breaks into your house
and leaves a bunch of stuff.
And you’re supposed to leave him a cookie.

I know how to celebrate Christmas,
first off,
you call it HanaKwanMass!
Doesn’t matter what holiday somebody celebrates,
you’ve got him covered,
and you’ve managed to offend everybody at once!

Second off,
a telling of the traditional
Monster Martial Arts Christmas Poem,
which you will find at the end of this short epistle.

a big thank you to all who have purchased
The Nine Square Diagram Boxing course.
A lot of people asked for these videos,
here’s a win from one of them.

Dear Mr. Case,
The Nine Square Boxing (hard and soft)and two bonuses downloaded without any problems.

Watched some of the course last night. Started with the Q & A (glad you did that). After the Q & A I went through the first 5 segments of Part One. Plan on watching more today.

It’s been taking me a while to appreciate the nine square pattern. I’ve had the Shaolin Butterfly dvd since March and the Nine Squares paper book since July, but last night it finally sunk in while I watched the first five segments of Part One. I’ve have always preferred the simple 4 or 8 step basic kata (+ pattern) and drilling just one or two things, but I like the direction changes in the nine square more. I have a new favorite with the nine square.
Don H

Thanks Don.

you know, just to let you guys know,
wins are what really keep me going.
Life gets tough,
I feel out of sorts,
and I just open up the 600 or so pages of wins
and read a few.
Takes me right to the top
re-enforces my purpose,
makes life worth living.
such a simple thing,
yet so important to me.

That said, here’s the link

And, there is actually a new release.
I’ve actually been working on this for a while,
and the release has given me an immense amount of satisfaction.
Here’s the link…

The Book of Neutronics

The book of Neutronics is the books I’ve written on Neutronics.

Five books, usually costing $50,
but this collection in one volume is only $20.

It includes
The Neutronic Viewpoint
The 24 Principles
Outside the Tube

That is a massive amount of information.
About 300 pages worth.
And it is all about what is actually behind the martial arts.
It is the science behind the science.

And, an advice,
don’t bother getting it if you don’t like to read and think.
if you are ready to understand the mysteries,
the mysticism,
the real reasons behind the martial arts…
this is it.

that is about it.

You guys and gals have a great and wonderful HanaKanMass,
and a great work out, too!



Twas the night before Christmas
I was in my shack
primed and ready
for the red fat attack.

my weapons were loaded
the windows were barred
all would be safe
while I was on guard

The chimney was decked
with concertina wire
I crouched by the couch
ready to fire.

I had an M60
with ammo to feed
I didn’t care
if the red fat did bleed.

A loaded shotgun
and grenades to spare
when red fat came down
I’d blow him out of there.

Throwing stars and knives
and a really long sword
and if that didn’t work
I knew a bad word.

Sitting there late
my eyes started to close
when suddenly I heard
a bunch of ho hos.

Off with the lights
safety off, too
I  watched the fire close
and heard a sound from the flu.

‘Ouch and gosh darn it
who put the wire here
those are my undies
starting to tear!’

Then a shower of soot
and a grunt and a groan
he landed in the fire
and gave out a moan.

He was rubbing the place
where the wire did tear
so I held down the trigger
and lead filled the air.

belt after belt
did I deal the red fat
he danced and he jumped
I knew he felt that!

then quicker than spit
I ran out of lead
but enough was enough
he had to be dead.

Boy was I shocked
to see him stand tall
stepping out of the fireplace
not bothered at all.

So I grabbed up the 16
to mow him down
he had to be hurting
cause I saw his big frown.

Then I was empty
and he came straight for me
I pulled out my knives
and sliced him with glee

He jumped to the side
moving real quick
disarmed my knives
with a well placed kick

then he dropped the big bag
he had on his shoulder
reached forth his arms
and his anger did smolder

He grabbed hard my neck
and held me up high
I tried kicks and punches
but I was like a fly

Not karate nor judo
no art did work
and he grinned a mean grin
and called me a jerk

‘Don’t you know
you stupid little man
Christmas is forever
in spite of your plan.’

Then he threw me aside
and proceeded to work
giving presents to all
and to me a great smirk

And when he left
the great big red fat
he left me a lump of coal
the big red fat rat!

HanaKwanMass to you and yours forever!

The Source of ALL Martial Arts Wisdom…

Newsletter 900

How to Find the Unbelievable Wisdom in the Martial Arts

900 issues of the newsletter!
Holy Stuff!
That’s a lot of writing.
If you want old issues it is really simple.
I publish them at
So all you have to do is scroll down.
Take your time,
it’s a lo-o-ong scroll!

Kyuss Brooker passed the
Professional Martial Arts Instructor test.
He passed it with the highest score yet,
well done Kyuss!
To take the test go here…

I used to put a quote at the beginning of every newsletter.
This was a while ago,
so I thought it was time to put a little wisdom into this frothy thing.
Before I share the pearl,
let me say that what marks a man
is how abstract he is.
The abstract principles he puts forth and lives by.
So here is a nice, juicy one,
one that should make you think,
and hopefully consider EVERYTHING you have ever learned.
It is from my best friend,
Oscar Wilde.

Education is an admirable thing.
But it is well to remember from time to time
that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Nobody says it like the greats, eh?

considering Oscar’s aphorism,
I’d like to talk about learning.
When I was studying at the Kang Duk Won,
so many decades ago,
we would do these same old forms,
And we would learn.
One form would say:
handle a front punch this way!
And another form would say:
Handle a front punch this way.
Both techniques were correct,
but we would go to Bob (the head instructor)
and point out the different techniques
and ask him which was better.
He’d frown a little,
rub his chin with one hand,
and say,
they’re pretty good.”

Used to drive us nuts.
We wanted answers,
and he would just agree with us,
and say nothing.
What kind of instruction is that?
it turns out it was the best kind of instruction.
We were left to our own devices,
we made up our minds on our own.
over time,
that proved to be the biggest blessing.
And Bob would just keep teaching those same old forms
and people would keep learning,
and nothing ever changed.

I teach those same old forms.
I teach the matrix ing so that one can understand the truth of what they are doing,
and then I teach the same old forms that I learned.
But I never try to tell people that my way is the only way,
or that one technique is better than another.
If somebody has to tell you which technique is better
then you haven’t learned the technique,
you have learned what somebody else learned about the technique.

It’s sort of Socratic Teaching.
Don’t give the student answers,
give him questions.
But in the space of fine teaching
we don’t even have to give the questions,
the student will give himself the questions.
Just looking at the forms,
doing the forms,
will do that.

So here’s the forms I was taught.
I have made VERY few changes to them.
And those changes were always the result of MUCH introspection,
and MUCH examination of what works,
and whether the thing is aligned with matrixing principles.
And if you want the unchanged,
exactly as i learned them forms,
Three complete arts in this last one.
if you really want the gold,
and for an unbelievably cheap price,
go here…

speaking of principles,
I had an interesting email the other day.
A fellow wanted me to give him the matrix ing principles.
But there are no principles.
There are only graphs.
These graphs appear throughout the matrixing courses,
and help one define and design
the whole art.
From that whole picture one can then distill
what is perfect for oneself.
If one wants written principles
the best place to look is the books on Neutronics.
‘The Neutronic Viewpoint’
‘the 24 Principles’

These four books are available on Amazon,
you just need to do an Amazon search for ‘neutronic books.’

I’ve said enough,
I hope I’ve given you enough questions to make you look.
Have a great work out!



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It’s not Brutality…it’s Teaching Martial Arts

Newsletter 848

Monkey Boxing Workability

Here’s one of the Monkey Boxing newsletters,
there’s a video clip link half way down.

More vids up.

The thing one has to remember
is that the martial arts are founded on workability.
Not how pretty you look.
Not how many forms you can sail through.
how quickly and efficiently
you can take somebody out.

I remember doing Kenpo forms,
back in the 1960s,
and it was how graceful we could make the form look.
Then classical karate in the 1970s,
and how powerful we could look.
But it wasn’t ‘looks’ that were important.
It wasn’t looking graceful,
or looking powerful.

As time went on I kept trying to find
the shortest distance,
the least effort.

I needed to take people out before they took me out,
I needed to do it effortlessly.

I always remember telling a class
about fighting ten people.

If you fight ten people,
are you going to fight ten times as hard?
You’re going to run out of energy real quick.
the solution is to fight one tenth as hard.

I started working on effortless takedowns.

Mind you,
I had very violent and efficient takedowns from Karate.
I had amazing technical data on takedowns from Aikido.
So I was blending.
How do I put the technical into the violent?

If you look at the Head Catcher vid,
Monkey Boxing Video 37,
you will see a vast economy.
you will see an efficiency in the grab.

There is nothing wrong with a rear choke,
hands locked,
forearm under the chin,
like they do on TV.
these are pros,
and do you want to go to the street
and struggle looking for that perfect choke?

When I do it in the vid,
I just grab the whole body by the head,
and I tweak.

This is much more efficient.
You can look for the beautiful choke later,
nothing wrong with it.
But for Jihad’s sake,
close the distance,
grab the whole body,

Fast as you can.

What I run into,
the problem with teaching this technique,
is that you have to warn students,
drill students,
to be gentle,
it is that strong.

students are afraid to grab other students
in so impolite a manner.

It is that political correctness thing,
you know.
People have been trained to respect others.
You actually have to overcome that bull stuff,
that ‘be nice’ crap
that parents and teachers hand out.

So I grab a student,
throw him half to the floor,
let him feel the total loss of his body,
how helpless he is…
I tell him that his body is now mine…
then I lay him out.
I just grab him like a gorilla,
and lay him down like a baby.

And if he doesn’t grab his partner like a gorilla,
then I show him how again and again.

‘Your partner is here to learn
how to fight
how to survive,
and if you don’t show him the truth of brutality
you are cheating him.’

I grab him like a gorilla,
spin him down so he knows I could slap him on the floor
like a fly on a windshield…
than I lay him down gentle.

Again and again,
until he does it.

No more political correctness.
brutality with a gentle ending,
until the student understands.

Survival doesn’t come with a pillow.
And neither does effortlessness.

I hope I have ranted and raved enough.
Be gentle with those guys,
but make sure they know what reality is.

Enjoy the vids.
We’re starting to get into
the real stuff now,
the basics are pretty much laid out,
make sure you practice them enough
so you can absorb the real meat.

Any questions or clarifications
send them to:



Advanced Methods of Learning Martial Arts and the Three Types of Thought

Learning Martial Arts With New Method!

Learning Martial Arts should be easy, but some martial art teachers would have you believe that it takes years and years, decades. And, here is the unfortunate truth, it is these same martial arts teachers that are making it difficult to learn. Most people, you see, teach by the most inefficient method possible.

learning martial arts

Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

This article is going to be about the three methods of human thought and how those methods impact on the instruction of such arts as karate or kung fu. Just understanding the four methods of thought changes the way people think. This can make learning martial arts as simple as falling off a log.

The first thing to understand is that people try to see the whole picture. They look at the world, try to understand it, try to make it make sense, and this method of thought is called Mosaic. This is the method for savages, for people who require a science of chipping stone arrowheads, but no higher abstract is needed.

As mankind progress linear thought appears, and this is the sequencing of orderly pieces of data. This includes ABCs, numbers, different arrangement of data so as to facilitate the absorption process that is learning. This is a much more efficient way of learning, and of creating abstracts of data which are necessary to create a society, and a functioning human being in that society.

The martial artist is caught between the mosaic and the linear. He is learning sequences of techniques, but they are out of order, muddled, don’t make sense. Consider a technology described by the alphabet of 3, R, 2, $, 5, cat, 6, re, watermelon…that is what the martial arts look like.

Because of matrixing, however, the techniques and general knowledge necessary to learning martial arts have been put in proper order. The result is a new method of learning, for which I coin the phrase ‘matrixing.’ In this method one assimilates the pictures (completed mosaics) fast enough to input strings of whole pictures…no data, but whole and completed pictures.

The only difficulty in this method is that people are often caught and muddled by other methods that they can’t put aside those methods for matrixing. A martial arts master who has learned by the linear method might not be able to put aside that linear method for the matrixing method. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does happen the martial artist should probably just continue with his methods and stay away from matrixing.

The end result of learning with matrixing is that the mind becomes intuitive, gets used to working the right way, and all sorts of other subjects are quickly and easily absorbed. People have been using Matrixing to learn school subjects like English, how to work the internet, how to shoot video,  how to coach football teams, and so on, with incredible results. The best way to learn matrixing, however, is through learning martial arts with it first.

 learning martial arts

Can You Make a Living Off a Martial Arts School

Making a living from a Martial Arts School

Interesting question, making a living off a martial arts school. So many want to do it, so few succeed. So what are the barriers to success in teaching martial arts as a living?

bruce lee school

Bruce Lee started out teaching in a garage in Oakland!

First, sad to say, you have to treat it like a business. This means keeping track of students, reminding them on the phone, doing all the paperwork, collecting money, and so on.

The difficult thing isn’t getting students, the difficult thing is keeping them. Most people, in this enlightened age, are flakes. They get excited over something they’ve seen on TV or the net, and then something else comes along, and so very few people actually make a plan and stick to it.

You, as a martial arts instructor, have to sit down with the student from day one, and get him to make a plan.

And, on day two, you have to resell him on the plan.

And, on day three, you have to resell him on the plan.

And so on.

Someday he’ll ignite, start following the plan on his own, but it will take a lot of work to get him there. Heck, just getting students to turn off their cell phones during class can be a lot of work.

Interestingly, I estimated it takes about an hour a week to keep a student interested. So forty students would take forty hours, and then you get to spend maybe ten hours teaching them.

Of course, as time goes on, and you build a rep, and students actually start realizing what you are doing is good for them, these figures change. But, it takes time.

In the business world they say you have to run a business for a year at a loss before it starts to pay. This isn’t an absolute, but it does take an immense amount of work.

I know these things I’ve said here to be true because I have had a half a dozen different schools over the last few decades. And scores of classes at gyms and YMCAs and that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’ll write more about this later, address any specific points. If you have any questions or thoughts, use the comments below.

This has been a page about running a martial arts school.

martial art school

The Waveform of Martial Arts Instruction

I realized the waveform of martial arts instruction the other day. It was during a class while i was explaining the back and forth of my teaching method.
If I have my preferences, I explained, I go back and forth forth from hard to soft, from karate to tai chi chuan, from shaolin to pa kua chang.

Now, this isn’t simple cross training. Cross training is when you do stuff other than the martial arts, presumably (some claim) to change up on the muscles, give them a rest, whatever. There’s nothing wrong with this, and you can tailor a program and get pretty intense, and it will build your martial arts a bit.
But, the specific I am talking about has to do with teaching force, impact, hard blocks, and then reversing the vector of the teaching and have the student get out of the way, go with the flow, and reduce the attacker to a trip, a stumble, a lock and a throw.

The significance is more than just physical. You see, when you have the student do force then flow, when you have him fill the body with energy, then fill the body with space (emptiness), you are doing something to his head. His mind starts to loosen up, he starts to see things he was blind to, he starts to fall out of the trap of thinking only in the hard, or only in the soft.
Now, two things you need to understand before you wave your teaching methodology.
One, you need to be able to teach your art faster, I would say if you can get it down to three months per system, that would be good. However, you can’t sacrifice quality. Your student will know it, you will be cheating the art, and it is just plain sloppy.
Two, you need enough arts to do this. I am not talking about merely a progression of hard to soft, shaolin to tai chi, something like that…I am talking about waving back and forth three or four times. That will really wake up your student, and really create a much more quality martial artist.
The major point to be made here is that waving back and forth, if you have sufficient, quality martial arts instruction, is the absolute best way to make a martial artist. If you need more arts to teach, and want a close up look at the faster teaching method, check out my website, Monster Martial Arts. Make sure you pick up a free book (top left of the home page) while you’re there.

Another Master Instructor at Monster Martial Arts!

Ty Hatfield is Master Instructor Number 52,
he completed the Master Instructor Course offered through Monster Martial Arts,
and here is his win…

…to be honest, it is all about Position. Too many teach (just the) moves. I take that move from many (different) positions and can see it not only from one way but in a 3d kind of thinking. It is like being able to see a floor plan and not only put in the Fire Sprinkler system but the Ductwork, electrical, walls, ceilings, to be honest from one glance I can see everything at one time. I see this in my mind, and I’m able to feel it from many points of views 🙂
See what I’m talking about?
Ty Hatfield

Thank you,
Master Instructor Hatfield,

a couple of things.
I know there are a few people blinking,
after all, over 50 Master instructors in a couple of years…
what the heck is on that Master Instructor Course?
Because all the Master Instructors
are giving wins like this,
they all talk about being able to see what is going on in the other guy’s head,
being able to see what people are going to do
just by looking at their bodies.

What is on the course is simple…
it is the actual data as to perfect body alignment,
and the actual data that enables one
to make any technique work any time.

Ty is a grappler,
and I have other Master instructors that have studied Karate and Silat and JKD and judo andTaekwondo
and on and on and on…
The principles are universal,
and this is the only time in the history of the planet that they have been defined.
you can use them.
congrats to Master Instructor Ty
and well done.
I hope many follow your path.

The Master Instructor Course is available at Monster Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Instruction Destroyed by Karate Kid!

Nice headline, eh? Karate Kid destroys Martial Arts Instruction, but it’s true, but not in the way you think. I’ll tell you all about it right below the video.

Karate, you see, was taught to the Okinawan bodyguards. When the king went to live in Japan, the bodyguards had nothing to do, so they taught school kids. These are the Karate Kids I’m talking about.

You see, all of the Karate training methods, which have infected many other arts, are for school children. They are designed for rambunctious youths who need to be controlled. Thus, you have endless drilling, techniques watered down so nobody gets injured, and that sort of thing.

Virtually any karate class you join, and most other martial arts classes, train using this method. Line up, do exercises mindlessly, don’t ask questions, and here is the stinker…don’t go looking for any real concepts.

It’s not education, you see, it is mindless, rote memorization of random dances.

The solution, of course, is to find a school which doesn’t teach this way, which encourages questions, and which can make the martial arts fast and easy to learn, the way they were designed to be learned in the beginning.

The problem is that there are no school which do that.

Well, there is one. You can actually pick up CDs and DVDs at Monster Martial Arts which uncover the real core concepts of the martial arts. The real why of things, and not just the how. The result is faster martial arts training, training that works better on the street, and an entirely different way of looking at life.

Monster Martial Arts. check it out.

How to Learn the Martial Arts Through Matrixing

This article doesn’t pertain to just how to learn Martial Arts, but how to teach them. This is rock solid science, cover in brief by most arts, and even written about a few times. That said, it is still not known widely enough, and bears repeating.

People talk about whether you want to punch or grapple, but that is just the start. Many people have written about the stages of a fight, and it is usually summed up as entering, trapping, finishing, or some such concept. Different people with different arts tend to look at the strategy in different ways, but it is pretty straightforward.

The thing I want to address in this article, however, is the whole art approach. Many people study one art, and while that one art may touch upon the various distances, one should really study a variety of arts. It is only through an in depth analysis of different arts that one will truly learn the martial arts.

Judo is good for grappling, as is jujitsu, MMA, wrestling, and so on. Karate is good for striking, as is boxing, and so on. Taekwondo is great for kicks, as is Savate, and so on.

One should cross reference the various arts so as to get the most benefit. Only through cross referencing will one find the things that have been left out of one art, but are picked up by another art. Of course, there is a tendency to devolve towards too many techniques, but this can slimmed down through various processes.

After one has explored sufficient arts in specific fields of distance, one can actually say they know the martial arts. Of course, there are many problems in this knowledge. Techniques approach through different methods have different ways of being worked. This doesn’t always make for a smooth mesh of art.

And, of course, there is the problem of too many arts require too much time. After all, if you’re going to get mugged next month, you can’t spend ten years assimilating data into a workable confusion. You need to smooth the edges off, fit pieces together, and make an art that is smooth, slick, and works every time.

The problem, of course, is that the arts tend to inbreed, and this defeats the concept of one art that works all the time for everybody. And, there is the problem that people like the mystique of studying only one art. It enables them to say ‘My art is best,’ and be blind to the potentials of a whole art.

If you wish more data on this subject, and specifically on how to learn the martial arts, there is an in depth article at What’s Wrong with the Art? You can also go directly to the source and explore Matrixing Concepts, which concepts are designed to help a person build a whole and perfect martial art for themselves. Click to Monster Martial Arts for more data.

I Tell Ya, The Martial Arts Makes Ya Stupid!

One of the weird things I do is check the internet for my name. I want to check on articles, just glance around and see what I’m doing out there.

And, I found my name coming up in a forum. It wasn’t too bad, the usual scholarly dissertation on IMO, website is cheesy, guy should be avoided, that sort of thing.

And I had a thought, made me grin, sort of funny.

I say that people can learn faster.

These guys are saying you can’t.

Do you get it?

They are arguing that they are, uh, not smart.

I know, I know, that was cruel. Please excuse me, that was uncalled for.

So why am I still laughing?

Anyway, I have the greatest confidence in them. They weren’t unusually mean, and I think (hope) that I detected a little interest.

You guys have a great week, and, uh, give me ten push ups if you laughed.

Drop on by Monster Martial Arts if you want to get unusually Martial Arts Smart!