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How to Teach Karate Again!

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Teaching Karate Again!

This is turning out to be the best summer ever!
The reason is simple…I’m teaching again.

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It feels so good,
after the shoulder injury and surgery,
to get back out on the mat.
If you don’t recall,
I fell off a skateboard
and killed a ligament,
and the whole shoulder went south.

doc said surgery would get me back to 99%,
and he was right.
He was really right, because he had no idea
of the rigors of the martial arts.

What I did,
when I decided the time was right,
was go to a place in town,
walk in,
and ask if the guy needed help.

He said yes,
and after a few classes of helping,
I am sometimes being handed the class
and told to have fun.

as all you guys know,
there is NOTHING as fun as the martial arts.

Here’s the interesting stuff,
the martial arts have totally changed
since I learned them.
I don’t consider all changes bad,
but there are things I have to accept
if I want to teach.
there are things that have stayed the same,
which leaves a huge door for me
to introduce stuff that is so old it has been forgotten.

It is fascinating
to pull out an old drill,
hand it to the students,
and watch their eyes bulge.

I have to present the drill differently
than how it was handed to me.

When I was learning,
the teacher gave you something
and you were expected to do it.
Didn’t matter if it hurt.
I mean,
so what if it hurt?
You’re here to learn karate,
so don’t waste time sniveling,
just do the drill.

And we would do the drill
with manic intention.

when I teach those drills,
I have to make them soft,
and very, very gently
lead the student to harder versions
and real workability.

I am working on a series of drills
to bring fighters in freestyle closer together,
to cut down reaction time,
and make sure that blocks work,
and punches have the desired effect.

All without giving nary a bruise.

I can’t tell you,
it is more fun than I have had since…since I don’t know.
After being sidelined for a couple of years,
limited to nothing but forms,
the feel of working techniques on real bodies
is absolutely and totally and utterly exhilarating.

I get letters sometimes,
from people who can’t find workout partners.

I tell them:
teach your wife,
work with your brother,
or cousin or nephew or whoever.
Put up a flier at the local gym,
or the Y,
or just be seen working out in the park.

There are 7 billion people on this globe of dirt,
all will turn their head to a car crash,
many will become instantly fascinated by martial arts,
and you are telling me you are alone.
That nobody cares.

Don’t make me sigh.

Just get out there and do it.

as this newsletter indicates,
you can always just walk into a school,
ask if you can help out.
You won’t make money,
but you can do the martial arts,
you can play with other people,
and the information will trade back and forth like magic!
That is a supreme blessing,
on this planet or any other.

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A Method Of Fixing Your Body Using Taekwondo, Kenpo, Aikido Or Any Other Martial Art

A Perfect Martial Arts Body!

I’m going to put a whole bunch of stuff together here, but it’s the straight goods. Stay with me, work your way through it, and you’ll be able to fix your body using the martial arts, and this means virtually any art. Karate, kung fu, taekwondo, aikido, kenpo, any art, and I recommend looking into a discipline such as Yoga.

First, I want you to understand that life is motion. To the extent that something is able to move, it is alive. To the extent that it can’t move, it is dead. This is an important thing to keep in mind when following the advice of this article.

Second, you are Awareness, and you are encapsulated in flesh. You can perceive with and through flesh, but you can’t perceive without Awareness. This is actually the prime factor in virtually all religions, and is core to the construction of the human being.

Third, for this example we’ll assume you have an injured shoulder. Take a push up position, or a modified push up position, and close your eyes. Look through your shoulder.

We are not utilizing the five senses, we are just becoming Aware. Become Aware through your good shoulder, now become Aware through your bad shoulder. This is to say that you should become Aware through your good shoulder, then become Aware through your injured shoulder.

You are actually becoming Aware of your Energy Body here, and you may notice that the two sides of your body are different. What you want to do is make the bad side like the good side simply through the fact of becoming Aware of the differences. Believe me, your body will go to the correct DNA structure without the need for anything other than just becoming Aware.

One last hint, you must relax. You can’t force the body into the proper DNA prescribed structure, all you can do is relax, and let the body/Energy/Mind stop holding the body in the injured position. Finally, do this through your martial arts practice, no matter whether it is Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Hapkido, or whatever, and learn to course the Awareness through any stiff or injured body part, and that’s all there is to it.

Unfortunately, Man has become convinced that he needs doctors, pills, surgery, alternatives, and all that sort of thing. No, you, the spirit, the I Am, the Awareness, is what fixes you. And you can fix yourself of most any injury, or even illnesses, merely by doing the motions of Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, or any other Martial Art, if you simply take the time to become Aware and use the method I advise here.

Yogata () The Yoga Kata is recommended for people wishing to rehabilitate injuries, get stronger, or just get started. Head over over to Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book.

Three Odd Ways to Fix a Martial Arts Injury

chi powerMartial Arts Injuries are terrible. Simply, they stop you from working out.
Obviously, before we get into a rather advanced way to handle an injury, make sure you have done first aid. If you have to go see a doc, so be it, make sure there is no bleeding, and then you might be able to use what I tell you here.
One, put awareness into your injured body part. That’s all. Don’t just feel the pain, but try to be inside the body at the point of injury looking, being aware, of that injury. What helps is to look at the other side, two. That way you can look at the good side, and think about it on the injured side. This is an odd thing of the good side curing, or at least speeding the repair of, the bad side.
Two, pulsing energy through the body helps. The pulsing shouldbe in soft waving motions, as from Tai Chi, or that sort of art. I wouldn’t do hard pulsing, as from Pan Gai Noon, until you have exhibited some degree of recovery.
Three, and this isn’t a fix it so much as an observation, it seems that what goes intot he body goes out of the body. I first noticed this on colds. I would get a cold, and then, when the cold was elaving, i would experience the same sensations, sometimes a little reverse, sometimes not, as the cold left the body. It always told me when the col was over. Eventually I gave up colds. Haven’t really had any for the last five years. Had a mild one, came and went quick, about three years ago. But, generally speaking, I didn’t want them anymore, and I felt them leaving my body. Mind you, there is extensive theory on this elsewhere, and I am speaking only from the martial artists point of view. But it holds true for injures. I feel something bruise or over stretch or whatever, I will feel that same sensation a day or two later, and then I’ll be healed, better than before.
There is one last thing, the dividing line as to whether my methods work may depend on your sense of self. If you know that you are an I am, if you have a sense of yourself as a unique spiritual being, then this is going to work like gangbusters. But if you need to work on that aspect of your life, you may, I say may, have limited success.
Really, it depends on the amount of intention you have to cure yourself.
If you do need more work on your spiritual self, you might try the old way…simply say ‘I am, I am, I am…” for a few hours. You’ll break through and the methods I outline here may become obvious, or you might discover methods unique to yourself.
I’ll write more on having a martial arts injury later, maybe take some of this stuff apart in depth, but this should help for now. Have a great day. My site is Monster Martial Arts.